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VOL. 50
Boerne, Kendall County, Texas, Thursday, September 22, 1955
No. 41
Chief Of Four Mile
Bill Pearson
Gus Oettermann
hA *
Eighth National Appaloosa
Show, Colorado Springs (Broad-
moore Stadium) September 2-3,
Chief of Four Mile won 3/8
Mile Race at 30.5 seconds by
seven length; 5 minutes later he
won second race, y2 mile in 47.3
seconds by 12 lengths.
He also won the Nez Perce
Indian stake race and rope race.
Winning these races and
through his other performances
he became the International
Champion Performance Horse,
and he is owned by Gus Oetter-
mann, Indian Lakes Ranch.
Boerne, Texas.
Chief of Four Mile is three
years old, sired by Piccolo, the
famous race horse that beat Sea
Biscuit. Piccolo is owned now
by the University of Washing-
The main award was a $300.00
saddle by Bona Allen Saddlery,
Buford, Georgia, and the Judge
was Mr. Grant MacEwan, Cal-
gary, Alberta, Canada.
Chief of Four Mile was award
ed a $300 saddle as National
Champion Performance Horse.
The Appaloosa or Spotted
Horses as they are known, go
way back centuries before men
learned to ride. They were later
seen in Austria, during the
Persian war. Greek historians
wrote about them. Appaloosas
spread west from Persia to
Russia, Austria and Germany.
In 1600 they had invaded France
—later they reached England.
Some of the best quarter horse
stock was sent from England to
Virginia. National shows have
been held since 1948 and inter-
est in the breed has grown each
year. So again in 1955 we salute
the oldest breed of horses known
—truly a horse of another color,
The Appaloosa.
The Blanco Panthers defeated
the Boerne Greyhounds here last
Friday 14-7 in a well-played,
hard-fought ball game. The
Greyhounds showed tremendous
improvement and played the
more experienced Panthers on
even terms throughout most of
the game. Both elevens display-
ed very good defenses which
kept either side from making a
long, sustained drive. James Cal-
houn, Blanco’s 180 pound full-
back, scored both of the Panth-
er’s touchdowns and kicked both
extra points. Bill Ehman, took
a 10 yard pass from Allen Whit-
ing and ran 40 more for the
Greyhounds tally. Ehman aso
kicked the point.
Neither team could do much
the first half. Blanco blocked a
Boerne punt in the 2nd quarter
and recovered on the 18. It took
them 7 plays to score, but Cal-
houn finally drove over from
the 5. In the third quarter, Cal-
houn broke away and ran 32
yards to score. Boerne drove to
the 20 twice, but couldn’t go on
over. In the final quarter, Eh-
man took Whiting’s pass for a
50 yard touchdown play. Out-
standing plays of the game was
Calhoun’s 32 yard scamper for
Blanco, Ehman’s touchdown run
a 30 yard pass and a beautiful
catch by Ehman, and a 20 yard
pass to Norris.
Statistics showed that Boerne
gained 6 first downs to only 5
for Blanco. Boerne had a net
gain of 185 yards and Blanco 160
yards. Boerne completed 4 pass-
es good for 103 yards, Blanco
completed 1 for 7 yards. Boerne
did not lose the ball on fumbles,
while Blanco fumbled -5 times
and lost the ball 3 of the times.
Blanco intercepted 2 passes. The
only penalty of the game was a-
gainst Blanco for 15 yards.
~ The Greyhounds showed im-
provement in every department,
and hustled the whole way. They
face 3 more mighty rough ball
teams before district play starts
and will be the underdog in each
of them. But with continued im-
provement they should be pretty
well ready when District play
rolls around, and could possibly
surprise one of the non-district
Greyhounds getting into ac-
tion this week were:
Ends — Carroll Kneupper,
George Pierce, Billy Ehman.
Tackles — Billy Jonas, Chas.
Huff, Travis Stewart.
Guards —. Leonard McBee-
Gordon Ammann, Johnny Tay-
Center — Phil Wilson.
Backs — Allen Whiting, John
McBee, Chrs Wright, Kenneth
Herbst, Terrell Norris, Johnny
Barron and Billy Canavan.
This week the Greyhounds
travel to Menard to play the
strong Menard Yellowjackets.
Menard is a co-favorite with So-
nora to win District 6-A. They
have defeated Melvin 30-0 and
lost to Mason 19-13 this year.
Follow your Greyhounds and
give them your support. Next
home game will be against
Northeast on Sept. 30th.
A group consisting of Miss
Doris Doss of San Antonio, Mr.
and Mrs. Harry Davis, Mr. and
Mrs. F. H. Helm and Clarence
Dietert spent Sunday at the
Dietert ranch in Edwards Coun-
ty where they enjoyed a dove
Plans are rapidly progressing
for the fabulous hospital day to
be held during the middle of No-
vember. It was announced earlier
that this day was set for the
11th November; however, due
to many other conflicting events
scheduled for that day it was de-
cided that another day would be
set aside. This date will be an-
nounced in next weeks paper.
It is planned that the Hospit-
al Day will start with a good old
Western barbecue at noon. After
lunch there will be events to
keep everyone hustling from one
place to another. A big livestock
auction will be held under the
direction of Mr. Arthur Esser.
You’ll be able to buy any type
meat you desire at this auction,
including rattlesnakes, if any-
one finds one to donate. In this
connection the Boerne Locker
Plant has graciously offered to
dress and process, free of charge
any animals purchased at Mr.
Esser’s auction.
There will be a bazaar at
which you can buy anything you
need from diapers to furniture
and if anyone donated a worn
out water well we’ll sell it for
post holes. Just remember, we’ll
have something you’ll need,
spitoons, wagons,- or anything
else we can lay our hands on.
Entertainment will be on hand
for the children throughout the
At night a sensational show
will be produced by Fritz and
Emilie Toepperwein. A show
that will keep you talking about
it for years to come.
Everyone will be able to af-
ford to participate in Hospital
Day—no one can afford to stay
First Lieutenant Robert T.
Asher, died in Germany on Aug.
11th, 1955. Rosary will be at
Chas. Hanavan Funeral Home
on Sunday at 7:30 p. m. Mass
at Post Chapel, Fort Sgm Hous-
ton, on Monday, 9:30 a. m.
Lieut. Asher graduated from
Harlandale High School, San An-
tonio and Texas A. and M. Col-
lege. He entered the Army in
January of 1952.
Survivors are his widow, Pa-
tricia Ann Asher of Houston,
daughter Sally and son David T.
his parents Mr. and Mrs. T.
Asher, Boerne, brothers, Samuel
L. of Dallas, Al/c Donald C.
in the Air Force, sisters, Mrs.
J. W. Grubbs and Mrs. Tony
Brassau of San Antonio.
The Phillip family reunion
will be held on Sunday, Septem-
ber 25th at the Kreutsber* Hall.
The Almega Corporation of
Austin, Texas, has entered into
negotiations with the Adler
Agency of Boerne for the lease
purchase of the Adler Building,
it was made public last Wednes-
day, by Alfred Bacon, Jr., ex-
ecutive vice president of the
Austin firm.
■— lu miuiuiaccu
toys, games and novelties ai
set up a complete industrial si
screening plant in the Adi
building following renovati<
and installation of manufactu
mg machinery.
A small initial labor force w
be recruited in Boerne for pac
ae-inp- and assembling of pr
manufactured by the A
Corporation, according"
Actual operations of tJ
oeme plant will not begin un
sometime in late October or ea
ly November.
aging and
oeme has the low tax struc-
ture, nuclueus labor force and
pioximity to some of the major
lexas cities, which makes it
ideal for the plant location of
Members of the board of di-
rectors of the Almega Corpora-
tion include, P. L. Bohannon,
president; Alfred Bacon, Jr., ex-
ecutive vice president; Raymond
U Dabney, vice president; Geo.
L. Boswell, Secretary-Treasurer ;
John Coats, vice president and
legal counsel, and Bob D. Camp-
bell, directors.
The Commissioners’ Court
has authorized the issuance of
scrip against the General Fund
of the County. This one County
Fund .shows a deficit of almost
four thousand dollars as of
September 12, 1955, with three
more months to go in this fis-
car year. On September 1st.,
there was a bank balance of
$1,257.73 and bills allowed at
Commissioners’ Court amount-
ed to $5,195.62.
This scrip will be accepted by
the Boerne State Bank at one
per /cent discount and will be
held by them until sufficient tax
money is paid into the General
Fund to take it up, which should
be a matter of about sixty days.
People to whom this scrip is is-
sued may hold it themselves and
present it to the County Treas-
urer when sufficient funds are
available, at which time the
County will redeem it at full
It is estimated that the Gen-
eral Fund of Kendall County will
have to operate on a scrip basis
for several months of the next
two years, after which it is hop-
ed that a reasonable tax income
will enable the County to grad-
ually work out of this assumu-
lated debt, which program will
take about six years on the con-
templated new tax valuations.
A ruling from the office of
the Attorney General makes this
move imperative as not author-
ity can be found for the County
to borrow money from any of
the other various funds. All
other County Funds have suffi-
cient money to operate on a cash
basis for the balance of the year.
Generally speaking, each sepa-
rate fund must operate on its
own tax income basis and taxes
raised for one purpose may not
be used for any other purpose.
It is anticipated that the year
1956 will be the low point in this
insufficient fund cycle. The
General Fund will show an ac-
cumulated deficit of some $14,-
000.00 at the end of next year
and in all probability the Coun-
ty will again have to resort to
the issuance of scrip sometime
in July or August, as present
revenue at present valuations is
running several thousand dollars
behind necessary expenditures
for each successive year.
The members of the Boerne
Gesangverein in the year 1904,
are pictured above.
Left to right, lower row:
Adolph Harz, Pat Ebensberger,
Adolf Weyrich, Emil Schweth-
elm, Wm. Schwarz, Emil Lich-
tenberg, Paul Holekamp, Lud-
wig Ort, Max Beseler, and Supt.
of School, Prof. Koepke.
Left to right: upper row:
Hilmar Fabra, Arno C. Richter,
Gustav Ranzau, Paul Toepper-
wein, Joe Vogt, Henry Gombert,
Herbert Vollbrecht, Oscar Vog-
es and Ed. Clemens.
Ludwig Fabra and August
Theis were not present when
this picture was taken.
Two of the singers, Paul Hole-
kamp, Director, and Oscar
Voges are members of this
year’s club which will partici-
pate in the coming Saengerfest
in Boerne, Oct. 8th. and 9th.
The first Boerne Gesang-
verein was organized 95 years
ago. A picture, of the men, who
organized the Singing Club in
1860, still hangs in the auditor-
ium of the Utilities Building.
The members that year were
as follows: Karl Dienger, Direc-
tor; Capt. Adolph Zoeller, Aug-
ust Theis, Carl Klaus, Gottlief
Stephan, Sr., Henry Dietert,
Anton Bergmann, Wilhelm Vogt,
Henry Theis, Udo Klappenbach,
Wm. Kuhfuss, August Pfeiffer,
and Henry Wendler.
Boerne Grange held its annual
Booster Night on Sept. 16 at the
Parish Hall. Well over one hund
red people gathered for the oc-
casion. Master Harry Grosser
introduced State Master James
Bender and wife from Freder-
icksburg, as well as visiting mem
bers from the Balcones Grange
and the Martinez Grange. Sev-
eral charter members of the
Boerne and Balcones Granges
were recognized. Non-member
guests were welcomed. Mr. Hen-
ry Moss gave a detailed history
of the Boerne Grange.
County Judge C. G. Newton
gave an interesting address on
- Mr. Stewart McCormick, Tech
nician of the Soil Conservation
Service, gave a talk and aided
by a chart on “Where Texas
Water Goes. Mr. Paul Holekamp
directed the Boerne Gesang Ve-
rein in two highly enjoyable
Mr. Sam Woolford reported
that the Boerne Grange placed
second in the Community Ser-
vice program in the State, there
by winning one hundred dollars.
He also reviewed briefly some
past achievements and called
attention to the various plaques
Mrs. Erna Coveney gave a re-
port on the work thus far done
to secure a hospital for Boerne,
and on activities planned to fur-
ther this work.
“Radio Mixup”, an enjoyable
comedy was put on by Mr. Har-
ry Grosser, Mr. Clarence Dietert
Mr. Arthur Leesch and Mrs.
Max Theis.
An abundance of delicious
food was enjoyed by the mem-
bers and their guests. Next reg
ular meeting will be on Oct. 7.
Father Allen M. Black, has ar-
rived in Boerne to take, over the
duties as Priest of St. Peter’s
Catholic Church.
Father Black was formerly
stationed at St. Joseph’s Catho-
lic Church in San Antonio.
Mr. and Mrs. Hubert F. Van-
diver announce the engagement
and approaching marriage of
their daughter, Jeanette, to Ed.
C. Gaines, Jr., son of Mr. and
Mrs. Ed. C. Gaines of San An-
Lions Club Doings
At our regular meeting held
Tuesday nite at the Elite Cafe
Lion Vadnais was appointed act-
ing TT in the absence of Lion
Lion Moore had to wear the
“dunce cap” because he refused
to pay his fine. How does it fit,
Clyde? Our President and Secre-
tary paid fines for failing to at-
tend the Districtand Zone meet-
ing in San Antonio. Before the
meeting closed everyone present
paid a fine for something.
It has been reported to this
editor that one of our members
needs more driving practice be-
cause those Sallys are supposed
to remain standing.
For some people dove hunting
is rather expensive. For more in
formation contact Lion Franklin
Each club member will receive
a block of tickets to sell for the
Jackass Auction for the, benefit
of the Boerne Hospital Fund.
The jackass will be disposed of
Nov. 11 at the time of the bar-
-b-cue. Come on Lions, let’s sell
every ticket!
Through the courtesy of the
Ford Motor Co. Lion Fish show-
ed several films which were
greatly enjoyed. Thanks, Alex.
Speaker for our next meeting,
Oct. 4, will be Mr. S. E. Johnson,
postoffice manager in San An-
tonio. Program chairman for
this meeting is Lion Saxon.
More next week. Adios!
Three cases were tried in
Judge C. G. Newton’s Court on
Monday morning. Two local men
were charged with D.W.I.. One
offense took place on Saturday,
September 17th, the other near
Comfort on Sunday the 18th.
Both parties were assessed a
fine of $150.00 plus costs and
30 days in the county jail.
A nineteen year old resident
of San Antonio was fined $100.-
00 plus costs for carrying a raz-
or for offensive purposes.
Mr. Arthur Leesch attended
the “Water For Texas” Confer-
ence at College Station on Mon-
day, Tuesday and Wednesday of
this week.
Mrs. Arthur Vogt is leaving
Wednesday for Fort Lee, Va. to
be with her son and daughter-
in-law Mr .and Mrs. Earl Stotts,

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