Fort Worth Daily Gazette. (Fort Worth, Tex.), Vol. 13, No. 232, Ed. 1, Wednesday, February 20, 1889 Page: 8 of 8

Absolutely Pme
Tblp powder never varies A marvel of purity
Ftrerpth and wholesonieneB3 More economical
than the ordinary kinds and cannot be sold in
competition with the multitude of lowtest short
weight alum or phosphate powders Aold Only
Wall Street New York
Poeitivoiy Cared bj
these Zlttlo piUa
They also relievo Dh
tress from Dyspepsln5
Indigestion and TooP
HeartyJCatlng A per
fect remedy for DIzzIfe
nesc Nausea Drowsig
nesn Bad Tasto In tfaeE
Sloutb Coated Tongue Pain In tho Side TORL
ETD LIVER c They regulate tho Bowelsif
and prevent Constipation and Piles Theft
smallest and easiest to take Only one pill ag
dose Purely vegetable Price 25 cents
0ASTS2 U22XCX1TS CO Prsprs lira Yi
SWfcXCZs lSt3S M
DAILY EDITION Seven issues a week
Nonpariel type 32 lines to an inch and about
seven 7 words to the line
Per inch display consecutive insertions
2 Time Si Mi 11 Times 75 21 Times
iTlmes 2 25112 8 2522
B 3 00 U b 7o28
4 X 7514 25124
6 4 60il3 70123
U 5 2V1G 10 1028
7 5 7517 10 5027
8 6 2513 10 HO23
5 6 7519 11 9029
341 7 25 20 11 CT 1 Mouth
11 90
12 20
12 50
12 60
13 10
13 40
13 70
14 00
14 30
14 GO
iMonths27 00l6Mnths 74 BUlOilntlis WW bJ
3 89 00t7 84 7011 122 50
i 51008 U4 90112 13140
C 02 75J9 105 OP
Ttiree Times a Week Onehalf the above rates
Twice a Week Onethird the above rates
Once a Week Onefourth the above rates
ITime 30c per lmci 6Times1 05 per line
Times45c 7 1 20
a 00c 14 180
4 75c 21
s eoc
One MoNxn on over consecutive insertions
cents per line each insertion
83 ll matter is to be changed every insertiou
iLe price will be 1 cent per line additional
Mgrriages Deaths Society Notices Etc
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as local or reading matter dOc per line will be
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will be charged for at the regular rates
Wants lost Found Etc
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lata rate of an inch None taken for less than G
lines space inch count 7 words to a line
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1 Time
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8 Times13 50 39 Times 52 50
13 Times19 7532 Times 63 70
Heading Matter
One time 35 cents per linej two or moro inser-
tions 25 cents per line each insertion
No display ads of less than three lines will be-
take for either edition
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rata ratcjof an inch
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two lines as three
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matter 50 per cent additional
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ter 25 per cent additional
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ip any special position or on any specified page
2 jier cent additional
Cits Must be mounted on metal base
Changes Change of matter each week with-
out additional charge
Terms Bills payable monthly unless other-
wise contracted for and in advance when par-
ties financial standing is not known to us
Transient advertising payable in advance
Specimen copies sent on application Address
Fort Worth Texas
Mb H BT Parks is the Traveling Agent of The
Gazette This office will be responsible for all
monies paid to and settlements made by him
The local agents of The Gazette are known in
their respective communities and are responsi-
ble to the subscriber until lie gets his paper
showing the maturity on the label which they
can examine and see that they have creoit ac-
cording to the amount paid
All parties are cautioned to examine carefully
the letter of authority of any person not known
to them who represents himself as traveling
agent of or solicitor for subscriptions to The 7a
We cannot hold ourselves responsible for tho
acts ot those who have no authority to represent
Arrangements for the Town Map Completed A
Booming Little City
Special to the Gasette
Mansfield Tex Feb 19 Au enthu-
siastic meeting was held at the city hall
last nisht to complete arrangements lor
the town map ami elect directors for the
publishing company recently organized
Tne followiug gentlemen were elected for
the ensuing year Joseph Nugent A B
Pvles E L Bill M W Cunniugaain
auidSP Render The charter will be
applied for at once The committee pre-
viously appointed to have tiie town re
surveyed platted and lithographed are as
follows Joseph Nugent A B Pyles
E L Bill J A Graves and R S Man
Busiues of every kind is nourishing to
say the least of it Wo have twenty
seven business houses and room
Tor as many more two llrstclass
hotels in fact the fastest town
inTexas Fort Worth excepted More
people get off and on tho cars at ilans
lield than at any station between Fort
Worth and Houston
Cotton continues to come in from five
to fifteen bales daily Our farmers as a
rulo are commencing the new crop in-
line shape ninetenths of them are out
of debt The prospect for wheat was
never better
500 offered for su incurable case of CataTrh by
the proprietors pf Dr Sages Bemedy 50 cents
A e
S r wtm
County Eoad Improvement Bill Consid-
ered and Amended BytiielSenate
Governor Boss Appoints Officers for the Forty
sixth Judicial District and the
Senate Confirms Them
TwentyFirst Legislature
Special to the Gazette
Austix Tex Feb 19 The senate
was called to order at 10 oclock by
IiieutenantGovernor Wheeler in the
ohair roll call quprum present
Prayer by Dr Smoot the chaplain
MrI Seale was excused until Monday
Petitions and memorials By Mr Bur
ney wo petitions against the creation
of Coke county
By Mr McDonald Petition from phy-
sicians of Fannin county asking the pass-
age of the dental bill
Also by Mr Claiborne A petition
from physicians of Galveston to the same
By Mr Abercombie Petition from
certain citizens of Houston asking him to
vote and work against the commission
bill passed by the house
Mr Ingram Petition from citizens of
San Augustine asking repeal of the occu-
pation tax
Mr Frank Petition from thirtynine
citizens of Boscjue county asking tho
passage of the commission bill
Messrs Kimbrough and Jarvis Peti-
tions from citizens of Dallas and Fort
Worth asking the passage of the dental
Mr Kimbrough Petition from Forney
in Kaufman county against the railroad
commission bill
Bills and resolutions
Mr Glasscock To authorize the com-
missioner of agriculture and statistics to
purchase the records on these subjects
by J K Holt and 1500 to be set
aside for this purpose
Mr Arraistead Regulating appeals
from district courts to the supreme court
Mr Sims A bill directing the issuance
of patents for all surveys of not more
than 320 acres of land situated in organ-
ized counties and located by virtue of
what is known as Texas veteran certifi-
Mr Abercombie Providing for fur-
nishing suitable offices and also suitable
furniture books stationary etc to
county judges district and county clerks
sheriffs county treasurers assessor and
collectors of taxes
A joint resolution by Mr Stephens pro-
viding for the sale of furniture of the old
capitol building and also empowering
the superintendent of buildings and
grounds with the assistance of the attor
neygeneral to collect rental for all state
property located in Austin and used by
some one other than the state suing tres-
passers if necessary
Mr Tyler called up senate bill 3To 277
making tho 22d of February arbor day
An emergency clause was added and the
bill passed to engrossment and later
was finally passed under suspeusion of
Mr McDonald called up senate substi-
tute bill Xo 42 upon the lien of land-
lords upon tho furniture and effects of
tenants in rented houses for such rent
The bill restricts the lien for rents to be-
come due to one year cutting off the
longer time as now allowed by law The
bill passed to engrossment
Mr Morris moved a reconsideration of
the resolution adopted Saturday giving
the use of the senate chamber two days
m April to tho Sajngerfest for vocal
and instrumental concerts The motion
carried by 15 Teas to 9 nays
Mr Stephens then moved the original
resolution bo tabled carried 14 yeas 10
Mr Jarvis made the point of order that
the county road improvement bill was
the special order as it had been set for
Monday and from day to day untildis
posed of The bill was taken up and
considered by sections Strong opposition
was made to the bill on account of its
property qualifications as a prerequisite
to the right to vote for bonding the
Mr Cranford introduced an amend-
ment to the effect that persons hi the first
instance forbidden by this law to vote for
bonds shall never be taxed to pay interest
or principal of such bonds
Mr McDonald made the point that
such an exemption and distinction was
entirely unconstitutional
Mr Cranford replied that he knew it
was but he introduced it to show the
true meaning of that part of the bill
He was entirely opposed to such a prop-
erty qualification
Mr Jarvis offered an amendment
striking out the property qualification
Such qualification was not in his original
bill It was put there by the cqmniittee
and ho was not in favor of it Upon mo-
tion Mr Cranfords amendment was
Mr Simkins thought the bill in this re-
quirement was not unconstitutional He
thought tho term suffrage in the con-
stitution applied only to political elec-
tions and not cases ot this kind where
taxes are to be voted
Mr Lane thought it was not a question
of increasing taxation but of the method
of collecting money to improve the roads
Mr Burgess hotly opposed tho prop-
osition to disfranchise anyone
Ho was bitterly opposed to any property
qualification as called for in the bill
He declared that such disfranchisement
would be the surest and speediest mode
of building up the Republican party in
Texas to respectable proportions
Mr Stephens ofiered an amendment to
the amendment more clearly specifying
that such voters must bo qualified voters
Mr Jarvis amendment as thus
amende was adopted by a vote of 19
yeas to 4 nays
Mr Frank offered an amendment that
notice of election shall be published
in some newspaper in the county once a
week for two months before
the election In case of no newspaper in
such county then a sufficient number of
notices shall be conspicuously posted
throughout the county The amendment
was adopted
Pending further discussion of the bill
tho president submitted a message from
tho governor announcing that he had
appointed G A Brown of Donley county
to be district judge of the Fortysixth
judicial district
Stovall Johnson of Wilbarger county to
bo district attorney of the Fortysixth
M B Plemens of Potter county to bo
district judge of tho Fortyseventh dis-
S G Wilson of Hale county to be dis-
trict attorney for the Fortyseventh dis-
The senate at 1250 went into executive
session and confirmed all the appoint-
At 1 o clock the senate adjourned to
10 oclock tomorrow
r 3
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Guns to Ecnt
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> > Election Yet
ajtAKixSTOJ W Ya Feb 19 There
were two ballots taken today for sena-
tor The last ballot was Goff 42 Kenna
33 Governor Wilson 6 Ed Robertson
union laborite 4 G F Price2 H H
Walker and Frank Hereford i each
Several delegates who deserted Kenna
yesterday returned today and will now
cast their votes lor him There remains
but three days of the session
The Lsnv and Order League
Bostox Mass Feb 19 The first
business of the seventh annual conven-
tion of the Citizens law and order league
of flic United States was called to order
this forenoon by Hon Charles Carroll
Renny of Chicago president of the
league Mr Renney addressed the con-
vention brieily setting forth the object
and aspuations of the league
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A Tennessee Belles Impnlsl ve Freak and its
A Nashville dispatch says A suit to
recover a fourth interest in an estate
reckoned at 300000 filed in the David-
son county courts recalls a romance of
unusual interest Isaao Franklin was
once the richest man in the South
owning four big plantations and
more negroes than any other slave
holder except Gen Wade Hamp
tons father At his princely home he
kept a visitors register and one day a
party of young Nashville people on a
frolic called and inscribed their names
Adecilia Hayes the then belle of the
South was one of these and careless of
consequences wrote opposite her
name her
her cap
The rich
intention of
for old man Franklin
widower was caught
in the trap and married Miss Hayes
Franklin soon died leaving a young and
lovely widow worth 4000000 Some-
time later Joseph Aoklen a young law-
yer of Huntsville Ala proposed to a
party friends that if they would give him
1000 for expenses ho would ensnare the
wealthy widow Acklen was smart and
handsonia and his friends provided him
with the requisite cash With a show of
wealth Acklen laid siege to the heart of
Mrs Franklin and soon they were mar-
ried They built a country home called
Belmont a superb place surrounded
by seventyfive acres of ornamented
grounds with conservatories music hall
billiard pagoda and zoological garden
and entertained regally Acklen died
during the war leaving four
children one of whom Hon Joseph
H Acklen formerly a member of
congress from Louisiana is plaintiff in
the suit spoken of Mrs Acklen some-
time later married Dr W B Cheatham
of this city Fifteen hundred invitations
wero issued and many guests from
Europe were present at the nuptials
After the war Mrs Cheatham sued
the government for 1000000 for
damages to a cotton crop and won
her cause Her attorney was the
confederate general Gideon J Pillow
who was to receive 100000 as his fee
but the widow demurred and the de-
murrer was sustained Since then the
estate has wasted away until when Mrs
Cheatham recently died at the Fifth
avenue hotel in New York it was not es-
timated to be worth more than 300000
for a fourth interest in which young Ack
len brings suit
An Interesting TtooTt
How I Became Consort the history of Jeff
Gordon handsomely illustrated is given away
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Bi T
S5 fS
Damage Suit 1iled A alnst a
TexasLiunber Prust
An Attempt to Hold Up the Prices of Lumber is
Tentllated by Parties Not in the
Scheme Notes
Special to the Gazette
Waco Tex Feb 19 A big sensa-
tional law suit was docketed today in the
district court The plantiffs are S C
Oliver of Waco and J A Steinberg of
Houston mill men and lumber dealers
and the defendants are A Tan Patten of
Austin C F Drake of Austin Edward
Steves of San Antonio John G Wapples
of Grayson county William B Braselton
of Waco J G Hillsinan of LaG range
G W Owens of Bruceville J WTemby
of Harris county J E Whitesells of
Corsicana J E Tucker of Williamson
county C L Stadtler o Dewitte county
and S Smith who compose the
board of directors of the Lumber dealers
association of Texas The complainants
state that they are the owners of a larjre
and extensive sawmill which with the
adjoining land and appurtenances is
worth 270000 and was capable of an
output of 12000000 feet of lumber an-
nually from which the plaintiffs were
making a clear net profit of 100000
annually that the defendants entered
into a trust called the Texas Lumber
dealers association whose purpose
was to keep up high prices
in lumber and to defraud and oppress
the public Seotion thirteen of the by-
laws of the association reads Whenever
any manufacturer or wholesale dealer
shall sell to any person not a dealer ex-
cepting railroad companies and at such
points where there are no dealers such
sales shall be reported to the secretary
and he shall notify the members of this
association to discontinue their patronage
with such manufacturer or wholesale
dealer that the plaintiffs incurred the
displeasure of tho association by exer-
cising their rights as citizens
to sell to others than dealers
and on September 10 188S the
which was issued
N ai
continent He was surprised and
disgusted to find it printed the next
mornings paper Labor thought
honored may be the nail lately patented
shall be crowned on this continent
The Rev Dr Edwin H Chapin was one
of the most rapid speakers of his time
and he was a terror to tho general run of
reporters Once in a sermon he used
the following language Christianity
has been the orifiamme Of freedom of all
ages Theignorant reporter rendered
it thus Christ has been the hom
blower of freedom in
from the headquarters
of the association at Austin and which
was sent to all the lumber dealers in the
state notifying them that the plaintiffs
and several other firms had violated sec-
tion 13 and asking them to discontinue
their patronage to said manufacturers
that the circular was the direct cause of
the plaintiffs losing their large and
prosperous business with lumber
dealers and that since they have
been compelled to resort entirely to
sales to consumers to dispose of
their lumber The complainants ask for
judgmentfor 100000 actual and 25
000 exemplary damages and pray for an
injunction against the defendants prohib-
iting them from further continuing the
boycott Messrs Clark Dyer Boliu
ger represent tho plaintiffs
two enterprises consolidated
The stockholders in the Waco cream-
ery and the Waco canning factory met
tonight and agreed to consolidate the
two industries under one management
Messrs James T Moore SW Slayden
C Faulkner William Cameron J B
Baker W II Jones and F S Carroll
were elected directors A site was
adopted in the Edgefield addition where
two acres of land were donated
A new phase was presented today in
the Blue Cut train shooting affair The
fourth man who was arrested at Blue Cut
was Bart Sims who was afterwards re-
leased and today Sims made an affidavit
before Justice Make s charging CD
McCall of Temple and Deputy Sheriff
John Bickett of Milam county with as-
sault with intent to murder The com-
plaint was dismissed as to McCall
be a
all ages
Architects Eeqnested to Have Designs Heady
Stockholders Paying Up
All architects who are preparing de-
signs tor the Texas Spring Palace are re-
quested to present same without fail to
the board of directors at their meeting
Wednesday February 20 1SS9 at 4
oclock p m at the office of Ball
Wynne McCart
Director General
Secretary Post reports that subscribers
to the stock of the Texas Spring Palaco
are paying their first installments
promptly and executing notes for the de-
ferred payments
The books are still open and it is hoped
thosewho have not already done so will
subscribe liberally and those who have
will increase their subscriptions
At the Mansion JS Irvine Bowie W D
Watts Grandview Ga3 Marshall Greenville
M A Brown H G VnnZanatGrand RapidsMich
Frank Wilkey Houston I C Lewis Denver
Col J W Burgess Blue Mound J H Carruthers
Weatherford FrankRBaker Chicago 111 Mrs
S I Carrico Dallas William Wight Sweet
water P S Witherspoon Gainesville Mrs Lizzie
Crounse Garrett B T Leonard Strawu II C
Holcomb Sherman S K Samuel Taylor J Nor
wood Bowie Emory Tolbert Howe O W
Brown Todus La Hugh Moore Sunset R P
Webb R C Johnson Alvord A J3 Holley Den-
ver Col
At the Pickwick RL Terrell MIneola DW
Dyer Dallas John P Chawning Springfield
111 James P Portens St Louis V D Warner
Connecticut Hugh Burns Taylor C R Heath
Lancaster S C John Hough Jacksonville Ala
J Clay Jr Chicago G W Miller Winfield Kas
W W Blair Texas B A Osborn Louisville Ky
S H Soyster St Louis H M Leonard Dallas
C P Curtis Corsicana F W Brazelton Cleburne
Tex J T Logan Pacific express company W L
Hall Mavfleld W G and
Kv Coffev Memphis
T r A i i
defendants signed and printed a circular <
Litti j R6ck railwaV j t Hearne Wheel
Salvation Oil the great liniment should
part of every traveling mans equipment
With the new moon look out for cold weather
and keep Dr Bulls Cough Syrup handy
Onion sets Fort Worth Nurseries
liaclt Numbers of the Gazette Wanted
In moving our office some of our files
were lost We need for binding the
Daily Gazette of September 2 November
4andS Weekly Gazette of August 3
September 21 October 12 and 19 all
18SS Any person having these or any
of them will do us a favor by sending
them to the business office of The
Gazette Fort Worth Texas
We Are Headquarters
For bargain jn embroideries and laces
Randall Chambers Co-
P young lady of experience and culture
wishes to teach for one or more families
isolated from school privileges Will go
to North or Northwest Texas This is a
One opportunity to get a genial compan-
ion and an excellent teacher Address
furnished on application by C O Hem-
ming Gainesville Tex
Facts and Fancies Concerning Phonosrraphic
Eugene L Didier in the Writer
Phonography the only perfect system
of shorthand was invented in 1S37 by
Isaac Pitman a school teacher of Bath
England It has superseded all others
and is now almost universally used for
verbatim reporting It combines a per-
fect phonographic representation of the
English language expressed by the simple
signs formed of right lines curves
dots and dashes Phonography meets
all the requirements tor a complete
philosophical system ol writing It
is easy to learn easy to write easy
to read and capable of reporting
the most rapid speakers The old sys-
tems of shorthand were so full of per-
plexing and arbitrary characters and com-
plicated contractions that it took years of
intense and unceasing study to acquire a
proficiency in any of them and even
then it was not possible to make a ver-
batim report of any except tne most
moderate speakers Isaac Pitman had
studied one of the best systems of steno-
graphy for seven years and could only
write 100 words a minute And unless
it were written with the utmost care
stenography was as hard to read as the
characters inscribed on the tombs found
in the pyramids of Egypt
A shorthand reporter should be clever
and intelligent There is a story told of
an unedueated reporter who is said to
have rendered the wellknown Latin
quotation Amicus Plato amicus Socra-
tes sed major Veritas as follows I
may cuss Plato I may cuss Socrates
said Major Veritas Elihu Bur
ritt the learned blacksmith
once closed an address with
this sentiment Labor thought
honored labor may be the only earthly
Dotentate that shall be crowned on this
ing W Va H U Showmore Dallas Tex
John G Barry Bucyrus Ohio Benjamin Sam
uels Burlington Iowa Thomas B Ellis Rio
Janiero S A FGNicholson Galveston Miss
Annie Cordero Granburv Capt S A McMurray
State Rangers Thomas J Smith San Diego Cal
WH Ingram Wichita Falls A L Hawlev
Denver Col Alfred S Proctor Denver Col-
S S Savnor Sandalama Mer R D Bennett M
KandTRy Pat W Hall Colorado Springs Col
B A Osborn Louisville A D Walker Midland
Frank Crockett Texas C W Merchant Abilene
O McGowan Cotton Bolt Route E C Sugg In-
dian Territory L E McConnell Troy
N Y E C Dean Paris Texas
J S Berry StLouis Arkansas and Texas rail-
way Noah Stalling Paris E S Edwards St
Louis D C Duncan Chicago W Horton New
York D J Brpwn Cleburne O P Heath Lan-
caster S C John Hough Alabama City Caas J
Bales StLoais
At the Ellis Mr and Mrs Owen J Cooke San
Antonio JM Miller and wife New York J B
Wickoff Kalamazoo A D Chappell Colorado
Mrs M T Yeates Clarkesville Tenn Wm A
Alder L Benedict New York Geo W Signor
Cotton Belt AW Darling Carrolltown Ky W
D McNeil Svracuse J R Hardaway R C Repen
ning Chicago J E Tnlly New York R W Olm
bush Dallas J Altman Cincinnati W S Gil-
man Kansas City Mrs W H Johnson Dallas
H Gross Lampasas S B Godley J
Kyle George Anderson Dallas Texas
D W Spener Gainesville Bert Davis George
Wilsons minstrels J E Famsworth Austin F
W Stanbrough D V Cadmus New York Fred
Kalin Galveston RRubenstcin New York Ed
Cohn Galveston S Pinover New York L D
Voak and wife Texas William Cameron Waco
W W Wharton Dallas TD Cobbs Austin Will
Forrest Cincinnati Henry Hilbronner Phila-
delphia W H Cheatham Newton Kan C S
Fleming St Louis Fred L Gates New Iberia
La Chas Fred Tucker Dallas J W Stacey
Marshall M W Newsom Dallas
Two Thousand Five Hundred lien Let Out in
the Panama Canal in One Day
Panama Feb 19 Two thousand five
hundred men were discharged from the
canal works at Tavernilla on the lGth
The contractors continue to curtail work
on all sections and a strong military
force is kept on tho line of the canal to
3Ilssouri Forger Captured
Special to the Gazette
El Paso Tex Feb 19 Detective
Furlong of St Louis passed through here
today with W E Harrison tho forger
and his paramour whom the detective
caught atChihuahna Mexico last De-
cember Harrison forged a check cashed
by Cassidy Bros of St Louis for 2750
The forger then eloped with Mrs Sam
uels wife of a farmer living near Lex-
ington Mo and came to El Paso De-
cember 17 last spent several days at the
bull fights and then went to Cliihuahua
Mexico where he was captured Harri-
son is also wanted at St Louis for mur-
der committed a year ago 1700 was
found on hisj person ie
Seal of North
a delicious smoke
Carolina Plug Cut is
Shorthand in the Dark
Chicago Times
The Shorthand Review is a new candi
datefor public favor in Chicago It
edited W E Carson who is also the
owner Mr Carson is a
whose history is made up of
almost every state iu
Its contents show more
nary care ability and
One of the features of
young man
residence in
tho Union
than ordi
the present
number is the shorthand report of George
John English of August Spies Hay
markot speech The notes were made by
Mr English in a peculiar way He was
present on that memorable occasion
and as it was worth a mans life to be
seen as a reporter Mr English had his
book in his overcoat pocket and made the
report in shorthand completely in the
Angostura Bitters are the best remedy for re-
moving indigestion Ask your druggist for the
genuine prepared by Dr J G B Siegert
Special to the Gazette
Laredo Tex Feb 19
The contract
for the 100000 Hotel Hamilton was
today to Eiskatten Johnson of this
The Laredo improvement company
who have the franchise for the erection
and operation of a street railway in this
city have decided to operate the line by
electricity and are now in correspondence
with two companies for putting in an
electric motor
JL Feast for the ladies
100 pieces grosgrain silk 50 centsper
yard 50 pieces brocaded satin 50 cents
per yard 50 pieces moire silk 50 cents
per yard These are genuine bargains
See for yourself
Randall Chambers Co
J j Fine Hogs
For sale seventyeight head of
young hogs at Polks stockyards
Its superior excellence proven In millions ot
home for more than aouarterofa century It
is used by the United States Government En-
dorsed by the heads ot the Great Universities as
the Strongest Purest and most Healthful Dr
Prices Cream Baldnt Powder does not contain
Ammonia Lime or Alum Sold only in Cans
Of the Charming Actress
In Two of Her Best Creations
oc33aesc5 i3rf jE o o = 20
Matinee LARTICLE 47 Miss Lewis aa
At Night Lawrence Marstons Great Success
The Greatest of
Supnorted bv an Excellent Company
N B Miss Lewis Costumes are the Finest
on the American stage
1i3tilsca 3r Pclo Si 89
The Dynamo from which all lesser lights receive
their suppiy
Greatest Minstrel Revival Ever Inau
Geo 7 713tHi0232
Of WaltzMeAgain Fame
Entire Change of Programme Since Last Visit
New Songs New Dances
New Jokes Xew Costumes
Matter The Girl Who Passed the Butter
The Best Time to Propose BingBinger
Pearl of Tekin
One night and matinee Friday February 22
Washingtons birthday tho popular favorite
OLIVER BYRON supported by the charming
artiste MISS KATE BXRON and a powerful
company augmented by Little Marguerite
Fields the phenomenal fiveyearold actress In
his latest and greatest success the UPPER
HAND and Inside Track for matinee
Hereby announces himself a candidate for the
office of city engineer at the election April 2
subject to the action of the Democratic nom-
inating convention
To the Gazette Plea s > e announce my name as-
a candidate before the Democratic convention
for nomination as candidate for the office ot
city engineer of the city of Fore Worth at tho
coming election Frank W Kane
We are authorized to announce the name of
as a candidate for the office of CITY ENGINEER
at the ensuing election April subject to the
action of the convention
The Gazette is authorized to announce
as a candidate for the office of CITY ATTOR-
NEY at the ensuing city election subject to tha
Democratic convention
The Gazette is authorized to announce
as a candidate for city attorney subject to the
action of the Democratic convention in case of
election by the people If the council under a-
new charter have the appointment he vrill be a
candidate before the council
City Marshal S M Farmer hereby announces
himself as a candidate for reelection to the ofHca
at the election on April 2
The Gazette is authorized to announce
as a candidate for City Marshal at the April elec-
tion subject to the action of the Democratic
Announces himself as a candidate for the office
of city marshal at the ensuing election subject
to the action of the Democratic convention
We are authorized to announce the name of W
P Ledbetter as a candidate for city marshal at
the ensuing election subject to the action of the
Democratic convention
The Gazette is authorized to announce tho
name of
as a candidate for reelection to the office of
city secretary at the ensuing city election sub-
ject to the Democratic convention
EOBT A ROGERS Attorney at LaiT
Lock Bos 246 Fort Worth Tex
imported Stallions
We have for sale at Marlon Bros stables
corner Fourth and Rusk streets nine imported
stallions A rare opportunity to buy fine stock
helune or hTlaTeFTjr TA UM jvilltako
place from Fourth Street M E Church today
at 10 oclock a m Friends of the family and
the public are invited to attend
The funeral of the late DR BENJAMIN C
DRURY will take place from the residence of
Frank P Moore northwest corner of Walnut
and Texas streets at 3 oclock tomorrow even-
ing The friends of the family and the public
are invited to attend February 19 1889
The Steamer Jladrid Seized for Carrying
Arms to the Huytiau Insurgents
Sew Topk Feb 19 The alleged Hip
poly te arsou steamer Madrid noir
known as Conservia which sailed
from this port last Saturday for San Do-
mingo returned here this morning The
Haytian minister had libilled her in the
United States court in Brooklyn and the
United States marshals seized and
brought her back She is charged with
carrying arms for the Haytian insurgents
The Madrid reached the Atlantic basin
in Brooklyn about noon and a staff of
marshals was at once put to work
searching the vessel a cargo and an in-
ventory of it will be taken The Efay
tian Minister Preston stated today thai
his son Stephen had gone to Kingston
He would not say whether Gen Contreraa
accompanied Stephen or not It is sur-
mised however among shipping men
that Gen Contreras and Stephen Preston
had gone to Kingston for the purpose of
meeting at that port of Legitimes men
ofwar and seizing the steamer Caron
delet before the latter can reach Hip
nclytes territory The Madrid if she
succeeds in getting away runs the chance
o f falling into the hands of Legitime
HIIJHiid MMiifiiJttlS

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