[Documents Concerning Affairs in New Spain]


Various documents pertaining to affairs in Mexico such as government and judicial matters, rebellion and insurrection, foreign relations, finances, and publication reformations.

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[182] p. ; 32 cm.

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Creator: Unknown. {1822..1823}.


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Various documents pertaining to affairs in Mexico such as government and judicial matters, rebellion and insurrection, foreign relations, finances, and publication reformations.

Physical Description

[182] p. ; 32 cm.


Additional information: Provenance: "Soto La Marina/Aguayo/San Carlos"

"Documents relating to Government"

1. "Provisional Intendency on the coast; Date: Nov, 13, 1822."

3. "Renewed officers, functions; Date: Nov 15, 1822."

6. "Juan Echeandía, new Province President; Date: Nov 28, 1822."

12. "Elections should be held; Date: Dec 2, 1822."

18. "On maintaining peace & order; Date: Oct 23, 1822."

19. "same from Commander General; Date: Oct 26, 1822."

26. "Installation of the National Junta, new offices, personnel; Date: Dec 6, 1822."

32. "Discussion of the Empire into three Comandancias; Date: Dec 10, 1822."

48. "Pedro Paredes Serna takes over Provience authority (7 documents); Date: April 14-18, 1823."

50. "Provience report on report discussions about documents from Guadalajara and Saltillo on federalism and liberalism, support of the documents, exhortation to support Liberal Septic; Date June 8, 1823/June 9, 1823."

52. "Decisions on Federalism; Date: June 12, 1822."

54. "Newly elected representatives should be in San Carlos August 1; Date: June 28, 1823."

56. "Minutes of the meeting of the Province Junta - discourses on government, etc.; Date: June 28, 1823."

58. "On the circular convoking elections; Date: July 7, 1823."

62. "Installation of the Province Junta; Date: April 9, 1823."

66. "Juan monuel zozay, Province Junta president; Date: Sept 5, 1823."

68. "Proclamations of Province Junta calling for a) unity and b) fullfillment of Tasks Date: Sept 24, 1823."

69. "Open letter of Province President to citizens."

71. "Reorganization of authority in Internal Provinces Date: Sept 26, 1823."

73. "Exhortation and decrees of Junta to citzens of nuevo Santander Date: Dec 6, 1823."

Additional information: "Documents on conspiracy, insurrection, rebellion"

13. "Emperor to Veracruz over disturbances Date: Nov 29, 1822."

14. "Success against Spaniard in Veracruz."

25. "Notice of conspiracy; Date: Oct 26, 1822."

27. "Conspiracy in Mexico (names, details) Date: Aug 25, 1822."

31. "Decrees exhorting people to loyalty against Santa Anna; Date: Dec 21, 1822."

33. "Emperor to Verocruz, vs. Santa Santa Anna Happenings in Veracruz (3 documents); Date: Dec 21, 1822."

35. "Defeat of Santa Anna; Date: Jan 5, 1823."

46. "Defeat of Bravo and Guerrero; Date: Feb 11, 1823."

47. "8 documents on Plan of Gen. Echavarri; reactions to subversive moves in Veracruz Plan de Casa Mata; Date: Mar 7 to 13, 1823."

53. "Troops in the north join Victoria, Bravo and negrete; Date: June 24, 1823."

63. "Santa Anna has submitted to government; July 22, 1823; Date: July 22, 1823."

72. "Answers of Felipe de la Garza to Santa Anna; July 23, 1823."

Additional information: "Documents on Foreign Relations"

21. "Treaties with Lipan Indians; Date: Sept 22, 1822."

41. "Mexico recognizes independence of Peru; Date: Feb 6, 1823."

49. "Manifest against the Holy alliance in Europe and its designs on the Americas; Date: June 9, 1823."

74. "All foreign ex soldiers must secular loyalty to the Mexican governemet; Date: Dec 29, 1822."

Additional matters: "Documents on Judical matters"

4. "Judges should collect tithes; Date: Nov 15, 1822."

51. "Directives on apprehending thieves, vagrants, etc.; Date: July 17, 1823."

65. "Supreme Tribunal established; Date: Sept 5, 1823."

70. "On causes for arrest and judical procedures; Date: Sept 26, 1823."

Additional information: "Documents on Treasury Matters"

2. "Two offices added to the Treasury; Date: Nov 15, 1822."

7. "Loans available; Date: Nov 18, 1822."

15. "Warrent for the arrest of Santos Guerrero, fiscal administrator."

24. "Payment to Deputies."

34. "Robbery of fiscal agent's house.; Date: Feb 11, 1823."

36. "insurance of money; Date: January 22, 1823."

38. "on retirement and pensions; Date: Jan. 23, 1823."

42. "Directives on payment for military rank; Date: Feb 7, 1823."

44. "Clergy who owe money must be forced to pay; Date: Feb 7, 1823."

57. "on the use of money from other Provices; Date: June 24, 1823."

60. "6 documents on Financial regulations, including "direct contribution"; Date: Sept 2, 1823."

75. "on payment of salaries; Date: Dec 29, 1822."

29. "anyone leaving Mexico must prove he has no Treasury connections; Date: Dec 10, 1822."

Additional information: "Documents relating to Commerce"

10. "Exports to Spain prohibited; Date: Nov 28, 1822."

11. "Regulations on tobacco; Date: Nov 29, 1822."

23. "Tax on pulque; Date: Oct 28, 1822."

28. "Tax on foreign flour; Dec 22, 1822."

30. "Imports into Texas should be taxed; Dec 18, 1822."

45. "Regulations on tobacco; Date: Feb, 1823."

51. "new transportation rules; Date: June 10, 1823."

55. "Law of Mar 24, 1813 should be republished; Date: June 23, 1823."

61. "Commercial and customer regulations; Date: Oct 4, 1823."

Additional information: "Documents relating to Publications"

16. "rules for the congressional paper; Date: Oct 24, 1823."

17. "no reference to origin should be made in documents; Date: Oct 24, 1823."

20. "on forbidden books (names, authors included); Date: Dec 7, 1822."

43. "restrictions on freedom of the press; Date: Feb 7, 1823

Additional information: "Various Subjects"

22. "Visitation of prisons; Date: Oct 22, 1822."

39. "Volunteers to the Army; Date: Feb 5, 1823."

40. "Census of citizens 20-50 years of age capable of military service; Date: Feb 5, 1823."

64. "mail regulations; Date: July 12, 1823."

67. "Vaccation against smallpox (2 documents); Date: Sept 8, 1823."

8. "prayers for the Empress; Date: Nov 28, 1822."

9. "prayers for the Emperor; Date: Nov 28, 1822."

37. "Sucessful delivery of the Empress; Date: Nov 28, 1822."



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Spanish Archives of Laredo

Covering 1749-1872, these handwritten official documents contain records of boundary surveys; land allotments; Indian raids; church, school, and social development; royal decrees and edicts; local laws and ordinances; civil and criminal litigation; census, tax, and trade statistics; and wills and estate settlements.

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