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■ -JC
If you are contemplating a change in location we earn-
estly ask >ou to consider the little City of ARLINGTON
TEXA8 before you decide on a permanent home. We
have a town of 4000 people and every one of them to alive
to the fact that Arlington is the beet located town in Texas.
We have $36,000 invested in -Public School Buildings
and a Military 8chool second to none in the state, with
$66,000 invented. We also have two private schools, four
good churches, no whisky, no tough dives. Ouriandsare
the best in the state, plenty of good dark sandy land, and
well supplied with good black land for sale.
Our transportation facilities are the best, 40 Interur-
ban cars a day, and 16 Passenger trains a day over the
Texas & Pacific railroad. Now if you want prices on resi-
dence property, good farm land, or good truck farms, let
us hear from you as we are always ready to answer any
and all enquiries on real estate in and around Arlington,
We also have a large list of Western Land to sell and
trade- We can handle your merchandise stocks and can
get you "good trades for 'same. Ask the Editor of this
paper whc we are.
Harkey & Moore
Reference: Citizens National Bank, Arlington, Texas
£ Gountu Correspondence
The election and Confederate
,Re-union have both come' and
gone, most of ns took a part in
each event.
Since my last letter, Hall Reed
and Miss Mary Brown, and Dan
Horn back, and Miss Dora Lay,
were happily united in marriage.
We wish for each of them a long
and happy life.
Miss Evelina Lay, has just re-
turned home, from school, at
Commerce; her many friends
here are glad to have her back
home again.
Prof. Andy Riddle is back with
us again, and will likely remain
here, untill his school begins at
Ira Scury Co., this fall. We be-
speak forlraa prosperous school
for Andy always "makes good”
in school.
Some tie making around- in
these woods, in fact, always
somthing doing down here.
Crops in general look reason-
ably well, and especially cotton
How ever, theres some boll
weevils in the cotton fields yet,
consequently we are unable to
say what the cotton will do. Corn
as a rule, is not quite as good as
it was last year.
Some Melons are being market-
ed from here.
ed since the election, many of the
candid ates went home in gloom
of defeat while others went home
in victory. It is a pity they all
could’nt be elected. But one man
can’t suit every body.
Misses Tueton and Keeton of
Tennessee are here visiting Mr.
and Mra. W. R. Keeton.
X. Dawson and Missess Minnie
Beuton and Mary Dawson attend-
ed the singing convention at
Bagwell Sunday.
Guy Ricketts spent last week
in McCoy.
After a few weeks absence
will give you a few brifs.
Cotton has had a great loss
since the last writing on account
of the rain—work has been kind
a slow for the past two weeks,
but wo have had some good
times a long with it.
There was a childrens day at
Lanes Chaple last Sunday Aug.
2, and at least four or five hun
dred people attended, and every
one seemed to enjoy the day
They came from every direc-
tion and we were glkd to welcome
them; and an other word, lets
don’t forget our Sunday school
now that the big day is over.
There will be a meeting to be-
of it <
physical feat, we a
ed, bat the iotueg man or i
who In the spirit of
casts a dollar across the i
of ignoranoe will find an
tlonal impetus urging
ward to more Inviting FUffita fl$l
usefulness and servloe every dol-
lar spent in the training of yo«tk
for the nobler activities of Ula la
spent In the proper direction;
certainly will prove a bleasi
to humanity, Clarksville sea
ingly baa done her
-Elegant churches have been pro-
vided for the training and devel-
opment of the community moral-
ly and spiritually; her schools
are maintained with much care
and wisdom. Her Board of edu-
cation. is composed of men of
rare business seamen, men well
skilled in the varied avocations,
men with settled convictions.
They give of their time and
talents tbatClarksvillemay have
a school system worthy of any
prestige. A new course of stndy
has been arranged to meet the
demands of new State Adoption.
The High School Course has
been materially strengthened
There are some things that
need immediate attention; the
school grounds need to he put
in an attractive condition worthy
of the high sense of refinement
of the patrons and pupils of our
city. We give pare and attention
to the slumbering places of our
beloved dead, but often fall In
yendering that service to the
living—often fall in rendering
that comfort in our school rooms
so much needed and oovetedby
the youth of town.
How very much the pupils
would enjoy a short chapel
service with songs sung and
prayers breathed on the breath
of morn.
The influence of a devoted
Woman, a consecrated mother
or sister is far reaching. It is to
be hoped that they may lay hold
of these suggestions and mould
sentiment into enthusiastic ser-
vice that something may be done
in these lines immediately.
•-led upon this the
Aug. IttOfl, and will between
of 10 o’clock a. m and 4 p. m. on 'the
Red River
ar wtwain# Ring,
f wife* ling, a hsaband
k. Sex fully into hi.
- -p" Ml
It, ate
wile subject to her
Sugar haa
Old super-
finger of
dlreotly to
Os Keeping Happy,
sa doubt eoma eelflah satis
;to melancholy, tend
are victim* of fete;
over grievance*, aapeclally
ar laaa imaginary. To be
■a* oheerful often remflfc*
U and Is thia respect, aa In
Otter* we leqelre to watch over and
menage onraelvea, almoet aa If we
■ernes I dy el**.—Sir John Lub-
Court Houae door of aald
County in the City of ClarjrorUle pro-
ceed to eell at public auction, to the T , __
high eat bidder for cash li hand. aU UllWtIcome GUCStS.
S^’SySrSS.’Jfttwai'aa* tmn U» reli.v.
way bad on the 27th day of May A. D. you Don't invitj their stsy by
1M0S, or at any thne thereafter. ot,tn, neglect hot nock the romtvl y at
«***•foltowln* dMOPlb*d prop*’^ the Butcher Drug Ob. For head-
7All that certain tract or panel of *ch<*’ whatever the cause, we
land aituated In Rad River County can provide the remedy in the
Texas about 24 miles S. E. from Clarks- shape of tablets or shacs, which
vUle consisting of l«o acre, of 'the R. -are easily obtainable and act
B. Tutt survey abstract 1445 patterned
to J. D. Dobson assignee and described
as follows: Beginning at the 8. E.
. Headaches.
Nature's Warning.
V the area close irritably at the
NSH U they twitch or the eyelids
fumy or bttak rapidly after some
■tala at work. If the eyelids redden
IS etaag light and nervous crows’
teat op wtiaklee appear around the
area, any time before at least 60 years
oi ago, than trouble lies ahead If the
Very Serious
It ia n very serious matter tomb
tor one medicine and hare gw.
wrong one fives you. Ftr thle
reason we urge you in baying
to be careful to get the gamine—
Liver Medldae
be reputation ct thia old, tegit»
medicine, for constipation, to.
stlon and liver trouble is flrnv.
digestion and liver 1
ly established. It does nail I
other medicines. It Is better
others, or it would not be the h>
vorite liver powder, with a larger
sale than all others comhtoad. •
,i Lava Your Frlende.
Love your friends, and do not put
tS m from you. Till them of your
In e not onto but a£en; and do not
ae rely tell It, but prove your words
to,them end repeat the proof. Open
jMf heart sad love them Unglywiae.
Mg to merry for them, make them hap
py, give them brightness, make your
ho na cheery for them! The loot op
p#.-tunltl*t wa most regret were op
grttalthr for loving.—The Better
Hie Change,
fit Journalist banded In at a West
■sit poet office a telegram to hie wife
in which, from force of habit, ha had
jnmhad hie sentences with little
eeneeas In place of full stops. “Do
you went all theaa kisses transmit-
tadr asked the girl behind the coun-
ter. “You know you’ll have to pay
ter aach aa a word.” “No, 1*11 taka up
three cross at aa change.” said the
Journellel. sweetly.—London Chronicle.
Na Law Against Ridiculousness.
Certainly. Eustace, you may wear a
etriped suit with wedge-shaped pock
lour shoes with buckles on
them, and a hat that turns up In
front end down In the heck, end carry
• swagger stick with ribbon tied to
1L it you went to. The city comptrol-
ler has looked up the question and
Bade thee* to no law against it The
publlp 1* therefore quite helpless in
the matter.—Kansas City Star.
A Men's First Caro.
A man’s flrat care should be to
SPUtd the reproaches of hie own heart;
fito next to escape the cenanrto of
the world. If thp last interferes with
the former, it ought to be entirely neg-
lected: hut otherwise there cannot be
a greater satisfaction to an honest
mind, than to see those approbations
which It gives Itself seconded by the
applauses of the public?—Joeeph A4di-
corner of the J. Dillard survey a stoke..
8. 880 varan to a stake a hickory N. 45
W. 41-2 varas off, an Elm bean 8.10
W- 2 varas off both marked T. X.
Thence west 200 varas to the N. E.
corner of the Burkhead survey in all
1050 varaa to a pecan marked.
Thence N. 800 varas to a stake a post
oak marked T. X. Thence east 1060
varaa to the beginning.
Said property being levied on aa the'
property of C. M. Chambers and J. T.
Holloway to satisfy a judgment amount-
ing to 1688.19 in favor of J. B. Waples
with 10 per cent interest from May 27
1908, and all costs of suit.
Given under my hand, this 5th day
of Aug. A. D. 1908.
Will Wester, Sheriff.
8-7-4t Jno. B. Stephens, Deputy.
Sberiir# Sale
County of Red Rtter. I
By virtue of an Order of Sale issued ,
out of the Honorable District Court of |
Red River County on the 6th day of,
Aug, > A. D. 1908, by the Clerk thereof
in the case of Isaac Guest Sr. versus
W. S. HusC et al No. 9630, and to me
as Sheriff, directed, and delivered, 11
have levied upon this the 6th day of j
Aug. A. D. 1908, and *111 Mtween the
hours of 10 o’cl- ck a. m. and 4 o’clock '
p. m. on the first Tuesday in Sept. A.1
D. 1908, it being the 1st day of said j
month at the Court House door of said |
Red River County in the City of Clarks-
ville proceed to sell at public auction,1
to the highest bidder for cash In hand,!
all the right, title, and interest, which j
the said W. S. Huae. J. A. Braokeen 1
and M. G. Urackeen had on the 30th j
day of may A. D. 1908, or pt any time
thereafter, of, In, and co the following
described property to-wii: |
An undivided one-half interest in
the following described property sib- j
uated in Red River County Texas
about 10 miles N. 78 W. from Clarks-!
ville a part of the D. E. Griggs H. R. j
survey end known fis lot Mo. 3, set |
apart to S. S. Griggs, In the partition
-of the D. JC. Griggs estate and bounded
as follows. Beginning at "the S. W.
corner of lot No. 2-tn said division a
stake. Thence N. 542 varas to its N.
W. corner. Thence W. 500 varas to a
stake s poqt oak E. 7 Varas Marked X,
and a post oak S. 7 varas markqd J. j
Thence S. 234 varas to a stoke a lkrgg'
speedily in every case. Why
make headache a case of ' ‘grin
and beat* it” when .the cure is
to readily wi thin reach? What-
ever Illness you may suffer from,
bear in mind that our pi ascrip-
tion department is the best in
the city and that besides a com-
plete line of purest and freshest
drugs and medicines, we also
have Toilet Articles, Clothes
Brushes, Hair Brushes, etc.
John M. Butcher
Drug Company
You oan write any of these things
astonograpii011 ** 001 have
For you can easily learn with a tttoie
ist as rapidly, and
xpert operator on
e the Oliver la the
practice; to write just
aa perfectly, ae an e
the Oliver. Beoeus
Amplified typewriter.
Agricultural and Me-
chanical College
of Texas
Thorough. Training in Prac-
tical Science.
Regular four-year
Agriculture, Anima
courses in
Animal Husband
ry, Horticulture, In Architect-
ural, Civil, Electrical, Mechan-
ical and Textile Engineering
A Two Year Course
in Practical Agriculture
Instruction also given in En-
glish,. History, Mathematics,
Drawing, Physics, Chemistry,
Modern Languages.
Military Training & Discipline
Tuition Free. ,
Necessary expenses, exclusive
of books and clothing, One
Hundred^nd Fiftyfive Dollars
a session. File ydur applica-
tion now.
For Catalogue address
S. E. MINERS, Secretary
Cclltf* Statics, Texas
And yon can
Me every word you write. About 80
per oeat more durable than any other
typewriter, because it has about 80 per
cent lew wearing potato than most
other typewriters.
-j 80 per cent easier to write with than
thaa* Other complicated, intricate ma-
chines that require humoring, techni-
cal knowledge, long practice and apo-
dal akill A operate.
Than machinea which cannot he ad-
justed to any hpedal apaoe with which
It ia impossible to write abetoaeto, in-
auranoe policies, or odd-si xe documents
except you buy expensive speolal at-
tachments requiring experts to opi-
ate. ■J
You can adjust the Oliver to any rea-
ionable space -you can write on any
reasonable site and thickness of papei
rght out to the very edge, without the
aid of an expensive attachment or spe
dal skill, ami your work will be neat-
appearing, legible and elear.
or the Oliver la the typewriter for
the doctor, the lawyer, the inauranoe
agent, the merchant, the hotel. pro-
prietor or any man who does hie own
Write us now for our booklet on the
simplified features of the Oliver.
The Oliver Typewriter
Oliver Tyrewriter Bldg., Chicago,' 111
Local Agent
■ IIIIIHIttllfllllll! 1IIHIIIII11
| Eye, Ear, Nose
and Throat
Mlee Hear*—Ills 11 a. to.
f to la
to tree* sick hordes, mules
end cattle.
poet oak S. 6 versa marked X. Thence j
E. 8 varas Marked S. a red oak W. 6,
gin Friday night conducted by
Health still remains good. This Iiev. j. s. Hubbard; dontmiss a
1 mediate community is likely the
healthest part of Red River Co.
The people do get sick here,
and die occasionally, there be-j
ing two buried at Youngs Chap-! Present-
We are having some chills and
fever among the people at the
el in the past five years,
lady, and an infant.
Overseer Stan pb ill, has been
working the road. He has eight
and one half miles of bad road,
with only nine hands, which is a
hard proposition to say the least
of it. Twice this number of bands
could not put this road in proper
M. C. Gibbs, and family are
back with us again, after a few
months so journ near Red River.
Mr. Gibbs will likely locate hero
permanently with us.
Owing to 111 health. Bro. Head
failed to fill his regular appoint-
ment here Sunday.
Our Sunday school still con-
tinues, and now there’s some
talk of a "Debating Club,” being
organised here. I feel quite sure
- It would be proper to get the
boys all interested in a debating
Uncle Josh.
old! Miss Myrtle Ward missed the
Re union on account of sickness.
B. A. Beningfield has a new
girl at his home since, the last
Joe Hancock and wife, of Sher-
man have been visitors in this
part for the past week.
Miss Flay Vickies and sister
Juan of Hugo returned to Reno
Wednesday and will stay a few
days and then will return home.
Wiliam Tailor and family start-
ed to the teritory yesterday, ac-
company ed by John Philips, and
will be gone for a few weeks.
So I will closs yours as ever.
Uncle Hack*.
For Coegresa.
For the Slate Senate
For listriet Judge
For BistHot Attomy
<jP , . .
Far listriet Clerk.
cyclone and
Tho cyclone is formed by the rush-
ing of elr at a high pressure Into or
toward a center of lees pressure, to
instantly narrowing circlet or agt-
rato, end, through much of the area
covered, et a constantly increasing ve-
locity. A tornado has been -fitly
naed a "secondary cyclone.” Ita ex-
tort Is lege, tot Its energy Is more In-
nas than that of the cyclone.
Beeson Is that Homeric aafl golden
hale descending from the throne of
God even onto men, uniting hearten
with earth, end earth with heaven,
For all to connected, and wttbout n
item; from an angel to an atom, ell
to progevtton. harmony end strength.
varaa a pin oak S. 47 versa marked
Thence 8. 308 varaeto the 8. W. ooi*
ner of tVe 320 a ire traot.T ence E. 1087
vahaa-to the beginning fooudnin^ 80
acres more or leas.
Said property being. levied on as the
r,"0party UdW. St Huae,J. A.Brackeen
and M. G. Brae keen to satisfy a judg-’
ment amounting to 8408.08 in favor of
Isaac Guest Sr. with 10 per cent inter-
est from May 30,1908 and'all coats of
Given under my hand, this 6th dag
of Aug. A- D. 1908. y,..
Will Weaver, Sheriff- W
Py Jno. B. Stephens,Deputy.
» ' .»* rfinfrj-
Dr. Morgan Latimer
Office deem Metre legal street
Both Phone* Ne. 90
A graduate of the Baltimore
college of dental aurgegy.
Practiced dentistry Id
McKinney 22 yra!
Tweneu-flfth Year.
For Fleeter
Here 1 come with a little Bod-
ge! of news after a weeks ab-
We began to feel pretty shaky
about the Re union Monday as 11
began to rain. But we got to
go jtist the same and enjoyed
ourselves very much.
Nearly two week* have pasa-
Oscar Medford and Louis Haf-
deman returned last Sunday from
a prospecting trip in west Texas
Mr. and Mrs. D. A. Baker of
of Lydia have been visiting rel-
atives in Avery the past week,'
and attending -the Methodist
Misses Annie Medford and
OcleTaylor of Lydia are visiting
In Avery this week.
Fred DeOamp of Salado, Ark.,
is visiting Dr. T. R. Butte.
John Medford and Spinks
Baker were in Avery Friday on
w. w. LAWSON
Fer.Ceeety Je4ge
For Cenefy Atteriey.
For Sheriff.
For Ceuety Clerk.
For Ceeety Collector.
Far Tai Ameeeer.
For Ceeety Treasurer
All-Poworful Love.
Love feels no burden, thinks noth-
or TITUS CO. Jag Of tftnibto. attempt* What la
abort Its strength, pleads no excuse
of ImpoeaibIHty, for tt thinks ell things
a Kumpla.,
Herd to Right Fundamental Wrong.
It wlH often happen when n thing
to originally wrong, that amendments
4e art make it fight: but more often
dons^mttoh Pto “
Bencher: ;*fto fr.
•Uver and gold, but
ffiat which neither *
•eat «f AU ams.
from the heed are
hut the heart gives
■Uver nor gold oan
Vlhrutton of n/o Wings-
at meaeuromenU of the
ttoae of the wtage of a
dragon fiy la
shoVed that
|, to 12,000 a
gy makes
xmd when
The tax collectors associa-
tion of Texas in session !at Ft.
Worth last week indorsed the
full rendition law. Why to be
If You Want
Us to Help You
Save Some Money
open an account with this bank.
A bank account to not only the
ideal method of conducting ;
your business, but die safest,
as well.
The recommendation
you can carry about with you Is
« bank book. Tha deposit en-
tries therein .beepeak well of
your Industry, energy and am-
bition. -'
If you have not yet made the
■tart of an scoqunt with this
bank do so at once.
lytog at Ito
Far Ceeety
ly ef Birds,
feature of the perk
UMr, to the bird dle-
aed other
Miss Lallie Bearden and her
guest, Miss Alts Melton, wehtto
DeKalb last Friday
of-toe BUI
Tho Unlversltu of Texas
'. Main Univepsity, Austin.
Medical Department, Galveston
Go-Educational Tuition Free
. Asesal Eifttm, $111 gad Ipwardt
Session Opens Wednesday
v . September 23rd, 1908
College of arts: courses leading
,-to dta degrees of Bachelor and Mae-
■f ter of Artoand Doctor of Philosophy
Prototoicinti courses for teachers,
leading to elementary, advanced and
permapent certificates.
, Degree courses in Civil, Electrical
and mining engineering.
building): - Three years course, lead-
ing to Degree of Bachelor of Laws,
with State Lloense.
versity and Normal ooursea; seven
.. nr. a t. glark
does a general office and con-
sultation practice, making a
specialty of the eye test for
Glasses free. Only the beet
lenses used and charges rea-
sonable. Office
t ftfittiKt mum
'i 28th. Four-year oourse in mqdioine;
two-year oourse In pharmacy; throe-
I year oouroe in nursing. Thorough
*( laboratory training. Exceptional
I clinical facilities In John Saaly Hoe-
I* pltal. University Hall, a dormitory
for women students of medicine.
For catalogue, addrem
W. & Carter, Dean.
"A Fortunate Man.
r to toe mar
■a, fresh oyster* every day, and
a earing it will ha. with net 8
| Oh. hat hubby should
was Ms tot In HI* to
for his own
[Pi notice confined to white patient*
Office Northeast Corner Bqtwt*
- Over 8. T Hooker’s Store
Both Phonos No. 130
Physician and SraOBOffi
Office at L. H. Goldberg’s drug I
store. Can be found at sight at
residence. Telephone in iifou-
tlon. Dr. Durrum offers his
professional service* to the peo-
ple of Clarksville and surrounding
country. Rectal trouble* and die-1
eases of women upeelahiefo
Office hours 2 to 4 p. to.
My Business la very
press clothes every day.
My buinesa to also clean
olean clotbee every day.
You can’t get your work
done quicker, obeeper or
ronage will be appreeteeed.
Phone 18 or call
Yoons to pleaee

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