The Simmons Brand (Abilene, Tex.), Vol. 1, No. 10, Ed. 1, Friday, December 15, 1916 Page: 1 of 4

No 10
7 g pa
i he
Boaird favors football
under certain condi-
tions. Game likely be
put in on.trial next year.
The Conditions not an-
nounced at time of go-
ing to press. "Pep"
takes the place.
Readings of otlior Contestants Hanked
High; Decision Close
Tho first declamation contest of
Simmons Collego' was held Saturday
evening Dcccmbor 9 1916. Mr. J.
.Walton Mooro won first place. Sev-
eral other contestants were high in
their percentage and for several min-
utes it was doubtful who would win
tho medal vvhlch is given by Mr. T.
C Campbell. The' contest was given
under tho supervision of tho Oratorical
and Debating Council of Simmons Col-
lege Mr. W. Q. Jennings presiding.
Mr. 'Claude Lloyd secretary. The
Council wishes to tako this opportunity
to thank tho Judges for their services '. 9
ltjj behalf of tho Collego in Judging
this contest.
'The program of the evening was well
delivered. Each selection rendered was
high In merit and worthy of delivery
in any intellectual program of this
kind. Tho following Is tho program:
A Few Bars In the Koy of G"
Miss Mflry Denton.
"The Triumph of tho Man "Who
Acts" Elvy Hamton. t v V
"The Old Man Goes to Town" H. D
Miles. '
'One Niche tho Highest' V-J.' Walton
"ReguluB to tho Carthaginians" J.
M. Parks. "
"Tho Martyo President" L. C. Rob-
bins. ;
-"Description .of Vcbstor's Speech In
Sleply to Hayno" G E. Toby.
"Tho Royal Bowman" Miss Hazel
Judges of tho contest wero Mrs. Bar-
row Mrs. Moreland and'Rov. Hearon.
Tho piece rendered by Mr. Moore
is ono of tho truest in literature. Its
lesson fully portrays- that the darkest
1 gloom often comes just beforo Iho
dawn of success. It sets -out that this
glocm. too often causes failure in tho
individual's understandings. Mr
Mporo rendored the solectlon as only
an experienced reader could render It
His characterization waB almost por-
fect HIb pathos and sontiment wero
well expressed. He had tho koy noto
of tho declamor's success: "Mean
What You are Saying."
An interesting1 letter was found
among tho Simmons mall Tuesday
morning. The first noticeable thing
about It was a large bold sign which
read "opened by censor." Tho post-
mark was London and it seemed to
bear the. stamp of war upon if brlng-
ing homo to-us the'fact that thero'.is
actually such a conflict taking place
Tho I'ottor was addr.esBed to -Dr. Se7
very and ho was kind enough to sat-
isfy tho curiosity of tho onlookers con-
cerning tho contents of so foreign-
looking a missive. Inside (herO wool
a oheok payable to him which "Was
payment for an article that ho had
written and which had been accepted
by" the "Wide Wide 'World Magazine;
of London Soglaad.
-The aubjeci of the article was- "A
' nU .With a Typhoon."
Interesting Program Displaying fflfacli
Talent Rendered Friday
On last Friday evening December
8th In tho Collego Auditorium tho given a rare literary treat on Thursday
pupils of tlvo Piano Voice Violin and Zoning December the seventh when
Expression Departments gavo a Joint Mr.- Henry Lawrcnco gouthwlck pros-
recital. Tho audlonco showed great' Idont of tho Emorson School of-Ora
appreciation for each number ren- torV. anncared. HIb selection wna nn
closed soyeral being called back to tho
Btago. Tho program glvon was as fol-
lpws: 1
Piano Solo Marcho Mignonno--
Poldin Miss' Ruth Barlclcy
Vocal Solo "A Winter Lullaby"-
DoKoYen' Mies Mao Burkett
Piano Solo:
() "Important Event". .Schumann
'Etude" r. Holler
..." Miss- Lillian MjAood wicked motherupon him. By-his por-
Reading A Monologue Locke . .'trayal tho beautiful Miriam appeared
. . Miss O. D. Robinson throughout tho play a loyely and cxal--
Violin Solo Waltz Fybo. (tdd creature faithful always to her
MaBter Lloyd Browno highest ldoals oven though it meant
Piano Solo-;-Norwegian Bridal Pro-. tho sacrificing 6t her loVg and finally
cession Grieg v of her own life.
Miss Marion Houston! Mr. Southwlck gave two numbers in
Vocal Solo "Since Wo Parted tho Simmons auditorium last year and
AUltson Miss Anna Morris the largo enthusiastic audiences which
Violin Solo Dream Waltz Vogt always greet him hero give evidence
Miss Ruth Lasley of tho-real appreciation that is held for
Piano Solo Tarantolla Holler him by Simmons studonts. This was
Miss Alico Nicholas tho third number of tho regular ly-
10 Reading "Bill Thay' .
Miss Lellah Fewell
li Vocal Solo "Tho Wooing" Soln-
king . ..' ' Mrs. S. C. Gartman
12 Piano Solo Venetian Barcarolle
Goddard 1... Miss Cecllo-Conowav
Science Club
On Monday afternoon at tho reg-.
ular.meeting of tho Sclenco Club after
all necessary business was traflsac-
ted. Mr. J.. W. Mooro gavo an oxten
BlVo report on several things of more
or less Interest to all lovors of scion-
tifio progress. Among other thlhgs
ho paid special attention to tho elec-
trie Titan an Iron man nino feot'tall
weighing 1500 pounds. This mass of
iron In tho form of a man can be
made to perform on the stago. It is
believed that In futuro years tho Titan thusiasm shown by tho studonts nt-
will tako man's .placo ori tho firing tending tho game gives a fair example
line. Why Bhould it not bo so? It of tho "real pep" that will bo display-
seems not' at all .improbable In vle.w ed when Simmons is plnyjng some of
ct tho great many wondors that tho
human mind has wrought. It is ex
ceedingly Interesting to noto what
wonderful things tho Ingenuity ofmair
has" invented 'and discovered
Thus it Is that we. keep. In touch
with tho progresB of our ago 'through
the weekly mooting of tho club beforo
tho holidays" on account of tho ap-
proaching examinations but thp regu-
lar work will bo resumed at tho open-
ing of v tho Wlntor Term.
Gee Club Sings at Chapel
Last Thursday morning tho Student
iioay enjoyed ono of tho best program
of tho season when tho Gleo Club un-
der tho efficient direction of Mr
Payne made its first appoaranco in
Chapol There wqro throes selection's
rendered which created a hearty ap-
plause amongtno students.
Wo aro fortunate Indeed in haying
Mr. Payne with us as tho Head of tho
Yolco Department and under hlB su-
porb leadership we aro Buro .that tho
Gleo Club will render many programs
for us In tho futuro.
As throe of tho .members of tho'Col-
legq Quartette will graduate 'this year
we are hoping that the Glee Clubwlll
furnish a
next year.
quartette for 'the College
Glrcs Masterful Interpretation
Largo and Appreciative
to a
Simmons students and othors were
interpretative reading of Stephen
Phillips' "Herod."
Prom tho beginning this artist and
master of expression hold his audience
intensely Interested.
Th'e character of Horod was so mas'.
terfully presented as to cause tho au
dlonco to love his strength and tho
i powor of his deop love and to desplsa
hie weakness and tho influonco of his
ceum courso of the year.
The Simmons basketball team met
Ablleno High School ' in a practice
gamo on Simmons court Tuesday af
ternoon of this weelc. Tho Simmons
players showed superior skill In han
dling ball and also In the use of team
work. Although" A. H. S. has a. light
team tho men bIiow that they havo
BOod training in this phase of athlol.-
los. Tho final count of tho score was
Simmons G7 A. H. S. 7.
Loach Bradley used a number of
new men In ths game. A majority of
tho' players aro now men and each
shows great improvement under tho
coaching of Mr. Bradley. Tho .en-
.the leading teamB of tho state.
Inter Class Debate
Among tho Sophs and Freshles
"pop" Is growing steadily every day
Syhlch brings them closer to tho "de-
bate. Every afternoon tho administra-
tion building Is greatly shakon on tho
ono sldo by tho Fresh yells whllo
on tho other It equally resounds with
tho "pep" of tho Sophs. Sovoral class
songs approprlato for the. occasion are
In tho hands and mouths of all tho
members pt both classes. Tho debate
will bo held Friday evening Decem-
"bor the fifteonth with Jack Woods
'and JHyman Harrison as Freshman de-
lators and W. B. Cummings and R. 0.
Johnson as tho Sophomoro dobators
Each debator has had splendid train
ing and has beon a winnor In formor
'contests With sides so well balanced
'of course tho dobato will bo an inter
esting one.
The Corral'
Tho first issue of tho Corral will ap-
pear either this week or tho next It
will bo a Christmas Issue and will
contain"1 tho selected literary- produc-
tions of the Fall term Be sure to get
your copy before you go home
v -
Coach Bradley Returns- from Convon -
tlon In Dallas
Tho T I. A. A; schedule for Slm--mons
this year is to bo larger and
more Important than any for several
previous v years. y Tho baseball BChcd-
ulo will Include State University T.
C. U. Austin Collqge Daniel Bak'or
S. M. U. and eovcral 'other leading
coUcgcs. In basketball 'there will bo
four games with Baylor ; tw6 and pro-
bnbly four with S. M. U. Plans aro
under way for additional games with
other colleges.
The foregoing Is the result of Coach
Bradley'B -trip to the T. t. A. A.v con-
vention In Dallas last wcelc. Ho re-
ports a growing .placo for Simmons
In intercollegiate athletics.
Th6 classes havo exhibited (Julto u of tho Stamford College faculty an
degreo or Interest In the. picture con ox-champion of Southwestern Unlvor-
test being conducted by the Dronco Bjtyt played by previous arrangement
Management. The purpose of UiIh con
test has been to Bccure' the ldrgeHt
representation of tho classes in the
Annual as possible. The Seniors aro
tho only ones excluded from this inter-
esting affair. Tho reasbn Is that all
Seniors are expected to have "pictures
made; and while all other claBsmen
aro urged to bo' loyal It' is neverthe-
less a fact that soma will contlnuo to
hold out and keopHheir class averago
down. Tho reward for the highest
percentage made by the classes Is a
special mention page In the Bronco.
This pagp .will bo an everlasting mem-
orial to the most loyal class in Sim-
mons for tho years 1910-17. So far
tho unofficial count seems to show tli0
Sophs In the load. Every one. 'is urge
to use tho time beforo exams td do
tlioir'duty In this matter. Tie Presi-
dents will pleaso turn in an official
roll of their classes as soon as possi-
ble to tho Business Manager
On Wednesday afternoon tho Cor-
ner Drug Store again exhibited a hos-
pitdblc Interest in Simmons when It
entertained tho girls of tho Senior
Class with a delightful reception.
Whllo tho girls enjoyed tho delight
ful Vlctrola music a refreshment plato
of club sandwhlches olives cherrle3
and delicious hot chocolate with cako
wore served.
The Senior girls wish to thank the
Management for tho delightful hour
spent with .them. Tills is the third
manifestation of tho good will and
splendid hospitality which tho
nor Drug Storo has shown to
mons Girls.
Tho members of the. Expression
class and tho MubIc Department met
In the parlor of Mary-Francos Hall
Tuesday evening with Miss Phillips to
enjoy a prelimindry reading of Steph
en. Phillips "Horod" which was ren
dered in her own pleasing and capa-
ble manner! Tho object of this "was
to givo tho students a better under
standing; and a provlew of tho play
which was so masterfully read by
Presldont- Lawrence Southwipk on
Thursday e.venlng. -
. i
Tako your "pep" home with you
QtirlBtmas. Let people know that Sim-
mons Is tho Reg'ina of the West. Talk
sing yell Simmons ancj act like' a
true Sommbnslte.
Bryant and Goodo Stage Close FJglit
In Girls' Contest
The Simmons tennis contingent
which -visited Stamford College! Mon-
day returned ns was expected witti
the. larger Bha'ro of tho honors.
Messrs. Pott Godfrey and William
White; Misses Tot Bryant and Jo
Goodo wero tho Simmons reorcsentn-
tlves. t
in 'tho doubles played by tho boys
Stamford won only six games out of
three sets. Throughout these sets Mr.
Godfrey's playing won tho admiration
and praiso of even tho Stamford fans.
In singles three sets wore to be play-
ed. "White 'took the first two bo quick-
ly that both "Simmons and' Stamford
abandoned" the third as not being suf-
ficiently Interesting to bo played.
Tho Simmons girls wero defeated in
both- doubles and singles but "with
small honor to Stamford as n. member
In tho singles this ox-champion was
given onp of tho closest games by Miss
Tot Bryant that Stamford will wit-
ness again in quite a while. Threo
sqts werq played. Stamford won tho
first. Miss Bryant tho second and the
third was n deuce set won by Stam-
ford. .Tho Sfmmons fans who saw
tho games predict that Miss Bryant
will rub out tho defeat in tho return
games. Tho Stamford boys and girls
will bo hero tomorrow. Let us give
them hard fought games and a hospit-
able welcome.
On Tuesday ovoning the Seniors in
regular business meeting of tho class
heard' 'tho report1 of tho committee on
tho "Dedication of tho Bronco." Tho
report In part was:. "You havo impos-
ed1 upon' your committee no littlo task
in committing to it "tho work of so-
lectlng" from tho many friends of ou
Alma Mater ono upon whom wo might
bestow tho honor of tho dedication of
tho '17 Bronco. From this number of
friends 'thero are many who are wor-
thy of this consideration and to whom
wo would do woll to dedicate our An-
nual. However your commltteo wishes
to rccommond to you ono who has
been a most loyal friend and support-
er of onr Institution; one who with
prldo and Joy has watched tho pro-
gress of our collego froin Its" Infancy
and in all theso years has never onco
turned n deaf ear to her needs hut In
every crises has extonded aid that has
led to its triumph and victories. Wo
bollovo the. class could find no ono
moro worthy of tills honor than tnle
staunch friend and patron of SimmonB
f Collego and President of hor Board of
Trustees Mr. Georgo K. Pjaxton.'
ThiB report was chcorfullsadopted by
tho class by a unanimous voto:
.' Music In Chapel
Thp musical numbers rondor6d . In
Chanel Wednesday1 rooming by tho
Sa'ongvoroln woro highly appreciated
In accordanco with tho Bontlment of
tho songs Dr. Sovery "ready tho story
of tho birth of Christ and commented
on It brlofly. Tho selections wero:
''Dio hoillgo Naoht" and "O Tannen-
baum." For an encoro the chorus ret
sponded' with 'Er Iqbo moch" which
was specially arranged with a 'toast'
ka Simmons Collego.
' t
Mr! B H Mesklmon of Big Springs
was a visitor on the campus laat
ki '-f' JhijjiaJiJi
y.SfeVikJ- .
?tj.L ji)Ja

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