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VOL. 45
Boerne, Kendall County, Texas, Thursday, February 16,1950
No. 10
Kendall Co. Livestock Bowling News
Prominent at S. A.
Livestock Exposition
Kendall County breeders of
fine livestock, and 4-H Club and
FFA members with their good
exhibits of fat animals, were
very much in -evidence at the
San Antonio Livestock Exposi-
tion, which officially opens this
Friday morning. When the
judging is completed by the mid-
dle of next week it will be
learned that some of the top an-
imals came from Kendall Coun-
ty and this trade territory.
4-H Club members Ralph
Kneupper of Kendalia and John
Masters of Sisterdale have 3
entries in the fat steer classes,
2 Herefords and 1 Brama Cross-
bred. These were class winners
at the Kendall County Junior
Show last month. FFA member
Elgin Marquart of Comfort will
know this Saturday just how
good his champion fat lamb of
both the Kendall County and
Hill Country Boys’ Show is. Har-
old Zoeller, Boerne FFA mem-
ber, has a fat steer entry in the
Shorthorn classes, and Marvil
L. Pfeiffer of the same organiza-
tion has 6 fat swine entries in
the Boys’ Swine Division.
Thornton Hereford Ranch has
5 head of their Registered Here-
fords there, and Fair Oaks
Ranch of Boerne has 8 head, in-
cluding 2 fat steers entered by
Marvin Maberry, Jr., who is en-
rolled in 4-H Club work in Bexar
County. Both Mr. Willmann of
the Thornton Ranch and Mr.
Maberry of the Fair Oaks Ranch
are working full time grooming
and feeding their charges.
Another busy man there we
noticed Louis Nagy, in charge
of the 23 head of registered Co-
lumbia sheep from the Nordan
Ranch in Kendall County. Most
people have not seen this breed
exhibited before, and many of
them stop to admire the good
animals. Bill Noll of Texas A.
6 M. College is down to help
Mr. Nagy show, Bill is a Boer-
ne boy who knows how to han-
dle sheep.
In the Quarter Horse division,
Deer Springs Ranch has 5 head
of their good ones showing, and
these show up as outstanding.
Judging of the fat steers,
lambs and swine in the boys di-
vision will be this Saturday, with
steer judging scheduled to begin
at 8:30 in the morning. Satur-
day is also Rural Youth day, and
quite a few of thes youngsters
are planning to see the rodeo in
the afternoon, i
County Agent C. E. Nelson of
Kendall County win be at the
show every day until after the
auction of fat animals next Wed-
nesday. Vocational Ag teachers
Bill Tomlinson of Boerne and R.
R. Tippit of Comfort are also
seen around the livestock build-
ings considerably. And large
numbers of Kendall Countians
are in evidence around the live-
stock barns every day.
Music Lovers To
Present Pianist
The Music Lovers Club will
present Miss Dorothy Chqrchill,
violinst, and Miss Bess Hierong-
mus, pianist, in a concert Feb.
20, 8 p. m. at Boerne High
The club presented these two
artist teachers of Trinity Uni-
versity last June and we are
very proud of their return en-
gagement, as their concert was
one of the highlights of our
year’s work.
Admission 50c and 25c.
Week ending Feb. 11.
Monday Night League
Bob Smith won 3 from R. M.
Moore, Paavo Timo won 2 from
Gerald Saxon, Walter Pfeiffer
won 2 from Harry Sundberg.
Standing Won Lost
Smith 22 5
Tim 15 12
Saxon „ 14 13
Sundberg 12 15
Pfeiffer 11 16
Moore 7 20
High team average, Smith,
720; high team single game,
Smith, 856; high team 3-game
series, Smith, 2335; high indi-
vidual single game, Julian Bow-
man, 221; high individual aver-
age, Joe Phillip, 169; high indi-
vidual 3-game series, Russell
Kastner, 595.
Mixed League
A barbecue chicken supper
was enjoyed by all members of
hte Mixed League. Bruno Rust’s
team was the lucky winner. His
team came out on top, so they
enjoyed a free chicken supper
given by the other five teams.
After the supper, 8 teams
were picked for the next league
and league play will start on Feb.
Commercial League
Theis Topplers won 2 from
Adler’s Grocery, Southern Sel-
ect won 2 from Pearl Beer, Mala-
koph Valley won 2 from Her-
mann Sons, C. & B. Barber Shop
won 2 from Boerne Motor Co.
Standing Won Lost
Malakoph Valley 5 1
Southern Select 4 2
Hermann Sons 3 3
Peal Beer 3 3
C. & B. Barber Shop 3 3
Theis Topplers 3 3
Adler’s Grocery 2 4
Boerne Motor Co. 1 5
High team average, Malakoph
Valley, 801; high team single
game, Southern Select, 913; high
team 3-game series, Malakoph
Valley, 2526; high individual av-
erage, Ernst Nagel, 193; high
individual single game, Alfred
Herbst, 250; high individual 3 -
game series, Walter Bergmann,
Ladies League
Adler’s Grocery won 2 from
Elite Cafe, Kemp’s Place won 3
from Boerne Motor Co., Lane’s
Service Station won 2 from Fab-
ra’s Market.
Standing Won
Elite Cafe 26
Boerne Motor Co. 25
Adler’s Grocery 25
Lane’s Service Sta. 25
Fabra’s Market 17
Kemp’s Place 17
High team average,
Cafe, 627; high team
game, Fabra’s Market, 729; high
team 3-ganie series, Fabra’s-
Mrs. Dunn Thanked
For Fine Work
While attending the Ameri-
can Red Cross Camp and Hospi-
tal Council’s monthly meeting
held at Brooke Army Medical
Center, Fort Sam Houston, Tex-
as, Mrs. Mabel Dunn of Boerne
received the thanks of Miss Thel-
ma Rau, Director of the Ameri-
can Red Cross and the patients
of this hospital.
Mrs. Dunn is well known for
her service to the veterans. Four
years ago she asked herself what
she could do to help the patients
at the Veterans Hospital at Le-
gion, Texas, so she visited the
hospital to find out, and from
that first visit until the present
time she has conducted a one-
woman shopping service, at her
own expense.
One day each week she visits
the patients and gathers a list
of their shopping needs. The
next morning she is on the high-
way bright and early, headed for
San Antonio and a day of explor-
ing the stores to fill the re-
quests. The next day she makes
deliveries. She also wraps and
mails packages for the patients
and renders other services. Up-
on many occasions when the Red
Cross has not had transporta-
tion available, Mrs. Dunn has
delivered many supplies t o
Brooks from her Red Cross area.
Five nights a week, from 10
p. m. until 6 a. m. Mrs. Dunn is
a telephone operator at the Boer-
ne telephone exchange. Besides
holding a regular job and carry-
ing on her shoping service for
veterans, she keeps house for
herself and son, and is a mem-
ber of the American Red Crass
Camp and Hospital Council, Ala-
mo Chapter.
Wilma Grosser Wed
in Candlelight Rites
Miss Wilma A. Grosser, 911
Cottonwood, San Antonio, dau-
ghter of Mr. and Mrs. Fritz
Grosser, Boerne, became the
bride of Stanley J. Hahne, son
of Mr. and Mrs. Otto M. Hahne,
San Antonio, in a lovely candle-
light ceremony on Thursday eve-
ing, January 19th. The wedding
took place at the Faith Evange-
licali Lutheran Church, with
Rev. C. J. Deithloff officiating at
the double-ring ceremony. The
bride was given in marriage by
her father.
The church was decorated
with gladiolas. Mrs. Sophie
Gleghorn sand “Because.” She
was accompanied by Mrs. C. J.
Music Lovers Clubs
Entertain YA Patients
On Sunday afternoon patients
of the Veterans Administration
Hospital at Kerrville were en-
tertained at a Coffee Hour, a
regular monthly feature spon-
sored by the Kendall County
Chapter of the American Red
Cross. Mrs. Mabel Dunn of
Boerne and Mrs. Charles Ingen-
huett of Comfort were assisted
by ladies of the Boerne Senior
Music Lovers Club in serving
the refreshments. Mrs. Hilda
Roessing of Kerrville poured the
coffee while the Mesdames Clar-
ence Bergmann, Ruth Eckles,
Myrtle Phillip and E. E. Ebner
served cake, hot grape juice, de-
licious home-made cookies and
candies. The buffet was decor-
ated in the “Hearts and Flow-
ers” valentine theme.
Entertainment was provided
to an appreciative audience by
the Junior Music Lovers Club.
Mrs. Ruth C. Holekamp present-
ed vocal and instrumental num-
bers and pupils of Mrs. Helene
Robertson offered-dances. The
program included trumpet solos
by John Ebner, trumpet duets
by John Ebner and Marion Toep-
perwein, Tap Highland Fling by
Judith Ebner and Johnie Jo Rey-
nolds, tap dance by Mrs. Rob-
ertson, and songs by Sara Haw-
kins and Mrs. Nelda Bergmann.
Mrs. Holekamp played a group
of piano solos ranging from the
delicate melodies of the Clair de
Lune to the brilliant Brahms
Rhapsody. Mrs. Bergmann clos-
ed the program with a reverent
rendition of “The Lord’s Pray-
Market, 2070; high individual;Deithloff, who also played the
single game, Olie Zoeller, 212;! nuptial music,
high individual average, Olie j Attending the couple were
Zoeller, 146; high individual 3- j Mrs. Minna Perry, Fredericks-
game series, Evelyn Solms, 568. t burg, matron of honor, and Clif-
Junior League
Thomas Phillip won 2 from
Doug Dugosh, Johnny Canavan
won 2 from Bryant Dedeker.
Standing Won Lost
Canavan 5 1
Dugosh ' 3 3
Dedeker • 2 4
Phillip 2 4
By Joachim Besen
(On hearing news about a
new hydrogen bomb, more pow-
erful than the atom bomb.)
Since there is hydrogen in
water, they ought to forbid the
use of water pistols.
* * #
If water is so strong I’ll drink
more of it.
* * *
When one drinks too much
hydrogin,” he creates a one-
man head “explosion.”
ton Hahne, Dallas, best man.
Betty Grosser was bridesmaid
and Dayton Hahne acted as
groomsman. Assisting as ush-
ers were Carl Grosser and Wal-
ter Mueller.
The bride looked lovely in a
white shar^-skin suit and navy
of baby purple orchids.
The reception following the
wedding was held at the Betho-
ven Mannechor, with nearly one
hundred guests attending. As-
sisting with the serving was
Betty Grosser. Frances Engel
was in charge of the bride’s
After a wedding trip to Cor-
pus Christi, the couple will make
their home at 205 Laclede Ave.,
San Antonio.
The bride graduated from
Boerne High School. The groom
is a graduate of Luther Burbank
High of San Antonio.
Square Dance
A Square Dance Jamboree will
be sponsored by the San Anto-
nio Square Dance Council and the
City Recreation Department on
Sunday afternoon, Feb. 26, from
4 till 7 p. m., at the St. Mary’s
Roller Rink.
The program will feature out-
standing callers from various
parts of South Texas. Included^
will be Riley Alexander, Browns-
ville; H. C. Brantley, La Pryor;
Dr. Roger Knapp, Corpus Chris-
ti; Murry LeStourgeon, Medina;
George Lowrey, Seguin, and
Frank Stockley, Jr. of Uvalde.
Rickey Holden of the San An-
tonio Recreation Dept, will be
Master of Ceremonies.
Welcoming committees will be
on hand to greet out-of-town
dancers. The afternoon hour
was chosen for the Jamboree in
order that out-of-towners might
more easily attend.
Birthday Party
Mrs. Marinda Elsworth was
honored with a party Sunday on
her 78th birthday. Those pres-
ent for the happy occasion were
Mr. and Mrs. J. F. Schmidt and
accessories. She wore a corsage (-daughter, Mrs. Ethel _ Potscher-
nick and daughter Mildred, Mr.
and Mrs. Truman Braswell and
little daughter, Mr. andr Mrs.
Rudy Schryer and baby, Mr. and
Mrs. Freddie Elsworth and fam-
ily, Mr. and Mrs. Gus Soell and
family, Mr. and Mrs. Ad. Kruck-
emeyer and son Milton (Ban-
dera), Miss Pearl Smith (Ban-
dera) , Mr. and Mrs. Delbert Els-
worth and son Elmer, Mr. C. L.
Elsworth Jr. and children (San
Antonio), Mrs. Wanda Nickleson
(San Antonio), Mrs. Mary P.
Moore (sister of Mrs. Elsworth
from San Antonio), Mr. and Mrs.
Henry J. Frieda (San Antonio),
Misses Evelyn and Thelma Jean
Commissioners Court
Commissioners Court met at
Court House on the second Mon-
day in February. Present, Mau-
rice J. Lehmann, Judge, Ed J.
Whitworth, Charlie Rust, Wal-
ter Wengenroth and W. H. Whit-
worth, Commissioners, William
B. Edge, Sheriff, and Otto
Schweppe, Clerk.
The following accounts were
allowed and ordered paid:
Southwestern Assoc. Tele-
phone Co., 26.40; The Geo. D.
Barnard Co., 36.11; The Steck
Co., 5.24; Clarke & Courts, judg-
ment certificates, 22.13; Maver-
ick Clark, 3.42; Otto Schweppe,
overpayment on 1949 annual fee
account, 178.56; Otto Schweppe,
compensation, 29.50; Henry
Bergmann, stamps and notary
fee, 3.10; Boerne Truck Line,
66c; Boerne Utilities, 9.16; Her-
bert Seewald, fox scalp, 1,00;
Otto Schweppe, i/2 fee in Case
No. 711, 1.65; Carlton Boerman,
2 fox scalps, 2.00; Dr. Jack Dia-
mond, 13.00; Eugene Willmann,
fees, 104.00; Maurice J. Leh-
mann, fees, 40.00; Seth W. Har-
ris, recording births and deaths,
2.00; Eugene Willmann, record-
ing births and deaths, 50c; Wm.
B. Edge, acknowledgment, 1.50;
Wm. B. Edge, postage advanced,
16.00; James Rust, fox scalp,
$1.00; John L. Krauter, mileage,
36.06; William B. Edge, mileage,
103.26; W. M. Hobbs, mileage,
67.56; Wm. B. Edge, prisoners’
board, 13.00; Ralph E. Stone,
Inv. 104, 4.00; Boerne Star, let-
terheads and envelopes, 7.00;
Comfogrt News, tax notice, 5.60;
Stella Perrin, clothes for Margie
Lou Reppold, 42.89; Service Bu-
tane, fuel, 21.20; David & Floyd,
sweeping compound, 3.00; Fritz
Schneider, fox scalp, 1.00; Staf-
ford-Lowden Co., school trustee
election subpoenas, 16.22; Seth
Harris, fees, 506.50; D. A. Gos-
lin, increase in salary, 25.00; Ed-
win Strube, hauling courtroom
fixtures, 33.75; Boerne Lumber
Co., 16.73; Shur R Fit Ventian
Blinds, 12.00; A. S. Toepper-
wein, repairing chair, 50c; Kerr
County, courtroom furniture,
525.00; Arno Harz, installing
courtroom fixtures, 105.25; John
Ruth, V/z miles of fence FM
474, 300.00; Arthur Heiligmann
road account, 133.00; Ernest
Page, road work, 39.00; R. E.
Keubel, hauling gravel, 5.25; Ar-
min Weber, hauling gravel, 5.25;
Alfred Willke, hauling gravel,
5.25; Eddie Schmidt, caliche,
17.50; Alamo Iron Works, 72.94
Sinclair Refining Co., gas, 72.94;
Hi-way Machinery Co. inv. 1814,
14.20; Humble Oil & Refining
Co., 85.00; Armstrong Lubricant
Co., 48.75; Live Oak Serive Sta-
tion, mdse, 85c; Kendall Motor
Co., 38.70; Boerne Utilities,
light at warehouse, 1.49; J. A.
Coughran, inv. 114, 19.75; Mc-
Donough Bros. Inc., crushed
stone, 11.20; C. O. Ebensberger
& Sons, wire and staples, -14.81;
McQuinn Building Materials,
37.40 ; H. W. Lewis Equipment
Co., 20.54; Jess McNeel Machin-
ery Co., 49.46; Wm. K. Holt Ma-
chinery Co., 29.31; Magnolia Pe-
troleum Co., gas, 19.05; Freder-
icksburg Machine Shop, 80.00;
Otto-Haag, road account, 14.00;
Arthur Below, road woak, 90.00;
Erwin Gass, road work, 123.50;
Eddie Klenksiek, road account,
78.00; Ernst Feller, dirt, 4.50;
Benno Hohenberger, dirt, 9.30;
Peter Ingenhuett, dirt, 17.25;
Guenther Hohenberger, dirt,
22.35; Gombert Bros., cedar
posts, 17.30 ; City of Boerne,
71.25 Tons Rock Asphalt,
289.87; Henry Peiper, maving
fence an FM 474, 57.95; Joe
Schneider, moving fence on FM
474, 6.25; Floyd McGown, mov-
ing fence on FM 474, 162.25;
E. D. Combs, moving fence on
FM 474, 317.20; Gustav Heilig-
mann, moving fence on FM 474
and cedar posts, 194.35; J. A.
Kalka, hauling cedar posts,
10.00; Ben Cooley, 120 cedar
posts, 24.00; Gus Erfurt, 202
cedar posts* 40.40; Comfort Vol-
unteer Fire Dept., fire protec-
tion for Prec. 4, 150.00; Lane’s
Service Station, 8.88; Marquardt
Garage, parts and labor, 50.64;
Herman Rust, work and mater-
ial, 35.08; Holekamp Motor Co.,
inv. 20203, 95c; D. Holekamp &
Sons, rent and bolt, 10.07; Ken-
dalia Garage, grease and Gas
Line Co., 21.20; Haufler Imple-
ment Co., 31.66; Boerne Star,
notice to bidders, 2.80; Ernst
Gombert, road work, 102.00;
Robert Kunz, road work, 90.00;
Bennie Saur, road work, 90.00;
Elmer Pfeiffer, road work, 54.00
Reinhard Kunz, road work, 3.00;
Zymond S. Swierc, road account,
47.25; Reinhold Zoeller, road
account, 128.00; Don Fellers,
road work, 113.40; Alfred Fin-
cke, road work, 122.40; Elmer
Schwope, road work, 123.60; Or-
an Smith, road work, 113.75;
Jack Schmid, road work, 4.50;
Lee Schwope, road work, 3.60;
Moritz Schwarz, road work,
24.00; O. J. Marquardt, road ac-
count, 54.00; Edwin Scheele, rd.
work, 12.00; Gus A. Koennecke,
i’d- work, 3.00; Richard Strube,
rd. acct., 66.00; Harvey Haag,
rd. wk., 10.00; Chas. Burows,
rd. acct., 140.00; Leroy Habe-
nicht, rd. wk., 84.00; Reinhold
Habenicht, rd. wk., 11.00; Grov-
er Lawhon, rd. acct., 133.00;
Olan Kneupper, rd. wk., 6.06;
Otto Cowan, rd. wk., 6.00.
Whereas, Arnold Ling, Con-
stable of Precinct No. 4, Ken-
dall County, appeared before the
Commissioners Court at its re-
gular January Term 1950, as
well as other citizens from said
precinct, requesting that the
salary of Constable Ling be in-
creased from 25.00 per month
to $50.00 per month, effective
from Jan. 1, 1950, and said sal-
ary was so increased by an or-
der of this Court, and whereas,
D. A. Goslin, Constable of Prect.
No. 1, as well as other citizens
from said precinct, appeared be-
fore the Commissioners Court at
its Regular February Term,
1950, requesting said Court to
increase the salary of Constable
Goslin from $25.00 to $50.00 per
month, effective as of Jan. 1,
1950. Whereas, the Court, be-
ing of the opinion that the sal-
aries of said two Constables
should be equal:
Therefore, it is ordered by the
Commissioners Court of Ken-
dall County, Texas, that the sal-
ary of Constable Goslin be in-
creased from $25.00 per month
to $50.00 per month, beginning
Jan. 1, 1950, and ending Dec. 31,
1950, and the Clerk is directed
to issue a warrant to Constable
Goslirt in the amount of $25.00
for the January increase in sal-
ary, thereafter he shall issue a
warrant for the sum of $50.00
in payment of said salary as
herein stipulated. Upon motion
of Com. Ed Whitworth, Jr. and
seconded by Com. Rust, and the
question being put the follow-
ing Commissioners voted “aye”
Ed. J. Whitworth, Jr., Charlie
Rust and Walter Wengenroth,
and the following Commissioner
voted “no”: W. H. Whitworth.
(Continued to another page)
The Rev. Lee R. Geldmeier
reports an interesting and in-
spirational conference during
Ministers’ Week at SMU. While
the Rev. Geldmeier was in Dal-
las, Mrs. Geldmeier and her lit-
tle daughters, Gana and Gina,
spent the week in Riesel with
Mr. and Mrs. Henry Geldmeier,
the Rev. Geldmeier’s parents.
Mrs. Geldmeier and the girls had
a busy week visiting several rel-
atives who reside in that vicin-
ity. Gana and Gina came home
plump and content from feast-
ing on chicken and dumplings.

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