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... to the armored branch. He will report for training at the Armored School Fort Knox Kentucky in May 1958. John P... years served the seniors as editor of that edition published April 12. The contest was judged by Ed... Sunday May 19. Dr. H. B. Smith head of the H-SU art department announced. The museum located at 762 Cedar

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....m. TTS classes All 1:00 p.m. MWF classes Classes meeting 12:0042:50 p.m. MWF classes Classes meeting... and supervision to be arranged by Speech department.) All 2:00 p .m. MWF classes All 12:45 p.m. TT classes All 3... in Fresno his headauarters on June 9 for a special school and will start to work on June 12. H-SU to Have... at the audio visual room of Sandefer Memorial Tuesday May 21 at 3:30 p. m. All Hardin-Simmons University... in March 1958. David L. Welch received assignment toarmor. He will attend the Armored School in Fort Knox

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