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Wl A
Hedeemed Alt Pledges to His
jL That Mr Bryem Shoald Be
for the
alfext Candidate
r presidency
20 The Post
JL t c i September
called on Congressman
jfa at his office and la reply to
Questions he answered
ft I expect to bo a candidate tor the
gnilc nomination and for reelection
ire s for the Seventh congressional
jcl ot Texas Baforo I was elected to
p I made certain pledge to the
about eightytwo
toot this district
while thoroughly canvassing the
bt la the Interest democracy
I would do nil In
omIscd that my
f favor of bimetallism and to that
Hiild vote for tho free and unlimited
and silver the
of both gold at pres
ration of 16 to las standard money
wu l legal tender power independent
action or of any na
Tnls question camo befo e congress
iurlns tho extraordinary session and
ei as I pledged myself and gave my
Viupport to the silver causo My
1 bitter
litre unchanged and am still
ajied to tho gold standard and beart
i favor of bimetallism as above lu-
promised that I would oppose protee
urlffs in all sorts of forms and de
myself in favor of a tariff for rev
only 1 voted against and opposed
til my energies the Dlngloy bill
d t the extraordinary session of
ttrn and believed and contended that
u fundamentally nnd radically wrong
still so believe It had and still has
Utcrest opposition and I still adhere
i time honored principle of a tariff
ercnue only
pledged myself to opposo trusts nnd
piracies against trade Whenever this
lion w3 presented in any sort of
I voted against trusts and opposed
in everyday that a democrat could
t questions camo before congress nnd
teemed every pledge made to tho peo
bellevo the wealth of tho country
Id bear Us Just and equal proportion
in and that an Income tax ought to
rorlclcd for by congress and if nec
7 tho constitution of tho United
M iboulii bo so amended aa to insure
Utility of such a law
ilio voted against the monetary com
lea asked for by President McKJnley
ut believe In such a commission be
Ithlnk they are a mero subterfuge
rlcV to perpetuate tho gold stand
upon this country In my judgment
til only one remedy to be applied to
Jiteitlvo currency systems and that
i reitore tho bimetallism obtaining
1792 until 1873 In this country There
If one way to secure such bimetallism
that Is for congress to reenact tha
that existed previous to tho latter
Hill contend that tho secretary of the
My should exorcise his legal light to
as all coin bonds in gold and silvo
tT be mora convenient and am op
4to tho Issuance of bonds in time of
tor the maintcnanco of the gold ro
i or for any other purpose
Ivannly adhero to tho democratla
torn adopted at Chicago In 1S06 and
mia ihault Ja tho best enunciation
raooratlo principles ever promulgated
fca party I would not change a sec
M lino or principle of such platform
linguago might bo changed somewhat
Bide a little smoother but certainly
fewness and candor and honesty of
wslon can not bo bettered For that
in I shall stand firmly upon such plat
Hind raise my volco la Its behalf and
the renomlnatlon of William J
the tribune of tho common people
tt presidency In 1900 My faith in
platform and tho candidate have not
i ihsken or overthrown In any sort of
Ming tti that I am n true accord with
Party on all the great questions that
word n congress has so demonstrated
to be and that my constituency havo
fcnplalned of my course in any man
Iiam a candldato fnr roclectoni at
tands of he democracy of this dls
t I havo received no sort of dls
Hwnect In my asplrattcns but have
rod thousands of the heartiest mca
M oncourage mont nnd commendn
I foci profoundly grateful to the
of this district for their past la
ao greatly appreclato their cxpres
j of commendation of my course
the campaign opens I shall go bo
A6 democratic voters and tho people
J district discussing every publlo
JWn and asking them to indorse my
I give out thee expressions In or
i t the people of this district may
Sliray nJitltudo and may begin to
iouvi early whether or not they will
J an indorsement we having raised
mocratc plurality over the populists
1700 to 17000
Ts Attorney General Crnnc
Strengthened Commission
Texas September 20 Colonel
M Campbell of Palestine spent the
Dallas He had a long talk with
fjman Dalley and shorter talkes
otner prominent democrats
> n earnest supporter of Attorney
uv nQ for governor
e tald to Th0 Post corrrcspond
J bwttly endorse the action of
Central Crano In making that
it wl < h the Southern raciftc rall
wtne penalty suits against that cor
J U doesnt seem much like a
J2 to me I dont see what the
T et I feci that the attorney gen
i mL 6 IDOro o strengthen our rail
million by this action thah was
r mpiishc4 before and that his ac
k J lndorscd by the people I have
fcLfK our name has been mentlon
Ktont the stato In connection with
I Err8 eommlssionershlpi has It been
a tbortty
ss imf Colonel Campbell answered
ywv now and do nbt expect to be a
tm for any office whataqever
K Sr ° Hurnert Hep notlr I
f Texas September 20At
tta mlles north of San Augustine
killed his wife and then burned
and tho bouso In which the deed
ed He was captured by Con
iJMstord at Ironosa and Jailed at
ne Ho confessed the crjmc
trong talk of lynching hlm <
K 5 ° r he OMortcrly Meetin
T kmi September 9 TU
HjHiwticuUural awioeUtlo < t
tWW fli
w jj ivi i
Hf Jo e lIe4 Mloa attir < Jay morntoit
l h
JtMn D p Johnson prenldlng who
nilicaU t0 oaelmportknt bu intfla 8 that
not wait over unUI the next reguUr
meeting Membert
North were present from
Oalvestw ManvIlTeT Fairwoo
Tha morning scmIoo waa d Mti d to ih
every ttrraer tn the coait countrr would
f uUm < sular
Ing of the aseoeiatlon convene quarterly meet
Cooko county 74tS40S a decrease of
Parker county 6338605 a decrease of
Travis county 16091140 an Increase
of 429070
Tho following charter wero filed wltb
the secretary of stato today
Tho Waco Elcctrlcnl Supply and Plumb-
ing company of Waco capital stock 10
000 Incorporators A P Moore A P
Duncan and J J Juaddell
The First Christian church of McGregor
capltnl etook 1000 Incorporators T J
Moppin C B Hall and W T Glasgow
The Floresvllle Oil and Manufacturing
company of Florcsvlllo Texas filed an
amendment to Its charter Increasing tho
capital stock from 10000 to 35000
Tho St Louis Furniture company of El
Paeo Texas capital stock 20000 Incor-
porators W R Merchant Frank Del
Iluono and W Y Wolf
Some Hee Comity Cotton
Beevlllc Texas September 20 Colonel
A J Llppord brought In from his ftirm
thirteen miles northwest of this city this
morning two stalks of cotton that In a
ihcasuro Indicate the wonderful fertility of
Bee county soil The stnllts are from a
field of cotton that has never had a ratn
or It sufficient to wet the ground moro
than an Inch since It was planted and yet
It has never ceased to grow One of these
sttlke Is about five feet high and Its
branches spread out over a circumference
of fifteen feet nnd has over 300 pieces
of fruit on It ranging from open bolls to
squares It was planted July 4
Colonel Llppord says he has owned more
than 20000 acres of farming land In his day
and has farmed In almost every Southern
State but that the piece of land ho raised
this cotton on Is the finest ho over saw
The colonel Is tho great populist patriarch
of Southwest Texas
To Ilfi Trlcil for Itolilie
Trinity Texas September 20 Solon Mc
Geo and the two Johnson boye charged by
indiotment with tho robbery of William El
liotts safe last March passed through this
morning In charge of Sheriff Collins en
routo to Grpveton where they will be tried
March 3 C E Elliott was forced to open
his fathere safe at the point of a revolver
and its contents were tilfccn charge of by
threo men Solon McGce and the two
Johnson boyB were arrested and have c nce
been In the walls at Huntsvllle
Ilrnzo nottom Kllline
Bryan Texas September 20 In a dllfl
culty on tho Sheltbn place In the llraica
bottom last night Mitch Anderson was shot
and killed The weapon used was a double
barreled shotgun and the entire load took
effect In Andersons neck killing him in-
stantly Both parties were colored
Charley Washington was arrested and
The Ne v Iecnn Ini
Waxahachie Texas September 20 The
new pecan act will be fet In this section
for in tho past years the city folks
and gather pecans as
go to the country
soon M the fall season set In This year
thu new law will have to bo obeyed and if
are gathered It will be through
any pecani
the permission of tho owners of the trees
Hlo Gritude Still H1K
Brownesvllle Tex September 17The
usual height for
Rio Grando stands at Its
lands are still sub
wteks past the low
niKMed and many farmers are prevented
Som Planting fall crop Cotton Picking
omfSrtbo first crop no worms reported
along the valley farms
Verdict for Plaintiff
Bryan Texas September 20Tbe v iter
works receivership case was decldvd this
bringing in a verdict
afternoon by the Jury
which will gregate
for the Plain
abeut f 1709
The Quarantine Restrictions Hade
More Stringent
To Aid Batterers hr the Harrtcnae
Took nn Overdose of Morphine
Fnneral of Mrs Alver
Beaumont Texas September 20 County
Judge a ray and Mayor Eiatham today
tightened tho quarantine to the eat of
5rP A rpp i nrn I
i CAPITAL ITEM84Deauwonl and Jo c county The of
State Will ot ry Fees Which Hutc
Heretofore Hecn Paid for At-
taching Wltnessei
Austin Texas September 20rThIs after-
noon Comptroller Finley addretaed the fol
lowing very Important letter to J W Vnnn
W T Jackson and R B AVhlto commit
tee ctf tho Sbcriffrj Association of Texas
In reply to your favor requesting to bo
Informed as to tho rulings of this depart
lngs of this department upon themfwypr
ment upon the various features of chap
ter 19 general lawSj special session of thu
Twontyflfth legislature known as tho
subpoena act and which went into ef
fect on yesterday the lath luatant you are
respectfully advised as follows 1 All
wrlta of attachment for witnesses who re-
side outside of tho county In which the
prosecution la ponding heretofore Issued
aud not executed prior to tho 10th Instant
aro of no forco and effect whatever and no
payment can bo mado to officers for ser-
vices performed by virtue of said writs of
attachment at any dato later than Septem
ber 18 1897 2 Tho provisions of section
B of said act with respect to payment of of-
ficers for moneys advanced by them to
Witnesses as alto with rtapect to payment
of ftca to witnesses are restricted to the
district court and no payment can be
mado by tho State to any officer for
moneys advanced by him to enable a wit-
ness to appear before either a grand July
or an examining court In a felony pro-
ceeding nor can any payment be made by
tho State of fees to witness appearing bet
fore either a grand Jury or an examining
court Assuming that your Injjilry Is In-
tended to bo confined to tho points indi-
cated I havo replied accordingly 1 hayo
tho honor to bo your obedient servant
It W Finley Comptroller
The following counties today sent theit
tax rolls for 1897 to tho comptroller show-
ing valuations as follows
Jones county 1696743 a decroaso of
1263 from last year
Fort Rend county 5387747 an Increoso
of 182902
ficials first decided to permit no trains
from the east to enter the county but
telegram from State Health Officer Uwear
Ingcd stated that the operation of trains
through tho elty nd county could m > t be
prohibitedand this arrangement was ther
forc annulled Dr Swearingen said how-
ever that trains could bo compelled to
run through the county at a speed of not
less than twelve miles an hour and act-
ing on this Information tho county Judge
and mayor Issued tho following proclama
Beaumont Texas September 20
From and after this date no trains
cither passenger or frolght on cither
tho Southern Pacific or Kansas City
Pittsburg and Oulf from east of tho
Sabine river will bu permitted to Stop
in tho city of lloauraont except those
tralus cnrrylng United states mall and
then no putscngcr or member of the
crow of said mall train will be per-
mitted to stop in tho city of Beau-
Cornelius E gan late of Sablno Pass aud
at one tlmo an employe of the Gulf nd
Interstate railroad was found In the rear
of a saloon at the corner of Orleans and
Bowio strcot his momiug under tho In-
fluence of morphine Proprietors of tho
suloon say Eagan came Into the saloon at
7 oclock this morning and went to sleep
In tho back yard Tho barkeeper roused
him between 8 and 0 oclock and an ns
roso to his feet he took n large vlnl from
his pocket poured a quantity of morphine
In his hand and gulped It down When
asked what he was doing he replied tint
the powder was quinine nnd ho was tak-
ing It an a yellow fever provontlvo The
barkeeper returned to his work and Eagan
again lay down to sleep At 10 oclock ha
was again noticed and at that time he bad
begun to turn black in the face Dr M
B Saunders wns sent for and arrived at
1145 At that time It seemed as If Engan
was doomed but Dr Saunders worked
heroically and this afternoon the patient
was somewhat Improved and hopes of his
recovery were entertained Eagan is an
extraordinary largo man and has a pow-
erful cdnstltutlon The OoMor says ho took
about one drachm of morphine enough to
kill two or three ordinary men
Colonel R P Duncan general managei
of the Waco and Sabine Pais railroad ar-
rived In Beaumont last night and this
morning departed for Sabine Pass Tho
colonel goes to Sablno Paa to have a con-
ference with Joseph O Osgood general
manager of tho Sabine Land and Improve-
ment company with tho viow of Interest-
ing the latter company In the proposed
railroad To The Post correspondent Col-
onel Duncan said tbo talk of the Waco
and Sabine Pas not romlng to Beaumont
The tsMa ert were all detained at the
quarantlee station until the hoard of
health arrived la a special trsU and aftef
a thorough lavettlgatlon permitted them
to come Into Beaumont and proceed to
their respective destinations
The remains of Mrs jim lo AlT rf Wh
died at her home in this elty yrsterdsy
mention of which was made In this morn
logs Poet were Interred tn Matnolta cem-
etery thl rnerofnic the funeral taking
place from the family mldenco at 10
oclock The drceased was tho daughter
of Mr and Mrs George Smyth one of the
wealthiest families In the city and the
wife of Mr Frank Alvey Mibler of tha
First National bank She was a lady
blessed with a most lovable disposition
and In the bereavement caused by her
death the husband and four little chil-
dren have the sympathy of the entire couu
munlty t
At t tD oclock this morning fire de-
stroyed the home of Mr Frank nrewton
In tha southern suburbs of the city
Cause of the fire can not bo learned Mr
Brewton wis away from homo and tho only
occupants his female relatives did not
discover the blare until awakened by tho
beat and they made a necessarily hasty
escape Contents of the building were nlaa
destroyed The lots Is estimated at IS0J
with no Insurance
Mrs John B Gnodhuo has returned from
Nashville Tcnn where she went to place
her daughter Gusslo in school She came
back via Houston
Menre John N Gilbert V B Dun
lap and Guy W Jtmken commissioners
appointed by the county Judge will meet
Wednesday to condemn n right of way for
the Port Arthur channel through land
owned by Latham Davis
The 8outborn Pacific has secured tho
steamship Henrietta and tomorrow will
begin operMlns trains between this city
and Taylors bayou From Taylors bayou
the Henrietta passengers mall express
nnd freight to Sablno Pass
Colonel W 3 Davidson president of
the First National bank returned last
nlgbt The colonel lus befn on a two
months tnur In Europe Ho camo from
Now York direct to Houston to avoid paw-
ing Ihrough the Stales in which yollow
fover is reported
Offlclnls of tho Kansas City Pittsburg
and Gulf railroad were In tho city today
endeavoring to have tho quarantine raised
against the Pee Gee oast of tho S blne
People of the Hast Texas Metropolis Appreciate
Beaumont Texas September 20 Beaumonters had
The Dally Post at their breakfast table this morning
and If expressions heard nn tho streets today wero car
nest tho great Toxas dally was enjoyed moro than tho
ham and eggs hot cakes or other good things that may
havo been on tho breakfast table
It Is tho first time In tho history of Beaumont that
tho cltlions havo taken their morning coffeo whllo they
read tho news from nil parts of the world and that tha
enterprise of Tho Post is appreciated Is evidenced by tho
favorable expressions that can lie heard everywhere
East Texas Is The Posts territory It Is tho South-
east Texas paper and the entorpriso of Its publtshcis In-
putting on a epcclal train when tho pcoplo aro unxlously
looking for yellow fover news has firmly established
the great democratic dally In these paru
river Tho authorities consented to allow
trains to run through the city but no ono
will bo permitted to get off Under these
conditions parties cast of tho Sablno can
buy n through ticket to Port Arlhur then
come back to Beaumont
iir is
Mny l > lusrcr n Month hut
I2n < l Mhv Come nt Any
Ardmore I T September 20 Judge
Kllgoros condition Is gradually growing
worse Ho is greatly emaciated and looks
to have lost twcntyflvo pounds in flesh
since ha returned from tho Colorado health
resort about two weeks ago
Dr Adams of Fort Worth was hero yes-
terday In consultation with Dr McNeea
his attending physician The doctors en
buiidln 1 tertaln no hope whatever of their patients
the road tot
route to the great lumber producing sec
tlon raid the colonel and that can not
he accomplished without building to Beau-
mont or at leait to some pjlnt where
lumber is manufactured The other ob-
ject Is to give Waco a nearer and com
pelltlvo route to derp vater and Sabine
Pais has deep water The colonel expecu
to ba In Sabine Pass three or four days
Several families In the Taylor and Hll
debrandt bayou neighborhood are reported
as destitute as a result of the storm Sun-
day night September 12 Their crops and
of support were not only de
all means
Swcdby o hurricane but tho wind
demolished their houses wrecked be r
household furniture News of the dla rew
brought to Beaumont and County
Judge Gray Immediately called a mas
mVetlng at which the follpwlnic commit ee
tn Bollclt aid was appointed u B 11P
kV Jim Oosiett Lip Nnrvell Percy Wm
PerVy B CrawfoJd The committee
mstrticed to accept donation of
mon4 provi lons or household furniture
County Assessor S W Pipkin Sheriff
J County Clerk Lee
Dianchetto were appoinltd a committee
to dlfbursc the deaaUone
yesterdays Post Jef
As announced in
fcrson county had established a quatautlno
against the State of Louisiana and South-
ern Pacific officials were riquesbrt to not
sell tickets from any pJlnt cast of the Sa-
bine river to Beaumont On the eutbouM
quarantine guifd
Judge Kilgore has been apprised of his
condition While bo may linger a month
the end is likely to come at any day
MvIiik < < Ioruln
Livingston Texas September 19 The
board of examiners for teachers was in
session yesterday with several applicants
but concluded their duties too lato to ob-
tain names of tbo successful
Tho work of repairing the court house
was completed yesterday and tbo work-
men left for their homes in tho Bayou City
The court will probably convene this week
to accept earae nnd pay for It There Is
general approval of the work by all who
havo seen It-
O F Meece who has been visiting bis
parents here returns to his poit of duty
with II D Taylor Sons this morning
but will leave bis wife and bibe until the
latter recovers from Its rc < ent severe Ill-
s A Hocc essful Kxciirslqn
Victoria Texas September to The ex-
cursion from Rosenberg to Port Lavaca
yesterday was the biggest 8unday excur-
sion of the season the principal attraction
being tho gamo of baseball between Edna
and Port Lavaca Ope hundred Ednalles
and tbirtyflvc from Ganado went down
wltb tbo expectation of seeing their club
vanquish the unbeaten Sand Crabs but
Port Lavaca again came out victorious by
a score of 20 to 7 Port Lavaca baa beaten
every club In the coast country leaguo and
appears to have the championship beyond a
i morntnz the doubt The excursion naxt Sunday wl be
r fine and will for
± ibi ssengers from Louisiana pola from all points on the
2SV the colored ptcpls exelustvely the last of
dertlhrt ber to Beaumont or
Plaintiff Wdl SilM froa thU city I the ewon for tbML
GriniteHis Been Selected for the
Court House Colnwns
V 3b O A flrMtaaalaan Director Are
to Mold av Coaveatloa la Gal
yestea Seat Moath
Galveston Texas September 20 Thro
samples of granite tor the columns at the
entrance to the new court house were tub
milted to the county oommtsstoncrs today
One was from Maine one from Aberdcca
Scotland and be other from Rhode island
The commissloncM were unanimous In so
lectins tbo Rhode Island specimen The
granite chosen la similar In many respects
to the granite In the Scaly building It It
however of a finer quality and susceptible
of a higher polish Tho granite Is only for
the sixteen entrance columns tho other
yranlte that Is o bo used coming tioin
Marblo Falls Texas There will be 400
lineal feet of the Rhode Island sumo Each
column will havo n beautifully carved
cap and a mouldod bucc The grunlto coaU
about J2S a lineal toot laid down here
The carving of tho caps Will cost about
1 hn nejtt question tho commissioners con-
sidered was ns to the laying of tho corner-
stone It was naked if tho Masons would
lay It Mr Vldor said hey would not tho
building not having a northeast corner that
was suitable for a corner stone
Do tho Masons Insist upon laying a
tornor ttone lu tho nortbe t corner nt a
building one of the commissioners aukpd
Vts replied Mr Vldor
Oct a lefthanded Mason suggested
Mr Stevenson
KxGovcrtior Vheol r of lown who owns
that SOOOncro dairy itciir Winnie Is hcie
Governor Vhc < ler will havo 1000 hc id of
cows in his herd nil brltcra Ho will milk
by machinery using the Cushman process
Threo machine with twclvo men lll
milk POO cqwB In two hours It Is expected
to havo tho dairy doing buslntai by New
Year and It would havo been shipping
milk now but for tho death of Governor
Wheelers son lust May together with tho
lato storm which wrecked tho row barns
The daliy will havo Its own leu plant
Governor Wheeler eitys that tho finest
mgar cane ho has swn anywhere has been
rained near WInntc and he will have sumo
of tho toll annlyicd for romnarltun with tho
Louisiana sugar lauds
Workmen aro busy at the Wheolcr farm
repairing tho buildings damnROd by but
weeks blow and erecting nuw buildings
where others wero blown down-
Tho fall conference of general secretaries
and Physical directors of the Toxas Young
Mens Christian Association will bo held
at Galveston Sentcmber 20 27 and 28 Tho
committee to arrango tho programme eon
slstlnc of A W Shaw A W Ctnrenco
and Hnrvcv Smith met nt Uorslcoua Sat-
urday and decided uuou Galveston
Amour tho tiromlucnt members of the
Youmr Mens Christian Association who
are cxnected tn bo present aro Cecil L
Gates of tho iniernatioual committee E
H Foot of Brooklyn oxKonoral secretary
and Rov Luther Lees of ParlB Texas
Tho nracrummo has been arranged and
It Includes about fIftv napors and nddreaaco
bv tbo beat known members
Gcoreo Robertson and E H Caldwell
of tho Cormis Christ commltleo appointed
to ecmo hew to see about tho establish-
ment of a rcuillar lino of steamers betweon
Galveiiton and Corous Chrlsll aro still in
tho cllv
Mr Robertson said this afternoon Ihat
thuv had no unauranco ns vvt of iho Cum-
berland holm nut on normanontly
Wo ro irelmt to otnv hvru until wo get
iissurancta If not from tho owners of tho
Cumberland then frcm somo other per-
sons said Mr RobiTlson Wo canio
horo to get a lino established and wo mean
to do It If such a thing is possible A per-
manent lino nnd regular sailings aro uvecs
sury to meet nur wnntK
Mrs A Mnrkn aged BO years and 1
month died nt the residence of ier sonin
law Thomas Goggan this morning at 4nil
oclock Mrs Marko had been In excellent
bcMlth until about a month ago when lie
was compelled to lako to her bd Death
toiultcd from n complication of diseases
Mrs Marke wan tiorn In Westphalia tior
many and came to Galveston wh bor hu
bind about fortynlnq yeats ago She wak
cno of Ilic oldest citizens of Galveston and
had on extensive acquaintance
The funeral was held tbls afternoon from
the German Catholic church
This mornlns about 305 ocok dfo was
discovered In tho restaurant kitchen at
Olvmnia Tha flames had made rapid
headway and It looked for n tlmo as if tho
entire structuro would be consumed The
bluzq was fanned by a hexvy norther which
prevailed t the time The sntlro kitchen
was dckttorcd and the Iqis in covered by
Tho flro orlclnated in whit It known as-
a heatlns box a wooden affair covered
with zinc
Last evening In tho parlor of the Tro
mont hotel Dr Leon fionflcld united W II
Black and Mlwi Ada Cox of Palestine in
matrimony Tho happy pair were excur-
sionists from Palestine A slater of the
bride and n few Intimate friends were pres
ent Tbo bride and groom will return home
The West India and Pacific steamer Ja-
maica arrived todar from Colon and will
bo detained tbrco days nt uuarantlno She
has on beard six passengers Among them
Is Thomas Tavlor the well known cotton
man who Is returning from u trip to Ku
Cotton Reed Snld for n Illcli Price a
Fe v Day
Seguln Texas September 20 The Se
guln publlo high school has epened with
tho largest attendance on record for this
school the enrollment on Monday being
225 The following teachers are In charge
Miss Mary Erskino Mis Bryan MUs T-
Rust Miss Gertrude Bump Professor Nat
Benton principal H B Qriffln super-
The Southwestern Telephone company
tins has reached Seguln and the company
Is putting In a long distance phase hart
f f
> < >
Two b of men are werkln i statethe
ftjv between 8uln aad 8anv Antonte
where comwctlona will ba made for all
North Texasv towns It k expected b
WedBteday this town will have cosnectW
with llouatoa over there double cesser
wires sad the tolls are Hid to he reasona
j This town holds the plum for paying the
Wgh at prjeeitor cottonseed In the South
this year Uwas paid forten days and
913 wasthe pMoe en last Thursday but
War clothes wore laid aside Friday morn-
ing and < 8 Is now the rullag price Thla
boa been very hotly contested ground > bo
tween Land ot New nruuifela v8nn An
tonlo olUfcprks and tho Seguln mill now
being nr aed rapidly by ho Notional Cot
lon Oil OVvVny
Seguln la fast putting on metropolitan
sirs The new oil milt plant will ctef
125000 snd ihe town has the good for-
tune to have n harmonious set of buMuoaa
men nil pulling together
new v n fob tub iJn > orio HAS
Ilnhens Carpus to lie Aniillil Fnr
Mrs Kins In Possession of llrr
Hushnnds uistnte
Greenville Texas September 10 An un
uaual action In criminal procedure was In-
stituted before Judge Hqgsdnlo yesterday
afternoon by County Attorney Yalta Tho
latter officials took two complaints against
Lea Pouus for violating tho local option
law and followed these up with n petition
to tbo county Judge asking that official to
grant an Injunction against tho said Los
Poune irestralnlug him from pursuing tho
occupation of a liquor seller until nil II
reni < e arn duly paid In accordance with the
provlilons ot the new law on tbo subject
Jiulgo Hngedalo granted tho Injunction
us prayed ror nnd should Points violate
tho law again ho will bo In contempt ot
court ami pan be tent tn Jail Should hn
bo charged with moro than one violation
tho sentences become cumulative In such
cases tho only renvody Is to pay tho amount
of tho film or fines Imposed as tho name
aro not bnllnhlo
The Injunction unpens wero oerved on
Pouiu late n the afternoon nnd It is un-
derstood ho will observe thu order of the
Judge until such time ho can consult
nn attorney and decide upon what steps nro
noecayary to bo taken to obtain relief
No tlmo was mentioned In tho writ for
a boarlmr nt tho Injunction Iho officers
leaving this open for whatever motion tho
defendant might sco fit to enter
Tlin Injunction as n method ot prevent-
ing offenses against crlmlnnl laws Is said
by thoao who ought la know to bo provided
In tho Btatule and tlin result In this enso
will be anticipated with moro than passing
Messrs J F Norsworthy and W W
Dean appointed as appraisers of tho cetftto
of T H King Iho ilewased banker Joined
by Mrs Virginia King oh solo executrix of
his will filed In Ihe court yesterday n com-
plete schttdulu of tho property ot tho estate
togetherwith their npprnUonwnt of tho
sitmo Tlin total valuation of tho property
as iiHurnml by the appraisers Is ulxiut
I3P0O0O divided nn fallows Personal prop-
erty in Hunt county Including household
and kitchen goods xHl8075t First Na-
tional bank slock 710 shares 7l000i rnt
tlu and luirarn In Jam and Shackelford
countIco H221 land In Hunt county
twnilyfuur tracts iiC3fir > 0 city prop-
erty In Grctmvlllo thlrtyclx lots ml Im-
provements 112400 laud In Jones Shuck
elford and Taylor counties eighteen tracts
Tbo Inventory having been filed and sp
pmvoJ tho appraisers went dismissed and
Mrs King l now In full nnd legal pos-
session of tho vntlro estate
Attorneys Dennett nnd Thornton have
been retained to defend 1 II Ulckoy
charged with killing 4ils brolberlnIaw
Jeff Nix and will suo out a writ ot habeas
corpus nt Sulnhur Springs to secure the
defendants relcnsu on bond If tlm matter
can not bo arranged by agreement Tho
hearing If hud Is rxpnclnd tn consume but
llttlii time being merely to determine the
amount of ball
County Commissioner J O Ilaytcr en-
tered suit In tho district court yesterday
ngnlnRd tho Katy and lnta Fo railroads
for damage In Iho sum of 910000 for in-
juries received In tho collision nt Celeste
somo monthn ngo Mr Haytor was a pas
souger on the Katy when tho train was
run Into nnd wrecked by s freight on the
Santa Fa at tho crossing In Cclcatv
IIiiIIiIIiik n lliillrouit linn n
Ill II Her J CoillillltllltlllK Oil 11111
Sweetwater Texas Scptcmtwr 17 Tlio
new rallrovid the Colorndo Valley lias beip
graded threo miles out of town Tkw and
rails will be here next week and truckUy
Ing will bo pushed
Thu tannery will send out Its first leath-
er next week
Four prominent stockmen contemplate
putting lu it firstclass cotton seod mill at
J F Nowmnn one of tho most promi-
nent stockmen In this country sold thin
week sixty head of mules for i0 per head
Cattto are fat in this section and uro
bringing fancy prlct
Tho cotton crop will bo a third larger
this toaion over that or last
Hut few of Tho Post readers know any-
thing about Sweetwater It Is tho county
site of Nolan county has a population of
1000 has four churches ono bank two
newspapers one flour mill one tannery
a ffno twostory Masonic lodge about thir-
ty business houses and Is now enjoying
qui to a boom from the liulhllns of tho Col-
orado Valley railroad There la plenty ot
work htre for carpenters brick and rock
masons and contractors Wo also need a
good hotel
Ircnllnr mid IutuI Aealileut
Buffalo Texas September 20 It N
Lyon living twclvo nilles east of here
whllo cleaning out a well yesterday met
wltb a fatal accident while ho was In the
well the roje broko and a bucket ot dirt
fell on him breaking his skull and expos-
ing tho brain Doctors of thi place wero
summoned at once At last accounts Iyoa
was still living but can not recover
Killed hy a Freight Trala
McKlnney Texas September 19 Word
has Jvnt reached here of the killing at
Smith Grnutham by a Santa Fe freight
train about twentyfive miles from Mc
Kinney in the southeastern poTtlori ot tbls
Collin county Grantham evidently lay
down en the track to sleep where ba met
his terrible death HU bead and ono arm
wero severed from his body
B F Scbmldt Houston Texas are sols
agenta for Elmer Amends PrsscrlpUoa
2851 which is a cure saalart RhauBW
jf ai
fry I
fiOREATRiCTI0iSH t > Oi11
A Xarrerr
t MrjPeeietlsV rf a1aifc4iiVi 4asi r >
el4eHtal lyiB t > VMaMt4
iaSl i
pants which rotulted In > very serious t
fleultv und at a rv siili wvir i
almost all over the body
twice to the abdominal i
aualnst Otto Klecko August WeudtamiS
bdltihUrt and oniviinptex t lta e
Thoorlcln pftbti ausrril h i gt yet be A sn
ascertained but th o uUeq iiea rreiilhf sf
show hV lintteai
knives and is > ji A
Irpolv uiedbv th coniutauts JVfll l
There were s oral toon mixed iPiat jW
mclco among whom wore Hermann 4 l
Charlev Klatt and Ot tb Kiockc WflM
Poth of tlw Klatt boys wpr cut o tfvMll
of them In the side and liio wound thol f I
serious la njt though to bo ratal W r gl
luann Klatt was cut In a number ot jiaaf > X Jf
ih > > knife ettUrVotifcf i
cvuy nd b jw
it i iAt iii S
Green Wendt churfilutt them With q slVUlty Af
With lntont to murder VC
Maior A Uurrleou received a tolograra l 0
from Adlntnnt General Mabry which reiidij i Pfi
I undurstaud that vour local quorani
will not vormlt auvono from Houston
indiv > Mm
Galveston In remain In Urenham
wire me If surh Is tho case SSsfJ
Malor HnrrUau after consuming with
Ilrnlth Gfllcer T 0 Hvnis wired Hie ad
lulant RMiiMal that ll rntmui had not iiuarV
anttned oaalust Houston or Gilv son
Th oblect ot Adlutunt General S ibry
wtis nrobablv o ascertain whether or no
tburo was nnv llkellliood of n local quaf
nnlljio lutcrlorhiK with tho proposed in
camitmcnt ot colored troops hero from tho
23d tn thn 30th liuiuiit Unlvmton atd
Houston both hnvo colored military com
IWtllo i
In W Tnw Doborts store on the cant
sldo of tho nubllo satiaro last Saturday
afternoon thero was nn altercation be-
tween two men Ono of them started at
tho other with the aimaivnt Intention ot
Btxlklni him and the other In endoavorliiK
to jet cut nt thn why of hl assailant toll
into mi cnintv barrel slttliiK hciildo end ot
tho ctiuntors Hn dd not succeed In get-
ting cut of rrnrh but t down it the
bnrrel hti bead nnd both foot atloklnif out
ot tho tin > snd ulaclns him entirely at tho
m6ruv ot hia oimonnnt Tho abaurdlty ot
hlH H lton was so comical that tho oppo-
nent did irot follow no his advanUge hut
stonucd to liiUith
Mr John A Peele a traveling man from
New Orleans was In tho city Monday Not-
withstanding his bcullhy appearance
Undo Gcorsn mmo boat of tho Ex-
change looked at Mm long and earnestly
and then exclaimed I read an account
of vou beipK drowned at Galveston In tbo
Nows thu rucovfiv of vour body unJl the
account of Its Identification by a traveling
mam urn vou alive nr Is this your ubost
Mr Pcelo assured Mr Wilson thH It was
ho of whom tho News wrote but that la Was
m caso of mistaken Identity and that he had
rrad that rvixirl with couslduntblo lntoo t
At Burton Saturday night Mr Otto
KchuU shot himself accidentally Ho was
prcDarluu to tulco a trip out In tho country
nnd had his pistol In his hip pocket Ho
went into tho Washluutoii Until to gel his
stumor before starting nnd lu attempting to
removn iho nlmiil from his pocket tbu
weanon sllimcd from his hnnd fall to thu
11 or and wau dlschaicod The bullet passed
thiouch his left thlsh making a painful
At Wesley Sunday night the residence
of Mr John T Flncvr was burned to the
ground with almost Us entire contents
Miii Flnccr and haby wore asleep and
barclv rscanvd with their lives Tho cause
of Urn nro is unknown The building lie
IcnRod tn Mrs L E Woods grandmother
of Mr Flncvr Thoro win no Insuranco on
either bulldlne or contents
Cujds aro out announcing that Mr J
Stcrllnu Smith and Miss Mamie Pevoto
both cf ChanwU Hilt aro to bo married
at thu Methodist cliiirch lu that elty at3
p mi Wcdncadav Scntemhcr 2J
Dan Bnuldln tutored was cut across the
abdomen bv another negro at Wesley Sun-
day afternoon Ills wounds while serious
aiu not thouuht to bu fatal
Died nt Ills Wounds
BMner Texas September 20 Sebaatlah
Mcdford who was waylaid and shot near
here Saturday1 nlgbt died at S 30 oclock
yesterday eVeulne Medford was about S3
years of age not married and bore a good
Charles Brnd Is a young man about 31
years of age son of Nick Broil a farmer
living about five miles from here His ex-
amining trial Is in progress before Justice
A Jlexlcnii and Wife
rjntiMl y
i S
Weakness of Mil
Qolckly Tharsnahly yersrsr Oasad y
bottle Jama it < l alB
Victoria Texas September M A diffty fs3
culty occurred n tbo Flats last nightla
which a Mexican was shot and will prohV
ably not recover and his wife was badl rt1
cut up Two whits men tfavs been arrr
rusted on suspicion ot being Implicated USS
evidence isttotat
the row > AS
talnablo that thejr were VCil

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