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kn- y
On To
The Tigers
i i
VdL. 19
No. 3
l 1 I
Players Announce
New Members At
Open House Social
Incoming Members Initiated
As Usual With Candle
Light Service
Members and officers of tho Play-
ers club presented their new mem-
bers to tho student body In an open
house reception Wednesday evening
nt 8 o'clock in tho Fine Arts build-
ing. Prior to tho reception nn initiation
servico commonly called the Candle
Light servico was administered to
those who had been elected to mem-
bership by cote of tho old members
at a regular meeting a few weeks
Tho following who arc regular
members of tho group composed a
receiving line welcoming guests in
behalf of tho organization: Glen Mc-
Laughlin vice-president J. L. Des-
mond Albert King and Bob Moore.
Sam Chambers newly elected presi-
dent of the group was ill qnd unablo
to attend. Following a brief period
of welcome and entertainment guests
were served cakes and punch.
Members of tho McMurry and A.
C. C. dramatic clubs were present
also with their respective sponsors
Misses Caroline Couch and Margaret
Tho nineteen new members are:
Cart Pratt Abilene; Jo Bryan Pe-
cos; Lura Mao Frost Abilcno; Joy
Pendc Abilcno; Mildred Burnett
Munday; Sybil Glass Abilene; Jano
McDade Abilene; Patty Hanks Abi-
lene; Norma Suo Tippcn Abljenc;
Franklo Lee Stralcy Oplin; Tommie
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fi rL.
We did so want to say "Good morn-
ing girls we'll meet you INSIDE tho
special" but instead I guess we'll
all rldo the motor caravan. I never
did like the idea because it is so dan-
gerous. Nobody concentrates on tho
road and the driving. Then too on
a special wo could have turned the
lights out and slept. Just a word
In order to bring this paper to you
Shults and me have not had our shoes
off for three nights and it looks as
if we may hovo ono more hard night.
Jo Bryan has just paid The Brand
offico a little visit and she was just
.as fresh out of scandal "s Porter
Richardson is cigarettes. And when
Jo knows no scandal then it is ns
scarco as wit in this column.
Better late than later. "Blacklo
have yau started living down at tho
nurses' home?" It seems that ho has
come to be ono of their official es-
corts. Blackie you ore following .in
the footsteps of two mighty good
men Petrarch tho mighty and 0. B.
Cole and tho couldn't take it. They
didn't survive. Nevertheless nurses
come in right handily when you are
sick or lonely.
Maybe one of our promising young
co-eds shouldn't have promised. Valda
just how many steps would you say
offhand it is from Kirby Lake to
town. That only shows you are a
smart girl becauso our standard of
a co-ed's education is "The more you
leanv the more you NO."
And Buster Horn has found an eco-
nomical if not entirely safe way of
taking girls to tho football games
thoso requiring an admission. The
young econpmlst after making a date
with the Mary Frances damo (she
had already had one that night) lift-
ed her over the fence and did they
sweat tho match in grand stylo. How
she got over that bob wire fence
without a bleeding heart has been a
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r-v-sv. " '. fcj-
CErST " ?&5t
Wichita Falls Sends Twelve
To Hardin-Simmons Campus
Wichita Falls ranks at the top in
tho list of cities other than Abilene
supplying students for Hardin-SIm-mons
this year according to an in
vestigation mado this week.
Twelve Hardin-Simmons students
are from tho north Texas town. Of
this number 10 are freshmen one is
n junior and tho third is classified
as a senior. Nino of tho freshmen ore
residents of Ferguson hall and tho
same nine are prospective members
of Coach Nccly's football squad.
One interesting fact about the
Wichita group is that thcro is only
one girl in it. She is Margurlto Grif
fin a resident of Mary Frances and
tho one senior of the group. Miss
Griffin life tho others of the group
is a first year student at Hardin-
Simmons. She received her prelim-
inary college training at N. T. S. T.
C. and has been teaching school since
leaving tho teachers college and is
Art Club Chooses
Leaders For Year
McCIesky Named President;
Carpenter and Lacy
Are Sponsors
The Art club of Hardin-Simmons
University met and organized elect-
ing officers for tho year 1034-'35
Wednesday afternoon from 2 to 4
o'clock under the sponsorship of
Misses A. M. Carpenter nnd Suclln
Lacy instructors of art.
Miss Ovcsta McCIesky of Ranger
was elected president. Other officers
arc: Janet Norris Childress first
vice-president; Ethel King Floydadn
second vice-president; Bcrnlcc Hart
McClure Abilene secretary; Tommlo
Borcn Memphis treasurer; Alctha
Brister Abilene historian; Mrs. Les-
lio Cranfill Abilene critic; Voida
Moore Abilene reporter; Rosemary
Malone Abilene Mario Randerson
Abilene Paul Wright Pctersboro N.
Y. yearbook committeo; Robert Fin-
ney Abilene chairman of entertain-
ment committee.
Th.o league is organized primarily
for art students but others who are
interested in the work nro cordially
invited to nttend nnd join the club
nnd Its meetings.
At Its initial meeting plans were
discussed for 'making application for
membership to the Texas Federation
of clubs
Barrett Added To
Fine Arts Faculty
Will Assist Edwin Young As
Instructor in Piano
Nnnlou Baird Barrett Abilene is
tho lntest addition to the Hardin-Simmons
fine arts faculty according to
nn announcement made by Dr. J. D
Sandefcr president Monday. Mrs
Barrett has been chosen to assist E
Edwin Young in tho department of
It is tho second time that Mrs. Bar-
rett has been on tho music staff of tho
local -university. Sho was a teacher
of piano for three yeara beginning in
Tho now teacher's early training
was received in Baylor college where
sho studied with Dr. T. S. Lovette.
Sho studied in Dallas with Julius Al-
bert Jahn Rueben -Davis and David
Guion tho eminent Texas composor.
Later sho entered tho Sherwood
Music School in Chicago where sho
studied with Georgia Kobcr and Wal-
ter Keller. Sho also took normal
training under Anna Tomlinson in
Mrs. Barrett was assistant to Dav
id Guion in tho Rocky Mountain
School of Musical Art at Estes Park
Colo. for two summer terms. Sho
taught for one year in tho College of
Fine Arts in Dallas
She was invited to act as judgo in
tho Texas division of tho National
Piano tournament last year and serv-
ed in that capacity.
now working to obtain her degree
from this institution.
Tho other upper classman of the
Wichita group is Norvnn Presley who
Ms classified ns a junior having at
tended Wichita Falls Junior college
for two years ami is mnjorlng in
Tho 10 freshmen includo Kcrmtt
ABby football prospect; Olin Burnett
tackle; Orren Janewny fullback;
Burns McKinney quarterback ; Olllo
Reeves left end; Charles Rice cen-
ter; Wieland Smith gunrd; Ed Mul-
ligan right end; Melvin "Red" Rog-
ers guard; and Larry Munday.
Other Texas towns have a large
number of repesentntlvcs in tho stu-
dent body of Hnrdln-Simmons this
year but Wichita Falls sets tho most
records by having the most freshmen
largest number of football prospects
and the largest number of students
staying in Ferguson hall.
Addington Elected
Sophomore Official
Burgamy Is Vice-President;
Landers and Ribble
Si Addington Ft. Worth was elect
ed president of the sophomore class nt
a meeting held Mondny morning dur-
ing tho chapel period in Mr. W. D.
Bond's room. Ho was selected from
a field of four candidates.
Estes Burgamy Eastland was se
lected for vice-president by tho group.
Mary Helen Terry Sweetwater was
chosen ns secretary of the class for
the coming school year nnd Malcolm
Bridges Floydada was chosen for
treasurer. Tyndal Jones San Angelo
was elected scrgeant-at-arms and
Cearley R. Kinard Memphis was
made reporter for tho class activities.
Prof nnd Mrs. Emmctt Landers
and Prof and Mrs. Ribble were chosen
to sponsor the sophomore class hav
ing guided tho class through its fresh-
man year also.
Tho meeting was opened by retir
ing president Theo Rigsby who made
a short talk to tho class asking their
sustained co-operation in following
tho coming president nnd expressing
his appreciation for tho class spirit
and work during tho coming year.
Newly elected president Si Adding-
ton presided over tho meeting after
his selection.
Business Class Hears
Prominent Men Speak
Students of the business adminis-
tration department of Hartlin - Sim-
last week by Mr. Dan Gallagher
secretary-treasurer of tho West Tex-
as Utilities company on "What nn
Employer Expects of nn Employee"
in the first of a scries of similar lec-
tures to be given in this department.
This week tho speaker was Mr. C.
M. Caldwe.ll head of tho board of
trustees and prominont business man.
These addresses nro part of a
course in business practice. In the
course talks will be mado by various
prominent business men of West
Texas. LaBt year tho course was in
troduced to tho school and was o
successful that it has been continued
this year. This typo of study is en-
tirely now to most of tho colleges of
thovsouth and southwest.
Choral Club Rehearses
"New Music Wednesday
Choral club met last Wednesday
night nt 7:30 in tho auditorium of
tho Fine Arts building under tho di-
rection of Mrs. Lola Gibson-Denton
Tho group rehearsed tho new music
and according to Mrs. Dcaton thcro
is need for moro tenor and alto voices.
Due to tho fact that there had been
a change in tho timp of meeting for
this week about one-third of tho
members wcro unablo to nttend; so
election of officers was postponed un-
til tho next regular meeting Tues-
day night.
'Passion Play' Held
In HSU Auditorium
Sponsored By BSU
Large Audience Witnesses
Picture Portraying
Christ's Life
The "Passion Piny" portraying tho
lifo nnd work of Christ was present
ed to tho people of Abilcno by tho
B. S. U. council of Hardin-Simmons
university Thursday night nt 7:30
in the cltnpcl building.
The show was presented nt tho
time of the regular B. S. U. Council
meeting before a largo audience com
posed of Hardin-Simmons students
faculty members nnd visitors fiomthe
Tho show vn under tho direction
of Mr. W. L. Willinma who is mak-
ing n tour of the Southern stales
showing hta picture.
Tho picture proper uns preceded
by scenes showing many beauty
spots of' tho western United States.
These scones presented many occur-
ences of actual lifo on the present
dny ranches of tho west and nt the
plensuro resorts of this country.
Scenes of the Hardin - Simmons
campus Picsidont Sandefor and Dean
Olsen wcro also shown. These scenes
Mr. Williams staled nro shown in
connection with his main picture
everywhere ho goes.
Tim campus scenes were followed
by tho illustrutcd song "Tho Ninety
and Nino" which was sung by Ta-
bithn Adkisson ns slides illustrating
the song wcro shown on tho screen.
The "Passion Play" included sccnos
from tho Holy Land as it is today
Bhowing tho present Jewish customs
conditions of the natives nnd eomo
of tho most interesting scenes of Pal
The plctuto proper consisted of tho
lifo of Christ from birth until ascen-
sion. Scenes showing tho Lord's trial
brutal treatment and crucifixion es
pecially were shown. Tho closing
scene of tho picture showed Christ as
he made his ascension.
Cowgirls End Week
Of Entertainment
Round of Socials Ended With
Picnic Held in Abilene
Hardin-Simmons Cowgirls have
just completed n week of social ac-
tivities honoring their 38 new pledges.
Formal initiation services wcro
hold Inst Saturday night in Marston
gymnasium nnd wore followed by n
picnic luncheon.
Tho veteran members of tho pop
organization accompanied by tho
pledges attended the First Bnptist
church in n boy last Sunday morn
Monday morning nt 0:30 the
pledges were honored guests nt a
wafflo breakfast in the Wootcn hotel
with Ollio Lena Olsen president nnd
Elba Reoves drum major in charge
of the nffnirs.
Tuesday afternoon tho girls were
entertained with n picnic supper held
in the mountains near Abilene.
Gnmcs were enjoyed befoio tho lunch
of wetners nnd pickles was served.
All the new members are now
equipped with uniforms and will make
their first public nppoaranco nt the
Hardin-Simmons-St. Edwards football
gumo to bo held in Wichita Falls
(Continued on pago two)
Stark Chosen To.
Direct Freshmen
Wullnco Stnik young ministerial
student from Oklahoma City wns
elected by n fnir majority to head the
Freshman class for tho coming year
at a specially called mooting Inst
Monday. Officors chosen wcro: Mar-
tin Glass of Brady vice-president;
nnd llelon Joyner of McrkelK eecro-
tnry. Another meeting tins been cnjlod
for next Monday at 10 o'clock for
tho purpose of selecting Sponsors for
tho group.
. Slimes Receive
Belated Hoods
They're two weoks late but they're
still slimo caps nnd even somo of tho
professors havo remarked on how
much more like homo tho campus
looks dotted with tho yellow and
green jiggers.
Tho upper classmen particulaily
tho sophomores nro happy about
their appearance because now they
can tell exactly whom ' to introduce
themselves to After nil there is
something peculiarly disconcerting
about walking up to a ntrang'c look-
ing fnco shaking Us hand and in-
troducing yourself only to find thnt
it is the person who sat next to you
In n class last year and which you
would havo rememboied if you hadn't
needed that period for sleep. Thanks
to tho slime caps there need bo no
Tho most important thing nbout tho
slime enp is tho smnllcst part of it;
tho button. Without tho button many
of tho rites of Freshman Year would
automatically bo eliminated. For in-
stance tho formality of "getting tho
button" would perforce ccaso to ex
ist. And then of course thcro is tho
matter of putting the HSU on it.
Tho changing of. tho name of tho
school added nn unexpected obstnelo
in the matter of the button. Under
the old form a mere S was plncod on
the button with due litcs and rituals
and the whole matter was very sim
ple but with the now name difficul-
ties arose. After much discussion it
was decided that tho best solution
would be to make a largo "S" on tho
button with a smaller "II" and "U"
in tho curves of tho S. The attending
ceicmonlcs havo not been altered.
At noon Tuesday there had been
fonie 160 of tho nps sold and thus
150 freshmen became eligible for for-
mal welcome to Hardin-Simmons uni-
versity by tho upper classmen. Pow-
er end endurance to tho freshnfen;
they'll need it.
Carpenter's Work
To Be Displayed
"Texas Prickly Pear" To Be
Shown At California
Miss A. M. Carpenter head of tho
school of nrt has received notice that
her "Texas Prickly Pear" picturo has
been accepted for exhibition of water
colors pastels drawings nnd prints.
This exhibit will bo open daily totho
public from October 2 to October' 31
in tho Oakland Art Gallery in Oak-
land California.
Tho works of nil nrtists submitted
by invitation wcro judged by three
juries of nrtiBts. These thrco juries
were: the conservative tho intermed-
iate and tho radical.
Tho .ono for tho "Texas Prickly
Pear" was near Chrhtoval Texas
and Is of pencil technique This is
tho third picturo of Miss Carpenter's
thnt has received honors during tho
past year. "Tho Wntchmnn of tho
Desert" which hung in tho Oakland
Gnllery last year is now in tho Texas
fino arts exhibit and is of water color
technique. "Morning Mist" which
won first plnco in a statewide art
contest sponsored by Texas Federated
Womnn's clubs for Texas artists was
of oil technique.
Cooper Home Scene of
Meeting of Local D.A.R.
Tho John Davis chapter of tho
Daughters of tho American Revolu-
tion will meet this afternoon nt 3:00
in tho homo of Mrs. O. II. Cooper
wifo of tho Into Dr. 0. II. Cooper of
Hnrdln-Simmons university.
Tho program will bo a tall: by Mis.
Baker on tho objectives of tho or-
ganization Mrs. DnHns Scarborough Mrs. Mnry
B. Mixon and Miss Mnry E. Head
will bo nssocinta hostesses with Mrs.
Cooper for the general meeting
which will bo preceded by an execu-
tive board session. Tho board is to
meot at 2:30.
Band Cowgirls and Huge
Delegation To Make Trip
Thirty-two Apply
For Appointments
To Yearbook Staff
Work On Bronco 2 Months
Ahead of Schedule
Says Editor
Thirty-two students mado applica
tion Tucsdny afternoon for positions
on the Bronco staff according to Ivan
Flynn editor of the 1935 yenrbook
and tho permanent staff will be se-
lected from this group within tho next
Tho only permanent members of
tho Bronco staff aro: Ivan Flynn edi-
tor; W. B. Phipps business manager;
and Cearley R. Kinnrd publicity man-
ager. Applications for work on tho cdi-
toilal staff includo: Mary Match Rob-
in Clack Charles Oauntt Sibyl Glass
Myrtle Eugenia Haggard Beth
Hamm Elizabeth Juncll Leonn Lnw-
ric Rosemary Malone Elvergn Mc-
Farland Glen McLaughlin Ray Dean
Pcnick Jack Ratllff Porter Richard-
son Paulino Shillcr Rose Ross
Gnines Shults Frances Utloy Es-
tello Hancock Billy Morrow Earl
Graham Mildred Norris Mildred
Mathews Mary Helen Terry Homer
C. Beck Wayne Petty Irvln Munn
and Rena Southern.
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Orchestra Starts
Regular Rehearsals
Symphony Group To Be Led
By Preston; Concert
Work Planned
Tho Hardin-Simmons orchestra held
its first rehearsal Thursday after
noon September 27 in tho Fino Arts
building and plans were mode for
the season's work.
Mr. Herbert M. Preston head of
tho Violin department and director of
tho orchestra reported a very suc-
cessful rehearsal. Ho says that in
time ho hopes to doublo tho violin
section nnd nlso increase tho horn
sections to the capacity of a small
symphony rchestra.
Woik wns done on Suppo's Light
Cavalry and moro music hns been or-
dered to preparo for concert work.
Tho present personnel of tho or-
chestra includes: Violins: Fnyo Mor
rison Abilene; Mu;ry Helen Terry
Dallas; Sarctta Morrow Abilcno;
Mary Catherine Cummings Abilene;
Tnbinthn Adkinson Tulin; Will II.
Grimes Ablleno; Mr. E. Edwin Young
Abilene. Cello: Mnry Louiso Ford
El Paso. String Bass: Herbert Hill
Corslcann. Flutes: Mr. O. O. Watts
Ablleno; James . Stewart Abilene.
Trumpets: James Burnett Texnr-
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Mrs. Ford Directs
Athenian Club Play
Mrs. Hoyt Ford wifo df Prof. Hoyt
Ford directed tho program on "Tho
White House" at a meeting of tho
Athenian club last week in tho homo
of Mrs. Leslie Cranfill.
The "Romnnco of tho Whito Houso
Furnituro" was discussed by tho lead-
er. Mrs. Ollio McMinn talked on en-
tertaining in tho Whlto Houso and
heirlooms in tho Whlto Houso were
discussed by Mrs. Charles Logsdon.
Roll call responses wcro on "An In-
teresting First Lady."
Mrs. Cranfill had decorated her
homo with fall flowers nnd tho colors
or tho blossoms wero reflected in a
ten pinto which sho served to Mes-
dnmoa Gerald Williams Charles At-
kinson T J. Bailey L. P. Cook
Georgo Foster Homer Hutto Ralph
Howington R. E Kuykendall J. B.
Murray Jr. Alton Willlngham Ford
McMinn and Logsdon.
Noon today will sco tho hugo cara
van headed by tlo Cowboy band bus-
ses followed by chartered busses nnd
numerous automobiles takinot nrac-
tically half tho student body of Hnr-din-Simmons
university nnd many
Abilene fans to Wichita Falls to root
for tho Cowboys in their opening con-
ference gamo against St. Edwards
in Wichita Falls high school stadium
tonight nt 8 o'clock.
With tho failure of the sneclal train
to tho northern city work began im-
mediately to obtain n largo motor
cade to carry tho delegation of Cow-
nanil followers nnd other Abilcnlans
who will take part in a magnificent
Buy Tickets Here
Tickets for the St. Edwards-
Hardin - Simmons university foot-
ball gamo to be played in Wichita
Falls high school stadium tonight
arc on sale in the business office
on the main floor of tho Science
building according to G. B. San-
defer manager of athletics.
The tickets will bo 65c for stu-
dents and 85c for regular custo-
mers. Students as well as other
members of the motor caravan arc
urged by tho management to get
their tickets to tho game before
they leave.
pnrado to bo held just before the
Cowgirls to Go
The Cowgirls university pep-squad.
will attend the gamo almost ono hun-
dred percent. They havo been work-
ing steadily this week in preparation
for tho game. Combining social ac-
tivities with work they have taken in
the new members nnd aro prepared
to pnrado tho .with tho band. They
havo worked out a new formation on
parade turning squaro corners. They
drilled tho new formation Thursday
afternoon under tho direction of Elba
Reeves newly chosen drum major.
Band in Parade
Tho Cowboy band has just com-
pleted one of tho most strenuous
weeks of work i ntho history of tho
organization in preparing a suitable
program for tho affair in Wlchita
Falls. Tho work under tho direction
of Marlon McClure has included prac-
tice in marches novplty nnd pep
tunes. Tho bnnd has drilled three
times this week and will bo in good
shnpo for tho show to bo mado by tho
delegation in tho north Texas city.
Members of tho organization will
leave with tho delegation and will go
in tho little band bus and fivo private
cars according to G. B. Sandcfer
manager of the band.
Tho Simmons delegation will meet
(Continued on pago two)
Bandmen Are Given -
Service Sweaters
Last night at a special rehearsal of
tho Cowboy band in its preparation
for tho trip to Wichita Falls today
to play for tho St. Edwards Hardin-
Simmons university football gamo tho
old members wero presented with
sweaters by G. B.Sandefer man
Tho sweaters aro standard sweat
ers with the Cowboy emblem on tho
left front. Tho servico stripes nro
on tho sleevo of tho cowboy in tho
Forty-fivo swenters wero given tho
veterans of tho band.
Thoso who received sweaters who
nro in school now wero: Fouch Pol-
lard Midland; James Burnott Texar-
kana; II. Copcland Ablleno; Hall
Hilton Lubbock; CluVrles Sandidge
Abilcno; Dan Tnrploy Truscott; Tom
Cannon Abilcno; C. Motley Ballln-
ger; C. Kinard Memphis; Lloyd Por-
melly Ablleno; Burgess Brown Abl-
leno; James Reed Abileno; Carl
Pratt Ablleno; James Walker Green
River Alabama; Billy Morrow Dal-
las; Carson Jordan Abilono; Hub
Hill Corslcnra; Hubert Owens Abi-
lcno; Gaines Shults Breckenrldgo;
Sumptor Reed Abilene; Otis Baggctt
Abilcno and James Stuart Abilene.
'L i

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