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'.......... Ml'
9 »ulHcri|Mi 'k
ofcpj. One Yeer, 01. Ui*
lowever muoh men' Knay be-
lt itu* to make their opinion*
nubpi diuate to those of otters
there is uih* belief implanted in
the Cleburne The Real Estate News publish
William Tell didn't ad at Olney, baa changed
shoot the apple of bis son's hOsad, name,
the tnind of e>cli and all of
that we uphold and • are ever
. w . ‘ H U »'; the
Paul Revere did n't take that | county News
ride. Belay Ross didn’t make ti e
first United States, flag, Molly,
iMsml M tge IVatoitk« at tiraitam,
om, aa'Mooad*
mail mailer.
According*- to- the postal
regulations the Leader will
pot be sent to any one longer
. than one year on credit
. Look at your date on label
and if you are approaching
Pitcher didn't serve a cannon on
ready to tight for, and Unit "is. the batUefleld, and now they say
that Hendrick Hudson didn't
discover the river of that name.
But thank-the :Lord, we still
base the. fourth of .July, and
in* arrears call or
•end in * your renewal.
The Shi at fograttitnde.
It has b$pn said that .the sin
of ingratitude is the basest of
crimes. We do not go quite
far, but we do know that it ,is
always an inexcusable offense.
Of all the flowers that grow
that our own particular mother
was the best woman tliat ^evcr
lived The tie that hinds is one
of love and time does not weaken
the bonds.J Men understand this
and such a tiling asm comparison
of the good points of mothers in
the discussions of men are un
Known/ TH*t tir a forbiuden
ground which the fool alone will
attempt to tread. The love oT
child fo£ mother lingering long
i fu?r the cbiM has developed in
that can’t be taken from us; and
We don’t care for the others
Why do you knockers want to
knock? Is there much consola-
tion in it? v Bee if by upholding
and helping to build ,gp Graham*
you can’t enjoy life better.
It has been truly said, ’’spare
the rod and spoil the child.”
a- m
Christum*. and Thanksgiving This might also go. with, that, ...X
The taod Tow Have Always Bought* and whisk has
Ip ase fbr over 80 yean* has borne the signature ef -
Don’t let the boy loaf the street,
and don’t let him loaf aroum
any way." The Chronicle might home, but make him work ? part
le m
have added that the iconoclasts
are trying to eliminate the tire
cracker from the fourth of July,
Santa Claus from Christmas and
4 will soon be trying to injure the
of the time at least -If you have
no work- for him to do, send blm
to the country and be can makfe
good . money. ^Country life
the oest for the boy anyway.
and has been made under bid pen- ■
tonal supervision since its Infancy.
Allow no one to deceive you In (his.
All OoPnieMbita» Imitations and«Jnt as good” are bat
■apartments that trifle with and endanger the health of
Intel? and Children—Experience against Experiment*
I •
is '
to a man, is one of the most poultry market by barring tur
beautiful things in life and yet
gait of it has arisen much of heart
wefie and sorrowOut of it has
come the nightmare of the moth-
er in law, and the number of
key front' Thanksgiving feasts.
—McKinney Courier-Oaxette.
‘‘In the making of a tariff bill,
the prime motive is taxation."
Suoh a remark from President
•loo* the pathway of h u mart-} ‘hat have been wrecked
life—to . speak figuratively
few so, fragrant and
•;t- rt


beautiful as that of gratitude,
And by comparison, ingratitude,’
the antithesis .of (gratitude, is
noxious and unsightly. If Ofte
were shaping aspirations forthe
future, for what of life remains
to one, “May I be grateful to
those who deserve my gratitude”
Wbuld be a plea worthy to go
forth from the heart, the sincere
aspiration of the soul. ~
Into how many lives has in-
gratitude come as a cruel blow,
a rude awakening, a sad revala-
tlon, to wound generous natures,
to mar faith in Our kind.- And
■ bow sure and poignant is the
•tab of ingratitude, how it goes
straight to the heart and leaves
• the victim of the stab dazed and
wondering, scarce wondering to
believe the truth, .yet powerless
to refute it. “By that sin the
angels fell,” wailed the great
^gajrdupil, speaking of ambitiom
He might have spoken as elo-
quently of the sin of ingratitude,
which has brought the v world
path to so many hearts and liv**.
If one should take up the sin and
-practice even with no intention
Of thought of bringing the awful
results that invariably follow,
be may be sure that he will
Wound many a generous and
trusting nature, sap faith in hu-
manity and. thus help to make
- rougher and harder the progress
erf othera innocent, for they fall
-under the blight of distrust en-
gendered in- the hearts and minds
of the victims of ingratitude.
How often do the innocent suffer
by the wi*ong done by others.
We ought to cultivate gratitude
and put aside the temptation to
’’show ingratitude. Is there one
self-concious that in the' past,
not to be recalled, he or she by
lack of gratitude wounded the
heart of a friend who had the
right to and did expect fidelity
of friendship? If so it is never
too late to mend, and the time
was never more auspicious than
to form a noble purpose that
never again will the memory of
" love and unkindness unrequited
v come up, a wraith of memory, to
, reproach. When gratitude is
felt, when it finds cheerful ex
pression, the practice of kindred
virtues,will come readily. In
the man who bv nature is grate-
ful, even though he have weak-
nesses, or go wrong there will
ever be hope and promise. He
will hardly fall low. He who
tarns to ingratitude, as a wel-
oome course, must'needs make a
bard fight to save his heritage of
~ Virtue, far to fpllow .1 ngratitude
)eads lower down. May we all
try to escape the; sin, for as-
so redly it blights and it ]>ains,
There is no town in West Tex Taft will not be pleasing to
as today keeping more fully
abreast of yh? times than Gra-
ham. Our merchants have the
latest style in everything and er protected.
man and woman linked toeether t”* ,U,ly “**&*“» »«•« *»,«> ‘he
M thectWea. The
on that rock, needlessly anc
foolishly is appalling. With
those who always imagined that
the prime motive was the in-
crease of profit to the manufacl-'
Is a harmless substitute fbr Castor Oil* Pare-
goric, Drops and Soothing Syrups. It is Pleasant; It
•ontalus neither Opium* Morphine nor other NarcotSo .
substance. Its age Is Its guarantee* It destroys Worms -
and allays Feverishness. It cures Diarrhoea and Wind *
Oolic. It relieves Teething Troubles* cures Const!pathos
and Flatulency. It assimilates tbo Food* regulates the
tench and Bowels, giving healthy and natural sleep. :
The Children's Panacea—The Mother’s Friend.
■} »
she nlwrnys wL. jtalou of ™ T ^ ■*?****
before, for the simple reason
each determined to expatiate on
the merits of their. respective
mothers, and neither willing to
admit that he or she did not un-
questionably have tbe( superior
brand; trouble 1§ wfmifly bound
to come and the entranceof moth-
er means the exit of domestic
happiness. The mother is not
to blame. She is just the sate'
her grown baby sharing his or
her affections with someone else,
but just as eager as ever to add
to the happlpeas of that baby
and just as ready to make per-
sonal sacrifices to aid in jthe ac-
complishment of that object.
What a pity it is that men apd
women do not, try * to estimate
their mot hers in law through the
eyes of her son or daughter.
Alj mothers are perfect in the
eyes of their children and as
long as the latter choose to so
believe nonfood will ever be ac-
complished by attacking the ob
Did you ever hear of the man
who sent a $2 bill in answer to
an advertisement in one of the
city papers? Well he sent the
ronjdown and out er dat, «ock|f|/r,* ***
Ar~ :-la. ______l10^ forwarded by express. In
Jtan thm Signature of
display this season surpasses
by far anything of the kind we
have ever had. There fa no old
of dry goods here, and the very
latest fads can be obtained at
lower pricesJroni our merchants
than from the city stores. We
nre experinesag a trade this
return came a New
that the people know they
get what they want ' and
get what they want' and new
np lo-date goods from our mer-
Readers of magazines were
barred from the jury in the
Standard Oil Company trial in
Chicago. This the first official
recognition of the mind impair
ing effects of this malignant
disease. ,
The change of Congress means
nothing more than Cannon pass-
ing the gavel from his right
ject of their veneration but seeds to bib left. Qannon is con-
of discord are sown which never
fiat to produce a crop and thus
out of one of the actual beaut,ies
of life arises misery, sorrow and
domestic tragedy. , _ -<■
fhe Lurid Glow of Dean.
Wat/seen in. the red face.and
hands and body of the ifttle sotr
Prof M. A. Nowell.of Havana, tali,
Keccommestfs Chamberlains \
ConqIi Remedy.
"A* long ago as I can remem-
ber my mother was a faithful
user and friend of Che mberlain's
Cough Remedy, but never- in
my life have I realized its true
Let not the spirit of mortal be
proud. All of uh, in one way Or
another, are creatures of circum
stances. We are all striving to
make a living, and all have our
work to do one way or another.
The bootblack’s calling is just as.
honorable asthjtt of a bank cash
ier, with not half the temptations.
A charcda) peduler should be as
much respected as the uwrld’s
biggest merchant, so long abshe
is honest and upright, Becau^
you have more money, or a bet-
ter home, or finer clothes than
your neighbor, do not become
imbued with the idea that you
are better than others. All
things have to - be forgotten in
tfiegrave, and you will have no
need of a purse or a wardrobe
either in heaven or in helf.f
Great pride goeth before a heavy
fall. Remain her *frji-~-Mll<»
Messenger.,. ~
The KM Yon Have Always Bought
In Use For Over 30 'Years.
of H. M. Adams, of Henrietta,
T>». Hti i#rur plight ma an v“lu* until nwr." writ*. Prt,f.
five years, defied all remedies
and baffled the best doctors, who
said the poisoned blood had
affected his lung? and nothing
could save him. “But seven
bottles of Electric Bitters com-
pletely cured him,” his mother
writes. For eruptions, eczema,
salt rheum, sores and alt blood
disorders and rheumatism Elec-
tn Bitters is supreme. Only 60c.
guaranteed by Sloan Drug Co.~
Ther® was a reduction of thir-
ty mjllion dollars in the wool
biisiness last year, but just, as
many lambs as usual were shorn
on.Wall Street.
A friend of ours married a
stenographer who once lived in
the suburbs. Every time she
hears tbte alarm clock in. the
morning, she jumps out of bed,
makes three dabs at her hair,
buckles on her belt like a fire-
man fastens his harness on Dob-
bins at the clang of the alarm
bell, grabs her hat and starts on
a lope for her train. By the
time she reaches the front door
she is usually ..awake enough to
remember that she doesn’t have
to go down town any more.
Then she turns to the kitchen
and gets breakfast-on tinje.
II. A. Howell, of Howell’s Amer-
ican School,^ Havana, Cuba.
“On the night -of Feb., 3rd
our baby Was taken sick with a
very severe cold, the next day
was worse arid the following
night his conditiou was desper-
ate- . He could rot lie down and
ras not necessary to have
him in arms every moment.
Even then hi* breathing was
difficult. I did not think he
would live until morning. At
last 1 thought of my mother's
remedy, Chamberlain’^ Cough
Remedy, which we gave and it
afforded prompt relief, and now-
three days later, he has fully
recovered. Under the circum-
stances I would not hesitate a
moment in saying that Chamber-
lain’S Cough Remedy, and that
only saved the life or our dear
little boy.” FoT sale by All
, . - *
Mrs. Hetty Green says she
With a cabinet of eminent law
yers it is to be hoped that Taft
will be able to plug up all the
holes in the anti trust law.
|r '
The Twice fr-WMk REPUBLIC
i . -i. OF ST. LOtfIS, SO.
YEAR FOR......
SI .50
r’ SCV -• ... * |V‘
Biggest Newspaper Bargain Ever Offei
’ ,-it*.- -
Think of It!
The oldest aad best mctropolitan ieniiweekly in the
country andfyo^rhome paper a full year for this small sum,
THE LEADER Graham. Texas
It Sated tyleo.
has inlH*rited “a capacity to man-
age her own affairs and mind her
pwn business. Wish every vro-
man could get a like inheritance
Moral- marry a girl with * the
nod like man’s inhumanity, make stenographic habit. Santo Her
ccwmtb‘»** thousands mourn, that
they mu*t distrust their^/eHow
Stamford "Tribunc;
Do it now! This is a very
good maxim. It moans a gr« ;it
deal to the young man pr woman
Juntas well as to the older per-
J^ona. Get done now what you
i-nn, and when tomorrow cxrnies,
von will be ready for whatever
present* itself
(LjBmAv. 7*' ■ „ ■ -------- •* ’ -4.. '-M •• - w. 1
A Pleasant Phytic.
When you want a pleasant
physic give CbumborDln,s Stom-
ach and Liver Tablet**, a tnal.
They afe mild and gentle in ac-
tion and always produce a pleas-
ant cathartic effect. Call at
Sloan’• Drug Store fo^a free
sample. >r
v Nothing in the way of a cough
is so annoying as a tiokling,
teasing, . wheezing^, broochial
cough. The quickest relief
comes, perhaps from a prescrip
lion known to Druggists every
where, as Dr. Shopp's Cough kdtle (roe. <
Remedy, and besides i' Is -sq oloen Drug Cb^
thoroughly harmless that moth-
ers give it with perfect safety
even to the babies. . The tender
leaves of a simple mountain
shrub, give to Dr. Bhoop’e Rem-
edy its remarkable curative effect
and a few days test will tell,
old B. S.Ojty A &o
“All thought I would lose my
t*#*” writes J» ,A. 8wsnson. of
Watertown, Wisconsin. “Ten
years of eczema, that 15 doctors
oonld not cure, had at last laid
me up. Then Buoklen’s A1*nic&
Halve cured me sound end well"
Infallible > for skin eruptions,
eczema, salt rheum, boils fever
sores burns, scalds cuts and
piles. 25c at Sloan Drug Co.
As the press reports state that
business in Cincinnati! was sus-
pended during the inauguration
of Taft, we should judge that
the saloons were closed. Their?
is the most important business
in Cincinnatti under normal
• "--iC/v . *• •
"Near Death is Big Poad.
' }t wan a thrilling experience
io Mrs. Ida Soper to face death.
ffered ^ i .

Letter Heads
Bill Heads
Cards Anything and mrything In th«
way of high-grade commercial
printing. Our assortm«n£ef job
typo Is compute,our prnsiTaclll-
tlos of the host,and our workmen
true typographical artists. This
tells all the story of oar factli-
\ - tlos for dolpg job printing of the
4. right Hind at the right prices.
Bill Headsi
/- • >r
•For years a severe lung trouble
4 *
4 4-*.
>% ;i A i
ijavo itk* inteuse' JJAin,’ sne
writes, ’‘angl ' several timvn
nearly caused my deatn,v ^11
remedies failed and doctors said
I was incurable Then Dr.
King’s New Discevery brought
uick relief and a- cure so per-
manent that 1 have not beefl
troubled in five years.” Mrs
Soper liven in Big Pond, Ph.
It works wonefers in Oeughs anc
colds, ebfe lungs, hemorages,
la grippe, astbama, * croup,
whooping cough and bronchial
affections. 50 e and $100 Trial
Guaranteed by
for Iatets aad Children
flM KM Ym Him Atwaft Bought

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