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.Counters In Each
Period Give Locals
Decisive Victory
w Passing Attack Clicks For
Touchdown Late In
First Frame
Hall Intercepts Pass
McKinncy Tyler Cherry Set
Tempo For Scoring
Opening up the throttle in their
1035 finale Coach Frank Kimbrough's
Cowhands smashed over Texas Col-
lege of Mines 40 to 0 Nov. 23 to spoil
the Muckers homecoming day and
cinched a bid for the Sun Bowl game
in El Paso Jan. 1.
The Ranchers tallied in every per-
iod and used their entire traveling
sqund of 2(1 men in their rout of the
heretofore powerful Miners. From
the opening whistle the Cowmen took
the situation well in hand although
they were slow in starting and scored
only once in the first quarter.
The initial counter came late in the
period after a Mines' punt on fourth
down was blocked by Simmons and
recovered on the Mucker 20. After
two plays nt the lino failed Mahuron
tossed a long forward to Scroggins
'' in the end zone for touchdown. Cal-
laway converted.
The Cowboys pushid over two more
touchdowns before the half ended aft-
er running the scale in the way of
offensive plays and playing in Mucker
territory most of the time. Passes
and line plays played an important
part in both touchdown drives the
first of which started on the Hnrdin-
Simmons 48 and ended with McKinncy
plunging over from the two-yard line.
Callaway again converted to put his
team ahead 14 to 0.
Shortly after the kick-off a Mines
pass was intercepted on the Mucker
47 by Cleddie Hall who made a
beautiful one arm catch with the arm
he does not carry in the harness. Ho
had a clear field for a touchdown but
Vas he said after the game the shock
of successfully intercepting a pass
was too great so ho just fell down
and was content with that. From
here McKinncy and Tyler led the at-
tack down the field with a display of
laterals forwards and running plays.
McKinncy went over for the tally
from the one-yard line. Green failed
to convert and a few minutes later
the half ended.
The Cowboys unleashing a sizzling
nttack with a mixed first and second
string team swept the weakening
Muckers off their feet in the third
quarter chalking up three more
touchdowns and kicking one point
The first counter came with big Ed
. Cherry ace Cowboy back in tho star-
ring role. Mines kicked off over tho
goal lino and the ball was brought
out to the Cowboys' 20. On tho first
play Cherry took a lateral cut back
side-stepped dodged and streaked C9
yards before ho was brought down.
He picked up 0 yards on tho next play
and carried the ball over on tho sec-
ond attempt. It was a brief glimpse
of tho bald-headed powerhouse but
enough to convince spectators that he
is one of the state's outstanding
backs. Callaway failed to convert
and tho Cowboys had a 20 to 0 lead.
It didn't make any difference re-
gardless of whom tho Cowboys had
in there. A few minutes later Mc-
Kinncy passed to Harris for 38 yards.
McKinncy made eight through the
line then 13 through tho other side
and Howell scotted over. Green con-
verted to make tho score 33 to 0.
Fondren fumbled tho Cowboy kick-
off Simmons recovering on tho
Mucker 25. Howell sprinted around
his left end for tho touchdown and
Selfridgo failed to convert to give tho
visitors a 30 to 0 lead as the quarter
Tho Muckers battled viciously de-
spite tho overwhelming lead through-
out tho fourth quarter and held tho
Cowboys from further scoring until
lato in the period whon another block-
" ed punt tho third of tho afternoon
chalked up by tho fast charging Cow-
boy forwards gavo Simmons tho ball
on Mines 33. Russell skirted right
end for a touchdown and Hall drop
kicked tho extra point to make tho
final count 40 to 0.
When you define liberty you limit
it when you limit it you destroy it.
Dial 2-0095
Takes Team To Sun Bowl
Coach Frank Kimbrough guiding star of the Ranching camp in
his first year as their foreman has led the Cowboys through one
of their most Impressive seasons in history. He takes his squad to
El Paso New Year's day where Hardin-Simmons climaxes a full year
In the Southwest Sun Bowl classic against New Mexico Aggies.
kkkkkkSt nWPSiv vS?5 SMI
Special To Run
Plans arc under way for a spe-
cial train to be run from Fort
Worth to El Paso for the second
annual Sun Bowl classic between
the Hardin-Simmons Cowboys and
the New Mexico Aggies that will
be played on New Year's day.
The game is to be played In the
high school stadium which is one
of the finest in Texas and is built
on the Rose Bowl pattern.
The special will leave Fort Worth
on Dec. 31 and will return on
Jan. 1 or 2.
The football team the Cowboy
band and probably the Cowgirls
will ride the special.
A minimum of 150 students must
sign to go if the special rate of
$6.85 for the round trip of about
900 miles is to be in effect.
Intramural Game
Set For Monday
The Brand-Bronco-Pre-Law football
game scheduled for Friday afternoon
has been postponed until Monday at
2 o'clock.
The game is postponed because of
bad weather and lack of equnipment
but will bo played Monday. All other
games will be played as scheduled.
Tho tilt which will be tho first of
tho year seems to be in tho bag for
tho Pre-Law club which has a more
versatile and faster backf icld than the
The writers however rose to great
heights last year against superior op-
position and it is entirely possible the
trick may be turned again this year.
o .
Former B. A. Students Get
Magnolia Petroleum Jobs
Three former Hardin-Simmons uni-
versity students nrc now employed in
tho accounting department of tho
Magnolia Petroleum company. Tom
Provence is working in tho Dallas of-
fice Irvin Munn in tho Pampa office
and Grayson Ray in tho Wichita Falls
Provccc Munn and Ray received T
A. degrees with majors in business
administration. Dr. W. D. Rich i'
head of tho department.
Richardson Spends Holidays
Collecting Data For Book
Dr. R. N. Richardson spent tho
Thankseiving holidays in Fort Worth
whero ho did research work on a chap
ter which ho is writing for a "Texas
Baptist Centennial History" to be
published early next year.
The book is to bo written by sev-
eral prominent people in Texas each
ono writing one chapter for tho vol-
ume. The chanter which Dr. Rich
ardson is writing Is entitled "Bap-
tist Scholarship and Literature." His
research work was done at the li-
brary at tho Baptist Seminary in Fort
Cowboys Honored
In Chapel Program
Successful 1935 Squad Is
Introduced By Coach
In a chapel program set aside for
that specific purpose tho cntiro stu-
dent body of Hardin-Simmons paid
tribute and gave special recognition
to the university's 1935 Cowboy foot-
ball squad a squad that has risen
to a place of notice in football circles
this season.
Fulfilling the prophecies mndo last
spring that the passing season would
mark the introduction of a new deal
in Hardin-Simmons football tho
Cowmen won six of the nine games
played this season and won the ad-
miration of the three major teams
that defeated the rising Ranchmen in
the beginning of tho season. As a
result of the showing made during
the regular season the Cowboys will
encounter the New Mexico Aggies in
a post season gamo New Year's Day
at El Paso.
Wednesday's program was chair-
mancd by Dr. R. N. Richardson vice-
president of tho university. Follow-
ing a short introduction and appre-
ciation to Frank Kimbrough the star
of former Hardin-Simmons squads
who has directed the 1935 Cowboys
in their successful season. Coach
Kimbrough in turn introduced each
of his men.
Tho university faculty was repre-
sented in the appreciation program
by Prof. Joseph E. Burnam chairman
of tho athletic committee. Other
speakers on tho program were Tom
K. Eplen president of the Abilene
chamber of commerce; Mayor C. L.
Johnson and Gordon "Spoofing"
Weir. Tho latter an ex-student
classed the 1935 aggregation as the
most outstanding offensive squad
that had ever represented Simmons
on the grid.
Tom Roberts Will Speak To
H-S. U. Archeological Group
Thomas E. Roberts member of tho
Texas Archaeological and Paleonto-
logical Society will lecture on "Tho
Mesa Verde Pueblo" at a regular
meeting of tho Hardin-Simmons
Archaeological and Paleontological
society Monday evening at 8 o'clock.
Dr. Julius Olsen will talk on "Geo-
logical and Paleontological Eras."
Wiggins Visits Here
President of tho School of Mines
at El Paso Dr. D. M. Wiggins and
his wife spent the Thanksgiving hol-
idays in Abilcno as guests of Dr. and
Mrs. R. N. Richardson.
Dr. Wiggins went from Abilene to
Louisvillo Ky. to tho meeting of tho
Southern Association of Colleges.
President J. D. Sandefer is also at-
tending this meeting as a represen-
tative of Hardin-Simmons which has
been a member of the organization
since 1927.
Sport Slants
Making double sure that wc shall
be warmed-up In time to make some
piping-hot predictions in the Christ-
mas edition as to the outcome of the
various bowl games wc practice this
week on theset following! "heated
S. M. U. 20 Texas A. & M. 0.
T. C. U. 27 Santa Clara 0.
Preachers 7 Brand-Bronco 6.
Pre-Law 6 Preachers 7.
The Sun Bowl beckons and tho
Cowhands will be off before many
more days to sec what they can do
about the New Mcxic6 Aggies. It
might be both fitting and proper to
say at this point that this department
has no misgivings that aro anything
similar to its tragic Howard Payne
game surmise.
The New Year's day classic will
pull an unbelievable amount of pub-
licity and recognition for tho univer-
sity and so a few kind words should
be in order. Something like a year
ago today Hardin-Simmons in a
football way 'was stacked in a most
conspicuous place on the junk heap.
The world certainly was not beating
a path to her door. Today and thanks
to the enthusiasm of a few such as
Solon R. Fcatherston tho odds have
been reversed.
Coach Kimbrough pushed the
Ranchers through their November
schedule undefeated and as it has
been said on many occasions of late
It would be just too bad for Texas
Tech if tho Cowhands were playing
the terrible bone-crushing dirty work
boys again this year.
That old promotion that tho Cow-
boys would some day go places held
so long and so faithfully by many
Simmons backers is becoming a real-
ity. Although far from complete at
this early date the 1930 Cowboy
schedule will pack a wallop from be-
ginning to end. Should the Ranchers
"egg" (Gib hates the Reporter for
using this word) out a victory In the
Sun Bowl additional surprises should
be in store for the homo folks. The
way things are looking now If the
Ranchers can whip the cars off of
several of the big-timers next year
it won't be long until they are big-
timers themselves.
Wo scribble tho following before
the Brand-Bronco and Pre-Law bat-
tle. The time is the middle of the
night some where between December
5 nnd 0:
Last year there were four Intra-
mural grid teams and the Brand-
Bronco whipped them all. This year
the Prc-Meils the Prc-Laws and the
Phys-Eds combined for the expressed
purpose of beating the journalist
bunch. Next year there won't even
be three teams there'll be Just two
those who play for the Brand-
Bronco and those who play in order
to BEAT the Brand-Bronco.
While wo were enjoying tho Thanks-
giving holidays our little columnist
up at Tech has been a very busy per-
son composing supposedly clever and
scathing remarks designed to put
Hardin-Simmons in her proper place.
This latest masterpiece from tho
pen of Cannon brings tears of sym-
pathy to our eyes for this poor mis-
guided creature:
"We've been asked not less than
four dozen times 'What was the mat-
ter with tho Picadors?'
"That's what the Picadors want to
know this- department and even
H&S themselves . . . ? For all we
know they might havo been playing
Notre Dame that day ... at least
freshman teams don't sit around
thrco quarters and watch tho other
fellow score and then suddenly come
to life and scoro two touches without
even letting the disappointed oppon-
ents get their breath. . . . H&S won
bless their souls so what of it? . . .
Even Knox college is winning this
year. . . .
Yes Cannon Knox has been win-
ning this year. On the other hand
Notre Dame had not been BEATEN
but once and Texas Tech has lost
more than half its starts. But what
we can't understand is how the thing
is done . . . this standing around for
three quarters and watching the other
fellow score . . . which you attribute
to the H&S Fish. How can the Pica-
dors score for three quarters when a
SOLITARY touch is all they can
boast? Incidentally the H&S Fish
scored three touchdowns one of which
did not count.
A couplo of weeks ago tho Junior
46 TO 0
Ex-Students Call
1935 Cowpunchers
Best OfAll Time
(Continued from page one)
them on tho defense with his amazing
broken field running.
Tho locals hit the touchdown trail
in their next encounter chalking up
a 21-0 win over the St. Edwards
Tigers. In this gamo tho Cowboys
seemed to find themselves and for the
rest of the season played great foot-
ball. In their first intcrscctional battle
the Abilene Baptists smothered the
Mornlngside Maroons 32-0 In Sioux
City Iowa. While in the Middle
West they were paid high tribute by
sports writers and fans of- that sec-
tion. The Ranchers dropped their next
tilt 18-0 but played a brilliant gamo
in holding the Southwest conference
champions and Rose Bowl participants
to a low score. The game played In
Whichita Falls established once nnd
for all the fact that the Hardin-Simmons
griddcrs were on their way up.
Tho Sul Ross Lobocs were tho next
victims of the fast traveling Abilene
club. Punching over a touchdown in
the last few minutes of play to down
the strong Invading club 15-9 the
Cowboys revealed an ability to come
from behind and win.
Texas Arts and Industries received
the full force of the Hardin-Simmons
guns in Abilene on Armistice day
when they fell 34-0 before a vastly
superior club.
Probably the most dramatic win of
tho year was scored on Nov. 1G in
Brownwood over tho Howard Payne
Yellow Jackets. Tabbing 14 points to
tho Jackets' none the Cowboys end-
ed a long-time jinx hold over them by
the Brownwood Baptists.
The Mines game dosed the regular
Serving his first season as coach
Kimbrough has made an enviable
record. His strong personality and
fair play have made him a favorite
of both team and student body. His
success has been justly deserved and
Hardin-Simmons supporters look for-
ward with great anticipation to the
1930 autumnal campaign. Only man
to be lost from the 1935 squad is Cap-
tain Henry Milby halfback from
Edna who has earned three letters
here. Although his blocking and team
spirit will bo missed 'Kimbrough is
grooming several men to take his
place. Milby has boeh one of the most
consistent performers to ever wear
the purple and gold.
The Brand joins with Hardin-Simmons
Abilene and West Texas in
paying tribute to the following men
who havo made gridiron history this
Elton Murphy Clark Jarnigan Carl
Garner John Green Bill Harris Hen-
ry Milby Pete Tyler SI Addington
Buck Howell Thco Rigsby Furman
Scroggins Day Emery Carol Benson
Cleddie Hall Blackie Callaway Paul
White Alton Terry Malcolm Bridges
Clifford Wheeler Willie Jeter Homer
Beck Tindall Jones John McAdon
Vestal Newberry Buell Ellison Gor-
don Wood Truett Fulcher R. T. Bout-
well Bedford Russell Burns McKin-
ncy Howard Ycarby Ed Cherry Odis
Crowd) Conway Frost Frank Self-
ridge Charles Radoslovich Mack
Alexander Leslie Clary Eldon Ma-
huron B. T. Hatchell C. L. Clipson.
Complete figures for tho nine
games follow:
Scoring touchdowns: St Edwards
Mahuron Cherry Tyler. Morning-
side Boutwell Clary Frost Tyler
McKinncy. S. M. U. Tyler. Sul
Ross Clary Newberry'. A. & I.
Tyler Cherry Russell (2) Boutwell.
Howard Payne McKlnney Crowell.
Texas Mines Scroggins McKinncy
(2) Howell Boutwell Russell
Points attcr touchdown: St. Ed-
wardsCallaway (3). Mornlngside
Callaway Frost. Sul Ross Calla-
way. A. & I. Callaway (3) Frost.
Howard Payne Callaway (2). Texas
Mines Callaway (2) Green Hall.
Safety: Sul Ross Murphy.
Total points scored 108
Opponents 50
Cowmen rang up their third straight
victory of tho year by defeating a
supposedly classier Tech eleven. It
is now our turn to doff our hat to tho
'35 Rnncherettes a real llttlo bunch
of footballers who are expected to go
places as varsity men and to Coach
Theo Rigsby a swell guy who has
done a man's slzo job in developing a
clicking team from tho material he
had to start with.
"They Taste Better"
Serving Hardin-Simmons
ii.l.iiIJiM Ml 1 ii.i.ui.t - Ui
Ladies' nnd Men's Riding Trousers Boots nnd Jackets
Both Leather nnd Woolen
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Let Us Show You
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For A Most Successful Senson
We Have A Wonderful Selection of Christinas Gifts For Everyone
We Invite You To Sec Them
Ackers Shoe S
See Our Complete
Line of Christmas
Cards Before
You Buy
Book Store
"On The Campus"
Operated For The Benefit and Service of
Hardin-Simmons Students
Mr. nnd Mrs. Arthur McCIure Manngers
Mrs. McCIure Dietitian
"Where Hardin-Simmons Eats"
Drugs Drinks
! ;.
Patrons and Friends Daily
- lu - Ui - UJiii;i'l";il
Second Street
Dial 7225
School Supplies
' ('
.- S
. i
r ..-

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