Texas Register, Volume 42, Number 40, Pages 5283-5590, October 6, 2017 (Listing Multiple Pages).

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Adopted Rules/22.EXAMINING BOARDS.html 6.8 KB text/html Download
Adopted Rules/30.ENVIRONMENTAL QUALITY.html 314.6 KB text/html Download
Adopted Rules/34.PUBLIC FINANCE.html 14.2 KB text/html Download
Adopted Rules/37.PUBLIC SAFETY AND CORRECTIONS.html 22.2 KB text/html Download
Adopted Rules/40.SOCIAL SERVICES AND ASSISTANCE.html 197.3 KB text/html Download
Attorney General/Attorney General.html 1.3 KB text/html Download
Emergency Rules/28.INSURANCE.html 12.1 KB text/html Download
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Proposed Rules/10.COMMUNITY DEVELOPMENT.html 40.8 KB text/html Download
Proposed Rules/16.ECONOMIC REGULATION.html 155.0 KB text/html Download
Proposed Rules/19.EDUCATION.html 26.0 KB text/html Download
Proposed Rules/22.EXAMINING BOARDS.html 245.3 KB text/html Download
Proposed Rules/25.HEALTH SERVICES.html 20.2 KB text/html Download
Proposed Rules/34.PUBLIC FINANCE.html 16.2 KB text/html Download
Proposed Rules/37.PUBLIC SAFETY AND CORRECTIONS.html 3.1 KB text/html Download
Proposed Rules/40.SOCIAL SERVICES AND ASSISTANCE.html 336.6 KB text/html Download
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