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Shoppers In /
> _ •
We pertainly pride ourselves on
tiie showing of tailored -suits,
and coats, we have for Easter-
tide and spring wear. With the
wool goods market the worst in
history and traffic conditions as
never before, we have gathered
a stock from which no good style
is lacking. We have complete
size and color assortments, in
styles that all bespeak and
breathe newness.
I nusual Suits priced____$25.00
Fspecially priced coats .. $20.00
Lovely Blouses For Easter
• • ’ * *
Vou will have little trouble making a most satisfactory selection from the
unusual variety of styles we are showing.
• Georgette Blouses $4.00, $5.50, $6.50 and up to $10.00.
I Crepe de Chine $2.50 to $6.50 I I
b ' I'1 ,
Dainty Silk Underwear For Easter
C>epe de Chine Gowns ranging in price $5.00, $6.00, $7.50 and $8.50.
The most beautiful Teddy. jBears ranging in price $2.25, $2.50, $3.00 and up
N’ew^and novel fashions in corset covers 69c and up to $1.50.
Glove silk Bloomers $1.25, $1.50, $2.00, and up to $2.50.
Ladies’ Voile and Organdy waists. The best value ever
shown—$1.00—all sizes.
Stamps and Help Win the War
Safest Place To Trade
Bonham, Texas
The trial of Ed
with the murder <
Plant! Plow!
Serve and Save
Buy Liberty Bonds and Thrift Stamps
We must whip the Kaiser. We want to
supply you with planters and plows
and all kinds of farming tools.
Buy a Thrift Stamp today
Bailey Hardware Company
a a a r: a uaaaaaaaoa!
«* n
8 a
M. M. Jackson of route i, out of
Ladonia, was here Friday and order-
ed The News.
Nelson Ivy of Bonham, route 3,
was here Saturday and ordered the
R- J. Phillips of Ector route 1,
. was in the city Friday and ordered
the News.
Mrs. Jennie Johnson of Corsicana is
here visiting her son, Ben Johnson,
-and family.
We are pleased to add the name of
Mr.s Lizzie Adkinson, Bonham, route
2, to the News’ subscription list.
Ed Fortenberry of Honey Grove
route 1, was here Friday and had
the News started to his address.
J. P. Marshall of Lamasco route 2
renewed for the News while in the
city Friday.
Rev. Arthur Bridges, pastor of the
Methodist church in Dodd City, was
here yesterday and called at The
News office.
J. H. Parrish of Bonham, route 2,
was here Saturday and enroled as
new subscriber for The News
F. G. Pike of Bells was in the city
Saturday ^md renewed his subscrip-
tion to The News. Mr. Pike formerly
lived a few miles from Bonham.
R. O. Owen of £eleste route
was here Saturday and ordered the
News .
G. W. Withrow of Bonham route 6
was here Saturday and ordered the
T. T. Anderson of Telephone has
enroled as a new subscriber for the
J.' H. Griffin of Anadarko, Okla.
sends a dollar to renew for the News
To all hotels, restaurants and board-
ing houses and everybody serving
meals, to the public:
Mr. E. A. Peuen, Federal Food Ad-
ministrator for the State, requests
that all sugar bowls be kept olf of
SAVOY HAS SALE t1"""".......t"11.............................................................................................................
A large crowd was in Savoy Sal-
uiday afternoon, the occasion being a
nog sale. The people of that com-
munity are noted for being at the lore
:u many ways, and one cf their
strong points is hog-raising. They
STRAY'ED—One black mare mule
coming three years old about 15 hands
high wearing leather -halter—R. F.
Dodson, Leonard, Texas. 97-2t
The Mothers Clubs of Bonham in-
vite every man, woman and child in
or near Bonham to come to the High
High school next Friday at 4 o’clock
to hear Rev. Ernest Quick 1.11 “What
the Women and Children May Do to
Help Win the War.” Mr. Quick is a
forceful speaker, much better fitted
in this being e Britisher. Eight oi
his kinsmen are .now engaged in the
terrific struggle over there. Don’t
fail to come Friday at 4 p. m.—AH
free. Of vital importance to ever;
Crops are looking fine.
We don’t hear of much cick-
ness in our community at present.
Mrs. Sarah Fogle and family visit-
ed Mr. and Mrs. Epley of Lannius
Mr. Mitchell and family have mov-
ed to their new home on the Holland
Mrs. Joe Jackson and children spent
Thursday evening with her mother,
Mrs. Sarah Fogle.
Mrs. Maude Fogle spent Tuesday
evening with Mrs. R. P. Carruth.
Bill Curry spent Sunday evening
in our. community. ‘
Mrs. Joe Jackson spent Monday at
ternoon with Mrs. Joe .Moore. '
Miss Lorene Huggins, tea* her o!
the Corinth school has resigned.
R. 1*. Carruth and family visited th<
t’hurch of Christ at Bonham V;unday.
Miss Fay Henry visited Mr. Mit
chell Sunday.
Miss Dora-Fogle spent Wo'ncsda.
evening with Misses Bonnie and The!
mo Carruth*
Bross Holland has purchased a nev
Brisco car.
Mrs. Sarah Fogle has purchased «.
Ford car.
• Bill Curry was in our communitc
Fi iday night.
—Two Kids.
Another one of those unfortunate
Sunday automobile accidents occurred
yesterday, something The News re-
grets to chronicle, but which comes
in the order of news chroniclings.
It appears that Lee Brady, J. T.
Clark and O. T. and Dee Clark, sons
of the first-named Clark, were in an
automobile out on the Gober pike,
near Moore’s Chapel. Like a great
many other people who feel the ex-
hillerating effect of having a good
car under thetn, the above named par-
ties concluded to try the speed of
their gasoline burner against that of
another traveller on the pike. The
results were anything but satisfying
with them, although their opponents
seemed to have gotten off without a
The car in which Brady and his
companions were riding turned over
and over several times, just about a
quarter of a mile this side of the
former home of Tom Cox, finally
coming up against a barbed wire
fence. Parties who saw the week say
that every wheel was torn off the ma-
chine, and possibly other serious dam
age done to it.
Mr. Brady was badly hurt, and Mr.
Clark seriously injured. , The boys
were more or less injured. _ A1‘ of the
party were taken to Allen Memorial
Hospital, and a report from there
yesterday afternoon stated that the
boys had been discharged, but that
the two men were still there, Clark
getting along fairly well, but Brady
being in a had shape.
There is a moral to every story of
this kind—a moral we should all
heed—but will w ? It is true time
is fleeting, hut there is enough of
it left for us all to “get bv’ without
racing our cars, thus flirting with
death and giving the under’akers a
chance to fatten their averages on
bank deposits, while we furnish the
solo part of the man ahead in a
journey to the churchyard, riding
slow enough in this last time on
remove the bowls before the inspec
ter gets to you.
County Food Administrator.
your tables, and that you serve each not go in for scrubs, hue
oi your patrons with only two lumps stock that is either registered or sub-
ot sugar at each meal. I am taking jtH to registration. Some virv fine
tins opportunity of getting this in- animals were on exhibition, and the
formation to you in a nice way, and 1 News reporter was told that cne gian I
want to assure you that unless you who lived south of Savoy, had a sow
comp'y there will be a man around to hoi which he paid *810.' This price!
investigate and see that you do re- seems enormous. People who have
move the sugar bowls. I am sure been paying high prices for bacon
you will appreciate it in my calling a,e inclined to think it beats what
your attention to the matter right they have invested in hog flesh,
now, so that you can, if you have However, the hog man said the hog
bcen viol?tlng thls.rule about sugar,|was worth it, and he is the man that
paid for the animal.
Some of the hogs were auctioned
off and brought good prices, which
was interesting to the. owners of the
^... stock, but the point The News wishes
FlNERAL or Hires ANDERSON strcss is that these hog tales are
’ * • good things, inasmuch as they stimu-
mn a.! ha* had her first taste ofLa^e {be business, of grow-iug good
death account of the Hun. The vie- animals, both for show and sale,
tim of this monstrosity in human There may be some more tall: along
lorm, the Hun, had not gotten to the this line in The News later, as we
battle front; he had gone part of the are inciined to think that a hog
way, to a training camp in Philadel- sale would be a good thing for Bon-
phia there to prepare himself for hanif since there were peoplg in Sa_
the light o\ei-seas as a sa.loy on I voy who lived as far away as forty
biard of one’of Uncle Sam’s man-o’- mileS; not one of them> but £\,veral. *
wars-men, when death claimed him.1
It was not his sacred privilege todie
on the field of carnage, but his death
is none the less glorious, tor he hast There were a great many people in
given all—his life for his country. Bonham -yesterday, the square being
Rufus Anderson, the subject of this literally lined with automobiles. The
article, left Bonham about a year ago farmers arc up with their work very
tor the naval training schoo', where I well, and are now simply waiting for
he died a few days since from a dis-1 a rain. Udtil this comes thcrc is no
ease that seemed to have baffled the
use to try to do anything.
The handsome bungalow of A. Sis-
son, situated in the northwestern part
of the city, is nearing completion. It j Bois d ’Arc Friday.
Come again, i .*. <
'March 22.—Health is very good at
this time.
Farmers of this communitj have
about all of their land plowed up, and
most of them have their corn plant-
We still have a few cases of meas-
les in this community.
Mr. Claud Marshall of I amasco
was in this community Sunday
Mr. and Mrs. Anderson are visiting
Mrs, Anderson’s mother and father.
Mr. and Mrs. Joe Marshall at Lamas-
co this week.
Mrs. - Watford, who has twer visit-
ng her son at Pecan Gap. returned
home Monday.
Miss Viola Hill called on Mrs.
vugett Monday afternoon.
Miss Alvie Fugett called op Miss
\ ernie Hille- Tuesday afternoon.
Mrs. Tow or v called on Liza Fugett
Tuesday afternoon.
Granpa Bailey and Grandpa Earl of
t-onnius were in this community last
Tuesday afternoon.
Mrs. Johnson of Bonham, daughter
i Mr. McMillan. is spending the
week with, home folks of.thiF com
Mi’s Viola Hill called on Miss Lillie
'ToMillen Wednesday night
Mr A. B, McMAlert wont to Bon-
“m Thursday on burlness. *
Luke Fugett and son went to tan
mis Saturday on Business. .
Mr. and Mrs. Towei-v wen to .Hail
Thursday to see his mother <] fnth
Joe Hill went to Do.dd City Frida-
on business. ,
Luke Fugett went to Bonham Fri-
day on business. - *
Mr-. Watford is ' • - g ber daugh-
ter, Mrs. Ethel Davis.
Charley ‘Anderson went
skill of the army physicians from the
start. His remains reached thip city I AMERICANS DESTROY GERMAN
Saturday and were hold until-Sunday J TRENCHES
afternoon, when a service >\as held
o\er them at the Hrst Baptist church,l With the American Army in France
this city, being in charge of the pas-1 Thursday, March -21.—Enenn first
tor, Rev.' Ernest Quick, the funeral a„d-*econd-line positions on'a part
sermon being preached by Rev C. C. Lf the sector east of Lunev,lie have
Haislip, former pastor of the dead been destroyed completely by Ameri-
boy, assisted by Rev. J. P. Morris, can artillery fire. After the raid into
another Baptist minister. . the German positions last night U.a
ne berean class, oi which Rufus I American gunners shelled the posi-
was an honorable member, attend- tionP hc.avily all pight and th;3 morn_
eu the service in a body, accompanied I ing.
b-v tbe leacher, Mrs. J. 1-. Rayburn J* Today a patrol without assistance
and as the manly qualities of this I from the artillery crossed No Man’s i.
estunable young man were r eing ox- Land and found that the fil£t and j
.oiled nearly everybody in the vast second lines hail been wiped gut. The
t .rong wept—wept for the loss of the patrol also obtained additional inform-
cy so young in years who had to lay ation and returned without casualties,
down his life; wept f<5r the aged the Germans apparently having decid-
mether, whose anguish knew no
bounds; wept for the venerable father
whose grief was too keen to be ex-
pressed, either in words or tears;
wept for the thought that Rufus’
answering the last roll cab, with
taps over his bier, was bnly the be-
ginning of what is to come to moth-
cis, fathers, sisters, wives sweethearts
and fnemls who had assembled' to
nonor the' memory of the sacred dead.
hollowing the service, which was a^
solemn a requium as was ever held,
the march to the grave w-as ‘aken up,
and the remains laid to rest in Wil-
low Wild, where the flowers of the
.elds will wave over Rufus’ grave
through the ides of summer, while his
comrades go over the ocean to meet
he foe in desperate encounter; a foe knows no mercy and gives no
quarter. No morning reveille will
wake his slumbers; no booming of the
sunrise gun will disturb his peaceful
‘reams; the assembly will mean noth-
ing to him, and the gentle, undulat-
ing tones of taps, as the night bird
^ in the trees, will have r.e allur-
ngs for him, for he sleeps that sleep
.hat knows uo waking nil the great
trumpet shall sound on the Greg L>av
when tithe shall be no more, ard the
tanners of battle shall be furled for-
ever. - •
Farewell, ‘'rave boy. Y’ou have done
ail you can to serve your country,
the supreme test has come to you,
and you have met the issue. May
your dreams be peaceful, and your
'ast bivouac be in the land where the
breezes blow o'er Etysian fields and
.wars never come. - ,
When in need of
e-J not to molest them.
Artillery firing by both .-ides on
this sector continued' all day.
' On the sector northwest of Toul. a
number of Germans deserted last
n'ght and surrendered to an American j
patrol in a certain wood. The Ger-
mans approached the American? j
shouting, “Don’t shoot.”
The prisoners were turned over to
the trench. Much information of
value lyas obtained from tin desert-
ers, who said they were “fed up" with
the war and decided they would
rather be prisoners. Included in the
information obtained from the men
was the statement that during the gas
projector attack against the. American
lines on Feb. 27, 900 projectors were
emphiyed. One-half the projectiles'
tired fell within the German lines and
the gas overcame many of the Ger-
mans. The next day, according t<5
the deserters, eleven Germans Were
killed and thirty wounded wiiile tak-
ing out the dead.
American Inteligence officers are in-
clined to doubt the story regarding
900 projectors.. American -information
is that only seventy-five were used.
*An American patrol last night en-
tered the enemy first line and re-
mained there six hours,- but did not
see any of the enemy. It is reported
that the Germans recently nad con-
structed trenches that are concrete
half way up inside. -
Great activity continues held ml the
enemy lines. Within the laid four
days a number of rock crushers and
concrete mixers have been brought up
and there are signs that the Germans
i.nteniLto construct a number, of new
pill boxes over the American front.
‘Several trains of material have ar-
rived at towns in the German lines
during the la^t twenty-four hours.
Today’s reports say that three
— v i —
. Kargod tshentan, T«x„ Mar. SL-Sthu Co-; B. Clark, wife of the l.te
engaged rtnc Savage, aeventeen-year-o .l school Cnpt. Jaa. B. Clark, for manv rears a
oirtriet court pn girl, whf, was found in on umonscious resident of Bonham, died at h.'r home
il guilty and was ctmuitiofi in the basement of the Cen- j in Austin* last Tuesday. ” -
- j wler
the attention'of (be ^ IF*' J“' A ^ years a
Frulav He ouni. 0 —-.- -......— .........-]■ — ««e ven- , m Austin* last Tuesday. Mi s Clark
assesed a punishment of twenty-five tral High school here yesteiday of-1 v‘e,n from here to Austin* with hlr
war tak«.^riS MTS JST
up yesterday. T^e ekire day up until piuil this morning at 5 o’cl >ck. .Both she and her husband'had a great
press time was tiikej! up in selecting Miss Savage made iu r home with njany warm friends in Bonhsm where
a jury. Ibis cas? d attracting more her grand™cm.. Mr. and Mrs. J. B.! she Uught, and where Judge Clark
attention.then an; - that has ocen tried Savage of-this. city. Superintendent practiced law. Thev were ooth oeo-
here for a long -ch.le The Leonard J. C Vy\e of the city sciomls declare! pie of the best culture and were trulv
and Trenton communities, where the sne was; one m the brighter gi. Ls in educated, mind and heart and spirit
crime was- committed, were well rep- her da,| making high grade, in all and body, having been wisely trained
resented. Mitcheil, as you will re- o her studies. i \jr, riark i u ,
u , ^ , . L , i • - “s- wiark is, survived by one daugh-
member, shot his wife in the face, I__y____ , - --- — e
some time during last fall. We are • TH Wk
informed that th< defense will claim ! . * ‘S ,
the shooting was' accidental. desire:to thank the good people
o? Bonham and surrounding
WACO TEACHER 1$ HELD (muntty ^>r their kindness and gen-
etr. Miss Edith, and one son Carrol.
--x-- - *'
Arrangements are being made to
com- k<k,‘P a Tdpiplete record of all Indians
viJjjerve in the Army or Navy dur-
I NDER A 1.1 kTn ENEM Y act!( ;’u' 3'i‘-tance since the destruction ;the war
Waco, Te^as. Mircji 22.—Max Wer-
kensenthin, teacher ip the Waco High
School, has been Jletx ined her; by an
agent of the Department of Justice
A -presidential! Robert Grant. Murry Shields Fllen ic v j i i • ,
K,'j ^Ml| Hel™ »~l Paulinu ulcting the X* IStaS
duration of the Jeffries attended the District ,, 6 , H * * uje national
' tian Kn.l.-avur m« hs t jh-r„ £ ^ ^ f”"* ^
hi forbidding playing it
a? an aiien enemy.»
warrant has been
Ins interment for
Mr. Werkentfii J htJ? been a teacher Sunday,
at the high scheii ,for the last four
years, being in charge of th.- class* in
physics at the tJpyie / he was aken in
to custoily. He/is p years old and
was born in Hefjinl according to his
ov.h statement, land has been a resi-
dent of tile Uni/edjStates for the last
nine years. HW fii/st attempted to se-
iure naturalizaiioff pafiers in 1915. he-
oi our hbusehold good by fi;e
C H? Smith and family, T j The new submarine fighters which
Ivan hoe, Texas are bemS bui,t at th^ ^ord plant will
____x_ be known as “Eagles” and will con-
IN j SHERM AN SUNDAY , stitute the Eagle class of boets.
says, but either the absence of rey
German airplanes fle_w over various qnired witnesses or #4me <>tb i cau.-e.
parts of the American front line at a< > oroing to his statement,, prevent-
dayhreak and fired the-jr machine! hd him froin securing his firs, papers.
guns oh our positions. The r efforts
however, were without resuL.
His name was among those who ap-
plied for naturalization papers during
the mst term of tjie Federal 1’ourt in
a cross
will be remembered by The News
Come to us. Our line
is complete
■s ..... *
Rush Catron
n \l> no : i.noKiNt; w i i f
• readers that this family w,„ ar- , frimnrj nf rr.!r#
nut tim* back,
. I irowfi Eyes,
n»H | SHe of Sq
.. * ■.%
A large building located < if th-- '___
block mar Hodge & Lee’s .store ii, j Oats are reported hot looking -o
Dodd City caught fi.e Sunday ev-ning w.-lffm IncalitTes Th > w
ard burned to the ground: The build- ond lade of rain hr. said to b, Hie
ing was one which had been moved cnnse>.
from the lot w here the Fir -1 .State __ ^ ^__’ *
Bank is now located The fact that Good advertising copv w. U di<-
|it was covered with a met4! roof piayrd ln a codntrv weekK. and aH- the fire from spreading to other vertising goods f-r w-hic-b- there i.> a
. building?. A small amount of hay rural denjand. is n? well placed as
v. a? consumed with the building.-7 he advertising can He.—Phil. (' Bing
origm of the fire is unknown The Professor of Journalism in the Uni-
store room WP.S th? propert,. pf Be. ver»)tv of Minn*«nt* awd
d*r. ffoor„* o#AHor.«y Grov*. r.rprrt
Moj>t men want their clothes to combine the suggestion of
business •responsibility with new style ideas. That’s the
kind of clothes we have Here now ready for you to pick
i from’ t0erU W P't’Ht .mult What >ou want in ‘he way
ot patterns, 1-olors, smart styles and fair prices. You
couldn't ask more. Our shirts, ties, hats., and other fur-
nishings. you will agree, are just as snappy and clever as
our s|iits. We'll look for you to call shortly. No hbliga-
tinn U> buy. We’re glad to show you.
Rogers Woodward & Rob-
| * . ‘ f
erts Company

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