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Page: 321

..., with Lowe-Campbell Athletic Goods Company, Dallas Division, which was later absorbed by Wilson Sporting

Page: 408

..., Indiana); George Campbell (1875) married in 1906 Lida Alma Sellers (1891); John Wesley (1878) married

Page: 486

... on April 6, 1930, and married John R. Campbell on December 27, 1950. They have two daughters, a son, one

Page: 529

... Morgan Campbell MORRIS, FRANCIS MARION F846 Francis Marion Morris was one of a family of six. Four boys

Page: 694

... Cathy Campbell. Alvin Wilham (1911-1976) married Reva Humphries Gaustad. They had four children: Gloria

Page: 771

.... Telitha Ann (1845-?) married Calvin G. Womack; Susan Frances (1847-?) married James M. Campbell; and Mary

Page: 779

... Faye Campbell, then later married Bertha Bowman after his first wife's death; Bernie Lee and Thomas Ora

Page: 789

...543, F755 Cammack, F1133 Camp, F1265 Campagna, F1054 Campbell, C2, C38, F18, F171, F284, F437, F492, F

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