Fort Worth Daily Gazette. (Fort Worth, Tex.), Vol. 13, No. 232, Ed. 1, Wednesday, February 20, 1889 Page: 7 of 8

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live hundred
believed that
earth a second
in order to be
The Bears Score a Slight Victory and
Force a Decline of the General List
The Slarket Closes Dull at the Lowest Fisurea of
the Day Government and State Eohds
Dull but Steady
Ere do tothe Gazette it
New Yoke Feb 19 Railway stocks
tbday closed as follows
Fort Worth and Denver 95
Texas and Pacific ls at 90
San Antonio and Aransas Pass at 89 s
Houstou and Texas 1 s at 123
Missouri Kansas and Texas5sat52
St Louis Arkansas and Texas ls at
2sat 37
Mtiuey 2 percent
Silver 93
Sterling firm
Governments steady
Oil 90
Coffee steady
Cotton arm
Wheat fairly active and weak
Xew Yohk Feb 19 The stock mar-
ket today was awaiting one all eyes
beiii < r turned to the Chicago conference
and this gave the bears for the time be
ing an opportunity to make prices al-
though while the list was dull and de-
clining throughout the day the move-
ments except in a few stocks were en-
tirely insignificant London was seller
again this morning and Chicago parted
with some grangers which however held
up remarkably well There were some
unfavorable circumstanceswhich helped
the decline along suohas reported that
the statein the West would all finally
adopt the Iowa schedule The unfavor-
able impression was made by the report
of the Atchison issue yesterday and the
weakness of Oregon stocks which became
a special object of attacks of the bears
Atchison was sold free for Boston account
in early trading and arrested the im-
proving tendency of tho gen-
eral list at that time and
while considerable pressure was
brought against grangers the strength
displayed by those shares soon induced
the bears to turn their attention in other
directions and finding a weak spot in tho
Oregon shares all of them were rapidly
marked off This affected the general
list to some extent and Union Pacific
readily declined under the pressure to
sell bbcause of discouraging news from
Washington The general anxiety over the
result of the deliberations at Chicago with
the reported abseuee of the representative
of the Illinois Central and small progress
made had a deterrent effect upoi buy-
ing The market closed dull and heavy
at ab ont the lowest figures The list is
almost invariably lower this evening
Railroad bonds were dull and linn to
strong during forenoon but yielded later
in the day and some marked losses were
Government bonds dull but firm
State bonds dull and steady
W C Belcher of Austin was deaf
eight years and found relief in the use of
4 Caoterine the catarrh cure
Looking for tho Coming of Christ Marital TIe3
Sundered and Unmarried Women Take
Vows of Celibacy
Pittsburg Pa Feb 15 The mem-
bers of the Economy or Harmony society
today commemorated the eightyfourth
anniversary of tho organization of the
society at its pretty little town down the
Fort Wayne railroad The exercises
were held in the chapel and
conducted by tho venerable Jacob
Henrici The programme was the samo
which has been observed year after year
but it was noticed that the number of ob-
servers was smaller When the Har-
mony soeierj was formed eightyfour
3cars ago by George Rapp there were
members The founder
Christ would come upon
time He said that
prepared to partici
pate in the joys of that coming and to be
members of the kingdom which He was
to establish His followers should sunder
marital ties and those who were not
yet married should take upon themselves
the vows of celibacy They also put all
their money and property into one com-
mon fund and located on a tract of land
in Butler county After encountering
many difficulties from disruptions the
main body settled in their present loca-
tion at Economy where they have lived
since JS05 Frugal and iudustrious they
have accumulated large sums of money
and by judicious investments and the en-
hancement in the value of their lauds
the community is now said to be worth
The original members are gradually
passing away although there have been
a number of accessions to the community
during the years since it was organized
Seal of North Carolina Plug Cut
Smoking Tobacco is rich aud smooth
In Order to be Owner of Half a Million Talk
With a E Babcock the Alan
of Kenown
Chicago Globe
After having worried a bellboy half to
deatli during forty minutes of waiting in
the Sherman house yesterday morning a
Globe reporter was rewarded by the ap-
pearance of Mr C E Babcock the
youns gentleman from Ann Arbor
Muh who suddenly sprung into pub
lit ity on account
will which left
conditional upon
within five years
uncle 5s
him 500000
his marrying
The prospective
semimillionaire is young handsome and
engaging in manners indeed quite a
matrimouial catch apart from the
halfmillion which accrues to him upon
his marriage Five feet nine in height
weighing about 152 pounds with a-
round fair face clear blue eyes and
slightly waving chestnut hair this young
man in the quiet black suit with little or
no display of jewelry at once commends
himself to the critioal eye
Yes it was only last June that my
uncle died leaving his peculiar will
Mr Babcock replied in answer to the re-
porters query He always was some-
what eccentric No I can not say that
I suffer any particular inconvenience
from that provision of the old gentle-
man s will which enjoins me to marry
within five years in order to inheiit his
bequest Five years is a good long time
you know
But is not every mail fraught with
proposals to you from the fair sex
Mr Babcock laughed a little nervous-
ly showing a brilliant double row of
white teeth and replied Well yes
but nearly all from persons I do not
know and I trouble myself very little
about them In fact I seldom open the
letters myself
Do you ever miss a mail without
something of this kind occurring
No reluctantly I can t say that
I do but they usually amount to
Ts there any truth in the statement
that you will decide your matrimonial
juggle by a competitive examination
Not a word The newspapers had to
say something so they invented that ab-
surd rumor I tell you this with a flash
of the blue eyes and a more vigorous
ring in tho manly tones I will only
marry a woman because I want to be-
cause I want her and nobody else
Has your visit to Chicago any con-
nection with a marriage project 4
You must excuse me I cannot an-
swer your question I remain in Chi-
cago but a few days when I anticipate
returning to Ann Arbor
Good day I am glad if I have given
any information useful to you lam
getting to enjoy being interviewed in-
stead of hating it as I used to
Politely raising his hat he strutted
off the personification of superbly vig-
orous youth fine looks and good fortune
Hon Norman J Cohnan now United States
commissioner of agriculture has indorsed J
C Maguires Cundurango as being all thatjgit
claims to be as an alterative purgative depura
torand diuretic acting specifically on the liver
blood kidneys and bowels
Special to the Gazette
CtEBUiiXE Tex Feb 19 Mr and
Mrs Lacy were ejected from their house
this morning by the county officers
Their household effects were treated in a-
like manner The proeeedure was done
by law
A mad dog was killed on our streets
yesterday after biting several dogs
A delivery horse ran away with a wagon
this morning on our streets and occas-
ioned considerable stir especially amoug
the street pedestrians
The news of Joe Tatums untimely
death in todays Gazette cast quite a
gloom over many citizens of our city as
he was at one time an honored citizen of
Cleburne and liked by all who knew him
Seal of North Carolina Plug Cut
Smoking Tobacco is cool on the tongue
Many persons keep Carters Little Liver
Pills on hand to prevent billious attacks
sick headache dizziness and find them
just whatthey need
Spot Cotton Was Unchanged Futures
Froin One to Three Points Lower
Wheat Opened Weak Fluctuated Widely and
Closed at aiiAdvance Colfoe and Wool
Were Unchanged
Dally Review
Office of the Gazette
Fort Worth Tex Feb 19 1SS9 t
The weather today has been sharp and
crisp and business has been moderately
good in all branches
There has been no falling off in the
wholesale or jobbing traije but retail
men have not been so rushed as they
were last week
Prices remain as heretofore there
being no changes in quotations
Country produce is not so plentiful as
it has been and prices in consequence are
Cotton remains unchanged wheat is
steady at former quotations and bread-
stuffs have an upward tendency
The quotations at the close of the mar-
ket today were as will be found below
Speaking of tho dry goods trade gener-
ally the United States Economist says
Theprospects of a large trade are now
reasonably assuring The threatened
disturbance of values and confidence
during thd past two weeks begun at Chi-
cago through the cutting of prices by
jobbers has been rightly interpreted
Such a policy may lessen profits but will
not diminish the volume of salesif it does
not increase them Such methods are
resorted to in order to gratify jeal-
ousies and are begotten of mere
puerile egotism But they transgress all
commercial precepts and restraints
Such abuses Avill correct themselves in
due time meanwhile they may return to
plague their authors Without any dis-
position to exceed legitimate bounds
trade was progressing steadily until
checked by the causes just set forth
The smaller dealers construe the Chicago
movement as a thrust at tholr commer-
cial existence and recognizing that
might is not always right express their
disapproval in terms much more forcible
than elegant
Special report of stocks of wheat held
at nearly 1000 points of accumulation
out of farmers hands east of the Rocky
mountains show visible wheat aggregat-
ing 4741i G12 bushels on February 21889
as compared with 52740403 bushels one
mouth previously and with 70214154
bushels one year ago The available
wheat stocks were therefore 32 per cent
Bmaller last Saturday than one vear
before nearly 22799000 bushels less
The official visible supply report
showed only 6212300 fewer bushels
of visible wheat oil hand February 2
1SS9 than on the like date in 18S8 The
decreased stocks within the year as per
the officialreport is therefore but 15 per-
cent as compared with the 32 per cent
shown by a somewhat more comprehen-
sive statement During the month of
January 1SS9 wheat stocks declined
from 52740403 to 47414012 bushels a
a loss of 5325791 bushels or almost ex-
actly 10 per cent while in Jauuary
1SS8 the decrease was from 73S25GS5 to
70214104 or 3011531 bushels about 5
BUTTER Texas lScper lb northern 2325c
COFFEE Rio 18 lS c prime 10yc choice
19 19l 4c fancy 204c Java 2Sc Golden Rio
20c tea berry 2121 4c
CHEESE Full cream Wisconsin 13 GUKc
Badger state l4QUc young America 14lA
15 4c
CANNED GOODS Prices per dozen Pine-
apples standard 2s 1 55 1 65 peaches stan-
dard 28 > s 1 35 3s 2 15 seconds 2Ks Si 15
SDs SI 75 strawberries 22 > s SI 35 black-
berries 2U s SI 001 10 green gages S rasp
berries 2s SI tO marrowfat peas 2s SI 35
oysters full weight lfl SO 956100 2s SI Mr
1 SO tomatoes standard 2s SO SGSlOO
3s SI 2j41 30 green corn S3cSl 50 sabnin
12 > Si 701 S3 sardines domestic Jo 00
5 50 imported 12 COtflo 00 Eagle condensed
milk SS25 California canned goods Cuttjw
brand are on the market and are qu6ied Apricots
24 s 2 15 plackberries 2 35 peaches yeUow
free S2 40 peaches white cling S2 65 plums
S2 00 pears S2 40 grapes 2 Ud red cherries
2 50
DRY GOODS Price list of fall and winter
1SS3 Prints Allens fancy Cc American fancy 6c
American indigoes6C Berlin solids 6c Ber-
lin oil colors 7c Berwick l ic Cyclone 6c
Dunnell Gc Eddystone 6c Gloucester fancy
6c Gloucester silver gray 5c Hartel Gc
Hamilton staple checks Cc Lodi 5c Manches-
ter Gc Merrimack Cc Ramapo 3 Simp
sons mournings 6 c Windsor fancy G c
Washington oU colors 7c Washington canary
7c Brown Cottons Anniston 6c Appleton A
7ic Argyie Family Cotton 7 c Augusta 44
7c Belfast E 6Ac Black Crow 6V4c Boot C
Cc Busy Bee 6Vc CUfton CCC 6 c Constitu-
tion 714cChapmanLining 3c Marshall Lin-
ing 4kc Utica C 4 c Lawrence LL 6c Peid
Bleached Cotton Sterling 5c Prosperity 6c
Peabody 6c Ballardyille 7c Forest Mills jjc
Pioneer 714c Snowflake 7c Ellertonj Sc
First Call Gic Fitchville 7cr Fruit of the
Loom OVic Gm df the Spindle 8c Gold Medal
7ic Hickory Stripes Hamilton 10c Extra Stout
10c Rock River 8lic Cambridge 8c Sheridan
Ec Constoga lO c
Denims Clarks Mills 10 = icGreenville lOVic
Everett Ul c Haymaker 7 0 Carthage 15c
Aurora 13c
Silesias Red Cross 8c Mound City 8 > c
Berwick 9 > c D and C 10i c Royal Twfll
llc Gold Dust lljc
Kentucky Jeans Polaris I7cs Hoosier 15 Ac
Queen City 25 c Alliance 34c Our Choice
39c Davenport 22 c Agenoria 2214c Extra
Merino 47V > c Columbus 35c Golden Fleece
R epellants Forbes 37V c Bedford 42 c Pu-
ritan J5c Pavonia 45c Itobinson 52 c Ivan
hoe 50c Mantua 47c
EGGS iic per dozen
FLOUR Best patents S20per 100 lbs half
patents 2 b5 third grade 2 50 fourth grade
choice 3 2 5a3 50 per box large Lima beans in
sacks 5 4c California and small white beans
3 < 4c Northern apples S2 753 25 per bbl
Utah potatoes 85l0cperbu Northern pota-
toes in sacks 75380c seed rose potatoes 85
y5c do in bbls S2 853 00 onions l = 42c per
lb onion sets red and yellow S3 25 per bu do
white S3 75 northern cabbage S2 5u per crate
cabbage Ohio solid 2c per lb QrangesrCali
fornia S3 5083 75 per box Messina S3 25 3 50
Louisiana 3 253 50
FUEL McAllister coal carload on track at
yard S6 00 McAllister coal 5 to 10 tons S6 25
McAllister coal 2 to 4 tons 6 50 McAllister
coal 1 ton 7 00 McAlister coal V ton S3 50
McAllister coal V ton SI 75 McAllister coal
less than V4 ton per 100 45c Pennsylvania hard
coal 5 to 10 tons 12 00 Pennsylvania hard coal
1 ton 13 00 vPennsylvania hard coal V ton
6 50 blacksmith coal 1 ton 12 00 Pittsburg
1 ton S 00 2 to 4 tons 6 65 5 to 10 tons S7 25
to 10 tons S 50 Chicosa steam coal carload lot
on track 5 15 Palo Pinto coal carload lot atN
yard 5 20 5 to 10 tons 5 40 2 to 4 tons 5 50
lton 0 00 Quotations are on yard sale3 ex-
cept where otherwise expressly stated Delivery
is made at 50c per ton or per ton extra
Cord wood 1 cord delivered 4 00 cord wood-
y cord delivered 2 00 stove wood 1 cord
delivered S3 50 stove wood y cord delivered
2 75
GRAPES Malagas in bbls SS per bbl per
bbl 4 50
low are on grain from store
Corn 353Sc per bu in shuck
Wheat c-
Oats Sacked 26 Sc
Bran S5c per hundred in carloadlots sacked
70c f o b
Barley 75c per bushel
Rye 60c per bushel
Hay Loose local 6 007 00 Johnson grass
S 00 best prairie hay baled 6 00 per ton in
carloadlots f o b alfalfa loose 16 00 per
HIDES AND SKINS Dry butchers hides 8c
per lb dry fallen 7c light damaged 5c pelts
Dry salted 7c bull hides 6c green salted 5c
butchers green 4c shearings 20c
NAILS S3 5 per keg iJasic lOd burden
horseshoe per keg 5 00 Perkins same S3 90
Walker same 5 50 burden mule 5 00 north
C 21c No 719c No 8 lbc
NUTS Peanuts 89l v > c pecans 8c almonds
18c Brazil nuts 10c per lb filberts 12c per lb
new English walnut 15c
MOLASSES Fancy choice new crop OK mo
lasses 5il 55c fancy new crop syrup 454Sc
choice OK new 4546c choice centrifugal mo-
lasses 4042c prime do 353Sc fair do 2330c
ordinary do 2022c Maple Svrup Old fine 1
gal cans 12 00 gal cans 5 75 qts 4 00 5
gal cans 95c per gal i
PROVISIONS Wequote on the basis of job
Fish Mackerel 10lb pails No 1 1 50 No 2
1 35 half bbls No 1 10 50 No 2 S10 00 cod-
fish 1 cks 78cper lb loose cod fish CG c
per lb bripiced mckled herrings per bucket
1 50
Holland Herrings Kegs SI 501 75
Dried Herrings Per box 40c
Bologna Sausage 9 10c
Meat Standard plain hams ll1 do
breakfast bacon HA llc short clear bacon
sides short clear dry salt 7i 734c
dried beef 10c
Xard Refined tierce 7 ic 250 cans 7c
420lb eans 8c 610lb cans SWo 125lb cans
Ss c 20 Jtb cans 8i2c
Hominv new Per bbl S365
GritsiPer bbl 375
Oatmeal new Per halfbbl 100 as 375
Cracked wheat Per R > 6c
Crackers X soda XXX soda 7c cream
9c ginger snaps 9c lemon creams 8c
Sugar Standard powdered bbls 9c do half
bbls 9 4c but loaf bbls 9c do half bbls 9iC
standard granulated bbls 7 7c plantation
granulated 773c standard A c choice
white clarified7Vjvc prime seconds6 6yc
refining 5r46c choice yellow clarified new
crop 77Vgc fancy yellow clarified VAV4c
Rope Grass y > inch basis 13y2c do cotton
Js and 516 inch lG ie c do cotton Vi inch
faundries Starch pearl 333 5c lump 3c
Candles full boxes 10l feilc stick candy 8
9c fancy 10l6c Herring imported 1 25
per keg Baisiris new crop California loose
muscatels 2 25 do y boxes SI 50 do 14
boxes 80c London layer raisins 2 50 Cider
crab apple 40c Missouri 30c per V > bbl 1 Of
Vinegar 1525c Concentrated lye 2 754 00
Jugs glazed 10c per gal crocks glazed 10c per
gal Indigo 75c per lb bluing 301 00 per
doz Colemans mustard Ji tb 1 25 per doz
Maccaroni impo tad 10cpir lb American Cue
per bos Buckets two hoo s J 65 per doz
jaril fant oils bbls ISc Lupion bols2Sc
do 25 ca e S3 10 brilliant 20 cases 2 10 do
121 cases S3 95 Baking powde s bulk lie
1 lb cans S2 50 Macaron small box 65e Ver-
micelli small box C5c Ca up in bulk per
gal 65c Worcester sauce in bulk per gal
SI 25 Mixed pickles per K bbl 6 50700
New dried apples Vis 5c do New York sliced
5Vc do T G Aldcn 8yc
Rice New crop prime 5yj55ic choice 5
POULTRY We quote Young frying chickens
2 00 per doz old hens 2 25 per doz turkeys
65S5c each
WOOL Light medium 20g21c light fine 16
19c heavy fine 1417c
WHISKY Rectified 1101C0 as per proof
sour mash two years old 1601 70 three
years old 1 902 20 fancy extra old whiskv
4 005 00
Special to the Gazette
Londow Feb 16 Consols closed at 98 1516
for money
Silver 421116
Special to the Gazette
New York Feb 19
Sterling Bank 60 days 4 88 > 4 < S4 86
Sterling Commercial 60 days 4 85a4 > 4 86
Reichmarks Commercial 60 days 95 116951
Francs Bank 60 days 5 20
Commercial 60 days 5 20
Special to the Gazette
New Orlbaxs La Feb 19
Sterling Commercial GO days 4 S53J
Francs Commercial 60 days 5 21
New Nork sight Bank 100 prem
in prem
Special to the Gazette
Galveston Tex Feb 19
Sterling 60 days 4 83
New York Sight par
New Orleans sight par
American silver > discount
Bostonv Mass Feb 19 Mexican fours 6954
70 scrip 100 4lOOVi common 13 14
New Youk Feb 19 Bonds and stocks closed
at following prices bid BONDS
United States 4s registered 12S54
United States 4s coupon
United States4V scoupon 103
Central Pacific firsts lis
DenverandRio Grande 4 s 7sy
Missouri Pacific consolidated 6s Z
Missouri Kansas and Texas general 6s 56
St Louis and Iron Mountain general5sS9
St Loxiis and San Francisco nl xaortce U7
5fPl T p >
Texas and Pacific Land Grants gi
Texas and Pacific Rio Grandes 37
Union Pacific firsts U3 A
Central Pacific 35
Chicago and Alton 138
Chicago Burlington and Quincy 102
Delaware and Lackawanna 141
DenverandRio Grande 16
Erie common 29
Fort Worth and Denver
Houston and Texas Central ex div 12
Illinois Central 108
Kansas and Texas 13
Lake Shore 104V
Louisville andNashville 601
Missouri Pacific exdfv 7a
Northern Pacific 25
Northwestern 1 <
New York Central 109
lracincMail > Vi
Reading 45
St Louis and San Francisco 2531
St Louis and San Francisco preferred 6S
St Paul common 63
St Paul preferred W
Tennessee Coal and Iron 08
Texas and Pacific 21
UnionPacific 6431
Wabash St Louis and Pacific certificates 18
Wabash St Louis and Pacific preferred 27
WellsFargoExpress 141
Western Union Telegraph 85
American Cotton Oil 69
cotton 3iaiikets
Special to the Gazette >
Liverpool Feb 19 Cotton Futures opened
dull point off ruled dull closed quiet but steady
at decline
February 5 36 bid
FebruaryMarch 5 36 asked
MarchApril S 35 bid
AprilMay 5 35 bid
MayJune i 5 S5 bid
JuneJuly 1 5 3Chid
JulyAugust 5 37
AugustSeptember 5 35 asked
fccptemberOctober 5 35 asked
Special to the Gazette
New York Feb 19
steady point off ruled
steady 1 to 2 points off
Sales 41600 bales
Special to the Gazette
Galveston Tex Feb 19
yesterdays quotations
Spring twelve months clip
medium 1921c
Mexican improve
Mexican carpet
Coarse braid
Low sandy
Fine light
Gotton Futures opened
steady closed quiet but
9 83 9 84
9 85 9 86
9 S3 9 94
10 OlffilO 02
10 oseio 09
10 1410 15
10 soeio 21
9 hO 9 81
9 59 9 61
Special to the Gazette
New Orleans La > Feb 19 Cotton Futures
opened steady 1 point off ruled steady closed
dull steady 2 to 3 points off
February 9 C09 5l
March 9 509 51
April j 579 59
S1UJ J ilCv 00
June 9 729 73
vUlj > v iitt oJL
August 9 759 76
September 9 359 06
October 9 1429 15
Sales 14500 bales
Special to the Gazette
Liverpool Feb 19 Cotton Spot dull
Ordinary 5
Good ordinary S1
Low middling 53
Middling 5 916
Good middling 51316
Total sales i > 000 bales American 7200 bale3
Imports 22000 bales American 14800
Special to the Gazette
New YoRKFeb 19 Cotton Spot closed qniet
Ordinary 7 316
Goodordinary S 1116
Lowmuddling 9
Middling 10 1116
Good middling 10 916
Middling fair 1114
Sales 401 bales
Special to the Gazette
New Orleans La Feb 19 Cotton Spot
closed firm
Low ordinary i 7 516
Ordinary 7 1516
Gcodordinary 8 716
Lowmiddling 9 116
Middling 9 916
Good middling 10 316
Middling fair 10
Sales 5000 bales
Special to the Gazette
Galveston Tex Feb 19 Cotton Spot closed
Ordinary 8 116
Good ordinary 8 1116
Lowmiddling 9 716
Middling 9
Good middling 10 716
Middling fair 10 1516
Sales 1373 bales
Exports 1251 bales
Shipments coastwise 3S72
Stock 36665 bales
Special to the Gazette
Galveston Tex Feb19 The following are
the closing quotations for cotton on the spot to-
day at the leading markets together with the
closing for middling yesterday with todays
Special to the Gazette
Galveston Tex
Receipts thus far this week
Receipts same time last year
Receiptsthis day
Receipts this day last year
Total receipts thus far this season
Total receipts thus far last season
Exports to GreatEritain
Exports to France
Exports to continent
Feb 19
Special to the Gazette
Galveston Tex Feb 19
Stock thisday 87299S
Stockthis day last year 878018
Special to the Gazette
Galveston Tex Feb
New Orleans
WXU VjlXtr t
uu UllCuIli
wilt Xcsion
New York
Other ports
Total thi3 day
Total this day last year
2 6S5
22 511
Special to the Gazette
Galveston Tex Feb 19 Freights by steam
ship from Galveston Texi
To Liverpool
To continent
To New York
By sail to Liverpool
I 32d
40c 100
Wool Market at
Fine 18S20c
Special to the Gazette
Galveston Tex Feb 19 Coffee Market
very firm with strong npward tendency demand
Good ordinary 18 falS A
1 Pair
ERLOF aiid GLIW Baking Pawd
Boaster of SULTAIP Coffee
St Louis Mo Feb 19 Flour Strong and
higher but trading light
Wheat Market was weak and declining early
was influenced by easier markets at all points
and dull cables But the announcement of a 10c
advance in flour by the millers association and
a sudden sharp rise in Chicago started a reaction
that carried May up lc above yesterday but
July responded very slightly Cash 9Sc bid
May closed SI 01 asked July 86SGiAc asked
Corn Lower cash 272rvc March closed
27 Ac April 2S4c May 30Vc July 31c bid
August 323acbid
Cornmeal 1 S51 90
Whisky Steady 1 03
Provisions Quiet
Pork 11 50
Lard Prime steam 6 55
Drv salt meat Shoulders 55126 3 25 longs
and ribs S6 006 15 short clear S6 25
Bacon Boxed shoulders SO 25 longs and
ribs 6 756 87V short clear 7 107 12y3
Hams Steady at S10 0012 00
Bagging 7 2aic
CmcAGO III Feb 19 A nervous unsettled
feeling existed in wheat trading was fair but
spasmodic and the governingpower no doubt was
local speculation Opening for May was slightly
better than yesterdays closing advanced s c
ruled irregular and weak and hnally sold off at
l aC then rallied sharply advancing 3c broke
ac again advanced lic ruled irregnlar and
closed lc higher than yesterday
There was fair business in corn trading being
more general than of late the feeling developed
was weaker and lower The range of prices was
established Pork advanced 71i10c but set-
tled back 25c and closed comparatively
steady Lard and ribs ruled 25c higher and
closed steady
Leading futuresclosed Wheat No 2 Feb-
ruary Si uSVi March 1 09 4 May SI 31
July 94c
Com No
May 25c
Mess Pork
Mav 1125
2 February 33c March 34 4c
February Sll 05 March 11 05
Lard February 6 55 March
6 67V
Short Ribs February 53 80
May 5 97
> rs
Cash quotations were
Flour Firm winter wheat patents
spring wheat patents 4 0433 bakers
i 25
Wheat No 2 spring
51 osy4
S5 60
5 50
3 75
10 No 2 red
Corn No 2 33c
Mes3 pork 11 05C11 10
Lard 6 60
Sshort ribs Sides loose 5 S55 SO
Dry saltedshoulders Boxed 5 305 62 4
Short clear sides Boxed 6 126 25
New York Feb 19 Flour Quiet and
stronger with options
Wheat Lower spot No 2 red S7 99c
Options closed February 9 < VrC March 97c
April SI 01V4 May 1 01 June Si 01 July
97c August 94c December 97c
Corn Moderately active spot No 2 43
44c Options closed February 44c March
44c April 43ic May 43 June 43 = 4c
Coffee Options opened steady 5 points down
to 5 points up closed firm 5 15 points up
firmer cables sales 4000 hags including Feb
The attention of the trade is specially
balled to the uniform high standard of
SULTAJ5P Boasted Coffee It is the
best selected Rio put np in 1ib pack-
ages packed in 100lfo3 60lb and
36lb cases also in bulk in 30lb
and 100lb paperlined sacks Con-
sumers TdE find this brand of excellent
flayer and full strength Dealers find it
a ready seller v
Corner Main and Fourth Streets
The Only Exclusive Wholesale Dry Goods House in Fort WorihJ
19 194
l9 A193i
Speqial to the Gazette
Galveston Tex Feb 19 Sugar Market
firm demand fair
Standard granulated
Standard confectioners A
UulJCS >
California granulated car lots to
common points
Louisiana granulated
J 11 V XXX Lt > >
Choice YC
Prime Y C
Choice seconds
Prime seconds
Fair seconds
Common seconds
> ia
6 6 1116
6 316 6yt
6 6 116
5 5Vi
Wholesale grocers quotations c higher
i Extra Newspaper
For Samples and Price address
Fort Worth Texas
ruary 515 95 March 16 0016 05 April 510 95
16 OOj May S15 951610 June 16 1516 20
spot Rio fair cargoes 17
Sugar Raw dull refined quiet and steady
Molasses Foreign dull New Orleans quiet
Rice Firm and quiet
Wool Easy and quiet domestic fleece 32
SSc puUed 2339c Texas 2527c
Kansas City Mo Feb 19 Wheat Steady
No 2 red cash no bids nor offerings March
97c asked May MVfccbid
Corn Steady No 2 cash 24Ac asked May
26c bid
St Louis Mo Feb 19 Wool Quiet and
unchanged bright medium 1928 c coarse
braid 1422c low sandy 111Sc finellght 175
23c fine heavy 1319c tub washed choice 37c
inferior 3135c
St Louis Mo Feb 10 Cattle Receipts
900 shipments 200 market shade higher
choice heavy native steers 3 604 40 fair to
good native steers 2 603 76 stockers and
feeders SI 802 90 rangers cornfed 2 B0
3 40 grass fed 1 732 70
Hogs Receipts 4100 shipments 500 higher
choice heavy S4 404 60 packing 4 394 60
light grades 4 Mai 60
Sheep Receipts 80ft shipments 400 steady
fair to choice S3 005 00
Kansas Crrr Mo Feb 19 Cattle Receipts
400 shipments 1300 good to choice cornfed
53 904 25 common to medium 2 S03 63
stockers and feeding steers 51 803 20 cows
SI 252 75
Hogs Receipts 6400 shipments 500 good
to choice S3 123 47 common to medium
4 154 25
Sheep Receipts 1S00 shipments 1200 steady
good to choice muttons 54 254 50 common to
medium S2 503 75
Chicago III Feb 19 Cattle Receipts
7000 shipments 3500 choice to extra beeves
4 504 CO steers S3 10 stockers and feed-
ers 2 253 50 cows bulls and mixed 1 CO
3 10 bulk 2 203 45
Hogs Receipts 18000 shipments 5000
mixed 54 404 60 heavy 4 40Q4 60 light
54 454 75 pigs 4 704 85
Sheep Receipts 5000 shipments 1200 market
steady natives f3 005 00 western cornfed
S4 304 70 lambs S5 00
New York Feb 19 Beeves Receipts 320
all forslaughterers direct nothing doing Dull
for dressed beef at7c for sides with little choice
and extra beef at TJ 1 Todays Liverpool
cable quoted American refrigerator beefsteady
at9s perpound
Sheep Receipts 1600 Transactions included
ordinary to good sheep at 4 6030 25 and ordi-
nary to good lambs at 56 007 30 Dressed
mutton slow at T es c Dressed lambs steady
at 939 0
OhHctrera ryfor Pitchers astoria

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