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TH OfTlhUST Apr H 19 1974
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IV 4
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(Continued from Pago 3)
rind as an Assistant hoitM
manager at Sing Song.
t was given th 'privilege of
"beings a' member of the Senate
Advisory Council that functions
-in the capacity of an advisory
board to Kenny Wilson the 8A
president t am aIo presently
one of tho co-chairmen of the
Colicgo Housing Authority.
' I .also foci it is paramount that
our class achieve a high degrco of
CHRISTIAN Unity through our
fellowship together; this area
alone is possibly the single moat
important consideration.
The area of student
government In my opinion that
"Is the moat lacking M the
non-peeaenee or eompicee
communication between the
student body and the Senate
Again I feet It U abeluteJy
necessary for the etas to assume
a greater .role in student
government. The student mwt
be sold on the necessity of
Senate. This en be done by
enUjuelnttieelly projecting senate
. accomplishment and goals.
' Bob Boyd
OpportunMe for service
present thsmeelv to u m many
ways every sky. One of tbeee is
now before me in service m
otlteo a tne vvee proMciont ot
sne Bjopneaaore evaes.
PatnWarKy and abHHy m
Ml U oABi & cUuiinaHASI I A aBaJJLaljdl
oiuNunb gvfv ihhwii i to mmi
through work in the areas of
felvlal organ teetkm of a welt aa
later participation in a brand
new student government. Out-
side of those activities I've been
LLuuJ nanl Ma stAjaljuiiJalsi nvfMsla
enee in organisational opacities
m church work ether school
functions and on tho Job.
The only aerious problem our
SA appears to havo k' one
common to most government
organizations; keeping tho'
student body ns 0 whole actively
interested in its activities.
Otherwise I must commend
them for a job well done; rind
can only pledgo that If you my
peer give me the privilcjje I will
make every effort through God's
help to make our SA come even
more alive for all.
Chuck Frman
t here enjoyed serving you
very much thl yeer. 1 deeply
appreciate your support end
eon faience in me personally and
m the eiaac officer as a whole.
'I am planning on seeking the
office of Vice President sejant
next year. I have gained valuable
practical experience in leader-
ship thla year m a result of my
work with our student senate I
was aleo privileged to attend a
leadership conference In Delias
recently which has helped me
gain additional experience in
dealing with people.
One weakness in Senate I m
dearly see since I am a
freshman Is that new members
of the Senate are confused
concerning the many activities
ACC is Involved In. I believe Sing
Song Is the best example of this
JPvO HwW e
Since the great majority of
the freshmen have little or no
knowledge of what Sine; Song
actually Involves I feet guidance
t9Uf i let iittf 4Mmiaaj M aJAkla
iWV JaWWy ernsTVWVI e TWfW
IfJfcaa. JPlJ IP guaa-yi-V-t-l 1.4 tBaLaWh
ttttyj" FltgBejnv m9tVt IRfrTV
Jamjaja-JBLja-J gunn gBjnBksjlM-kga-l
nvaejnjjBUg vsRn JPeBlJJBBnyftng
senator be assigned or volunteer
tel ml a eeJall .1 J -J
hose who are lees knowledge-
H9TO H (Bl)gp snvHt1
I humbly ask your support In
the upcoming election and I
again thank you for your great
help to me this year.
A form of panic seems to have-
swept acroas the Abilene
Christian College community
this semester. The apprehension
k mainly due to unfavorable
publicity the college has rcaVivcd
from media coverage of certain
ACC student.
The publicity has caused
several people to draw rash
coiietueioM based upon gross
gewevaMaatien and rumor.
The first tnttsnee of
unfavorable publicity occurred
when the news of an alleged
ACC student streaker hit the
front pages of many of the
nation's major newspapers. The
streaker supposedly ran past the
DATA fountain wearing nothing
but a hat cape and tenma shoes.
Accusation were made
questioning the attitude and
motivation af the student body
that were unprovable but led to
' The second Instance began
ieet semester when nwcottes
ettleere raided tho heme of an
Roxann Smith
Our freshman year has b'on
outstanding. Wo freshmen have
the reputation for being
intelligent and enthusiastic Wo
have much much ' mor
potential That is why I Have
enjoyed serving a your
secretary . That is why I an now
seeking your support for; the
aame offiea for the coming yar
KisjardW of student council
eatpenenne; m Hagh "aaviootj one
year of service on the ACC
Abilene Intercollegiate OouneM
my moat eWdeive e;uiintbori hi
the knowledge that our dam can
be the most constructive
positive forward-moving force
Life and progress produce
difficulties. We arc alive and
progressing. We have difficulties.
More counseliHg for our majors
i needed. More free entertain-
ment U needed. We need morn
-student involvement In chapel.
More mutual Involvement with
McM and H-SU wlli broaden our
horlson especially educational.
The solution to. our
difficulties is an active working
etaes. To have an active working
ekuM we must have a soHd
foundation of supportive
innovative officer workkeg for
aPWa gaPjrwavgVaPH aF 94 arTPelir
fteese place your vote
knowingly and aerefuHy. I wHI
work for yen knowingly ami
eerinfiy. -
ACC student and found over
fourteen pound of marijuana a
few grams of hash and some hits
of mescaline Seven people were
arrested in connection to the
raid and just last week the final
trial of the seven was held here
in Abilene.
According to news report in
Wi3 AMW"J rwfjaOCwWT'AWWp9f UHI
itlTmttf -"H-J k kftJ AU1
several pound of marijuana and
various assortment of other
drugs to ACC mi MeMurry
student. He ako testified that
all hi social club brother had at
one time smoked marijuana.
I want to point out these
charge have not been proved
and probably wiH never ha
subject to court actios. Whether
the charge are folee or Just
unprovable I eaanot say but I
do fee! they were cxiggirstkm
Matiku Wv a V J! laaaji ejmasujid
Weaaaann Wk Itrwaj RWHf
thrown back and forth between
people of the surrounding
GQ'jM'vwII'lHTjr Ws"w 4wviMrnHvvrMaOA
Don Garrett
My namd'H Dn OHrrfttt and I
am '" sccifing tK office of
Sophomore senator. I feot like I
am a logical choice and would
make a good senator.
I served In many responsible
leadership position in high
school and 1 served thla past year
oa af freshman senator mid aa
co-chairman of the College
Housing Authority.
CcrUlnly much more impor-
tant than past poeitlons ftre the
cuestlonii concerning the future.
Why am I seeking the office? I
fee! that thes is .an eneenant
upportunity to serve this school
and to serve mjr peer.
What would I do for the chts
if I am elected? I would try to
vm flpiitny mtwt9j ) miiw9h
Wtdown to the typical student
after he finish hU first yeor of
school Many feel lee inclined to
work in their das and to take
part m It activities I beneve
tht thk apathy should be
The chut should have more
function together a aclaav. The
das should take some of the
strain off the Students
AMoctation in proving activi-
ties. Claa unity will definitely
be the most Important
consideration for me if you elect
me.4snter for next year-
Max Lucado
A pnVMeal offiee (s not so
laasdkam aajflafaaaftjHuBBB2 sLanaiialsaaf W
k'inVk ffVIWItvingajMi Jlrwn
wvtrnrW VQ9JM Ws niVenH wJs5 t kW 9VH
threes QueJiffcattons that you a
Wbt! PWrwWI lapw aiwm JP1l
a tJu taVMnfLMajavJt 1nbeal
wWxa99an WW WPianjfjV aWaj
and the faculty and student
body. One such allegcllon I the
grosc ovcrgeneraliifstlon that 90
per cent of the. supposedly "joac
heJrs" at ACC smoke mariJuMe.
Not only k that charge
unprovable but aUe 1 feel It to
be untrue and a rash premature
I urge the ACC eonununity
net t judge anyone because of a
rumor Mint U being apread
MaAlualal ay " LsaJSjAMatLasi w " itnlitt
9flrW9FtV H MVtJWVniaTtf wwy
reported In the media. ACC I
not made up of a bunch of
dope-head without any sense of
morality. What it U made up of
i generally a body of Christian
dedicated to God and Hi wtH.
That k not to say that every
now and then something will not
be done by someone on campus
that not only I contrary to the
law of God but Is also against
the statutory law of man. Jtut
when it does hap) aw; It MM
doesn't provide an excuse io
prejudge any particular person
or group of .people in a rash
axmeralisation. '
-f '
. -a -
i - t . r
fJ 9aWaaaanaa a2Wv gnr nTfVBanan
JainamsW Waamn)
amTivvtj jinii
en aWWW efy gg pajpng
uUAJgU Ut M JUKJBjgKKaiJtBjUft Vjn
PaTtPTTl HHr W wWnvBfwvv W '
WW HVw RwJw9tj99. vl TW
speed or beauty that river rhay
poseeM It hrw certain pools that
havit fallen Into'inetcapflbld pits
wfid'utagnsted. Although ACC I
generally on m upward trend
there arc definite pool of water
that need to be cleaned!
I strongly support: . . '
1. Working committee fn' the
area of housing finance and
spiritual Ufa .
2. Clnrt activities '
' 3 increased emphasis on
competitive activities that arc
presently keking in support. -
I ask you to exchange .your
vein for action I aek'fer your v
David Pippin
.and one. year connge sMnsaMt
I cJHMH to run for Sophomore
dm aenator for two primary
kom: 1) That the aophomore
(&m need progrewive' free-
thinking student leader. 2) I
ako sensed some bc area
where ACC need reform
especially in the are of meal
tkket reform and the monopoly
power of the student bookstore.
Both of iheae problem could be
resolved through active student
Win iwtfWPi nwr 9mlW9a 9T
aaknolaj aiuett nbn naJ sjkdun LWnp
anxJVfJPi'aj IflllJ 9WP9I 99911 9T 199fy
The bookstore prohlsm eeuiel
be AlsilwlAsil thrniirii a nlnAiat
fnai niwavvireesrn evvaifwrajii sjv nrprcennasv
ann9jlan9nldalnUI amtf Hhd9
aasnnannnji fPT
Aaeeietlo at- she
h both aenaese).
Thk type of healthy eemaeei-
jeipmj vvnnaS Of H "JlVnWwW laPnV
forward for th ACC student.
v 9JWir g Imanj "v9Q ajajaja
taWf atA Udaat taW nuAguiAlJ at.-
WaaT nWan. anw awaraj PsPalPpnax ai.
anttaakgaaf &ufajMakCk tmtm aWhBBanAr tm Lj
IgrWah 9Trt9Pfarpnj ajnraj faaanaajiBj "Ar fJaPaT
ArOC aWHHNlt I WlNlM Wfm i
iju-ggi SahdMK ansa&ananUThnl Aal lanal
TjawfP9lr4"np aW JPajg aauupj apafcvgjairrti
en Paw9PnaBpmj svaaaannBnT
er to brother"
s" fvr
Last week Dean Reauchamp
urged the SA to "go brother to
brother' to try to help those in
trouble with the Uw. I would
add to that not to prejudge or
draw generatiMtioM of anyone
er any group -f people beeansa
of the length' of weirhajtvor
their aesodatlon with someone
who he broken' the law.'v ?;''
- - - ..H-.M. - y
' (Ik&tr k Oftkmkt wB
e? arPjaanpaanyej aPavfn ajasBjBnan
"JnrrWPe f W9P MIf P
W) W7-W11 tKt M7 m 4J9
Intmfl WUanWdhl Etlttn
AM! n IHi"aaPPFD amvfVVV
Msaigtsg Editert Alen Miller
Iftmwitel Editors: Kathryn
Thompton W ityle) Lee
Johnton (fine 'arts) Rick Hagar
Senior Writeni: Sue lone Jenny
MuWw Brent Stutimen Sutan
TumKll Jim FuHtright Cheryl
MMegrapbrr DevM Dhvd
AeNwtfhmg: Mike Showalkr
Dr. B. E. Devi Facwhy Advisor
Kdheriel on the ophuen page
fapment me vtewi of me Oph-
ffHrW 1 99i 3t9JVVnl TrStVltVnH 39991
ttarUptl ilunikaM laninnunn t aha
einvPM tJtPaTWffrfW rvptfvn' 9J9J)
ptrseest views of eke author.
TanaW lauu BUanall n fmaanaj ean sr
iwey ! fjp"jP pi ntvy l9Mr
cenfMct wnh Ac Views and
poticie of the ACC admbmtra-
Hea. Ttwy Me piesented m an
effort to offer varied viewpoint
me cdfeer worthy of feeder
The Opthnitt k anWetod whh
1CXM lwl9fCOP9MM liNNW AMtlt
iviimtvmvim vtfvpfpf-v JrrPf9 MW
1taUU(nB4hJ VdmttALamMm A - -
tmyrtm VBjBnJranreaaanj afffiaeiBM "
g - .1 -eaWTW

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