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>ew York Market*.
New York, March T.
Gold ofMO* at 113.
a ii. M.—Cold 1124. i tioa <kifli
•iul |k»IJ« i» anxious to realise; salt®
jguO hull*, lioud Ordinary 2t)c: 1>**
Mi ktHnc 211«; Hid'd lo* 22l«jMt*h
lUuig Mobil*! *2ic; Mivldliuff Or-
fean* 221c.
\\ u^.iuufon.
March 7. ~ ba
Houw t 'inmittec n Twntahai arc
I'li t‘ • ■ 45* *il u* li‘ l i* *i!
njhfvMaiiog tba trbal character of
tl,o Ituliua* U tween Kan»w ami
Texas, tunl the oracUon »! a icrritor-
ini government.
A p ■ luii ti authorise* tht spatial
T* l ;r*;di C mtnUtoe to examine th**
wh !* sit! ect of telegraphing in the
I'uited Slat**, with power to tend for
i>t*r* ii- and |iaj*era, failed. TV rr-
•uhu rail i# prufrwiin(.
In tba Sotiat* a* vuriu (Usability
Mlh wera reported; a! ®. a r**olnti**»
for the protection of the coal inter-
ala whertivci needi d.
Wvhuiuitox, March 7.—In t'K
caae of the United State* vs. Groat*
incjTr, it wu* iichl by the l . 8. >u*
jin-mo Court to-day, that after th'
nioncement of the war a creditor
at the N »rth could not Mthurin a i
d. h|.*r at the S nth to invwst th*
amount of tlte indebteduom iucottou,
f,»r the benefit of the emlilor, and
that if such a purchase wra.- made at
the request of the creditor, through
an a^eiit, no title wna thereby vested
in tlie creditor, and he could not
chiint the |>r'»c»Njd'j of tiie cotton, it
having lain wi**! android under
th* captured and abandoned property
Morton presented a bill declaring
Tcvi- «ntitl *1 t > representation—re-
ferr**l to Judiciary Committor.
The Ifou»c refu* I to allow Golln
day, of Kentucky, to withdraw In*
resign at ion, n* >t vt it (islanding the (iov •
i-iii r’» r» tu-a. to accept it.
The U«M Problem.
Ki.w Y"1.k. March 7.—Wall street
o|M.nn d with generally finn Taarkct.
Gold opened at 1111, but on the
formal opening of th* 1* >ar*l dcchn-
* «l to 11:»*• Kate* naid for carrying
2 to fi j*cr cent Kail way* opened
with increased firiune— at :ui ud vuiiee.
Then i* a ^uteral tendency to wait
the action of the > natc n Monday,
upon which it ie cxjtected gold will
11*4:1111 turn. At t’vi < 1**-® wa«
m*.re activity in the Gold Ko*»m, the
n-ult uf a vague rumor that a hull
* mihinnlioii had u 11 formed. The
iv nt- of next weak promise to l>e
important. It i« likely Wall street
wiil unoc inor® l*c a <*eenc of renew ed
excitement and wid< fie. -tunti
Mercantile tia<l ha* 1/ en :»t!, led
during tho post w ek by th* decline
in gold, ami values have undergone
a "hrinkage, although the decline
i'ortur alone had the right to declare
who should be the head !<*«••
muni. ,
Mahku*, March 7.—l^rtm jiutew
that the cabuiet, exeept 1 °PI*P
anti • Monlfunsinr, whermU Topeta . ,.||IIJt w
tendsi* d In* resignation, rhelutou- lb|lo<> rtiiUi
Uu are turtous again.-1 Pritu. Mm- tllm t
i-tmal « runa is toiuuieafck 1
InrttMm Invalid*.
*uou *»*t «* * fToeto »•*»>-
“CHas to the light) Oae.
Tl»c follow 1** |<i*a, formed trv aa.llf ; , .. ai. nri>J
fbrani llit.t» \f i.LTT* worth preMrvtnn. b*! lU > T
— 1 temps 1 - «f IU vl* limn. Tho djr»|)*|Hh’
«, in m 10*
t itan to U* Mifhiy One.
lITiii: Ir th\ irtff;
;s ixxxtx n*
»«xtl It
lift Vll JO
iv oxvta
tbHiitrtenitVv, l*a **xvl .1
ClfuK it* thy |*m. IV Iv 4
riliiU to tin- Fwllhfui One, 1 TIiowm V .1
Uv will Muwtaln. IV Iv Xt
What Ihut be Done In Tcia**.
Cllntr t*» tho 14vine 1 me.
niiia i" thv woo,
fluig to ih* t.iviog Hue
| Throuirii wll Im low
II >h vll U'>
I*h ||«ivl 7
I J>:IM i* !0
It m viu *1
At the organiaaiHm of the Far*
mer’a Club of Caldwell county, a
>!»/ J»~. Mr. L,*k -i. *W M- * 27
lowing statement of bis own *ucce-*i . t-n,l|C tw tjl# u, .»u,m «m,. Kx*>*l xy M
in fwrmiuK I Augursb *d*all e woe. IV* \l*Utl
irv 4*'iu*NsilM*l
H«- |« snl'loot to tits
iiMw, >r .Uwpaix, as
\ urol eon*
Uu eenuut «uatr**l,
.. tiatriMt Uw wont*
- i'i|ad him, and his
. .Jr tly **o in si t«t»n<l
Is not in.lionaciitly
U<>ns of towlines-* for-
*• \
iu farming
When I came tc Texas, iu 1^'^**. t
in gi
land and
had four huudred dollar*
track* urrency. I rented
ma le a crop in 1*1*^. I had “Qi!
h ind b*-ido» mreeil I i*aid ir.y real
and made seven huu lr**i an*l fifty
pvvir dollar*, besides euough to sup-
j*>rt iu' family ou. The neat year,
l«4i\ f was able to buy a place, for
which I jniid fit\ocn humlrvu If liar*.
1 wctii on it »nd commenced opera-
ti*'H« a-sistod by one other hand. ‘25
i. row were in cultivation and 1 btuko
J3 more, making a farm of fifty acros,
which I planted, realising then from,
the m xt fall, seven bales of cotton,
worth $V»1, ami oOO hnalmls of corn.
* t which 1 sold at tillv rents jwr
hu-hel •50 worth, and 4<K) bushclu
of |< lAloc-i, which 1 sold lor #200. 1
believe that any indu-tri -us man can
* .me t* this c untry and ruil land
the first year, and make enough t *
buy a g od farm the next.
This year l pluntcd lfi ones in
|c**iw>u—had throe hands —gathered
1 4 bah-, averaging -»2** peunds. The
tt u worm cut my crop short fully
*ii* third. Of coru 1 planted
a* res, ami gathered 1 I'H) bushels
mad*- plenty * f other things for horn*
Lon-umptiou. My cott-jn I »ol«l nt
1cents jxr pound, *pe< ic, luv sur-
plus on. at 7*r> cents tpuem, ywr
I bushel, nml 2<)0 bushels of jsitato*
I have old oO bushels at **0 cents
and inoreprotitable to plant an 1 cu
11iV’Xte either coru or cott *.i in hill--
OiiiigtotJu' UbidiHS One 1 John i 7
* uo#r I. Ills slite; J -hn x\ S
* Miug to the Ki»eu Out* K**m * i u
11. li i John a* 4
ClillK 1*1 lit* * oiuli'4 t*liO Us* xaii sfll
i I |rt !
Clinu Its.g'iiiiuUnI*-* xevll I
Joy lights tiilttS I’» xvl 11
Kit h anil Poor.
••* ie i^.Htli n thni-Mil s* r -
N< < r s nM ha Vo 1:
• in a pqlane
In a coll*K«* 1;
« is n li»Ui s (lui* n f**ii*m*-*4
Not a |»< nny I;
Mill thA |N..*r. r * f th*-1" tin i«
4*U*< i,, mid not !.
“CIs* n. Uu**, >* '•! *■• eili a*
Mut the Ui* 's ■ape. I;
J lair tl*** <*h. in- to me it yicMi-th
M*iiiav • u*>t huy:
i'Ii ,ii h.4rl»*rs *.*iU* »i"l »lti t Is is* *,
I n -ii< t! ■ ; % t. >r 1;
Ho In velvet, I in fustian—
lti«*h< r man on 1.
‘•4'le*'*n is a *•!!»*' t*> nr AT U nr —
1‘rivr a- thiiiii’itt am I ;
Cleon f«*<"i a -••<>r»* of d<*'*tor-
N*-e*l ' t I* .It* lia' * 1 I
Wealth su i r.iiin I* 1, e:,re «-n%ironed
* 11 - t •
lu-uU* mui come, he’ll liu*‘* mo ready—
Uai pior man aui i.
• *C|r-on Ae**s ii<> i htrau in Nature —
•I ad
4*li *Ti liemrs no unliiem riiutititf
In the sea ami -kv;
Nature *- i!g-* t<* me f irever—
Karuest listener, I;
siau* for HtAt«*, with all atlnndant*.
tsid eiisiiji ? Not 11
twrotni s t>
by bis suit *i In*?’*,
f Ur'.txll' »•, s*1'1'
the as*'' twsjr *
mtivesi* m wiuch
l<*ads him i*' mts
tutd a** * »>f th — i
interoourse •'< n v
dear* -t to him
iMgrk«*«t My exhihi
eitrti t hi* r« al nature,
lucnbtl j*U> iioM,< nn of Uu ii.seaaa, for
whieli tl-» invalid cannot in-Justly h* ’.d
rwwfstiMiiohs i ut Uu y < *au*ui inn* h
hoM di *e*mS»rt. It is t*> -Ae
r, •* uf tlw h*'Uto circle, .1 tMusawitUd t**
fwiirl’. Itsrtn *i• y iv* s dl as tntiierw uc
I rf the principal wll rer fr**tnn «t*ti ih<
i fa* ii uu t *l fr‘*tn tMcifdent hmsoiiy,
| tii.rt tisuse h,v in pi* ons of ntitttal distur*
| hs i'-e be pV'Wnptly remove*!. Tills iati
■ oui) Im- dime i>y tomovlug tliclr pli^ -i-
i ,d cause, a de>a><a* instit ofliiefun*'-
ti<>n» of the stomaeh anil it* allied vis-
isrs, ll lii- sn l the l w*k t | ii
llieis' tin ire t in [ irt.mi •'Titan* ll<***UJtU r’s
j ;«i.»niu*'h Itiin ni »*'t nllnillUii<*oil*i!y,
’ pro*) in in a a thorough an«l aai'itary
1 shanto* in tnuir ouuditkat. The Vegeta*
Ide Insroimitii of which the |ircpsrs-
| tion I" iHiiiif * • -1** I arc of a nnwelnr,
' ru.ruIsliiiK and aiu rativc I'lisn ter and
the stimulant which lend* a< tl* It.v to
| ilicir r* n-llai virtu* s is tho purcig and
. lust that * .ui l*e extra* l* d from tin u»«nt
I w hole »me <>l ail sac unis, via: souu«l rye.
| No dyspeptic ran tskr tlth ssshl ns*
t*.rwiiv« for a slngh wvok without* xpe-
1 ri* in lug a notable Intprovniu ril 1st ha
I imsiiiI bmliii. N<-t only will bis h»*dl-
|y -iitlcrinai*w from day t»dav, l*nt
I his ini*d will recover rapelly Man If
I i.-wt".! uu *• iu t irnUv'iiitty, an I tl
!ia; *v diAiic w dl manifest it-clt i-v ld«
tlcm* in r t« all around him. and Ihparturcof Mailw
M ill f r V nt Ii i'>«l and Mrar •** K
* llfi *o leave** *• v <-ry day nt 7 a. X.
. rrivAs ■ *. v ligr at i r. M.
*lirl<«tt, cl*i*«>c every SI*
remarkable cure
mh« m the form <*f “>o*, whb’h wept
•retting w. *s« K*r * h-n . Ut of Umc, until I
in* «iudn •»* b ' **'*•• idarmliig, when t
, f m u d*-1. »c
1 m.’w In* altci Id i*m- for two men •»
I 0m* t ud «*f which time he pi an aaeed
! ,uv * asv L>pdesA. lie%0**m caHe.1 Js
|>r _"than *f Isonibefu Ktrect, In-
Rrmarr. Ase*«r.*.sUii*« jd«y*h*iai. in my
.was. wi v» alss* fiwnnsnnnl mr *wse
m.'.iral a* V*. <•»« » ,“»>
'oacrUiul*' w util n*l *»tr. »**U» t4»Ul
me I ..itfht t-ultkO. b.d M ws. Mi w*c
l ixhtiut imdloiiitf; sssi U.«h —pa*loom- ■
j,. it. i. Iiartng Us* nun-, *»r a i
f r ! . »u* ni'an*v. Uw -l«».t j
rr. P eve left lilt from lhe « ilhcts
L. .ti,. u,r. In this eondit«Ukl M«K*
, i„r i.i«ny!t vein, when a friend
L | , (menian A llog'-r's
/... . „ i gils <*f t>*c OAMAKI-
N i^i ii iu*d lltUK 41*WKh.
L„ | *■, i kUK 'ieetl lacing it I was
L 'iiic! • * mv ia’d, an t u«t aide U»
„t i, • floor. Alter tahtwe that
Lie 1 !• it t**U«*r, l Us* n i*4*tinueiluu-
1 na i ..U** »* ilswaleUlss, w!uu I
■■■rot'iN'l, m> sore* all
*im rat lu-aith a* ir«*d as
Ln t'mv sight n*wrlv r»s*u*r«sl
N >. 1 Ft-lerai Htroet.
i»r. whTmall'n
halhah tmk IsHWK
»htR T1IK fTltBt»K
Insurance Company
.ns uiiiptioti. tUaUne. aatliina,»*w,“* li-
, wAsbug **f rtcslv, eaSs.
-i*lMing of l*l »od, li'MipiiiK eu**gh.
Uitn* ult> ef breaU»*MK. e »ugh, u»
ttu* uni, p!iu»isi**, pun in Uh
*dd« and all •Ibwwatw *>f th*
IU«* HirTI<rt«*»or POl.U'liX
FIN*. Wh*del*4«a Ih*llc4es, payat-Ed
at death.
He*<-od. Kudowmen*. MoMelss, pay
able at ihtllLuf in ten, lift***.u, iw.uiv,
tWentv-flve, thirty a**d thlrtv-Aveywa,,
Hunt. Term rullolea. witli psn iUs»
of renewal.
i* iu i
UHMHH! lkollarn Upward
ia oeeemng swtt a ntrrrwa awnr*.
It Cuiitalbv N» Opluiu, t alfiiuiT, i
Or Miumil PuImmi.
iAt 4 I’jf fAs
«1 *r r*»i
p**n**rnlly ho.- not Inen very ma. ki**!.
The fall in prices, however, lias had
tli** beneficial elf* t of stimulating
irude, itud ih* uinonut of merchan-
dise di-tributod from this p-vint dur-
ing tlie wtvk is larg..*r than for any
previous week -iucg the o|Ntiag < I
the vi-ar. liuyors generally who hav-
Ihcii d* laying their purrha«os in
nun oc< pi one* of the declining tcntlen-
4*jr of gold n.i 1 c ttan, have taken
hobl more freely und s a natural
oonaequeioe, uu-ini ss is stoa*lilv on
the hiercasg The spring tra*h ha?
n*<w fairly opcuo«l.
N i.w Yoiik, March 7. — The
\V .rbl’s Pari i * irrcsp idetit *1 Feb-
ruary 21 d, says it i.» r* j* »rte<l iu Pu-
ri- .-aI' iis that Nupob >r» di»*i Sept,
wth under It' cord’* knife, and that a
relation re: * nild.iig him Hppemed ill
Nnpob'Mi’s t a l 4*n tli • f«*w oiTa-
sioiit* *»t hi** app* ari:ig in public, and
that the Prim *• In j« rial is reigning
»- Nap' leo» IV, with Eugenia as
I *• _ nt.
N »:w York, March 7.—(Julians'
IcJtgU' of th*' Unit.*! Stat<« met at
I h'liii'UiiroV, 4.1oti. McMahon presid-
ed. Among time* pres- nt were <*cn-
**r.nls Duri*a, llartlett, (iuerdon,
lirang' r, Van Allen, ('asiu* M. Clay,
Mr. ;I*i»p47., Tlios. K. Stewart, ('hie*.
W li.vrling. Mr. G > *ai' *, ai d (ten.
Win. II Morris. It was re* Iv* 1 to
hobl tna*- meetings in ths principal
l iti - *d th< Union to p**t the sen- iof
the \k••pie. (ten. (Juosada wrot*' an
apology for nl*senc4,*.
Man I'iivm* ijk o, March '*.—Intli*
billiard mat !i for tdiu champinuship
i4ii*l (lium li*l cue, Kudolph Im*ii!
I>* erv in 7t» innings. Score—ld'*l
to I • 21
|>imim*m,*li7.—The Pall Mall
(iiuctie ot to-day -ays it is unable to
N<lmire the American policy of se*-k-
mg tw uppr ipriato all the odd* and
4*11*1* «*f territory in the market* r*
piirll* *.- «*f tho «*b in»< t« r *f the j*m>-
11|«* nr value of the land*.
(lliuUlunc rveeived n depulotiostof
the Irish people on the -abject of the
l.aml hill, m*w iwfiire Parliament,
and in rc*| oea** to their nd*lr«**<* pro
miwd every necessary modifiration
iu th*' detail * <>1 that bill.
A project i» on I *nt to lay n small*
tr cable, to c«**t almut a quarter of
a million putimW, !**'ing n M*h< in<* for
• onneeting Kngl0*1*1 with all her eo-
Pa hi a, March 7.—Seven editors of
th*' Uctorin w* ix oeavictml **f viola-
tion- of the Press laws, nml sentenced
to fri*.n one t«» f«*ur months imprison-
incut ami finus aggretrnting one hun-
dr*-l thou«an*l Irnucs.
Mvi*him, March 7.—An otltcixl
d* nml given to the telagrani that
M«*ui|tvii«icr wa* n**'i ivf'*l here with
an ovation i- p *-itiv**ly ilenieil, ami
Unit a coup d'* tat in int*'iid*-d in his
fnvi*r*___ ___ _ __
Wlwt IIm* Trrjtswrj Glrla ITiink
Of 04.line, ail was anxiety and i>x-
pectntlou in the Treasury when it
was whi-pered around that a scion ol
royalty via- in the building, au*f
among the mud auxious U* catch a
glimp»e wer* the female tlcrk- and
employe** The dolrwave and and
corridors through which lit wae cx-
l**«te*l to !*ass where lined with
olerks of both sexes, and while the
crow 1 wa* in wailing numerous where
the -fils praejieml **n unsuspc tin;
»r >up-. *'.ieh a- “ Here he Coiuee,
Finally be did emerge from
Uu* Prii ting" lJepartmeat, and his
walk from thence bi th.i l trwaeuror »
office, in fact till he got out of the
building, wa» a sort of run the g mul-
let arriii iroment, as far a- the tueila-K
/iiin<|uiriog eyes wa- concerned. A*
jf on os he would pass by a group • f
•opine female they would draw a
lung breath of relict and then inulg
hi -a h *jucei remark- a- \Scii I
declare, is thnt him'J * “I wish he
wa-a clerk heref* MWhy. ain't h«*
tall?” “Yes^indeed; and so slim!”
•Oh, but ties r* al ni« • looking,
though.” "Yes became* he's got
-tamp*." Ami iu tb«- neighborhood
*f the cash room, while two showy
ladies of the blonde onler were stand-
11a |»> the side of our r«*i**irtcr and
indalgiug in n marks as to the far-
vmal appealuuce of Prim * Arthur,
ui. iftheiu jK-rtly remark* J. “Why
he is a light rooster, ain’t lw
BrjtfAllIMfTT.—TsSt us lsc *alin
If vour hat blow off. w'alk si »wIy
toward it, aud you w ill l*c sur;*ris»*l
to sec how many |H*uplc will rush ni-
ter it to resto*-e it to you. All undu*
passions are hurtful. Uct u* n*/t 1*
frightened, for all in* n, are but man,
und the lightning- are held iu th*
gra-p i*f (• *• . Isct u- ••**( '- * .irrit*i
away bv thnt ruinous enthu i in
which *1* feats its **»n pur|n* t*.
Ol f li l.Uo
City ('oillit 11 Pit>*^*Mil»"s-H*vetf-
Ittr Meeting.
Arriv«— <*r * -v Tl nr- lay **t 10 r. a.
. . 4 • i ■
mo, 4'arris * mu<1 l^*r***t«\ t-4o*** - wsiv
M*in* lav it 7 a. *.
Arrives **very Frtilay atn r. w.
Tn*'i-r* »t N *rth* rti Mali wi'l Ihayc
*:,. ■ the day *n* b* th'
lililli'ut < i iVhl-iUi r trill I’.rft/-*
f >r N* w * *r’ .ui-.
I-*ir M*ui1* r *v 1* *" - * .erv M**n*!s'
anil Ttiur-lay a*. » r. m. Arrive-t v r
WsdnAMtsY an t i-' Uurday.
|-..r Soilii* i'm t- wi *, i*Mv<>- S»j!ir»ti*
Ml S r. w. Ar.: .* - ThoiVitaji a •’* r. m
K ■ *r I »•!. tea * *•*• Tiior-I *y at IX V
Arnv* * SitturiiAV ui *'• a. s.
Kar Hruwnevllle, *txtly, t* lives at 1" a
m. Ariivsw at a*
to.utu/ M'tryltu l. H4 tl«*er* <\ij, lo-wU
. f *: • 1 *
I Hun*. Iniai, |«’r«*.o*uly ah- w.-l U-
r *r* ■•••', |I*« AUiew riher, Ju-U'W *‘* w*s
pean* oftfie fWaSe of M*rrnu*d, In Aiel
f ,r Maltiuiore *'liv «i r< *»l I. Marv
I 1>h)/< •*, iu**! iiis.1** *» in *4u<‘ l *r»M *»l
, ., i * ' i,.Ail* r i,*..i fa*-t- **t.»b I in
tin* f »r*'«***iiK **cHlllcaSe are true as
must -I Ihvt IA**.'lM».li* amiual
iv m Me t »*U*-1 MiiOea wilt* i *.iimiiu|«|
that >iu*l l*rof**MM>r lUmris sayi li***i *
v a-4 ouiiib* r-*f ti*eee eo 1*1 »« **ave*l hf
tiH' |lni«*lv ***** **r Mims |*n*t*»r rem^ly.
Hr. t' im. IIaU's MO-ami for lire l.uriin*
»l I lUe* AtI*« ro*A of the *4**—am* A4 <*»«-*,
O I .11 e»-ty e«e**l U>aI‘a»i>
..iu us ng M trv !y. a*-*-*hIIi»k l« dltwe-
uon- (,,f t'.eii4v*f'*ur **r Hwtjr esawi
Immii*, ami »> l iimic si*lw* n
a Mb »U 10**1 M« may relimr M ami re-
„ v* back In- nsS&y. Th** nmst «»<••
tr* —IHK * '»u«t* te f>e»|USSSlly>sl>evH l»v
A Aiiutl" <l'***e. Al**! biokss UI* IU A low
I, ,ur. til,I, . Th.' .iftli* t. *i *i" I**»4 have
4. take l»*Ule alUw 1-441* t*el* >r«* tle-V
Hi. iiiiums are livable aniiuailv 4w
iii j Um i->i*Ummai*«b <»r UH- iMaurari.. .«
iluiioK* l- rb-l ••( five, leu. nit*- *
t w «sii v v aars w Ithlw U>«* liMNiran**e i. ^Ml;
,»r tijr siiiKle pay went.
All Um-m* I’ut'etc AT*' u*a»-f**lh )i,*i,
•411,1 will iMinieipAb* In Um* -urpliu fi ,u |
j the «h»»*’ *4
• Tt,. *h» 14*rt**U*«» IJCraiul Kmkisiii.m
| |, 4i<,. s will m* .l.-lan-l and |su.l ••<
i iiuaHy u|**si lb*1 «s*»*trM*uU**i pta**, u
! uiiiiiiux at tli.' eh*se i*f tie- flr**1 >• •»,
nml Ui»v l»* ••Ih' Is-MnitMnii
elect, either t*i re»lue»* flfore prviult, .
j nr |n Increase lit*Oak vatu** of I't I*"
U,*y. as the insiimt wisv eb*-4 m •♦»*•
Mum of In-iiruiK. If r»**«iAHkai l*e iua.|v
at the time ol in- iring, the *llvM* o |»
wtU he nildssl U* Um* l aah Value.
Wtii'ii, bv a*I.Iiok sili-h »livl*l.',» U I,,
' |hn 4 ash VaJm, Um* •eeuai.'UU**o* <«
•Ii* Hulivy s!*aJI hnv« v smiins AMtli. J. iit
t .K*-'|>ii.< - <iue ‘ii har*e far Its full
M„.,4iia, without lurther |iaviuei, - Um*
itint «Mti*< tl»i- re»n*siv w*ll Ait>*r*l ri* i esure.I mav. at hi-option, either •••nt*
iiefui ii.*l I uu* jMviiHiitofpwaiOMiMs. -anU.MUr^
thtireby the 'UinuaJ sWl4l'*ti» t*> its* s.l,
tleir. tu* t.
Hwv.rii I'ofi-ru
I*. I«K11'K.
teeof th* 1*40. e,
Wi Worn l*i-tr»«-t.
ui >r
is uiui't'e*.
u yvyfs. <Uua
[TUi ati*
ash llsss Jru'SK
.•n op l*y tw<* *»f tbc
Hr. itirlrtn > (ioMi a IC< iiiihIics.
.\--k I4»r ti* (Ciuf* Uik<* fi(* otlwr, mi* •
A little Southern girl a»k*-l a eol-
r. 1 servant what the ftlVoentb coin-
nnndiiicnt wn- The -ervant r* pi* 1 tiler** iverc onlv ten command-
*ii, nt-, hut the little girl informc*!
h« r that the fifteenth ceniniAiidmewt
wn-that the colored people should
And ihe should Jiave n*ld* *1 “an.i
that while |*f-iplc -houbln’t v*Ht”
lie N. W Ib'IIMHTin
A dispatch from New Y«rk to the
( ititrit r-JitHtHtU of the 21 *t, -ays:
“A new party was orgauixeu last
night in this city uu*l**r the name <*t
the Nt w Democracy. Tlie foumlora
l»uc tiie party on the fundamental
principles of re*puring reference to
the people of all laws passed by
, their 1* gi-lntive rcprenontoliveA, as is
done in . eral >-wi-» Uaot* ’
shrewd hid is made in the pint form
for the votes uf the women. Th*'
New Democrats favor Um running of
all railroads on I telegraphs by the
Government, and the employment *rt
**veryU*dy who wants work hv the
nuti null and local authorities.
“ Will the line stretch out to the
crack of doom v”
volts «*r u*
r«* in*; ini|sirt!ti
fu. effort. Pries
U uIca for p«. t >i
rout* ili*a will iw
> ok. 4>iV
IM, 4 'll «'Wb
I I'm -ale
City (’m’Nctu C'iismrsi
Ur*.wusvills, Tex., March. D, *ft. 1
The City (loan 1 met nt th* r
chambers this evening nt ’» o’clock
On the eiiii *1 tl**-' i»*il. ti*e loliow-
ing aldcrmati answer**1, vlt:
Wro. Heonlan. M *k Liam , Cm
M*»re, Juan i’v ira, Ja-. L. Kudolph,
and P. !! P*< i pi • '•'«
The 11 n. Jeremiah Del van, A«t*
ing M y r i*tl» < * ,p siding.
Mimit uf1’.-* i*.;n!.r meeting
wvi'p reel tin 1 *»i* motion approved.
Tbo following hills Wore rea<l, iv
F. Taylor, printing numbers
lor market, coin, 1 W'
Juan Garcia, lbr 271 ■”» me* |Uit
post for cemetery fenoe (*<
He., CHiin, 217 It
Juan A Usmii«(, **uii lin/
J SHt ft'IMt, * in, v 1 *il
On motion of »hl**rman Mot*. ti c
aliove bill- w* r reti-rr I to the
finance lensiitto**, with authority, it
found correct, to direct the Hi*er*tary
to draw upon th* Treasurer f»»r their
The |*etit i' >ii ot Ni ol a* .'-*'liaAar
praying for relief, for inj'ii i' * rc<^R'
ed in falling d**wn th 'I »rkvt piare,
wa- read, au*l ot m U n of aider*
man M >r> referr* i te th » *>i imitl* o
on claims.
I’r »js.»al** for ligbtinr a'nl l*ir*
milling tho < ity ia;.ip« f*r the year
ending March .'list, 1*71. w rc p* a*
e 1 and n*»d, a- follows:
F. Taylor, for lighting the
lump a n *w furntsi* d,an*l furai-h* rCIULNly
ing material, K» ‘•enl*i p r lamp
night in e**in.
F. Taylor, f**r lighting th lami*-
with MnuumoUlh h.irn r*, an I fur-
ni-hing mat-rial 12 cent p r lamp
Iw-r night. The ch ing - b* l»c mu f
!iy th * j.rop*- r, In '• take the pr* ■
sent hoiils and burner* and replace
■1 luri-
t< ii Ust-
>4« re
I I,. in* vl! -111 tu all i’.» f in
from Marcary or tdhai *ai -
iio-b.vU* reii* 1 in nil r®**.*.
I;, rr unary * * •
,s, win
: give,
No *ll(
*U uf cc
ext.**. i.iwyiug the mir e ul
t i-d by tli*w( rcit»(**'*as. 1
it- cur*
I’rlf nt
cr No. l ot N". 2, ♦ per !*'
ttu, or
ly j*
M r 4**11*
SAMUtlTA.lV It****
t f« rf I* ft tuftf f _
1im| h(m' ii(Hilofk t»t 1 ^
blii iii b VUy+M tii U»u
in:irniorjr, it* lisltm r. < tj, an !> *sM-
Hit n ttifi! t* Si. wii thr* aKfKHM tl**
oouutry. 11m.
samakit *' •< Him>t and llitaii Jwerns
l« A |-.*.invi cure, f r f- n f^iU »m *11 u*
t om**, uk-n*. * mps-i. -rob*. b*tu r*.
Ih .:* *14*1 all dl - AA**-- <M ths
|||....*1 I4i)*t-t il*. A- A f-*r Hv
oioll- M l*. | «*4*ivi*. 4’li> *»i* *»**», b* W»«-
Iv cure tills *|*'«l -M-* aoe. H4*»p the*,
the Ian -*4. J AHiltt.K aim! iahMU*. sh!**li
have at* *> - Isili d av.J use a PMSU-Iv
tii lt will leave jrour pxtlMM* w ith S**«n<l
*1,2f* t*»r bottle.
SA 'I 4 It IT A VS 4J1FT.
The only rval au i i*.**m4iva run* Sot |
l. iliutrlk-S, (*1(11, SB*) ilUrSNA* tr>*ls, !
(V,*?n tn<Ti*M*r *U <n. 15m!*.uii 11*1*11* •*»* •
Nb r urv dii-wM: iHity t**n |»MUu* el
f,v*s .4 rtifc. Th«*y are |.urelr v «at' •al l*-,
rule* In fr**»i> tvv » >it fair *lavs, tin** |
iv**l«lintf expoxurr n»**1 tronble. Eri«
• uni. |». I. 4* 4-: t mala, §.*. Mewl bv
i i. #
LeiicorrluPH, or. Whiles.
The Alt**ution of f* uiaU—!• ealt«*l S*
the uu* of Mils remedy, M bv**!**: a js*-!*
; .■* .!. r**r ll* *• * i . . isiats.
tvfoiSION I* A 4YV.,
l’rofwle* rw.
wn IU. trt vi, Htwla»>a1|4ila.
i’tir ,kl«' l.y
41. H. MM IT If,
At Um* K»:v «>r tiiu ta w. Imi'** Mr*»*
MI»**'VNmV Il.f.K, TP.XAH.
daily k Weekly ltmicliero
I Irowit**v III**. T*1 An-.
11. V. M tl.TKY. IM. »V I'rop'r.
Lite FitUtnrioln I pnu all
titiM'- of (hi* Ihi).
(ImtIuleH Ijurtpd) in M**\h‘0.and
Iln* 1 ultra Siuti s.
ttef tu m**L
TU. public have hOuti ini|«*s» l u|smi
bv* - rrcoiiinvoidsd by eerlift-
,-«nw wbnb have Always «*»«•!*-I from
siMMS UlihlioW It «UUMV We l**4i* V« ills*
a in**luIn* HMMMiN nsM-tnerila will
. ff« <•« rarv-s wfier* ver it 1" HS«4|USMS*
.4» 44* 1! A* Abr* *<t. I In- i" !*«. IMieemvr’e
1 <r« !*ar 4ti**li, l*tit uM wbb h. ff «is»**l »l»
*m im>>h, will save the liv<<** <<f th*>u-a»*da.
I,,.,t |s*i - mi* may make MM- l*Ar«an
i* uh a«« ui* froui wh**m U»t*v purchgpc;
tIia<. in every *W" »here It Is um-«l
ti . iv. se* *r (ing to dlreetl'Mls. a*td AW-
lirt taikiMios Uu 4 irtvett Im t wcaly -
f«>ur <*r f*.rty-ei>rbt l-xin*. they ran rw-
Um u th® in* Jn lin , a* d llikr Bk'iiiJ will
1.4 .-in . rfullv refund* <1.
It has MftMsd etiros in imm®r>**M* <*•*
s. «h* relL® ni *-4 skillfull phy-idao*
Mi tills CDUtUrT ami in Karon? lapSSW I
, ii,l*,«*v*-l. and I*av® * xr*r«*l*e*! Mufir
-kill Hi tain. 4latfAs slnHi Day have
|M .te*it«ev-l uithli*. and surrw*».le*w.i
L i„4s i, » i*®y**tMi a d .ubl, liaui.l th*
s*.Ml. nt- wUliout a slnyl* rav t*> ennverj I
tlmM In tltt'lr xb-'Mi. have Is cm * ur*-l
I v |*r. iIs.* • Its.-am f**t Mm* loiuRk i
ai. I th “V ietilMs <*f ..Misttiiipti *»* art |
t* w ii * v ig rou* atWl Sfiroii | ai the m-sit '
». I..i«i am « **-• Ami tlM-s<-ws.s ar®
,„M i«mah *1 iMie®: th* y ars BUM»er*M»»,
Aid oam be putaiSsd 'Hit iti rviif)' *.-*im
rnunity, vrliero Chi** m -t unrlvahvl r®*
n»e*|4 has ben l<*®4*-<l.
Ik stow , th*««, t*» fs-lisve thi' <»A-r®-
; d wt* r> sttsnit thi^l itiirfs ta ll jxoiw;
1 1 Vi :*pt*rc4i«MM |p-
ilM«W viMI to rflve U|». Act *ip«,« ttl®
prill* H* while tli* r«- I® llle Ms* rs is
■Ymi *®ii iitiif l» •** low that
*«4 trust, h*ini*Mily Akitia. I**
1 Mm -siii fur the l.u’or* M**r®
•w I.'. ’■
-mr. a ro l
-are for Xor*
I DelilUty, In «»I«l or
• i n* nr* with wonder-
' . *>r tw
*>4 I. ,*' f Jill* ' Ul« *
IkiAtty ptAar.
•n iwlit t->Alleorr<i»j>onil*
nnfm witlnvui tin* tiAJite
it/ . * t !k ! . I*.
* *1** rr*>i)ii<*t'*r," blawnln
l(«, A*ldrrs- l»r. II. II.
i. ‘.“ns Asti .» ii'.i* ct. New
tM.iuwfi in tf a. ru., to 0 j*
1- J.*tin Ifteiwinit, No, .V*
New 4 X leans, nml l*rog-
J*o|« .
4 -ti *wn 1
T»r. flail** MaI-aiu
* taut **vt44, nay hundrsxta. hs* - le**s
t*r iiigh.i l*v it iliU'-t fr**U4 *h*®ih to Ilfs,
wh* n all d-e have tsiIM. Oiv®, tl>*»*».
♦ hi- f-*w rh*f l*«t Harnilc®® mndly a
trial.' „._
W havo coMki sU- **f IS® ear®* fr m
u.Atiy afoni m*st reip* ul>l*' cRiA'Hs-
n,Mn aid w***neu wh** live sin• *ns its
ati l 4*|mi l»ave Um nirol by It-
vs w»* r*‘ft»r Usn* 14vinx **•* of
. ,.»HL t**«*ur ajf«**t-. Agali.-t »u.*h
r* iwriK1oi*s *• nm*r e(T*—t *-urc- wh**r®
ih* y 4*a*1 Mi«‘4r oriiMn w« would etutio#
y > ti. I nkn* wn |*wwhi< ansi plow®. fcM*l
n**Ull**l4s ‘‘IW*. AT* tltadt* su4*a*‘ r V 1®1 * I t**
the -prwa l Aim use of rcin*Mlir® **f this
doubtful rhSMOM.
Aw-atputyinf iwnli Isath* **l l>t.
Hitt IU«*t*tif*i Ih® IniiMfi la A lOrat-
Is.*, in |Mii|*!iH f rm, en* n-umpti*
wMli s|
treatment, etc., hf which
ngc lHtily ML
U • uk1v h*
SiJb* of ► |*aa*
I tr**w
(i rami®
*4*WS* **o||4
lo Is l«« ateil «*n
has a |<*|.iil«u*a» <
hit** one « II* "/•*,
■ Mm ifm*r>*s,
ii»imc.Mately np|i»ai
the HI®
[*f al-uit
. iris on** r"ii.'v", -evere*
A., M . M* v.
Itr**wn-vi4b' c*»ti-
tain- A BOptilalbai *>t »,**«!. The IIaa-
, |«> ,4,. ,S A l**a*Ml4K *»Ivi niVMKim-liuni
Tor 1 ih |ilo**e®. T)»*- Uh> ••rs' Iv l- nx-
at ui'. »*asf>i ■ ■: 11**' vi*ar, fr»*in
she *.Mtf of Mexlm up m liHfh as Kl<<
(It m it* Illy a th-ft <*l tim* »l*wiuer»ar**
1*. 1 xtrtiilli rnnning III th* lrs*!e. Tht*
Mi <*n*u‘d* Valiev I* am««ng the ru-le-t
in the world. It t- Isring rap* "v «et
lues H. Ikti
imvi* ut mot
Hbti' aimI g
in ti. i> A*-*|4ia
Plahtatioi Bitters.
amiior of
coni iul for
languid it
Tkxa* Lavi* Mhaai mk.—In nil
first < la«s 11< adiighb* l’litetil- i -tun
by lhe Spitui-li . Moxirnii ntul Tcxn-
Govemui lit, tin* *|Uanl»!y '*f •*«
are npc-ad in league-, iah**r- :in*l
vara-; tl i- therafora tiKJAe ary t »
make the following • xplnnnthrti:
] vnra i- JMM Inch*--.
1 a«Tc i* VIICi s>|uarc vara** which
is i-puil U* 4,MO S'|uxr* rmb*. 6*H,0H0
-unarc inelnw.
1 labor is 1.000,000 varas, cptal
to 178 acres.
I league is square yam-
<siual to 1178 acMi.
I league is Ju.OW.OOO eqnar.- va*
ras, equal h» 4,4R8 acre*.
1 leng'te and labor Is *J8,fttlO,OiiO
„|iinre vivras, equal lo 4,(l06 acrea.
I'o Hn.l tin* *|i»antity ofaciw* in a
1 given nuinlaT of sqaars TW divide
u-d } 4 tarios 1«. The •**»»! is • tally
wlapl* <1 t*> eugar*Miie and * . *n, t**
w IimTi t#* ii* rai Att**ulion is In-tug paid
(Hough ->• '< « tal*l* s. sit* MlSMU a***1 •-*
r*>!4ls, i' Hiimh*u to tin-1 lilt* ■ I -Uk-itf"**
here inxiii i.uMly ami in aliin dBine. <
\AV have 11 trl-V4 ockly mail with
parts «>f Me*i«*o U> Mav)' an*I a week v
u*i»*l hihI < • ui l mail, With r**»a- ’*»Hl th**
I nlu*I Htates. M «1 r R A n' » eOlel*ra>-l
v|i>Mi*i< r- V*' * 11-n ivit'iii*<Ai*m L\ '**iif,
„ hi, 1 Jal* **-t*><i .»o*l Neer4*rl«-an*. I >iue-
«if -it*liou ' ******el- *-*oik*'1 ihts |>U**' ** ith
New York, Ulv rjioel an*I **UM*r l"*rta
of A^urooe
Tlu* SsieiMi TcrniH.
A I * V KHTWIN« * TUI - W f IKK I.Y.
t A column **f th* KAWCUKlt*»meaAarea
iwewtjr on? inA®*.’
1 iIM*ll <vf -|*ac® oil* mouth, r* w
lirb AtldlUoual in* h, ^
A*l\'Tli-»'in* fit- t*> run one y«ar a-
1 inch <»f »j*a<— jwr month, ■»
Ka*'h Athlllhtnol inch, 1
I lech of al***.*** I* r tnantfi. 4J
Kn.*h additional In**, • "
\.l\ertl-* ni«nt» U run **re yi*«t <\»
xtimnlsAL In all clhaalss,! liJ?*’ j ***
Iroplral. tompersto ...... r'
I’riEW, it acth 08 a ^ yoj(r
by the ■ammoull, hmils and Inn. r* |„ (.very SPTCies of dtSOUde?
for which be demote!® #85. . . fc „ ,* A^rtn Iron tllP Half im-h aKvcrti-cmauia lakau ■»
......-son "f Ata*— K«k.w, whkh uiia^mincv IBS ..............
it wn* rosolv 1 that th? pi posal * : MMHT HircHEUI a*il ^rnil-,„'ni a.i- erti-. incuts l-'f
' - -- ineli rtmt, am*I (Mj er ltM*OO. h snt.
w-incut tnaarth'ii.
Ajtvefiiujwn* tils U* Is* l«®ert***l al In-
II IK Intro* tervals, will t..*eharve*l Mr os n*w a*t-
. w verllassiienla eaeh lu*M»rMot».
tf linAAflim II HiaUU' All ♦lvorli®(*iii»,nU4 nnH Ukr lw rwi
II* .1 of the taper. If they are t*» ki*cp aiiv
(lMl np4lsta_I mcdlcllial s|*oc»»h^ lda*-c. ^eal.v-»»'e|u*r toiii
lira aninc ■ Mav * v i w‘ui \M u* »tw* »i»»i ia«*w.
WrkKi.v |sr Anmini,_$l-'v halt
Thiit wonderful vifflfiblf
rf-iUimtlvo Ih the hHcn*-
the fcHbto and
Ah a tunic and
the aged ami
it hun no equal
stomachic*. Am a
fur the nervous
i"'r I weakness to wlikh women j
uu* especially subject, it Is
>npt4*se4liiiE ctery other
At__1__a nil Alliiiidiia.
ui.',i* 4 i *rm, <*n4*o«i
■ill llr* li*tn, I*»r it ui*v, m.sles
Wo U-|?*lk
I y«»nr i» i t
Rvittmff frottt th«* lbs! Source !
fn (he I nifi-tf Slitlivt.
i h* follow mo c riilh at** wtli l« duly
UIMII 0*'l 1>t ItlM < •SMIMUIlitV , WI*«*M
Itla informed that It wras v.-fnmanly
j*tv.nt*y Mr. tussl, who Is • meiwtuir
.1 U*e tt* U*hiM»wu l***uw << Mosars. |A’
!• - A (Vi., Sum. 21 and Xt
N. Y., the ir»-*si **xlc«stvc
t»i« *1ea1''im iu lie* t nUud
*h*>. tysiMAiUi i»4iy, arc ImU-
111* d vi *tti * Ih* v 1 rt ue- 4*4
Um* vnrton* mc-lhdnes (MMfwd to th*
ptlMl* !
Ni A Y*»nx. April K l*W.
M' -• rs. A. 1« H***'V UI A VO. -4#I 1,444*
uten: - 111* t* * * ks -li»*v, w Idle !*rh lly
- Uittrno * In tt*** **Mv of Htsinirif, I
1 | idy atis**k.**1 w ilt* a vloJe*H
I** u,oiiip*.fc **f ll** ltuiiis. hh-tlmg vary
f 1 aIko ha*l every <1i*aross*f|g
lift*. A physician was iinm.-UAloly
I'ltllrd wt*** pr**u**MM«Bi1 u»> *a®* '** »*■
1 r* nu'ly ertti. al cue, and s*1v im**I imi- t»
i teliwrW|*ii t*< my friend- U» r-ouc U> me
\ at th<* * *trlii*®t ja***s'1*lc |<*m«l. I was
-ery much alsriiiod, kitowiux St*— |»l*>-
»„ taU) thought I fv uM n*H live but a
sle.rt timet but hav ing fVc*|nct*l|y ♦—cu
Info* tu*-!, vtrtsUly au*I by cln’Mlars.
that t *>r l*r. Wrn. Hall's Italsam f**r
tin* (.aiigs |ss—• -■**-4! vre«t Hialifipsl
virtu**, attd that It hivl rf*rtt»®*l w*m-
d* f*il cnr**a**f stmtlar ♦»•** t* niyown,
I wa- indinml t** try It The rsmiltwas
niii-i lai |'E. It rural ii*p, *•* ' • lM*1
li* 44 in tin «fij**vni* «» of my n-nwl «*—I
health. I itiakrlhi- sUh tM* nt f"V the
bemfit of thoar tvli s**i Iniig- are ill any
s '*4 .1IV* el, 1. Y**urs uulv,
it. h. if in s»n,
21 And*1 Park-H**w,Mcw Y*-rll.
,•11." tt.*-*
nHlirr <:o** wlteu tlie •nmmaUi *.»
-hall have Is- •me *-|*i,l lo * I*** bmiu ia*
■«*rw*l. th® ittiiMal ih%**|oM«U «*m tl*< I’u-
li* y w ill l*r d<» lari-l as a iN'rmMsi* f
sal'.l sain, aud p+ut m mM, »1 ii|-*u
■urruitd* r of •w*l Policy the sum 11, ui*
c-1 lb*>H by wilt Is* |4*t<f In/s/I, will.-.lit
regai l to the ti ih® ila*-t there*** for its
I>*4 incut.
tin- s4 stem i.f apply In® the*tivkle».,h
Ll peC'llM'ty A*l 4 AMtagV*®*** l*- US' swill.
i*|, se* imnx. at all Inigwswl ate . i,**«
only reli* f from further |s»% Hi* nl af
promiutiia, bat, at Um- -auo* *. w*c. a** sm-
iinul Income until dcafh, trnlcs* w*shall
liav® |*rev loitsly M*e®*vml full |>a> um-i.i
.’fthc Policy.
I Hwlestd. on t -ld llf* poll*-!. « *1*1
ia, Pi4t< !*-» win* a requirw tai furihct
nayiio id cf urauiiaan to ***miiMue ilxiu
in 'f. r*-< f**» Us»<>rixii.slsiM*siiilof m-ur
Slice—Will U> tSM'l ll» < ash IMMM ilautaioi
NiiN.P«lHHKlTlNti 1***lkii I4X
An * oyscuon not uufr*-|*»«*ttlly n—I
sgailisl effecting Inf luauraii «*, i- tli—1,
in future year®, a '-LantW **f di.uni
ktane—i may r*»4|#r ll hmafHlMI, tf
not ttvij — *s<Tl*t®, to mo®! th** Aiomal |wf
in* uts. an*I th* inauiwd Is UisVeiit nan
I.- M*-1 to tl»® eqiiltakl** value *,f
Ills policy, thus snvrHfrtng a pr*r't*si ®f
v» La: h< los* pud. Mat UUs obj, »«*g
ia fully met bv < *»r »us/»/afi»y /v*h-
««m, sliw ii «wi um the itiMtrad all U.- *a- h* |*aV* far.
N*. Policy wlU be h*rk *t*4.| l»y an ct
I . .in,, of the wMiral Ilf** in »Ma* -ii
f lb® emtdUi' ,*•« ijir*“*s*4 th- rent *11..
im il. aUi shall —i*t«r m* lav Or Iu **■•!*
VuiS'ise of -u«h ii»|»**sre, wls »■ t>4»
full 4 t«h Value of the l*» Ik r, t**s» •
w ith all acoiuti 11 La-urns ttuta Jit t.ltek,
wll! Is i»«t*l uh>ui Ita surrASS*I*-r.
with pr**4ite aud U«e prtv Meg® or renew
»!, originally bitrassod Hsi ***u
right <*a*cii r -I hr Mu Ktn* Ijh
lMAiirau®®< **m|«a>.
The .K*na l.iR. Inauratvea Oo., tu 'Hs
to pr«sent to all who <l«®lr* t«■ In*or*
their lives *4 the - mat leal |s*s«fl4e cost,
1 a sv-t*‘(n erf Life In-mail*'* whuh n«u
prise- th** wined h**apn* **• - 4th safeiv
att,I *»*|viitv, Ita* a*K»*4*sl the ohm **f *•
; -urirvy T*-i#|* rarv Uh (*»r Ter*u I'di
' r|*s, with |sflMfsll*a hi fmih stwl
the pHVUrge **f rcitewai twi**re Ksptrs
1 tl**®
TKIIM tip INSl'KANrr..
•Igai tarnspslmd mwl
* 1 tying for
ralve #b®» *,
All Poll* >< ». umlof Mils bv «U*m wiH
it® iwstit-l f*ir ll**' term often year* h *•*<
the date of issue, unit-a AUothei lerai
-hall b* r« .liter Im* H«e*| and put*tlvl*c<
.III praitiiAiiia . iv |*ayai*o> In aa-i
MVIliKNla ,*N TSHM |s»!.!< IMa
am Ir- 1 ir. 1 (I'IiiiaIIy, i n th*’ cutlS'*
11*mi plan. omI will a* • umulxl*-l, f*®
each P II ». itnul Ita espieafhai
All Pnlh’liw In hire® mat* r the* rv.h
may Is- renewed In fore Uu* ex|tfra!i »
*»f Mug rewpartive U riua. In «-aa® »*fre
iiewai, lit* eapii mg Pvdtryr m«u*t laa®
rrnwl*I ml. Slid a lo w **ti® **f the s®*.**
s.rm wtli la* iaamod In evchang**. The
tit 41,tends *e* nmalaU ,1 **n the nirf «
tier*-I P *M* y will Is* a|>|M,r(l*aic>| »** >
mgval 111 |svrt payitkeni of • *v**h •*•
imal pr.'iuliini 1 *♦• th*> new P*ill*l. *'
the rate of premlnin originally charv *1.
t* get 1***1 with ths AlMotUtt *4 dlvha*ti*l
ap|-*r ’ 1 ii*« I, dial I m4 la* anfllcteii' to
i-mtlnu< the ln-wraa«v* at Ma ®s»t*"‘
amount, the asaurvoi mav at his **|4i »*.
either tncreaa* tlw premtum to th® ra>'
r— ( for the eontlniMUvee of hi- In
auran«*c, or n-ltav* the ntuoiiut il»er» ',
an*I e uitinii * hla prev i«h»- payment®. It
la la lk*v«-l. Ii*»v»cvar, thal Ua* divhl®t**l*
wbl al least le -uifl* o ut lo enalvla the
r«uu|a»ny U» * >ul4MO® Um Pulhqr with
out liter* a-ing Ita* pr* uiiaiua uf a*if
tea in **f ten y**ai*a ahurv Ih* rale at eti
II. A.
tird a
staple. II Is
Francis Taylor lo liifbt the lamps al ^|| |||tf HlliUlHl Hpirit#*.
th? rate of 10 edits per lamp per |SUiS|^BS
mgbl in com, au*i llint his
the Mayor h inatrjcl*‘*l lo erU*r ia-
to it 1 on tract with the until Tayl**r(
umler the sain** con*ltthin ntul iimler
ih* ®a»m* te»n*I as of Iasi year.
On ninthm of Alilefiias Hcanloa,
tho bill itf L. Soudor for orrmailcry
gales was lakeu up ami referr**! tu
lit* s'MMdal (NtMtttiiUea on ccnu icry.
On lajthin the rotinoU mijnnrne«l.
J. Gai.vam, A* ling May*ir.
Alltel: R. B. F'~t» h,
thp infwt lioDflinr RMWlOif
in the
kUre ■
SoM bjr all
amiiMa. fi-; ■
IJ4 cents
inalld I*aIi! Ill adVASHw, In 1
A*t 1 erU®em*-> n
lawHI* paiinu advosMie, In gold or Ih*
ftlatl (lie ( oiiwumillion.
Cox'- I.4KMSS, 4 'iirs !>>., 1
Wed Va., July 10. IHH. J
M.-sia. A. I- Scov 111 A I’O. flantle-
t„«wu Mr. Henry Hall, having la*®n
(lls*'l»AiVO*l fr**ni tin linlual nutoa II*w-
oital M Wa**IM»igU*u City. l». (’., that 1»*
loigtit <lir* w Ith fils friend®, being very
j.,w with r**n*uinpflon, •wtnc t** uiy
It*.use. I raPcd a plvysirian. and was
|iv him that h« >-*uid not llv®forty
eight noiira. ! then -al*l to the j • 11 v a I
I’ian that »« Mr. Hall w**»ihl •-•rulnly
die, I w*»uUI hk*’ tu have him take l*r.
Wm. 1UU s Mal-aiu f**r the l.i nn, aa
I had grew* both In It. lie re|*»icd thal
he had a<> '*o)e«*taa. as nothing won!*!
Iwso tit him, a«t«l than htniself gave him
a doae of Um* liol-ain. I gave It till the
iw*«t (lay. when the phyal.-Un n*Mw>| and
renn«aiti-l us to issiMsi Ih* Hataasw
which wre *IM f**r »*ur or fire tun**,
when Mr. IJatl wa* able b* leave III®
lied. lie cmiMnned t«» take It till b*«r
entirely **wred. 'Itn* ewe* «<s,k tdao*
Mss** twelve mouths since. Mr. Kail la
imv strong and l*c®rt>, au«l (Wla that
he owe® hi- Ilf- to tin* nar nf ftr. Haft's
Hal■«m for tiM lamps. I olna hwMav*
In* v *AiUt nut liavo iTvnd a vraek after ha
came to nty house, if he had not taka
a..-.-.* »-"|*U(41t.
H* ware that jmu d«* ntH lake any Ok-
ra arviel® g* a .ul-Utat*, »sy Uvapcrima-
shsi of any dealer, who wield daeMV*
you Iu or*I«T to Inereaaa hla pmAh
fow sole by all ImgglsS® and dsafoes
in family rmwtkSacw^sry wkaea^ Alan
flnlf, l*mghsaea, fesfloaiMit 9m
tf vn1
Ranchero Ofteo.
Ktporl Dairy fiugffoftof IXb*!*1
In iftEliKlI
W arehoiiHc gml IhpwMha Drift.
Warwhuuve Rntrjf.
Iu* War4 house Ktitryfor
ll*?- W aeeliom
Im m evllot*
Matry id
Port of
nai Inti _
It**- Wareftotwe WHMSwwa) K
Pay Aasiwh,
Ibr rhr^r.

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