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Benavides Facts
Benavides Insurance
De Leon Bldg. Phone 35
Benavides, Texas
J. L. C. Beaman, Sole Owner
“An Epco Publication”
Three Locations
^ In Pie dr a Lumbre
* Field This Week
Operations in Duval County’s
proven fields dropped slightly this
past week as a total of six new
oil wells and six new loations
were listed.
Rotary Benefit
Soft Ball Games
Are Scheduled
This week final arrangements
were completed by the local Ro-
tary Club for two benefit sof1
bail games to be played between
Benavides and San Diego clubs
The first game is scheduled for
Two of the new wells were in g.inday> November 5th, at three
the Hoffman Field with the re
mainder being in the Lundell,
Piedra Lumbre, Driscoll and north
Sweden Fields. The Piedra Lum-
bre Field accounted for three lo-
cations, the others being in the
Lundell, Cedro Hill and Long-
horn Fields.
In the Lundell Field, Govern-
ment Wells Oil Co., Inc., No. 36
Lundell flowed 81 barrels in 24
hours through a three-eighths-
inch choke with 470 pounds pres-
sure on the asing and 240 pounds
c-n the tubing. Production is from
sand at 1,540 to 1,549 feet, the
total depth. Seven-inch pipe was
landed at 1,543 feet.
Government Wells Oil Co. made
location for its No. 37 Lundell,
2,630 feet from the east line and
2,310 feet from the south line ot
Survey 140.
In the Piedra Lumbre Field,
Magnolia Petroleum Co.’s No. 41
o’clock m San Diego. The sec-
ond game will be played in Bena-
vides on the following Sunday
afternoon. Admission will be
only 15c and the public is cordially
invited to attend.
The entire proceeds of the ben-
efit games will be used to pur-
chase uniforms for the local troop
of Boy Scouts of America, spon-
sored by the Rotarians.
H. B. Haegelin, president of the
San Diego luncheon club is con-
fident that the members of his
organization will prove the best
r.en on the diamond. This state-
ment was promptly disputed by
Dr. J. C. Gonzalez, Jr., head of
the Benavides Service organiza-
It was confidently pointed out
by several members that if the
two teams were going to play
football possibly San Diego would
hold the small end of the score,
&, a
> /!/ VOT this
-.. y
Duval County Ranch Co. jetted [hut in a game of baseball Bena-
200 barrels daily through a three-
eighths-inch chike on completion
^ m sand at 2,134 to 2,142 feet.
Flight and five-eighths-inch pipe
was set on top of the sand.
^ Humble Oil & Refining Co.’s
No. 10-E Duval Ranch, 660 feet
north of well No. 6-E and 827
feet west of the east line of Sur-
vey 202; and the same company’s
No. 11-E Duval Ranch, 660 feet
southwest of No. 6-E and 660 feet
northeast of No. 3-E in Survey
202, are new locations.
Magnolia staked location for the
c No. 43 Duval Ranch, 660 feet north
of Well No. 37 and 660 feet east
of No. 42 in Section 201.
In the North Sweden Field.
Hiawatha Oil & Gas Co.’s No. 29
^BkParr was finaled for an initial
output of 138 barrels daily on a
five-thrity-secends-inch choke
under 350 pounds working pres-
sure on the tubing and 700 pounds
pressure on the casing. It is
producing through perforations at
4,690-98 feet.
In the Hoffman Field, Cox &
vides will have more than a tough
Fred Bradley was in charge of
the Rotary program Thursday
Last week Merle West was in-
itiated as a member of the Bena-
vides Rotary Club.
Benavides Couple
Weds In Laredo
Friday Morning
Dorcas Class
Party Wednesday
With Mrs. Paton
The members of the Dorcas
class met Wednesday for their
monthly combined business meet-
wg and social hour with Mrs. L.
Paton. Mrs. Tom Moore and her
group had charge of this social.
One feature of the entertainment
was to imitate the person whose
name one had drawn, so that the
rest of the number could “guess
It was quite illuminating to sit
and “see yourself as others saw
In the presence of a large gath-
ering of relatives and friends,
Miss Hortensia Farias, daughter
jf Mrs. A. O. Farias, and Abel
Izaguirre, son of Mr. and Mrs.
F aniel Izaguirre of Hebbronville,
were married at ten o’clock Fri-
day morning at San Augustin
church in Laredo.
Rev. Father Zavala of San
I'lego officiated at the ceremony
and also offered the nuptial Mass
.vhich followed.
The altars were beautifully de-
corated with tube roses and lace
fern. White floor. baskets filled
with tube roses were - grouped
about the altar steps and flank-
ing the aisle leading from the
front door to the altar were floor
standards in_ which burned white
Wedding marches were played
by Jose Compean’s orchestra
which group also gave several
Fire Destroys
Vaello Warehouse
Early Monday
Fire of undetermined origin
completely destroyed the ware-
house of the Vaello Sales Com-
pany, Inc., early Monday morn-
ing. The frame and sheet iron
building was in flames when H. F.
Koester, manager, who resides
next door was awakened by the
reflection of the fire on his bed
room windows.
The fire alarm was quickly giv-
en by calling Pete Coronado who
promptly manned the new fire
fighting equipment and securea
a fighting crew by sounding the
siren on the truck. The fire was
un'.er control in about 20 minutes,
but the roof had fallen in when
the volunteer firemen arrived.
The warehouse was originally
built for the former Vaello store
but was being used by the Vaello
Sales Company as a warehouse.
The loss was estimated at approx-
imately $3,000. No refrigerators
or radios were in the warehouse
at the time of the fire, but re-
pair parts and repair equipment
was a total loss. The fire swept
across to the roof of the Vaello
Sales Company building and dam-
aged the roof and mattresses
stored in the hack of the brick
The prompt action of the newly
organized volunteer fir.; depart-
__ j meat, together with adequate
< ’■uipment and an unlimited sup-
The next regular Parent-Teach- p]y 0f water was credited with
er Association meeting will be held j paving the entire block and other
Tuesday afternoon, November 7 j residences nearby because the
at 3:15 in the high school audi- j flames were fanned with a high
torium. Prof. A. N. Saenz will north wind which might have scat-
discuss the subject of “Fire Pre- tered the fire had it not been
Parent-T eachers
To Discuss Fire
Prevention Means
Benavides Boys
Carry Off Honors
At Dairy Meet
Benavides and Beeville tied for
first place in the judging contest
at Mathis Saturday, October 28.
The local team was composed of
Delfino Gonzalez, Enrique Bazan
and Jose Isabel Saenz.
The high point contestant of
the day was Delfino Gonzalez of
Benavides. Enrique Bazan placed
third while Jose Isabel Saenz won
fourth place as individuals.
rlhis second annual dairy con-
test was staged at the Knolle Jer-
sey Farm in Sandia by the Mathis
chapter of the Future Farmers
of America. This is the largest
Jersey farm in Texas where 500
cows are milked daily.
Benavides and Beeville tied for
Program Given
By Students
Tuesday morning Mrs. I.H. Me-
Neese Boren had the pupils of her
Piedras Pintas school present a
play at the Benavides school audi-
torium. Before the program, Ken-
neth Ballard, highschool teacher,
screened the sound pictures of
Robinson Crusoe and the Pied
Piper of Hamlin, which were en-
joyed by the students from city
and country schools.
At 1:30 p. m., Mrs. McNeese-
Poren presented the same play,
“7 he Hallowe’en Pudding” at the
I iotas school, where the parents
and friends of the pupils were
present. The characters in the
play were as follows:
Mother Witch—Addie Vela;
first place and second place was! Kai>vest Moon Pat Tinney, Jr.;
won by Orange Grove. Eleven
towns were represented.
C. K. Frazier of Texas A & I
College at Kingsville and E. D.
Beck, county agent of Jim Wells
County were judges.
A barbecue lunch was served
by the Mathis FFA at the Knolle
District Court
Disposes of Two
Criminal Cases
Another feature of the pro-
gram will be the screening of a
sound picture on the new pro-
jection equipment recently pur-
chased and installed for visual
instruction in the Benavides
qi ickly brought under control.
you.” A handkerchief shower was
Hamon No. 4 7 Points, bottomed I Riven for Mrs. J. T. Ross, former
* at 2,683 feet in sand, topped ac class President, in appreciation oc i nuptial selections during the mar-
2,678 feet, jetted 80 _ barrels daily the fine Christian example she riage service^ and Mass. ^ ^
choke. Five and a half-inch pipe | Mrs. Bill Hart, new president i ^C1:a Gaicia, sang Crucifixus
was set at 2,676 feet. conducted the business hour. Re-j ^aui'e and during the pledging
Cox & Hamon No. 16 Winnie-1 freshments appropriate to Kal-!ofIhe v_owsj Gounod’s Ave Maria.
Hoffman jetted 69 barrels daily lowe’en of chocolate cake wi
through a three - eighths - inch
choke from sand at 2,753-65 feet.
Total depth is 2,883,feet.
In the Driscoll Field, Conti-
nental Oil Co.’s No. 40-A Driscoll
flowed 195.70 barrels of oil daily
through a one-quarter-inch choke
upon completion through asing
perforations at 3,345 - 56 feet,
dip Pressures were 750 pounds on the
casing and 160 pounds on the tub-
ing. Six-inch casing was set at
I 3,381 feet.
M. M. Miller & Sons No. 15
(Fee, 733 feet east of Well No. 1-A
'and 466 feet south of the south-
erly north line of the lease in
Block 28, Ball Ranch Subdivision,
^is a new location.
<- The Texas Co. made location
in the Cedro Hill Field for its No.
31 Duval County Ranch, which
will be 990 feet from the north
line and 360 feet from the west
line of a 160-acre lease in Survey
Claude E. Heard
Elected Head Of
jtb j The bride was given n mar-
orange icing, orange jello, and i r*a£e by her brother Arnulfo
Cong. Kleberg
Speaker At A I
Short Course
Hiawatha No. 3-A
Southland Opened
New Paying Sand
Hiawatha Oil & Gas Co.’ No.
S-A Southland Life Insurance Co.,
Duval County Southland Field
well which opened a new sand
’.mat promises to he the area’s best
pay, flowed 198 barrels on an of-
-- I’al 24-hour test.
Entertainment ranging from | The test was made on a five-
speeches by nationally famous thirty - seconds - inch choke and
coffee were served. Plans were
made to meet next month at the
church and shower the new kit-
chen which is being installed in
the church.
J. E. Owen
Loses Father
On Saturday
Funeral services were conduc-
ted in Corpus Christi Saturday for
John H. Owen, 72, of Taft who
hoc? in a Corpus Christi hospital.
He was the father of J. E. Owens
of Benavides and had been a res-
ident of West Portland since 1912.
Interment was made in the Rose
Hill cemetery. The deceased was
a member of the Baptist church
and a Woodman of the World.
Owen is survived by his wife,
Mrs. Katie Owen; two daughters,
Mrs. J. L. Powell, Jr., of Wichita
Falls and Mrs. V. E. Tillery of
Electra; two sons Thomas B
Owens of Mathis and J. E. 0 .ven
of Benavides; one sister, Miss Ada
Breeder-Feeders J Killingsworth of Paris, Texas;
_ ' three brothers, Jesse Owen of
Dallas, Robert Owen of Paris and
Claude E. Heard, prominent
Beeville cattleman, was re-elected
president of the South Texas
Breeder-Feeder Association at the
annual business meeting held in
Beeville. Holman Cartwright of
^inero was named first vice-presi-
dent, to replace Chas. Muil of
San Diego; John R. Scott of Bee-
fjmlle, second vice president; Paul
Russell of Taft, secretary, and Ed
Neal of Beeville, assistant secre-
, New directors are J. C. Burns
of Goliad and W. A. Blackwall
of Cuero. They replace Chai’-
les Muil of San Diego and R. J.
Boeder of Yorktown. Other di-
rectors are V. T. Irby of Beeville,
John J. O’Brien of Refugio,
Reeves Brown of Mathis, E. H.
Buckner of Berclair and C. H.
i*Lupton of Victoria.
Mr. and Mrs. H. D. Cooper and
daughter, Marlyn returned Sun-
day from a two week’s vacation
trip spent visiting Mr. Cooper’s
wother at Waco, Texas.
Will Owen of Decatur.
Benavides Boys
Make 11 Downs In
Game With Freer
Farias and she was in a white
charmeus wedding gown fashion-
ed with long train and over heL1
costume fell her tulle veil which
was attached to her head with
coronet of orange blossoms. She
carried a colonial bouquet of
sweet heart rose buds encircled
with exquisite lace.
Bridesmaids were Misses Maria
Lilda and Jovita Garcia of Lare-
do. Other attendants were Mr.
and Mrs. Eloy Farias, of Browns-
vJle; Mr. ano Mrs. Adalberto
Martinez, of Hebbronville; and
Dr. and Mrs. Eulogio Garza, Jr.,
of San Diego.
Following the church service, a
reception and wedding breakfast
took place at the Hamilton hotel.
Tables were beautifully decorat-
ed with vari-colored fall flowers
and forming the centerpiece in
front of the nuptial couple was
the large wedding cake.
Later in the day, the bridal
couple left for a wedding trip to
Monterrey and on their return
will make their home in Benavi-
Freer Buckaroos and the Be-
navides Eagles met in Freer Fri-
day night of last week. The Be-
navides boys scored 11 first
downs to Freer’s 17 with the final
score being 27 to 0 for Freer.
The local boys threatened the
Freer goal when they came with • | Leon, Earl Carpenter, Jack and
Birthday Party
Given Sunday For
Marceline Bailey
Little Miss Max-celine Bailey
celebrated her eleventh birthday
Saturday. Since the real date fell
on October 28th and so close to
Hallowe’en, the decorations and
games were carried out in true
Hallowe’en motif. The honoree
received many appropriate and
useful gifts among which was a
gold watch.
Those present were Hosea de
in four yards in the first quarter.
The Freer team were held near
their goal in the third quarter by
the Benavides fighting squad.
The work of the Benavides
team stood out throughout the
game, hut they were simply out-
classed by their opponents.
Mr. and Mrs. Jose Garcia of
Santa Cruz left for Monterrey
Monday. They plan to spend two
weeks at Saltillo, Mexico and
M onterrey.
Jim Wilkenson, Bobby and Hel-
en Barrow, Norma Kent, Joyce
Halliburton, Virginia Lynn Hunt-
er and Birdie, Southerland.
Rev. and Mrs. Z. C. Chambless,
and daughter, Mary of Houston
Gardens church stopped in Bena-
vides Wednesday to call on Mr.
and Mi’s. Earl Carpenter, whom
he had known in Mirando City,
during his pastorate there. Rev.
Chambless was on his way to Al-
'ton, where he will hold a meeting.
agricultural experts to a h me-
eoming football game will be pro-
vided for visitors at A & I’s Elev-
enth Annual Farmers’ ar.d Home-
makers’ Short Course here Nov
Among the speakers on the pro-
gram will be Congressman Rich-
ard M. Kleberg, who will speak
Fiiday evening at 8 o’clock.
Other well known men and wo-
men will take part in the three-
day schedule of speeches, dem-
onstrations, and exhibits of live-
stock, farm produce, homemaking,
! a1:d other matters of interest in
! agricultural committees.
Seventeen comprehensive ex-
hibits will be on display in the
Cf '.lege exhibition hall, in the dairy
and cattle barns and elsewhere on
and near the A & I campus.
Two highlights on Thursday’s
schedule are the homemakers’
program under the direction of
Miss Aline McKenzie, Professor
>f Home Economics at A & I and
director of tie homemakers di-
vision; and the dairy program
and show.
Friday is 4-H Club Day, bur
programs will be given by the
Farm Security Administration and
the FFA and Homemakers, and
various judging events will he
Saturday, homecoming day for
A & I exes, is FFA Day, with more
judging events, homemakers pro-
grams, Farm Security Adminis-
tration programs and poultry
: liOWS, etc.
The A & I Javelinas will play
the St. Mary’s University Ra--
tlers on Javelina Fieid in an
Alamo Conference game Satur-
day night.
School Paper
Staff Named By-
Katie B. Adams
The selection of a^staff for the
Scholar, a tabloid for the Bena-
v ides high school, has been com-
1 leted by Miss Katie B. Adams,
sponsor. This week the second
edition of the semi-monthly wii‘.
be published by the full editorial
staff, headed by Jesus Flores, as
The other students composing
the staff are as follows: Associate
editor, Gloria Sauceda; Business
manager. Dorothea Shelton; cir-
culation manager, Julian Stock-
veil; social editor, Herlinda Men-
diola; Humor editor, Melba Don
Ghessher; sports editor, Ghenie
showed 865 pounds working pres-
sure on the tubing and 1,175
pounds shut-in pressure on the
casing. Bottomed at 5,365 feet, it.
is producing through casing per-
forations at 5,355-63 feet from
sand at 5,345-62 feet. It is 1,466
feet from the south line and 466
feet from the east line of Section
7, Ball Ranch Subdivision.
Hiawatha No. 19 Southland had
set surface casing at 519 feet.
In the North Sweden field
Hiawatha No. 17 Southland flowed
oil through the drill stem with
? 15 pounds working pressure on
a 15-minute test of sand at 4,~
755 to 4,763 feet, the total depth.
Casing was being set.
Miss Koester
Wins Honors In
Texas College
Nile Ruth Koester, a student at
Texas Lutheran College, in Se-
guin, was named a duchess in the
Coronation of the Queen of the
Homecoming held last Thursday
night in Seguin. Miss Louise Tay-
lor of Eden, Texas, was chosen
queen by the students of the Tex-
as Lutheran College.
Miss Koester, daughter of Mr.
and Mrs. H. F. Koester of Bena-
vides and a freshman this year,
also made the honor roll for
the first six weeks.
F. H. Rivera
Arrives Here Early
Wednesday Morn.
Wednesday morning a baby boy
was born to Mr. • and Mrs. Epita-
cio G. Rivera. The new arrival
weighed six pounds and was nam-
ed Francisco Hector Rivera.
Mr. Rivera, affectionately
known as “Pete”, is assistant di-
rector of the Benavides high
school band and explained that
from the exercise his son is giving
his lungs that he will make a good
member of the band in due time
Both mother and son were re-
ported to be doing nicely.
Two criminal cases were dis-
posed of in District Court last
Perfecto Garcia was sentenced
to seven years in the State peni
tentiary for the' murder of Lino
Estanislao Morales of Benavi-
des was given 10 years in the
Slate prison and his mother, Es-
colastica M. the Gonzalez, received
five years suspended sentence for
the murder of Juan Salinas of
Black Cat—John Garner Tinney;
Owl—Humberto Lopez; Ghost—-
Lucio Martinez; Little Witches—•
Mary Vela, Felicita Martinez,
Margarita Martinez; Pumpkins—
Dionicio Soliz, Leonardo Soliz,
Mikey Tinney, Ronaldo Gene In-
man; Apples—Narciso Soliz, Elias
Saenz, Archie Hooks, Jessie Vela,
Rodolfo Saenz; Stars—Celia Sa-
enz, Crisanta Martinez.
After the program, a party was
given the pupils by their teacher.
The pupils tried biting an apple
on a string, bobbing for apples,
candy on a string and pinning the
tail on the cat. Much laughter
■••as caused by some of the pupils
not succeeding in getting an ap-
ple from the water.
Mrs. Geo. Hookstra, Mrs. Mil-
lon Inman, Mrs. Sarah Kavanagh,
Misses Felicita and Amelia Gue-
vara were among the visitors who
enjoyed the entertainment.
J. J. Krauskopf
Injured When Pipe
Hits Left Foot
Convention Of
American Legion
In Hebbronville
J. J. Krauskopf employer by
the Humble Pipe Line Company'
suffered a broken great toe when
a piece of pipe struck his left
. i foot last week.
Hebbronville will be wide | Ear, Browder was hit on the
open” to the Amerian Legion of; hea(] by a ch3ater pipe Saturday
the 15th District Saturday and | causi a deep cut re<juinng sev-
Sunday when twenty-six towns eral sutures to close. He is em_
Ul11 corivene for the two-day con-,1()yed by Frank Stice Company.
mention. I Monday morning Buddy Kraus-
Guest speaker on the Sunday j, f> son of Mr. and Mrs. j. j.
program will be Fred E. Young,, Kl.auskopf fell on a tin can while
Dept. Adjutant of Austin at j and su{fered a painful
Prizes will be awarded to the, cut Qn hig c}]in/
best decorated automobile or float , Rob Moody injured his left
and a small cash award will be j f oofc when it wag smashed by a
[’-ven to the boy or girl having the; shooter.
best decorated bicyle. 1 rpbe
Steve Gardner’s Orchestra will \
little daughter of Mr. and
ohn Overton is receiving’
. ... , ,, . , Mrs. John ---*---- ------—0
furnish t e music oi e aiice j treatment at the Benavides emer-
Satuiday night. j g.ency hospital for’ an infected ear.
All of the cases mentioned above
rerewed medical att< nt:on from
the hands of Dr. Thelma E. Frank
in Benavides.
Mrs. Bess McCoy
Entertains Pupils
With Class Party
Tuesday afternoon, October 31,
Mrs. Bess McCoy entertained the
pupils in her elementary school
room. The entertainment was
planned and sponsored by the
mothers of the students in Mrs.
McCoy’s class room.
Decorations made by the chil-
d’en transformed a drab unin-
teresting school room into a spooky
parlor. Refreshments were serv-
ed and games played. This party
sets a good example for the
mothers whose children are in
other teacher’s home rooms.
Jewel Conn
Takes Up New
Duties Here
Miss Jewel Conn of Fort Worth
and a registered nurse arrived
here this week to take over her
new duties in the Benavides
Emergency hospital. She is a
graduate nurse and received her
* raining at the Parkland Hospital
in Dallas.
Miss Conn takes the place of
Miss Geraldine Simpson who left
Benavides recently.
Work was started Monday on
the new home for W. T. Morris on
the Benavides-Realitos highway.
Oralia Segura
Returns Tuesday
From Hospital
Miss Oralia Segura, a student
in the Benavides schools, return-
ed home Tuesday from the San.
Diego hospital where she had sub-
mitted to a laparatomy last Wed-
The new building for the Union nesday.
Church is rapidly nearing com- The operation was performed by
pietion and the congregation hopes [ Er. J. C. Gonzalez, Jr., and the
to move into it early next month, j patient is rapidly improving.
The Benavides football team was
l-eaten by the Bishop high school
Friday 31-0.
Mr. Baldomero Garcia and Mr.
Romeo Salinas drove to Kingsville
Sunday to take Miss Cloden Sali-
nas back to school. She is at-
tending A & I, and had spent the
week-end with home folks in Be-
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Stanscl!
who were recently married return-
ed Friday from their honeymoon
and will make their home in Be-
lift EffTy SON NETS
The Benavides Ponies defeated
the Mirando City Kittens again
on the losers gridiron 13-6.
Mr. and Mrs. J. G. Garcia and
children were in Realitos Sun-
The English Dramatic Club an-
nounced that they had cleared $21
on the program presented Thurs-
day evening at the high school.
Mr. and Mrs. Jose Canales an-
nounce the arrival of a baby boy
born to them Saturday, Novem-
ber 1.
MEANS plenty of necking-.
double Parking in streets
—National Safety Council

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