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•<tc*troj» the
i of tho dorfjSoratii
'jpynjjr W hjjio
the people jfltf'fhe ®0«rth^ cay ^jifver
eo-opvrtUV mid affiliate with the re-jiiott reeeiyeH
•ttblicftquanr ~£?$****> P*rij. «’« harenoW>w«ft
ler if ^imnVrti! Y,nG*'nG>-tho development of wmther
affttfbnnl party tlwrr'iihalf spring tip
brings Jjo--ouv m|u4a cojurntTmon-
day>ritu*r tn which the writer"ihiyw. # ,
3JUftel* Ham haa made much improve
out of jUawr imWMKk. a»ttLquc»liyns of ^Ithiu the pu»t low yeahu,. During
Janie* t). William*,’ [
Je^jjaJ^Tlrtdiann,' died Oitt
nre-not very much given to-ren
ft fhfmera. j'M to jKcjj^f^tc aitjurtfoi
T>r<fo®ci*l ijouyi rtwi thift lUrtM
[^^^^eock ran bebHwTthe atatojik^^l-i^ij
rfty of «iX„votofc 'rfvcr
for representative irom
• Xi«xahde|^-.j
don on (Jj* 141*t ii>*V
.Contract* for grading the Gulf,
Colorado and Santa Fe road from
Fort Worth to *Olohtlrnf ^rre Jet
laat weekand the work on the same
; j#hojv
nth. made by our JWhw* and
father* ii» tUe'days of slavery
a for us id folio
ay nnd time, oeght to bo the
in of every live' progressive news
paper man in
reports givc40»ir Matprlil * mul Finniicinl
Tcxa* g*Ve .80,000 majority for
Hancodk, the largest domoomti( ma-
jority of any state. Iowa gave 80,-
000 majority for Garfield, the largest
opublicRn majority.
Garfield ia Only lorty-nino years
old, bnt he ia the only man in the
United Htatw who can boast of hav-
ing had the houpr of the three high-
est offices of1 the government at one
tint*—congressman, senator - and
■ . . W ■ (W-
The North Texas conference M. E.
y the coupw of events and the
i-sts of the people a^aH suggest
in ffie not very dudm'it ftiturc.
lexests of each eomnywrifynioidnow
command th^j^eiTt ion of the life tnid
eiilighleijpj^uroidlsts of jtur j&c-
ive the people the no w *. pub-
facts of^bo ^ofTflial sit
y are—enlighten Onr own
< who, engaged wngi-icuiturr,
*■ ' ^ -Mr* *.....-
ff bS' taWhdHs! an express mad, which was
nit n't* J
djUUfl Transit.
eight days out GaG uMort. .xRbj,
Georgia a f«W ^
"" nr
incut ji^yiFt|Heil as a raj^eifiTw
gcjM*r.»l under Jackson, there was efi- _
. , iiiHiK'licana surround
Carried on horseback tn a pbtinenjjtoejyconstantly io-*t<i
ss mail
ran lhijoin^p-fljiur rhiladel]i^i
N'ewjGffcstni in tha,jb*fr^wonde£:«-'
Xew Yo*k, Nov. "22.—Tbe-Her*
Hahit, if wM?«Wb, makes 3^
fir divtAiug An% u* Iff- Ayor’s ja^ ?
most dcligWjid' «rc hnve .|MPa/iB»ed*
ffespm tfullv aiumum-c tfi the propts cf Ore-j"
•4Fk. MIL Y
swung altMiud the rider’s shojjJdcr,
each hyrsg on the line rrfh11hig-sixi-^^*
^ an^ eaeh ^ ^ **
aevcntji-fivij cents/^^tpt^sinail tTjl,lUlur
r«n ihMuBi^^rtibdci,,w^*«r' ...
NK" M>W VOHJJAm gmlfk !,M
~?Srs gs ■*«»-* - •
if tTtl- Woatffiftc FnK HfpmT>c. (A. L
provemfnt on KcndaltV horso line —-- »l«> -tnnd.) (
that we VTOTICE of fili?
i« tk* Maw York Democratic The the bounty
this morning printsjip;:
Hon. Iicve
of |___ ^
Staten Island, Uj
eouoty, N Y.j
gned by the offi
era! detnocratre elnl>s mei^TtncMi
whieH^is -rtiorchanfs and hankers, in which,
.putting off, of thejatteJt roeUin^Twnr earnest action in
oor debts, and Winch is 1 IjeMrtfor fho demociWtlc party at the
wo have h^cn pursnlugf^P^ late Election, they said: “It ia oi
calm jndgmejntrthittHlie truedilterest
of our <gountay at large and tho honor
of the democracy wcve'Tasoly sacri-
ficed to personal advantage and un-
reflcctivc malice of a man on whom
the party lias heaped itnnierited
honoi-s ami benefits. They conclude
as follows: Doeply convinced of these
facts, we, for ourselves and tor the
tho constituents which wo represent,
desire to notify yoO, and through
.you, th§ deWocracy of" state,- that
wc finally withdraw from ail politi-
cal sympathy with John Kelly, of
New York, and /that wc will never
would most decidedly object. We
have seen how by the substitution of
ibonds ft»r scrip, him! the cancelling
of old bonds, by tlfe Issuing of new
bonds, still ^bearing.,the very high
rate of ten ]>or cent, intereat, w>Ut
wevaro'atill, though a series of years
have passed, m possession of our
(jfignial debt. In addition to this,
our interest bearing warrants will
shortly be due, and when due, there
wlft bc six years aecamalated inter-
est thereon, making principal and in-
terest 19,600, if means are net*iovis-
ed" for lie pay ment fit ifiatorlty, onr
third proposition can be carried into
cflbct; nud the pfcymcpt ofythe debt
ret an led by the i«syanec/ of more
bonds. If this policy be pursoed,
in two years from now, we will'find
ourselves with a bonded debt approx -
{mating 828,000, annually taking
from the already over-burdened peo-
tJlo same tlmto last week. Kindly
gro^igt uwre exchanged between
the two bodies.
* y i ;m u*’ i*+i .1 --t.4 til
The president hasapjiointed Judge
E. B.'Turnor to United States dis-
western distal
of TeJrtui to fill the vacancy caused
l.y tho ihwth of Jftdge I>Uval. The
appointment meets with the hearty, ^ ___■■
Hancock carried ^aUfornia, Ne-
vada, Now Jersey* and Deloware
and tho solid south, receiving 166
,tfiebtoi4lThtes.<'H«d Nevr York gobo
democratic h® WodM haveheett elect-
ed with six votes more than the re-
quired number. But then there was
ttigl John- Kelly, the monster. If
Garfiald don’t rew«rd him, lie will
be very nsgratefal. ^ {
W* are indebted to the editors of
the Nashville, Tonn. Daily Banner for
tlieir daily interchange. The Ban4
Her ki tl»o best • paper in. Tennessee
and tn Ihbt is ihst bocotning one
tlio loading southern Journals, fbc
daily is furinfshed at the remai*kahlo
? loir price of flftoon cent* per week
and the woekly at one dollar per
' year.. Teqnepjcaus in Texas, who
ar» desirous of gelt ingall the news
1 and
t you
not how-sooii, from blij
", 1^.^!) W'lktpatigs
om UuH«e t*rv*oiiU iiM»v t:orn
’’ *
K»w Vk, Tluit-BT'ftVT.oc, sdinhij
irman 0f die csunu-tTr Wsr^nret (!)
hnviiyHWcn in tho Hoiuintkitf^k^Cl'ty Cixirt
'oniHiiehc C^'Uatjfj.TcSiwi, Uu uccoulit fur
liniil of -Man CKtntv.
v^JsmS^cysrs^ S3
of the Sftjtj^f'^nOnkll.v up]M-iir ut,tkc Tiext reguIiir Unn net sol
of the Hi)in> ri 1 bV'C'ounty ‘Court, to be fort-
dtp at the erturt honae, fa the t«vwn *»ffJ«|
tnanehe. Texas, on the fl ribAVplnwduVfuftet
the flrrt Monday iajlsfrfiary, A. It. I#*!, the
name iKfhuf tljt>Jaffh day of.'aaid month, tljen
tuid th*y>^to jeciitcat the wine if tiny aee
r to du «v,
iven ufutef my hand and the neal of *aid
court, at* office, in the town of Co-
mkai.. ninnohe, this tlie lltti day of No-
. —■ vcinber, A. D. 1880.
—------J. D. BONNBR;
Cl’k Go. C’rt GoinMitehe Co., Texua.
again, by onr monoy, onr moral mi-
fluene* or votes, supjiort the nomi-
nees of any state or national conven-
tion in which ho is permitted to ex-
ercise his former poriiigjous dictator-
thip . >
U^.Auetin eopibreiice M.
E. church north, Bishop Haven pre;- |RH I
srdlhS^iWWWi in Mas at pi* *2,800 in mtereat aWnm Otir .
• - « first proposition, that our taxes
should 1m* increased so that the entire
debt mgy he wiped oijt jfii the next
lew years, our heart mils us to urge,
slthongh recognising it • to be the
simplest, speediest and really the
; uost ecoqqmical in tho en<^ when
we see the. people strained to the ut-
most now in the payment of 81 45,
on the 8100, and have soon them
^ .
Editors' Polltloal Ptocramma.
Eort Wavnk, Nov. 19.—At a moot-
ing ot the democratic editors oi^^-
northern Indiana in this city to-day,r gg
it was unanimously agroed that the
following points should at once be
impressed upon the attention .of tlie
American people:
1. A change of tho constitution
of the United States, providing for
the election ot president and vice
president by a popular rote.
2. The election of, Umfod States
senators by the people of the several
states, instead of by the legislatuivs
<5 24 2*
• p* 3 ' P
"0 ® = >*
2 2.‘ ® ^ fv " ~
S' 5 g. P .® D§
^ (JQ - as _ ^ 3
ao ^ M » ** s
w ' ST,
T ® § ®-g-.g ®2.
t S"’* s » ° ”
00 ft. Oi- ®
?*< 05 5® 30
— Q 2;
oo C ■■ (KJ
fl . — 2 O
s: foo :
STv- O 00 f
p® o 2L
2^ G CS 32
* E
**• >-• p
3 crq g. _
tlie hair. -rdt'®»Stolres, yrltk tlie
on him nud bad yi^OaiWblji*
up. »b«mj
lo bandr-Mj3»rXnii,(Wi p ^ “* 1
in Umj u,^. _ . _
p. Tin two 1 MU
•BE «r
us anorrvl nukiUK ‘olu AWu,*
' forrpf iifair. atnriii fof(%M^
light, atifffod hair. In a rich brown, or deep
of the hair irntncdistetyf^tstasuaei anew Himwu, d “
growth Iu ilLtud wtrtfe tho jpamfe arc brMhr,.we«k, or
vjrlsedMiaaetl iialr, It impart* vitality
strungtli, mi«1'render* ir plUtttl./ . THBMg
The ’Vjaon clc*n*e*tlie *c*lp, cures and bigl/, br»
prevent* the formation ,<>f dandruff; and,
by it* etKrtfhg, *iiinulat|ng, and *00111111*
rties, it heal* most if not all of the
humors and disease* peculiar to the scalp,
keejjjag-lwool, clean, and soft, undek-
lich conditions diseases of tlie scalp anti
hair are iinpos|lWer^ •'
for Ladies'
The Vigor is .incoraparablc.J*'!* c®
less, coiitattls neglter oy..*Of*(lye^siKfwi 11
in parts an
yftstr old uabrmrdwtr
d‘H lleevet Im
7§ t»n Mt idfle of ntek alid otii'r^^^
Igor is Jncom
mtains neiilier
e^eaintiric^^Jenmpans an sponTde^ "Yulm-d
le for tlie
unsurpassed in its excellence.
Prepared by Dr. J. C. Ay*r It Co.,
Practical and Analrtleat Chemist*.
Lowed, Mass.
9 2-
know thereof-.',, -y
bligbt, drouth,
and doeper
destitution may be felt. We say
AgrtIVi wc have not the heart to urge
increased taftc, and yet w®k8f®
firm In the belief that we have not
in the past, and can not in the ftituroJ
under our present system- diminish
our debt, hut will find our taxes oon-
sumeU iu expiiuafts aud iutei'ost. We
are glad we hare struck the key
note—oxjxmscs and interest—and t)t<4r employes.
this brings us to our second projw-
sitioti, “our expenses mbit he reduc-
ed,” which we wty ft»Uy eater Into
next week. If jrou have the good
of your county st heart, don't say
let expenses and interest go until we
aro riefryr. orqur county morp set-
' » O
g a® cb
*< jph
N-* 35 Tg-
® 2
J ? « 2
» o < &
i® ? S H
_ S. «. o
S3 Oq SSD 2
rD B ^ N-s
g £2*
Ague Cure
Is s purely vegetable bitter and nower-
‘ * 1 tiy and
(I vear* uld, I.Kiknii(N
left Hh(>iiUWrltnd lIx»-ifflAlrt>iili«t
VTJ.JjU'd Ht $W
old, 14 httTi(1ib bijrh, lirtnulfd
slMMiTdep^ A'ulw(1 st
j- . r— _■ ful tonic, and l*. warranted a speed
O O- p M— 155 'pertain enre for Fever and *
m ------*W" - - and K
at f!.r>. >> ^
AISH7 before IW Mine Hurtiorittf U . T
Merton. Autfuat I8,1SH0, H b»v uWlLJ
t’tui', white hinil'fiTt, 6 or «’ve*pToU |!
bind* high, briui'lcd \Y on left '*huul(U. U
Reft’**lt 4 month* old. Varied at $*J0 '
Ketrayed bv I TI Rlnoot tx-fore Vm,»
Brown, J 1* precinct No. 1, May L um
Olio buy burst; abuuL fe v«*an uW, • ^
'hHiid* high, branded 1(5 on l^ft -|
Ollt* Rplfel hofM* nhollt K VfHM f
hand* hi^h, Irrnml Indiseribdltm lirhtAsi
One mirrelthorsi'siMfutH or »j
_____ ,l_L
shoulder. The three vnhied st $115,
Kst rayed by It. W. Lurk Won Milfc*
Brown, •! T present No. 1, Sept. 24, MM
dark , brown horse, blaze fact about U
years old. about 14A bands high, brand I*-
deseribnldeon left shoulder n blotted Sauik
brand on the left lup. Valued *t$|k.
Kstravetl hv B. F. Stephen* Wore Jim
Terry, J, P, Precinct No. 4, RentenfoS,
1KS0, s sorrel ms re, 14 hsnd* '■in* Sllita
iiitfd 1tH white, f> year* old, hninded - •
** 4
left shoulder.
a speeihr amt . One sorrel horse, 14 hands high, 4js*
1H80. a bay lmnte, 9 years (>ld, 14 buk
malarial disorders.
triets, the rapid nulae, coated tongue, thirst, I y*
la*aitilde, Iom of appetite, pain in the back ! “Kb. bnmded PL eenm eted (the Prevrtd
and loins, and coldness of tho spine and | “id hslf-cirele under it on left diouhbrut
extremitis*^ aro only - premonitions of I W witii an undeseriliatdo brand under Hm
severer Symptoms, which terminate in the j left thigh, left hind foot white, *mkl!t aad-
ligne naroxYsin. swerecdod by high fever j ed. Valued at fsHO.
and profuse perspiration. 1 J---------- ■ T "
"Rtniycd hy .T. ^r T!oiobsfbdhtc1
ling fact, that quinine, arse- [ Crump*.1. P."Precinct No. 8, September 10,
jKiisonoua minerals, form tho 18W), M bav marc shout 11 vvfin old; M
w—*’ a m,« bauds bigfi, branded (J* uli left dioald^hl
a'Ttnrrel colt, four- , itomths oli j* .
branded, also one two-rear old horietBt'
utibramled. The lot valued st 48.
8. A imKeious peviKimi of the prus
ent tariff in the intenmt of the pro-
ducing and industrial classes.
4. Vigorous opposition to the in-
troduction of,cheap Mougolian labor.
6.> Appropriate legislation bv eon-
groas for tho taxation of greenbacks.
6. Opposition to tho controlling
r»f lifoertinna hy the defendors of the,
national ndminiHt ration, high and WAPfl STAfrll T. T N TT '
low, and against coercive meastircs nUUU u 1 n u £i hi 1 It D .
M s. a
E g3 M .BE
■ « o » 53
■ « S' s- 2
- .8" g s-ffi
b • , cw CL i ... *...
Ket rayed by T. .1. Ashman
' It is n stnrtllni
nic and other jml____f
Inst* of inoet of tins " Fever and Ague
Prc]wir,itiori*," " BpeetfiPS,^ "^Fyups,11 and
“Tonica,” in the market. Tlie prepara-
tions made from these mineral poison*
although they are palatable, and ma\
break the chill, do not cure, but leave tho -------. ., . . v. „ . . „
malarial anil their own drug poison Jn ,< rump,.I I., 1 rennet No. .!. AuruR 11.-7-,
the system, producing uliiniain, dizziness, u sorrel mare with sticking cult snd os
ringing in tho ears, headache, vertigo, and yearling colt; the mam is about 12 y*sn«
other disorder*. Wore formidable than tlie | 14 hands high, branded HB counartre H
disease they were Intended to cure. l,.(\ shoulder and 2 on left thigh; rolU *<
Avek's Ague Cork tliorongldy eradicates 1 branded; ■- Tlie lot valued »t $40.
these noxious poisons, frnm the system, ( , jj^traved t»v Jubn Wnlkrr before fas*
ss. .fir i
its certainty to cure, ia that it leaves the I One black borne, 15 hjmds nwt. •"* .
Hvstciu us Irco from llllSISS »» lietore Hie I jplit (t ur 7 year* old, bmmteu p
St ■
ing with
coal Mda-HMflr
mr • .,
7. Hceuring tho homing of doo-
tions in ill states on th® first Tues-
day idler the first Monday in No-
jeniber. - ,
8. We protosj against any tinker-
ing with the finances of the country
and''tntpress unqualified condemna-
tion of tho presumptions proposition
Uod, romembor every ten yeafts "we of ttecrotury Hhemmn
pay the debt in interest, whilo the
original still remains. And to those
who are opposod to agitation, jpt me
aSk : Is it nothing to pile and fasten
■noh a debt upon onr county ? Is it
arssAVtrs £ «s :*
9. A (Remand on the present eon-
wisdora of their fathers t
/ ! “Bocajw.
gnnly Use Hard Timsi.
jsa, iBWittigU
cnhnti ti iry~ ~n
w-ssIf. ; M| ■ M<j|
gross to instUulo throughout a
senrehing investigation of the charges
that the appiivut niayorily for
Garfield ami Arthur in the state of
New York was obtained by fraudii-
illegal means, to the end
a^^t;s«jisii. am-
A cave in eastern Tennessee is
two miles in length, and has opening
at both enTls. The ownor df the
ground around each entrance charg
ed for admission, and acted as guide
for visitors, Their rivalry led to sf-
rioiis fight* tn the rave, tor each heir)
-FlfflS- —
Gonncytion* promptly made with *11 line*
in all directions. .
the other to lie a UnapAasor. Then
one of the contestants hit upon a
novel and effective means of raining
the other’s business. IIs sank a
shaft to as to admit a large stream
into the. cave wt about the center,
and, as there was an incline in a fa-
vorable direction, the watqr poured
out at tho enemy’s portal. While his
own was-wnohstmeted. The:
Read is to be made the subject of j
jfilanit. :.u..g . .. _____
Xatss of F*rs to Osmpsts with say tin* in*th*
(UU, sad Us* as Quick. '*
. R. M. OAKNKR, A|CL Comancb*.
Officr at the Post-office.
'* 1 V ,
By tke Car Load
For Liver Complaints, Axga’s Aovi
Cchk, hy direct action fin tlih liver-and
biliary nppuratus, drive* out the poison*
which produce these complaints, and stim-
ulates the system to a vigorous, healthy
condition. .' _... . '
We warrant it when taken according to
Prepared by Dr. J. C. Ayer & Co.
Practical Bud Analytical Chemlsta,
_- Lowell, Matt.
sold nr all DtiuodtsTs rrzTirwnzire.__
WheelTrishts, Carriage & Vap
Will bo found nt tlio
snd also repnfring done st the old shop op-
posite Bwitscr’s shop on North Miiin Street.........
<SR*A11 work done on RMi^llMke, 1^ ^,U1"
good style and on Kcasonslile terms.
WrAll Work Warranted.-kea
Give U* a Trial. B7-ly
Saloon anil BiUM Hall!
left thigh, Iihi* a smiill hell uli. jV
...One Jhbunut Hcrrel niSVe, 8 »sjad4.
saddle-mark(it <m bsck, 'branded DC
thigh. „
One l>sv insrc nnd cult. S nr 7 rare*
14 hand* iiigh, left tun*-tuulshte»W*>0C
uu left shoulileK f~‘ “j r--—1
One black mure. 8 or 4 year* nld, W
‘young colt; mure ir 12 hand* high, brtM*
Si LA-on left shoulder. The b t Tsiuetis
Q.KO. D.lfOOD,
under Mt HiUiiUttr
, n-h v
West Hide Tub. Square, OOM ANCIIK,
None but the best brands of Liquor* *nd>
Cigsn kept in the bouse.
The Colobratei Moosircli Whiskey,
Which is scknowled by *11 gtiqd Jtidj^es, to-
Seat and purest in the market, constantly on
hand. Also the purest and lieet hramLl of
11 ran<11 nos. Wines, dee. -
■ -r- ^ ' v —' T '.
Don’t fkil to eall at the MONARCH
hew you e»me |» taunt.
AM'OHOL for medieinal purpose*
. cou-tsiiily uH-hmwL J —' t:
Ilmilfvau (Krslk. C°->)
Monufiteturcrs’ Agoni f°r
DAVIS & CO'S SYntioiiarj-attf^
aide Steam Engines awf Boi^l«f ^
1 to 100 horse power;
Muehinerj'. SliAfting, ‘YJJ’ ^ .
ing, Bolting Cloth; ^mn . |
and Ptchros, Steam Pipe am |
JIi uhh Goods and General T
Iron ltooftnu «
Correspondence solicited. ^
. r-‘
This populiir new eAL>on m
ing in favor," «* fix'
pthfis then foe.....'rmi'H.C
tirme hot the very
•0-IKlN'T rot’ EOIIIDB it*
If yon,want a |
JtJUtNAMili/- A A pTyr**'
1 '
mtmlh. W L. Ssrtvi-o
isrsftary. * JH
i.uugu No. 481. F. A AHd
lunU* nUd**''11 or.hufim. tbu f„
7v,.rv moiitlLjrJ^M. Franklin,
. Prcjtririfig at tlie
r^,.„l,y uL«»™ month by the
Sday night.
_‘ug n* wng
f^caghTlttintll nt_
Hjirrie, jmm>
r >•»
SwfiEkLAXP r*X«B
^ rfn.- the first Wet
frefiddyl in Jsmuir
’ September Hint Noyt3nt>cr.
BU»tf8atj»>ot<8 tfrt jn rigii'ljif 1
Motubei* in fyhrtmi
bgUateiflid Ntivendd.l^^S^
gSkuiiiiRf*?^ V
ft BIG BLI;B-%^ofil Voml
?idlh*« ihtft V yourij
-'your A Milwtfnjttl
Wo takoA«uiis mol
forniing>o<are It'ih iiojiowJ
, y ou in person,
[ Ad holiday
TOti’s hull in on tlio^
Twft fires
ioddor Cotn'aiieTio.
» '
11 )f course tlyiec will be a(’l|
00 ftirjJrc little oneb.
luivo boon hauing notn
v* breezes Ibis week.
[The nearer tiir milroiMi-
,|be more ii*regiib»iv,
IHirirttiiss m-eti+niiig t
pyrtf^are begin ing (fr lay
>liday goods.
[Prof. Timmins observed
[ving da^- by suppondiim. hi
Ir Thursday^
[3fr. W. C. S wit/or had
lily maslicd IjihJL Wodiicst]
rgo iron falling on it.
[ Ret wool) UGoon purl oigiitl
cd bales of cotton bare bol
^d from Comanche this hi .J
Tlio official coHrtt for dial
Irncy publisbod in Inst wool
^onhl have betnr an tWIowsf
1 not 1)111.............
etT Thank*.
II desire to return my mn«t sine!
|thy Hook A Ladder company nl
rn« fpicmily for thoir kind n-f
■Arc Inst Saturday night, "^t
fort- to fhVo 111 v JiropcTtV kbn|
rgnncfi. Itciipcitniltv,
" __ C. J |
Wedding, , \ t - - ■
"Mr. nnrt Mit. J. E. Htr
Gto the tenth ann.[yel
^oir wedding day last Wj
niug. inrge unmb
^emblod at thoir reeideiied
tb thebt t in present s. M r,|
spared no pains in royal
lining tboil1 guosts.
I flood Business
[ As as evidenced hat our nl
only to take a look llir|
The largest sfo
ought to Cnmunchd \\oiv|
this full nnd the merchf
. to repk^Heb wveml
|>H thoir BtocIdH have ri
HComigg. 1
hristirm* U coming nnd every I
niing to think of present* for I
•hands, friend*, nmlMmi mil
g A. L Hamilton havti)ken f
rlock ami lmiught nil an iuml
.the mwfAf fiiiff mdsfoamnAnel
linawsrc, dolls, picture* and pi<|
liuuu, and ’ in lin t ovi rvUiinu i
Ipnmrjatc f,,r „ Christnms |irt>i
8ng snd old. (Jo *ee hi* strti'
*" t-ogiii. m,i| suiivt 11 lircsctlt
p <>ne* nnd friends.
®»t Airy,
| IVe.have'beeR coditoblv
kt the manager of the Cel
decided to lay off utoj
[bittenburg survey, four il
[wblin neai tbe Kratli and (1
Minty Uiic, <0 be clifisenl
|iry. nnd that lots will be f
next month. The
PH be die nearest railroadl
^munehe—about 18 mfk
[n ivoro also inibrmod tlui
Y-for grading tiig rtt>n|
en let to Reil Gap in
,,n1.v,»at whirrh point 1
pH be made with the TexJ
"’foiC. guticnng ami Job .
•“Si nn short notice, • hvl
rknicn ami „v enemasblc o is I
U sey. •out),, n.l cornet «f TJ
vr.. ,v

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