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"" : rrww"r-'yuiM;yrprwwwiiaaj
fflbe Simmons BraiMi
Vol. VIII.
Number 5
tt -
Neither team was able to put across a
score when the Simmons Cowboys and the
Austin College Kangaroos clashed at the
Texas-Oklahoma Fair at Wichita Falls Fri-
day The game was characterized by sur
prises and as the score Indicates was a
rkhl to the finish by both teams. Both
.Austin and Simmons threatened to count
more than once but each time the defense
strengthened in such a way that scoring
seemed impossible. Considerable import-
.- ..... .....I...I . .!. Iniil. . It wn.
onto i u.u.iu w .... ...... - .. ..-
tho first T. I. A. A. game for both teams
and both are strong contenders In that
association. .
in jiuim ui nisi nu kwu &"-
1 i ff..i.. -1.- i rwl.nv. nmtiilv
cu in uiiuuiii i-iuj ."u nwj n--""i
excelled their opponents. They made nine
first downs as compared to Austin's four
and gained 191 yards to tho Sherman
team's 141. On the other hand the Kan-
garoos took quick advantage of their
breaks and played a strong game in open
field play. They were ablo to return
punts 10 'a good advantage though there
was no big distinction between tho two
teams in this line. The consistent plung-
ing of the Cowbby backs was used up to
a great extent in their own territory. Lit-
tie passing was used by either team
stra ght football leaturing.
Miller's Iong return of a punt in tho
first few mbiutes of the game placed the
fball within a few yards of the Simmons
coal and was tho best chance the Kan-
-Z L-J - . .....l.J. R.
4garuo9 iiau iu wuio u luuumunii v
peated attempts tailed to gam However
land when the ball went over. Johnson punt-
I nnt nf Annorr. TJir Towlinvs were hard
pressed another time when Estes fumbled
tand recovered on the One loot line. John-
son's punt saved the day. The Cowboys
after a steady advance from the 20 yard
line placed the ball at the beginning of
the fourth quarter on Austin's 10 yard
line but there the advance was stopped.
A loss and a 10 yard penalty followed and
.w .. -- . r.. ..f . . . -
Kimbrough's attempt to drop-KiCK railed
wIimi tin wn. nishpit bv tho Kanearoo
tnderabhs.excitemenuresulted a few
'moments -late'r when Miller Austin half-
bacK returned a punt iron iu yara
urtm thit intMii nf mm tirin mil iirnnni
out of bounds on tho 38 yard line Austin
.(W ..v. .w..b..s . ..-j-r-
piaycrs ona me cuatn wwc mn .... .
accept tne reierws decision ana sevcra.
n.tnttl.a urrA anittll In nriTlimenl. .Allfttm
"w "!""." ci " . V.
was penaized zp yards ine lact mat
wmnrougn uowcoy gaiety man su-
talned in injury in tho knee when he a -
tempted the field goal accounted for Mil-
lers success Jn getting past everyone.
Stars were not in evidence as every man
on both teams seemed to be fightlpj? the
'mL. . Cali:"Am80 t.&
"u"""i i"""-"."" ;""" "i - "
...a....v. ...u a...; . .v ...v ..w ...v.. ...
....... ......... A. ..... ... .ra.rl lin h.ll
giuuuu iuiiicu. iuuiiia tii.ii.u mi; uuii
27 times and gained a total of 101 yards
"Bullet" Camp played a noticeable de-
fensive game and carried the ball forward
i 37 yards. The advances of tho Kangaroo
leam was auow equauy umui-u ucinccu
Hill Allred and Saxon. Johnson and
Cibson Simmons ends played air tight
on the defense.
first Quarter.
Morgan kicked off 57 yards to Adams
who made a 20 yard return. Simmons off-
side. Adams went through left tackle for
4 yards. Johnson punted 20 yards and
Miner reiurneu ao. miner iamru iu buw
at right tackle. Time out Simmons. .Ball
on 15 yard line. Saxon fumbled and Rog-
ers recovered for a six yard gain. Allred
made 3 yards through ngni tacwe. oaxon at B:00. There will be a short social period m. 1110 leading scnoois 01 lexas. rrepa- in Mary .trances. Miss fry the president merry merry uuckoo which the club is Locke Davis on crutches passed pain-
first down. Ball on 5 yard ljne. Saxon jn between at which time a light lunch rations for tho welcome of this gre'at com- has charge of the entertainment in general studying at present. At the next meet- fully down the aisle; Rogers Pierson pre-
no gain; Gibson tackled. Miller lost 3 will be served. big ore being completed by the B. S. U. having worked the plans out through the Ing these two castes will present tjio play ceded him hat in hand begging contri-
yards Johnson tackling. .Allred hit the Teachers of Simmons and other local Council and special committees aided by W. M. S. of the city and the Abilene busl- before the club. Wjth these two interpre- hutlons for the poor man with "a bone In
lino for 2 yards. Miller no gam; crowd-
.1 nut nf lm tt til t.u fnmn Halt PnPl
tu uut ui uuuuu uj j (
Johnson punted 35 yards and Allred
brought It back 9. Saxon 1 yard through
line. Miller no gain; Johnson made tackle.
Two nasses incomplete and ball went over
Adams hit left tackle for 3 yards
Adams gained 3 more through line. Camp
2 yards through left tackle Johnson punt-
ed H yards and Lamp tacwed Aiireu in
his tracks. Camp threw Miller for 3
yard loss! Whorton no gain at line. Tuck
punted 24 yards. Kimbrough fumbled and
bmith recovered. Simmons oil side. Ail-
red went through left tackle 3 yards.
Saxon 1 yard at rgiht guard. Quarter up.
Ball on Simmons 27 yard line in Austin's
Second Quarter
Austin complete . of 4 yard. m'bb. which w II ffi the' c ima To da? o S3 f ed by M Webb ? h 'assistant geni ZJlSsXTLd!' St bSdfil ttA rule oniie ralitv
ter Johnson had hit ball. Tuck falls to 4en lhe firB Y( W. -A. for 'dormitory entlon. More than 600 uqJente aro an- eral agent .of the Texas & Pacific provid- Ji0" Z "i rnUp Thh Inn!. 1 made ?M. lnn..n.le C.nd 7n
drop-kick goa. Ball over to Simmops on ' Simmons College has become a ticipated. since it Is thought that the num- ing a special train from fort Worth tb i J" ZgZJS A l.Jnw. if XrL we .! fl m
twenty yard line. fret. . . her V delegates will exceed that to Den- Abilene it will be easily managed for Si?Xr
Adams made 7 yards through line. Monda eVeIling Smith Hall tho girls ton last yeir Among the colleges that many delegations to arrive at the same " .fif.1 "1; e8jip J' ff. S IL w'Le! hZ' nd rLived hl
Adams followed with 6 more and first let and organized Miss Daniels was unan- arM sending large delegation are Howard hour. Registration will take place at the Ul S?tfc .l.JL tei.Sf !L -W-TSl Si .t?f!r. .!tlT- il!!TlJ? lSklf fc!
d0T' uTIme?t ff A5nr EMef ifd imwy elceted PrMident' Afer hwl- Vne Hl0T U Bor College C.I. A First Oadtbt'elmreh and tlm convention ? $ anhTnlUw of Dfc S3 falJlftwh
cled right end for 4 yards. Camp failed ncgg ieMon M Carpenter and Mrs. San- N. T. S. N. Texas U. Wayland A an3 proper will be in the chapel hall of Abi- cr " " ndA m '"l lZ rf th s wav
to gain around left end. Camp hit center defer made eort talks of congratulation M.. John Tarlelon and others t lene buirding. CVatioJ Committed and TtL number of ''-' . . i
for 4 yards. Adams made it first down. and-encouragement to the society Committees are at constant work and This convention will probably be the .n"'at n omrm"'Ff ! J!! Tl! ' PonTon a ni". urprio was in
Camp went through left tackle for three T)e org ad been conVerted Jnt0 a planning for the welcoming of this incom- largt ever held of its type. Some of the .!?. "f"i.0.TT. Zl vmed .Zn id Mri? foru ni par'y'i bnP 0dfr' fahcr
yards. Adams ripped off 7 more through mlnIaluro auditorium with its orderly Ing of this "pick" of Texas student who most noted speaker of the South will be BP0U.nft i "'"? 8'nTn i' rtUvP h-iKJ f ."". ' i ? ?! ' '? Cowbor11niJt mel
center making It first down. Adams 1 yard rowg of chai facing hc end of the room will be our guests. Miss Alma Stack featured among whom are Dr. Allredgo a'0J n wasn! ?? 'V" "' ril?dy.n Fnrt "'"i 'ain Yith .hl' ''8h chol1 8uden'
through line. Adams made 4 yards around At this point lite double doors were thrown field secretary of Sinimon. severa) months and Dr. Harry Strickland both of the l. I? pln 3 " .J . nln" fnd liowed us that they knew how to .ing
right tackle. Langford for Regan f Aus- tlwinK m artistically arranged ' ago to lay out a program on special com- Southern Baptist .Convention NaghvUlA Worth omt Emmons on the map at the he Simmons songs with a right good
tin. Camp made 2 yard ground left end SIagei upon wlich a short play was acted mittee team work. Mr. Heriry Weldon Tennejsee. Dr. Boone originator and T G- U.-Slmmons game this Saturday spirit. The crowd were glad to return
the right win. Camp ripped off 8 yards of '( y1 w A. in the college girl's life by Misses Pauline Hardesty and ElWbeth general secretory of the Unions of Texas j 0 imve a sunrise breakfast Monday he enterprising school and its Superln-
around right tackle making first Uown A of play which wa. to bo I'rWdy. Miss Myrtle Barber Is working will have charge of the opening program mornlni. at Lylle rke Tho social com- Ti(.n Mnni ..i.....i ..n .1..
nn.l InMnWfMl Willi L more afUUIlU ..... .I .... l..; . .!. .I.. l...r... I.n. ll.n ul. in l.nm. nl.lnH l.iJ nl II. a II S II nn.l nnuf 1-nr llin ejnnil anr nl event llm p n . UVIlll IIIICIU mill I1CUMV KrcClinRS lOr
raw incompicio. uai. .ui wC.o w.
1 vard. Kimbrough wa. tackled for a 10
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m .. T
rniiMP niiBPM nurv
yvtiiiiiu uului iinvu
llirtlUlUiJUmmiU UiUILt
Fmm cFNlnnc tiivp nFFN
uulLmyUS ". 1 A UL.UN
t f devcloini. in he rac
. 'iiiuwi is iu'i utvcioiiHiB in uic iuli.
1 . . nUpen of the Col cue In the Bronco-
J0(ng )a(lfcs Jn fhg Tac6ianA ho annua8
are being sold fast and the voles given are
ejnK no ci . These oune lad cs aro Hiss
... " 'i.'"-.' "tsu ' """ luu' uioiuiss
tMna Ward. vn Andrews Ircno Smith
"t. Ead of these arc
membcrg of ho Scnior cjagg .
. .
Drf " a""lllg 'pjj fJP.H "? " r?n.?
" " vcn"a ?p .7 iV i r?t
J'" ." "f irauitions.
"1R" 'Jfu'l1 YT.'
J"'' P j" W eLSe
" .a" improvement Has becnover he
Preceding issue ino year uiu m the
"'r car " Dn0 wa'"'' published and
'" "ccaU80 no war. Hie plans
? year edition are beinR finished
: - "- - .- .. ...w.w.. ..-
lle Scnior8 PlcturM ar tinted
The staff for this jcar has been com-
pletcd: John Thomas Duncan editor-in-
r;.f. l..i l...;. .......
"""" " "." "u... uauam
ili..c" ro:L '
tme Lee lurner-
1 111171 UlUllUUlW jUVU
lUlUHLilS ill mCIUVEiL
Mcrkcl Texas Oct. 12.-Tlio organiza-
'iiiim AVAUS. Sl. A 1I1U UlbUilllAl
t0n of a "bimmons Club" the first of its
timl niuLr it mnhnrhfulnn f kl.
and ex-students' association of Simmons
U UlUlllill
College was pexfqcted here Tuesday night
at a meeting of graduates and ex-students
lay night
leW Bt the home of Miss Lucy Tracy. More'
tiiiVt n dronn fm-mdi iindii . .ha
iiiuii u uutui tuillivi DIUULIliO. lllO U1CULC1
prton f Mom ar6 tcaching in the Mcr-
Kei puui c scnoois were present and join-
Cd 110 club.
Ifnllnml Tn(T n nrmlitnl. n Cimninn.
.. .m ""( u.u..iu u """"""')
was chosen president. Miss Lucy Tracy
was seiccieu vico-pres.dcm Miss juua
Martin secretary and Miss Hatt.o Cona-
way reporter. Mrs. Roy Bradley presi-
dent of the alumni association and E. T.
Miller field worker for tho organization
both of Abilene were present and assisted
'"ite.r'L - .... ...:...
"-'j ""XY"A tr v. . i
.u..u .uu..u x.nUu.. .... ...... ..-
... . I ..... ... I... I. ..... .!... ....... I... 4.... .....
iiuiuij' uiiii.ii nua ucsuuyiai uy 111c unu
for an endowment for the college wcro
pledged by the members. Pledges of fi-
nancial gifts were also made to Secretary
Miller in connection with the work.
T. B. Y. P. U. and Sunday School Train-
jng School opens at the College Heights
church Monday tho 15th and continues
(or tlvc days ending tho mill rive courses
will be offered in Sunday School work and
four courses in B. Y. P. U. work. Tliero
will be two periods one at 6:45 the other
people will direct the work. Prof. Arrant
t. l..t . !. C. n.l... CMt.Ar.1 J TAl.t
j ead of the Sunday School and John
T. Duncan will direct the B. Y. P. U.
classes. Two of the teachers will be Prof.
Arnett and Prof. Bond An enrollment1 of
120 had already been reached by the mid-
die of this week and 150 aro exDected to
he in the school.
Anyone completing any of these courses
i entitled to either a diploma or seal.
r ir in nnPAlTIirn '
I. Vf. A. 10 UKuANlLEilJ
An organization which has long been
talked ot in the dormitories ot tho col
lege has at last been
"iWei. ; 1 Mf
the ell oris of Miss Millie
unU8Ualiy interesting Mis. Head Invfted
nJ nrlplv -nd 1m vl.ttnr. tnm 1.
"f "" "". t- - -T.wiir - ...
hall where punch wa. served.
Staff as follows: Mvrtio Atwoo!. nmi.nrTTv r r "'.. ' " "u". ".." '" '"i "".' .1" f i " T c"ir . 'i V1" " V "' -"'"i"u ""W"1' " ' ? morning. anotguns hells band
. t- . lf r..i J . ' u wiiiiiiiiu Kiiis UUSR.CIUU11 (cum limn ui unu uiiiiuuiiwcs uic JjIujuiv jiuu us u- iowctl. eilinc. and airpn nlnvvl fhit nnr nirl . -...
; Garrison Verna Smith L. E. Dcrryberry prcsen hByfcnuch pep and enthusiasm the lows: Reid De Weise W. T. Reld Effie Several .election were nlaved in the noni iftlfcr.SJi"
wra uarKiey nemo price and ris lave aircadv shown the attributes Lee. and Pauline Hardcsty. (ContinueH on n.ian iwn.l il d.n mi- a. nm ..V. i."
Horned Frogs Hnve One of Best
Teams of Their History With
10 Letter Men back.
Tji(j simmons Cowboys enter an enemy's
camp for tho first time this fall when they
taic on le t christian University
Horned frogs at t. Worth to-day (bat-
u"laj) in what is conceded tq bo the hard-
J'. . .. n rnM
Hays left Friday night on the mid-niglit
frnin with eighteen men m men .! Unrn.
cd FYocs.
The Purple and gold warriors though
...... . i ' .."
""i in pencci snapo are in lair condition
for the clash. The absence of Kimbrough
quarterback from the line-up will neccs-
'tato a littlo change. Johnson will go
'acK " "is oiu position ai jcit ha : wn 0
i . ...
L.sies wno nciu uown tnai pace ai mo
Wichita . Fall game will be shifted to
Iummy quarter. Woods will probably
lae tle cnj position left by Johnson.
Other men who will start tho gome without
being in the best of condition are Morris
WrJ jlt anJ Maggart Wright received a
wrench in the knee at tho Austin game
and was not aWo t0 8immage this week
wiI1 likd gtan Jn hob amo 0n
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lnnnuea on page two.)
. mpi n nrpi nrrrm
IM fume n A Clfrrn !
Nccr before in the annals of Simmons
for the maklnc of a team that will add
other trophies to our Hall of Fame.
Mis McDonald states that practice
8artel Wc(ncsila at five O.clock with
a '"Be number of applicants out. At this
r moin .nrmn . 1.-1 J
first meeting a Conference was held in
order to select class learns each of the
college classes will be represented. This
UlllCUC LldOSta TII1 WB iltia
is the fourtii year to have inter-class games
...l.i.l. ... .I. ...!. f. TlnV!vlnrt
nilll.ll DIUll IIIU nttN UU.1 lllUUn.DKI'IMh
and out of these the varsity squad is
Several last year stars will be missed
; . a '. .1 i:. a
hl 8eason. Amonc lhese are. Lois Man.
.. . ... . . 1
-ll I'U.l... k' .. brlnn llnmo Mi ilrAri
willanTrne? IdwarfC and Irene Armes.
However there are several of the last
. eam in 8chool am around these
4.. ... .. ....
Aliss MCUona d cxnects to bui d a winninc
tM Followers of the Purple and Gold
will be glad to know that Francis Edmonds
w he ack ag jumpi cenler i Key
allj Vera fllackwcll both of last year's
var9ity equad will aRain thrlll lhe gpectq.
tor9 by tllcir brilliant playing. Jewel Tabor
an() Elizabeih Fry are back to "pwk" the
sphere in the Simmons basket. Ora Bark-
Icy guard is here to help keep the ual out
0ir opponents' basket
. - . .
There is also a wealth of new material
. r'lillniro line llin nrninii-l. Ii.n npftfr fnr ll-z-lrtl liir rnrna nf wnrVi-ra fnr tlin VMr ...ti.rl. nnl .1.. ..n.1.. .!.!...:. fAl :.. .1.. . r. . . . . .
V . . . '. . .. . . ' ow " " "" ...u... .IllltUllU JllL UHUIE inO
coming from high schools bringing with meets this fall."
The It. 5v II. ("Vlnvenlinn a nt linnrl
Two weeks from today the college campus
will be pulsating with more than 600
visiting delegates who will haye come from
"o tacuity the Uaptist churches of the
Pitv nml tlin Wnmpn nn1 1iiiatniea man t
P-ty. "nJ lhe women and business men of
Abilene. The convention will probably be
? biggest in tjio history of the B. S. U.
Three conventions have preceded this
the firat being at howard Payne in 1920
'he second at Baylor College the third
at Denton where Simmons wasr the best
represented sclibol in Texas considering
distance. The seventy Simmons delegates
'a year won a coiossiai victory over sev-
cral of the larger colleges when they won
I'm decision of the time and place com-
II nt III. lAWtfVAl AAI1 ARAM ...liaH Al..v k.vK
""'"- "B .jiiiuuvus mo HU31CS3 ui
l?" 192il Convention. In that victory tho
eyes of Texas students were turned to the
.!.... w.l.l Cl .!. I.... -t
west to a school with its own peculiar
inheritance of western spirit and life
!9.!ie "L25- &
Z'Zirr .".?''"'
. " : .P . . . .
at tne inter-couegiate puuuciiy and mis.
Virninla Crelahtori tlie down-town adven "... T ' n m
tisement. Novelties In potters are being
Average Number Votes Show to Bo
Some Higher Than
In tho annual student election held Thurs-
day 6nly 340 votes were cast out of a
student body of approximately 650. Tho
average is slightly more than in lormcr
years but it still remains a lamentable
fac. lha. gmalI a oroDorlton f .. ..
dents manifest enoUgh interest in the life
of the colleee to vote in the annual. clec-
The following officers were elected:
r r.l!. I lmf n All c.
"' ""i uiuiku numi mine.
For Business Manager of 1925 Bronco-
Jim Ballcw.
r or Judic
Judicial Councilmen-Seniors: John
ncan "Emma Barrett; Juniors! Ray-
"'i &niina uuuaij juimuis; mf
.i xt f.i. cj j.. c i.
""" j.iunun nunui ouiuwui j'
mores: Frank Kimbrough; Freshmen: Car-
rol Wood.
For Legislative Assemblymen Seniors:
Georgia Winston Daker Cummings Lee
Johnson Ulmer S. Bird Myrtle Barber;
Juniors: Annie Taggert Mabel Hale Nat
Williams Jim Ballew. Sophomores: Guy
Caldwell George Foster Lois Riddle.
Freshmen: Robert Estes Nellie Mac Price.
Academy: Lawrence Fitzgerald.
r a
Iirn CTirr PAT TrnilI
HtR OlAfr rUR ItRM
... . .
Miss Thclma Andrews librarian has se-
These have been selected witli the idea
of making the service in the library this
car. u" ever. 10 mis end. tie co-op-
eration of the entire student body is 1
quested especially in the care of the books
and magazines.
The students are also invited to make
ny suggestions about the improvements of
- . . - .
" " j "u"".u"' u """'" "mm
plainlS should 1)0 made .
". 111.. r .11
a good collection 01 magazines lias ueen
"""! n 8? a ""T55 ?i.ual 7. ?"ff..Sf
L conTribu ted nefiod cals make ud one
l" coninouteu periodicals make up one
Of the best reading lists in the Stale. A
. -- ....
RSI!! .1 h S L d
1 f . 1 ..1 .it. .
i"r:" T i ". ..r
rr n.i. : c.:i.. i...v.
a.u' " n 1?Z . U ruAnZl
"" ' . """ yd: .. ' " """
" "is own kWs-
hcm good rcCords several of these will
likely develop into real stars by the time
the big games are here.
'No outside game?.l.ave been arranged
as yet however Miss McDonald says
"There will be n number of carries ar-
ranged at the Tt J. W. A. A. when it
!. I... Vrn Q.!ll. Tl.o V W A wnrl-
has been reorganized in the two girls'
halls; Miss Millie Daniels having charge
of the one in Smith Hall and Miss Mims
ness men.
TIia I?oi4jti-nttnn nf Tin nt let )A
The Federation of Baptist Women led
by Mrs. J. D. Sandefer have most loyally
aided in the entertaining program. The
delegates will be served on Harvard plan.
being given their room and breakfast
with special luncheons picnics and re-
frcslunents. The women have opened up
their homes and will entertain royally
with western warmth of heart.
Uie men have supported Jrom the start.
Jl .. ta...! 41.A ...ill I.. m MA.lrt M L ! .
As a result there will be a rodeo on Fri-
day afternoon supplemented by a real old-
.! ". I 1 r O-. I... " . .!
nine uaruccuc. un oaiuruay a muiur flip
will be given each guest a ride' which will
extend over Abilene and will possibly end
In a picnic at iiultalo l?ap
The welcome throughout will be typified
JtoJZ J5L rSL .
'? a" Xri'irUnZ
' V . . i. .'. . . "lift Inn mnlinn fnr ml inurnment wn. mnrin
rnuay morning ine entire three days
will be a series of hiah .nirltual tides.
.... .' .
pulmlnating In the Sunday seryices
VU1I1M1 UtUW mniUjO
DIM 1111 ill 11 HIH 1 JHt
.rnvv mr r-n
W1LH11A fAINb.
The Cowboy Dand as Well as the student
!.!. . . ...II I .iMi 1.1. ...!.i.
"" u c muuu u ucnucu uu wnu
the people of Wichita Falls last Friday.
mis is suown uy ine wnie-up given the
Cowboy Band by the Wichita paper from
which the following was copied: iUO iUmU.yiiiK nus luimuu;
"fi...." f. ci r-n .i
. """ ium ' cbo uu
business men from AbHene headed by the
the famous Cowboy Band captured the
city of Wichita Falls Friday noon upon
their arrival hero to attend thd Texas-Ok-
lahoma Fair. Blood and more blood is
what the students are after at tho big foot-
ball game between Simmons and Austin
College at the fair grounds Friday after-
"on. .
More than 150 Simmons students and a
men .
Wichita Falls Friday1 noon. Tho Cowboy
Band is composed of thirty trained mus-
lclans anu immediately made a deemed
lil he ""& ' Pwplo on the
8lrf ' ..
Arriving in the city the band paraded
thrnuch tlm trpci nml 1I10 BinIpni' in
I .! I. . 1 ' ....... ... 1.- -. I 1 ..'.. .
The Junior Class met in called session
- - .. ...wk ...
Monday night Uctober mil in Mary-
France n.irlnm. President lim Rnllew in
--.. ....v.vf ..vv.v... .... H..W ...
th0 chair and Miss Mable Hale acting as
cre.ary;in the absence of Miss Edmonds.
"l? f .T "n" T?
up crst ieinir e report of the Nom mat-
iB rnmm1lte On rernmmendBl!rtn nf
-:" .-..- .. -. ...-. .. w-
"! -..... tw ir. a v vwniiiinmuiwii v
h Jcommife:. y1?"1"!! w"? nmi-
'"" .'
ror tne judicial council: nay-
mond Morrow and Bennic Speck. For the
Legislative Assembly: . Phmis McBeth
; vr . ;v '..... ;"-"
Ji'auile JJeniiam Leota Knight and Annie
UBU"- iw " nomina.ions lor
Editor and Business Manager of the Bron-
co was a.ken "P' and.l.he blowing were
minated as the candidates of the Junior
Cla88' fFor Ed"I lan Moe! for Bu8i-
ness Manager Jim Ballew.
JTl V3 ZPTJjmLtl
: -- -" - -"" """'
n tlienler nnrtv nr n nlrnii-- tit. -1na vnl.wl
... . . . ...w .... ..
in facor of the picnic which was set for
Monday afternoon October 15th. Tlie
regular meeting for the next night was
called off as all necessary business had
been attended to and the class adjourned.
0 '
r nn mF1 nw tp mn
... ..
Tli.. I.lmrnrv nml rimmniln PI.. I. ..... .
tho usual time Wednesday evening at 8:00
o'clock. Miss Cooper lead the discussion
nf llm drnmn n nn odiii-nlinnnl Untnr .wl
many interesting points were brought out.
Tw0 casl8 of characters ore now work-
ing on lhe interpretation of the play "The
us ot characters are now work-
interpretation of the play "The
tations the practical dramatic work Will be-
trifl. ftaa Patpmil' lairrna tr slnvAlnni flm
gin. Miss Petcaut designs to dovelope the
abilities of each member of the club to
train for present and constructively crit-
Iclze a play. This is work which nearly
everyone lias an opportunity or is called
upon to do some time In life.
Several new members were accepted by
the club and more are expected to join at
the next meeting.
K & JBaBHaniB
JUMUIU) OLUTIi tilUrllll
ill OEmim IHUjlinU
1 .. i . . ..i. .i. o.i-
oa" u"i""BV" wa J5! "f scaol
wen-thlrty by the Junior Class. A soon
. . 7 . . . . .
m"e for "' year "obert urban M'
berta Howell and Edna "Ward.
' 11 . t r 1 . . m 1
. F'iiIaK ocb s 1923 win iong
jn he mtnds 0f a great host of Simmon-
UV .ajon? of h mo8t colorful and crowd.
ed days of their college careers. That was
was tne day Simmons moved en masse on
the city of Wichita Falls and captured it
)"' "L uJ u f. aU?.an d.c aPtured it
hX storm-though it must he admitted that
wlHlnlr !. n i " WeemoL8t
wWing captives. Up long before the
awn' wak'nS the town with their poyous
r'?0 .1 u . 8C on I1"0 lon
trip making the echoes trt Tincr In vrv
- - . -- - ;
' a"dr ramll "" howlit
'. """"". i'cu cmijr
"; taking h 8pod nature the big end
?.' 8C0rc. tt. in olJr "vor" as Eddie
... . . - --- ----- .
''nrl put it. and returning linmn wltti nn.
i:m:!.ii ' u j Vi V .
hg W ?"u!am-that in
nel 18 "e Bhry of the daV nctivitles.
Announcement was mado in chapel early
in "e week that a train to Wichita had
"ot been secured. Judge Caldwell immed-
la''y Bt busy and made the railroad
k j that it was to their interest no
e Simmons College to Wichita nd
back-the judge usually gets what he goes
a'ler. He had personally to guarantee
2S mdmi 7
eIatjly. Plans were made by those of the
udent body and the .faculty who could
j." i uc ai nana 10 noard tne train at
ianlcfcr Stop at 5:45 Friday morning.
A "umber of tho boys appointed them-
selves a committee to sea that no pne over-
ii ni .! ...... .1.. 1. 1 nn
remaining few when he responded to the
w ui jiunucr Bi'cn mm oy some enter-
prising young men who wanted to be sure
that the girls halls were fully represented.
By 5:30 a large crowd had gathered at
Sandcfer Slop on East Ambler to await
ill tmin nr In 1P Ilia Qimmnn linnet T
The train did not come along until about
r:15; the intervenlne time was nassed in
.1.. 'ii .. .1. " v .
nn nn ni liri1 Ann ITS OS "HAUf llrv
Am ..c" Adeline'' nml .W m.u.
ious amenl concernin' h.-j.Zj
ci of Lanana8- A" 'nInBs " to them
li : i.. :r i .1 s. i.
....'' '"..''. "'"' ".'"' a"'"B
ciiuucn unu ni iar inn reiriiinr nn..enirer.
with "the extra coaches for tTie crowo!
frm immnn. i.n. : .ui. ..i ...u .u.
noisy 'voyagers aboard. A 'count by Joe
Ellis showed that there were 143 in the
Simmons contingent counting some Abi-
lene business men who came along as loyal
Simmons boosters. Among these were
Mc3in. Jones and Singleton owner and
manager of the Grace Hotel. Among the
faculty members were Prexy Dean Olsen
profg Richardson Ballard Chandler
Wiley Misses Carpenter ampbell Pier-
. . . '.. X.
son wcuonaid uaird and Mesdames Hal-
iaru am wianmer- ijj course there were
ag0 he begt of all Simmons friends
jU(jge and M Caldwell who had made
the trip posaibIe
r i i r i r i . .
Ev7body found seats at first but their
enthusiasm wouldn t bear being still and
a" were constantly moving from car to car
Ka"ine ln pi hr and heto
carry on a tbe occasion seemed to de-
needed entertainment and proceeded to
supply it in abundance. Jack Morris.
yodeler and general fun maker put on a
alhlle imitation of "Killjoy." John
DullCan. making eXDloration in the Haw-
Icy vard put on an extra show by taking
" -'ui"c v i oucjujiuub m caicn
"le 'ra'n. No injuries reported happily.
a couple of falls in attempting to catch
"e ran- No injuries reported happily.
ieg." His financial" success was so
l .l. .1. t. it 1
pronounced that other pitiable characters
determine to share in the harvest Jim
Ballew bent twisted and generally forlorn.
hobbled along seeking a handout. He
got a handful of cockleburs. Gordon
Snnnfino" Weir .erved liernlenlW . in
official escort of Miss Alberta Howell
having secured permission rom Uncle'
Sam to take a day off for the purpose.
t giamford all debouched from the train
1 1 1 .1 9 . st
and paraded the streets led bv tho "fam
ous Cowboy band" in all its splendor of
clP9 and wmbreros. Supt. of the High
Schools there joined in with tho paraders
ami announced that itamlord is 100 per-
cent fnr SlmmnntM Thai. tlin .tiifT
Generous lunches of sandwiches and
potato chips had been donated by the bus!
.:" ""T " r 7."""" f"" "
aion at Wichita Fall. wa. . reached.
frnnllmtk nn h
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