The Jimplecute (Jefferson, Tex.), Vol. 38, No. 33, Ed. 1, Saturday, February 10, 1906 Page: 4 of 8

tiiJ + ltMX < iHL
< m mmm mm mmam m
Doctors first prcscribet
Ayers Cherry Pectoral over
60 years ago They use it
today more than ever They
rely upon it for colds coughs
bronchitis consumption
They will tell you how it
heals inflamed lungs
I hut a vcrj bail cough for three yean
Thou I tried Ayera Chorry 1ectoral Myioro
lungs wcro booh hcalodaudmy cougb dropped
Mns InAUL Ilroic Unthrlo Centra la
2V 50c pi Ofl
I All druggist
InwPlI Man
Ono Ayors Pill at bcdtlmo Insures
a natural action next morning
Site 3fimplcjctii <
Editors and Pnopmcrona
Saturday Feb lO 1906
Austin nnd Valo Sts Jefferson Texas
Enlorod at tho PostOIHco at JefTcrson ToxaB
as secondclass mall matter
Copies of the jEFFKitscN Jimplkootf In wrap
pcia ready fornmlllug can always bo had at the
otllce by single copies or tlio dozen
This paper is mailed regularly to its
subscribers until a definite order to
discontinue is recoived and all arrears
aro paid in full
Would that some one would start
a factory
What aro we doing The bal-
ance of the world is going ahead
If you wish to know why Lean
dor and Lula have never married
ask Louis Schluter
Young men taking off gates
painting door knobs and such
things is anything but smart
In everything patronize home
industries In doing so the money
is circulated among the home peo-
When the wood and coal bill
stops the ice bill starts it is over
this Someone has said If it was
not ono thing it was two
Dont fail to plant your Irish po-
tatoes in the next dark of the
moon Now dontsay I plant my
potatoes in the ground That ia
an old gag
The JiMPincoTE thinks if all
the property owners would get to-
gether often and discuss matters
something could be done That is
the way other plnco do
Dont burn your grass but turn
it uudor nnd let it fertilize the land
3t does not hurt any lnnd to enrich
it Ab evidence of this why are gar-
dens so productive
This iu tho modern word for
Btealing so is oloptomaniabrought
down to bedrock it is nothing
more no loss than Btealing but
then it does not sound bo harsh is
more dignifiod especially whon
applied to tho bighor society
Strickly spoaking grafting is prac-
ticed in most evory avocation of
life if the high rule ot honesty ia
applied Any person not giving
an honestdays work is grafting
Every person who agrees to doany
thing for a stipulated price and is
diroloctin any particular is guilty
of grafting If a person is paid one
dollar per day and his work iB on-
ly worth sevontyfive cents then
that person is a grafter for twenty
five cents per day Whoever dooB
not render full and equal remun-
eration for tho pay ho gets wheth-
er it ii preachor judge teacher or
not is a grafter to the extent of
tho work necessary and actually
done Often people may be guilty
not intending to do it An illus
tration here may be in order A
party may want a piece of work
done for which ho is willing to pay
one doliur and fifty cents per day
Two men apply divide up the
work ono may do onethird moro
work in a day than tho otber be
is thereforo worth onethird moro
or the other onethird lesB The
rate paid was all the work would
stand Strict honesty would make
the one doing the less work to con
fess that he Bhould not get as much
as the other Yet how many are
there that would do it Therefore
he is a grafter to the extent of his
actual work and the work he Bhould
have done Few men aro equal in
anything therefore few men are
worth the same yet salaries have
to even up and some men receive
more than iney are worth nnd
some loss Here again comes the
unconscious grafter The whole
thing can be boiled down to this
Ho who takeB more than he has
rendered value for is a grafter to
the amount of his actual worth
and that for which he received
Boards nailed over windows may-
be cheaper but the looks is suffi-
cient to show nonprogressivenoss
If the high school has not the funds
to put in glass then let each pupil
contribute a nickel for that pur
pose Do not instil into the mind
of the young this penny wise and
pound foolish idea The better
policy is to inculcate into the young
mind that there is a distinct dif
feronco between stinginess and
oconomy It is not economy not
to take care of any building The
school building should be kept in
thorough repair that is true econ-
omy not to do it is false economy
Grand and Petit Jurors u S < District
The following sixty named will Bervo
as Grand and Petit JurorB for tho Feb-
ruary term 1000 of tho District and
Circuit Courts ot tho U Sfor tho East-
ern District of Texas from tho countiei
of CasB Camp HopklnB Marion Mor-
ris Harrison and Upshur
A A Mattox Gilmer J W Lewis Na-
ples A J Hill Gilmer 8 L Rogers Sul-
phur Springs H H Whitsitt Morshall
Jack Titus Sulphur Springs A H Ed-
wards Avlngor A M Wynno Marshall
Rex Allon Harloton Jeff Kelloy Como
IH LanierLindonW S SimpsonOmaha
Peto R Edward DaingerlioldS A Ham
ell Naples Joe McOarty Marshall O
II Fulcher Cussota Wash Maithorson
Como J H McGulloui Omaha G T
liartlottoLindonjM G ArmstrongJones
H O CorttJeHersonjD O RussellNaples
W J Eurnott Marshall John Spence
Sulphur Springs JEd Meyer Jefferson
Sum Bostick Marshall A Sidney Buch
Mion J V Davenport Hallville John T
Lindsay Lodwick S H Carter J W
Ffanaean MarshalljWlU Rath Sulphur
Springs O O Banker W A Swopo Jeff-
erson Frank Byrd Marietta J Ii Keas
ler Hughes Springs J L Gorman Big
Sandy J D Mathews Pritchitt G W
Colo MartenburgV B Dunc nAviner
G D Withers Sulphur Springe George
Popo Hopkins W L Smith ComoJules
Shrador Birthright V O Hendorson
Red HillM J CarrollO T PhillipsPitts
burgjj H McGeoGilmcrJ M Shoppard
West Mountain T E GaBsow y Pitts
burg P E Hogan Atlanta Paul Math-
ews Jefferson L W MencsF D Futrell
Gilmer V W Bailey Pittsburg W D
Waters Atlanta J B GanloyPittsburg
L A Campbell Daingerfleld D B Mad-
dox A Rosenthal Jefferson
A O Bracket Clerk USDistCourt
By W E SiNGLETOJf Jr Deputy
J W Sims US Jury Com Jefferson
Tex January 10th 100G
Tho estimated amount of ungin
ned cotton to Jan 16 1806 accor
ding to the figure in possession of
the census bureau iB 250884 bales
The report shows tho total number
of active ginners in the United
States to be 28018 Of this num-
ber 12941 have reported all cotton
ginned prior to January 16 1906
The number of pinners who failed
to make estimates was 1643 and
tho ginners who mado an estimate
numbered 14834
The following subscribers have
thanks for payment on subscription
John HuBty D C Wise Ella
Armstrong John S Summers W
H Mason Jr M T Glass S R
Faulkner Mrs C W Hambright
Miss Edna Dobbins Mies Fannie
Incubators for Sale
Two Prairie State Incubators
considered the best Capacity of
No 1 50 eggs price S3 50 Ca-
pacity of No 2 100 eggs price
SO 00 Address P O Box 305
At Jefferson In tho State of Texas at tho cloce
or business Jan J 1000 No 7129
Ionusnud discounts 7860S 2S
OTcnlrnftn secured mid unsecured S290 50
V S bonds tosecurecirculation 0250 00
Tremlums on U 8 bonds 30109
BnnWlui liouee furniture and fixtures 2000 00
Sao from National Uuuku not reserve
nKonts 51H 5S
SuofminnpprmcdrcfirrTonKGiiti 35S50 60
thick and other cash ltem 1111 S3
Notes of otlior Natlounl Hanks 250 00
Junctional paper currency nickels
and cents 85 BO
Specie S70S1 70
UkhI touder notes SW 00 80U 70
Total t llOU St
Capital slock paid lu 25000 00
Surplus Tun J 5000 00
Undivided profits Ices expenses and
taxes paid 7515 37
Due to other NrIIouuI Hank 1725 SO
Certified sliccks 2G 30
Indl idual deposits subject to check 172351 S5
Total 11018 S8
Ptoto of Texas County of Marlon ss I H A
Spellings Cashier of tho above mimed bank do
jokmnlr hu ear that tho above statement Is true
M tho bebt of ray kuon ledge and belief
11 A BlKllINliS Cashier
Subscribed and sworn to before uic tills 8th
iiyorrcb 1908 8 W MOSKLKV
Notary Public
ftrroct Attest
J 1 SIIACKEIKOUD y Directors
If the present county officials
wish to endear themselveB to
tho people and erect for themselves
a monument more lasting than
marble let them inaugurate a plan
to give Marion county a system of
good roads Nothing the county
could do would add more to the
values of tho county and be more
beneficial to every ono Why keep
tho jail full of prisoners boarding
out fines Collect all fines due the
county by making those who owe
work it out on the roads Take up
all vagrants In other words have
tho county cleaned up Collect all
One dollar paid out to home peo-
ple will pay hundreds of dollars
worth of debtB Start it on its er-
rand of mercy and see where it
goes but send it off and see what
doeB it do for the community
The candidates for governor
who aro holding offices deem it
prudent not to turn a good thing
loose for an uncertainty This is
The Antikamnia Chemical Co
has thanks of the Jimp for a beau
tiful lithographed calendar for
For what do these magic letters
stand You doubtless have seen
them in the public print and possi
bly thoir meaniug has been misrep
resented or obscured
They stand for a high standard of
professional work on tho part of the
druggist in the interest of tho peo
pies health nnd welfare
They stand for legislation honest
ly intended to prevsnt the adultera-
tion and misbranding of foodstuffs
and Bubstnuces used in tho prepara-
tion of medicines
Thoy stand for an efficient organ
itation of the drug trade of
tho United States on such a
basis as will insure the eradication
of trade and professional abuses
which work an injury to honest
pharmacists and consumers of medi-
cinal products
They stand for legitimate mer-
chandising and professionalism as
against fukery in tho former field
and quackery in tho latter for a
square deal open and aboveboard
treatment for every man whether
ho bo patient physician or phar-
They stand for fair compensation
in payment for conscientious skill
ful and painstaking work on tho part
of the pharmacist no moro no less
stand for tho
They truth about
everybody and against misrepreBen
tion of every sort aimed at friend or
Tho owners of this store are N A
R D men and are proud of It
They staud shoulder to shoulder
with 30000 other pharmacists who
form tho grandest Brmy of retail men
in the world marching under a flag
inscribed To Live and Let Live
They have proven that right makes
The J F Crow Drug Co
= s I
Uses Pcruna In fits Own
family as a Catarrh
W HONEY ExTreasnror ot
GEO Btato of Wisconsin Is a man ot
wide acquaintance and oxtonsivo ex
lie has used Peruna In his own family
svltli tho most gratifying results
Ho gives It unqualified ondorsomont
is an efficacious catarrh romody
It is just such testimony oa this which
lias given Forana such a high standard
m tho estimation of tho American
Thcro is no posslblo way to gainsay
uch frank and genutno testimony
Tho only way to account for ouch tos
Imony is tho fact that Peruna roally
loes what is claimed for it
Becauso it relievos catarrh it clears
the way for Nature
The Reliable
Catarrh Kctncdy
to reassort hor
sway over tho phy-
siological forces of
tho body and thus
id tho system of a groat many dlfforent
hronic diseases
Catarrh is tho stronghold of lingering
llbcases Once rid tho system of catarrh
nd it is vory difficult indeed for dlsoaso
o linger very long
followed Dr tlartmans Advice
Mr John O Nelson Daytou Tonn
reologtdt and mining engineer while a
UipUiu In tho Iedoral Army during
tho Civil War contracted a caso of rheu-
This malady was constant nnd por
sislent inducing the development of
other ailments which also becamo
chronic After taking a courso of
Peruna Capt Nolsou writes
Having boon painfully afflicted with
chronic rheumatism and tho adjunctivo
complications for many years and after
having receded many genoral and
special treatmontn with only temporary
relief I read your scientific treatise on
catarrhal diseases
At my request you prescribed for
mo a special course of tho Peruna reme-
dies which I closely followed and am
happy to report that my rheumatism
and complicated ailments are subdued
and I ftel young again at tho ago of
sistynine years
Reason will accept your classifica-
tion of catarrhal diseases as scientific
and true and the Peruna remedies as
n standard treatment for them
I thank j ou heartilyfor our skilled
and logical advice
Other Remedies Failed
Peruna Efficacious
Hon Geo W Honoy National Chap-
lain XJ V U ExChaplain 4th Wiscon-
sin Cavalry ExTreasnror State ot Wis-
consin and ExQuartermaster Joneral
State of Texas G A R writes from
1700First St N W Washington PO
as follows
I cannot too highly rccommpnd
your preparation for the relief of
catarrhal troubles in their various
Some members of my own fam-
ily have used it with most gratify
ing results
When other remedies failed
Peruna proved most efficacious and
I cheerfully certify to Its curative
A L nowltt J P West Berlin Vt
I am happy ito bo able to write you
this letter in relation to what your
Poruna has done for my family
When I brdnght tho first bottlo
home I found my wife and daughter
both sick my iwlfo with indigestion
and my daughter with a severe cold
They wore botlfojired
1 am willing stato that Peruna
taken in tho bcglnnl ig will ruro the
worst cold in 21 to 38 homV
Lawson Desires to Turn Over ffJa
Proxies to Five Men-
Des Moines Ia Feb 7 Thomas W
Lawson of Boston called and Invited
Governor Cummins to serve with four
other distinguished ferormers of Amer-
ica on a committee to which he will
turn over his New York Life and Mu-
tual Life Insurance company proxies
and which he asks attend the coming
annual meeting of these two compa-
nies for tho purpose of electing good
honest Bound business men as direct-
Governor Cummins replied that he
would consider tho proposition and
after a conference with Governor
Johnson of Minnesota one of the other
members would make a definite an-
swer Mr Lawson told Mr Cummins
that tho other members of the com-
mittee will be Governor Johnson of
Minnesota Senator La Folette of Wis-
consin Governor Broward of Florida
and exAttorney General Monett of
He said he had received a largo
number of proxies from policyholders
In tho New Tork Life and Mutual Life
Insurance companies of New York
which with the others he expects to
get and which he Is confident will
como In if the committee plan goes
through will give him control of both
The proxies aro so worded that Mr
Lawson cannot vote them himself He
must turn them over to a committee
of unquestionably responsible men to
bo named by him which committee
will attend the annual meeting and
vote the proxies
Mr Lawson also told Mr Cummins
that he desired the committee to take
stops to have the Now Yoik statutes
amended to make a majority of the
directors of the two mutual companies
elected annually At present less than
a majority aro elected each year
P f
Mizner Says He Does Not Know What
His Wife Will Do
New York Feb 7 Wilson Mizner
said that ho know nothing of Mrs
Mizners plans regarding the Yerkes
hospital provision for which was made
in the will of the lato Charles T
She does not care to talk about It
ho declared If there are any differ-
ences between her and the
I of the estate ovr the hospital ques-
tion sh Is keeping it to herself I am
not In a position to venturo an opinion
J as to what she may do Perhaps Bhe
may get money from another source
than the estate but I dont know
whether she will try
The Jimple
cute Job
Office is the
place to have
your Printing
done upto
ChaB Stutz has returned ffom a
business trip to Waxahachie
> t
To Underwrite Cotton
Atlanta GaFeb 7 President
Harvie Jordan of the Southern
Cotton ABBooiation made this state-
ment today before leaving for New
York I have been definitely inform-
ed that a syndicate in New York
will underwrite 500000 bales of
cotton at 13 centB This cotton will
not interfere with those spot hold-
ers who desire to hold for 15 centB
President Jordan distinctly de-
nied that the Southern Cotton As
socian and its officers have any
connection with the proposed syn-
dicate but will work with it as
with any other emergency to raise
the price of the staple
Mammoth Pearl Colorado pota-
toes at 90o per bushel by the sack
Also have a car of ear corn Just
received a car of MoAleater lump
coal Stutz Bros

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