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Subacriptioe Prio
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Subscribers. Rated AAA
Nawapapar by
Community R>niwfc
Published Twice Weekly By The Farmers Publishing Company, La Grange, Texas
Devoted to the Interests of the People of Fayette County and of Texas
Cameron Business
Men Buy Firm Here;
Employees Remain
Henry W. Mayer, who on
October 1 of this year would
have completed 27 years as
owner and operator of the La
Grange Coca Cola Bottling
company, has completed a
business transaction which
transfers ownership of the en-
terprise to the Coca Cola Bot-
tling company of Cameron,
which is owned and managed
by F. G. Blake and his son,
Gene F Blake.
The transaction went into
effect on April 1.
No personnel changes are
contemplated by the new own-
ers, who will continue to oper-
ate their plant at Cameron
also. Miss Sarah Jane Kochen-
derfer will serve as office man-
ager for the company here and
Roy Gilliam, . veteran em-
ployee, will become produc-
tion superintendent. The new
owners will make inspection
trips to La Grange, however,
do not plan to become resi-
dents here.
Mr. Mayer, for the present,
will enjoy a deserved “vaca-
tion.” The retiring Coca Cola
executive “grew up” in the
business, his parents, Mr. and
Mrs. H. A. Mayer of Yorktown
having owned a bottling plant
when thA La Grange man was
a younster.
After serving for three
years in the U. S. Army in
World War I, Mr. Mayer was
discharged in September, 1919
Flowers In Bloom
Motorists Offered Treat
The wild flowers are bloom-
ing in profusion along the
highways in Texas.
Inspiring displays of color-
ful wild flowers may be seen
along the roadsides of high-
ways for weeks to follow. For
the convenience and enjoy-
ment of motorists, the highway
department office at Yoakum
has outlined wild flower tours
for this section of the state.
For picnickers, there are road-
side parks located along the
suggested routes.
The highway department has
realized that wild flowers on
private propreties become
gradually extinct due to added
grazing and cultivation and,
to prevent the extinction of
the many colorful varieties in
the state, the department, un-
der its program of roadside
improvement, has continually
preserved the flowers.
One suggested wild flower
tour is; U. S. Highway 77,
from La Grange to Schulen-
burg; U. S. Highway 90, from
Schulenburg to Columbus;
State Highway 71, from Co-
lumbus to La Grange. The
round trip is 65 miles.
Leopard Band Rated
High In Competing
At San Marcos Fete
La Grange High School’s
Leopard band, competing in
the Region VI contests at San
Marcos, Thursday and Friday,
finished among the top four
in the final judging.
The band waa given a II
rating in concert and a I rat-
ing in sight reading, which
was "tops.” ,
Concert judges included L.
W. Chidester of Texas A. & I.
at Kingsville, Maurice Mc-
Adam of North Texas State
and sight reading judge was
L. H. Buckner.
Soloists receiving first divi-
sion gold medals were Claude
Gause, French horn; Gerald
Gause, trombone; Margie Mor-
ns, bass clarinet; Daniel
Zitterich, student conducting;
Camille Freytag, twirling; Lu
Beth Meyer, twirling; Virginia
Mika, twirling; and Leniel
Harbers, piano solo.
Ensembles receiving 1st di-
vision gold medals were: brass
_______„__...__r--------,____ quartette: Daniel Zitterich,
and upon returning to Texas, Claude Gause, Leonard Miller,
purchased the Coca Cola Bot-
tling plant at Cuero which he
operated for seven years prior
to coming to La Grange where
he bought the local plant from
H. M. Presun in October of
1926. Prior experience in the
business had also included
operations in San Antonio.
During his 27 years here,
Mr. Mayer has been actively
identified with civic endeavors
in addition to managing his
bottling business. He was an
aggressive worker with the
Chamber of Commerce and
has been active with the
American Legion, both locally,
state-wide, and also having
served on national committees.
As for family members, the
inimitable executive declares
that “Just tell ’em I have a
wife and two white cats.”
His mother, Mrs. H. A. May-
er, is a resident of Yorktown.
One Hurt, Cars Are
Damaged In Mishap
Two cars were damaged here
Thursday noon and an occu-
pant of one was slightly in-
jured when a Pontiac driven
by C. J. Struve of La Grange
was in collision with a Chevro-
let pickup operated by Edwin
J. M. Korklotz of Lexington
on Highway 77 in the northern
residential section of town.
Mr. Struve was attempting
to cross the highway at the
time of the accident and Mr.
Korklotz was driving down
the hill on Highway 77.
Mrs. Struve was slightly in-
State Highway Patrolman
Charles Keatts, who investigat-
ed, filed a charge of “failing to
yield right-of-way” against the
Lexington man.
A special meeting of Fayette
Memorial Post, V. F. W., has
been called by Commander
Harlie T. Carter for Thursday,
April 9, at 8 p. m. for the pur-
pose of electing a senior vice-
commander, the member re-
cently elected to th# post hav-
ing declined it. The new offi-
cers will be installed the fol-
lowing Thursday night, April
16, jointly with the Auxiliary.
Dennis Cemosek; comet quar-
tette: Daniel Zitterich, Den-
nis Cemosek, Frankie Walla,
Lillian Hagens; saxaphone
quartette: Weldon Koenig,
Gene Harvey Dippel, Billy
Bob Lemmons, John Henry
Cook; clarinet trio: Diane Ro-
senberg, Marilyn Yargus, De-
lores Melcher; flute trio: Lu
(See BAND, Page 2)
Pvt. Baca Coming:
Back From Alaska
Pvt. Kermit L. Baca, son of
Mr. and Mrs. Raymond C.
Baca of Fayetteville, is sched-
uled to return to the U. S. af-
ter serving with the Army in
Units in Alaska are receiv-
ing intensive field training
while providing security for
the northern approaches to
Canada and the United States.
Private Baca, who entered
the Anny in May 1951, arrived
in Alaska, the following Octo-
ber and has been serving with
the 4th Regimental Combat
Team’s Company F. He is a
1949 graduate of Fayetteville
high school.
Local Bowlers Will
Compete At Seguin
In State Tournament
La Qrange bowlers, on May
16-17, will participate in team,
doubles, and individual bowl-
ing competition at the 37th
annual state tourney of the
Texas Tenpin Bowling League
which is being held in Seguin.
Local team bowlers include:
a D-l team composed of Win-
nine Wiemken, Rose Levin,
Arverne Williams, E f f i e
Schmidt and Nita Rosenberg
who will roll for the Journal.
Kimbell’s Foods will send:
Elva Koepke, Mildred Schlott-
mann, Ruth Giese, Verlene
Citzler and Lorene Koepke.
The Bon Ton' Cafe will be
represented by Mary Blume,
Bernice Lobpries, Allyne
Blume, Agnes Struve and
Sheryl Reichert.
Chris F. Berry will take his
Humble Oilers into battle, in-
cluding in addition to himself,
Cui;t Creighton, Atlan Wiem-
ken, Ben Mikula and Fritz
New York Store here has for
its team: C. C. Jopling, Her-
man Williams, Charlie Otto,
Maurice Levin and E. Rosen-
Also scheduled for team
play on Saturday, May 16, are:
the Shiner-Lone Star quint of
Alfred Voelkel, Herbert Stein-
mann, Ted Harbers, Alfred
Hanisch and Bob Winkler; the
Lone Star team of Bellville,
composed of Bill Slater, B. N.
Bracey, C. W. Deere, J. C.
Buenger, F. C. Gollmer (the
group plays under sponsorship
of La Grange American Le-
gion “D” team); and the Coca
Cola “C” team of Genelda
Jaster, Minnie Weber, Gladys
Boening, Vallie Schlottmann
and Lillie Mueller.
Other local bowlers, who
will enter doubles and singles
events on Sunday, May 17, plus
many of those previously men-
tioned are: Fred Proske, Angie
Winkler, Mary Blume, Agnes
Struve, Annie Weikel, Ruth
Hensel, Rudy Voss, Louise
Voelkel, Isabell Rose, Kath-
erine Spacek, Lisetta Rosen-
berg, Ruth Voss, Verlene Citz-
ler, Charles W. Deere, Sonny
Meinen, Ruth Giese end
Lorene Koepke.
Two Men In Fort
Worth Admit They
Blew Up P. O. Safe
With the confession of two
men who were arrested in
Fort Worth, another Fayette
county burglary mystery has
been solved, it was reported
here Saturday by Sheriff T. J.
The burglary was that of the
Warda postoffice on August
23 when safe-blowers blasted
a safe by means of a battery
and nitro-glycerine and es-
caped with $300 in cash and
$100 in checks. The explosion
created so much dust that the
intruders failed to see a stack
of currency on the floor in
front of the safe and a stack
of silver money.
• Admitting that they had
burglarized the postoffice were
Bobbie Keith Hummel and
Sid Cole, who were arrested
in Fort Worth several days
ago on other charges.
Since burglary of a post-
office is classified as a Federal
offense, the Warda “job” will
cause the two men to face
Federal charges, in addition to
those already facing them In
Fort Worth.
Final Rites Held
For Mrs. Lindemann
Funeral services were held
at the Koenig Funeral Home
chapel here Sunday afternoon
for Mrs. Lydia Lihdemann,
58, who expired at Fayette
Memorial hospital Thursday.
The Rev. L. D. Hardt of In-
Car Plate Sales High
County Buys 8,745 Total
Despite lagging sales at the
start of the season, last-minute
action by Fayette motorists
skyrocketed total vehicular
licenses to 70 Above the final
figure for 1952, it was Import-
ed Saturday afternoon by Gil-
bert H. Eck, tax assessor-col-
lector for Fayette county.
Fayette motorists, up to the
deadline of April 1, had pur-
chased a total of 8,745 license
plates for the varied types of
vehicles in use as compared
with 8,675 for 1952.
Although passenger licenses
showed a drop of 36, com-
mercial licenses disclosed a
gain of 11, and farm licenses
gained 105.
Final statistics for 1953 were:
passenger car licenses, 6,825;
commercial, 695; and farm
trucks, 1,225. For 1952, the
totals were: passenger cars,
6,871; commercial, 684; and
farm trucks, 1,120.
If the trend continues, Fay-
ette county will eventually sell
approximately 10,000 plates for
the year 1953 which would
parallel sales for 1952.
New District Court Term
Begins Monday Morning
Joy Williams Wins
Net Championship
At Brenham Meet
La Grange Re-names
All Three Trustees
In School Election
Joy Williams, daughter
Mr. and Mrs. Larry Klein, an-
nexed the girls’ singles cham-
pionship in a district tennis
meet held at Brenham this
of All three La Grange school
trustees whose terms expired
were re-elected in Saturday’s
They were unopposed on
past week-end, the local lass the printed ballot, but some
yielding but one game in de- opposition developed through
feating Dianne Schoeneinann | write-ins.
of Brenham 6-0, 6-1, 6-0 in the The trustees seeking
Joy had reached the finals
by defeating Betty Ottmer of
Bellville 6-0, 6-0.
Nolan Meinardus of La
Grange reached the finals by
downing Grock Harris of
Navasota 0-1, 6-1 but bowed
to Brenham’s Daniel Brast 7-5,
5- 7, 6-3, 7-5 in the finals for
the boys singles championship.
Barbara Arlt and Mary
Ruscher, La Grange netters,
advanced to the final round by
taking care of Marcina De
Olive and Martha Jean Seidel
of Brenham 6-0, 6-1, however,
yielded in the finals 6-0, 6-0,
6- 0 to Billie Rinn and Peggy
Alexander of Bellville.
Billy Bob Lemmons and
Milton Schmidt, La Grange
dustry officiated and burial duo, advanced to the finals by
was in the Industry cemetery., mowing down Webb and Mar-
Daughter of the late Louis I tin of Navasota 6-1, 6-4 but
Muenzler and wife, Mrs. Anna (lost in the finale, 6-1, 6-0, 6-1
to Allan Meinecke and Horace
Nail of Bellville.
Sheriff Is Busy Man
During the months of Janu-
ary and February there were
eight burglary cases, one fel-
ony theft case and one auto-
mobile theft in the county. Not
any of the cases left us very
much evidence to work on,
however, I was confident that
sooner or later it would be our
day to crow.
I am happy now to say that
we have cleared up all of these
cases with the exception of one
at Carmine, and the thieves
are now in jail awaiting trial.
The one case at Carmine is the
one in which the two televi-
sion sets were stolen and so
far we can’t get a lead on these
thieves, but I believe that
sooner or later we will get a
break and solve this cAse also.
1 am running a little late wish
this report and will hare to
make it short.
March 1; One deputy on watch
at Carmine for burglar*.
March 2: I went to Houaton to
check finger print record*, one
man to Carmine to watch, call to
Ruteraville on a auaplclon* man.
March 8: Two Jailed, one for
Lea county sheriff, one for Investi-
gation. and call to dehulenburg,
aomeone had stolen a lot of money
from the Schaefer Hardware
store. After Investigation, we
broadcast description of the sue-
March i: Two Negroes were ar-
rested In San Antonio by Smith
and Fillers and two San Antonio
officers, for theft of the money
and were returned to Jail here.
Three drunk* were Jailed and one
man on watch at Carmine.
March 5: The two Negroes were
taken to Schulenburg and waived
hearing before Judge Clark and
»hyly bosd* were set at WOOD, In
each Case which they were unable
(See SHERIFF, Page 2)
Herbrig Muenzler, she was
bom at Willow Springs and
spent most of her life there,
moving to La Grange about
18 months ago. She was the
widow of Albert H. Lindemann
with whom she was united in
marriage on February 2, 1917
and who preceded her in death
on July 22, 1948.
Surviving are her mother
of Willow Springs; three
daughters, Mrs. Egon Tietjen
of Swiss Alp, Mrs. Joe Fritsch
of La Grange and Mrs. Arthur
Kautz of New Ulm; three sons,
Kermit of Brownsville, Carl
of Houston and Gus of La
Grange; three sisters, Mrs.
Brunno Lindemann and Mrs.
Ernst Raeke of New Ulm and
Mrs. Paul Weiss of San An-
tonio; three brothers, Louis
Muenzler of New Ulm, Fred
and Ernst Muenzler of Wil-
low Springs; and eight grand-
Blinn junior college was
host for the meet which was
directed by Frank Butler.
Tlie senior tournament will
be staged at Brenham Wednes-
Dairy Expert Will
Speak On April 23
Rest Home Patient
Buried Saturday
Mrs. Mary F. Bounds, 81, of
Huntsville, a resident of the
St. Anthony Rest Home here,
died Thursday.
Services were conducted at
the Phillips and Luckey Fu-
neral Home at Rockdale Sat-
urday with burial In the Ham-
ilton Chapel cemetery in that
city. Hie Rev. B. T. Welch of-
She was the widow of Frank
Bounds who died in 1937.
Two daughters, Mrs. Irene
Zeliske of Buckholts and Mrs.
Bessie Halamicek of El Cam-
po, survive, along with 11
grandchildren and seven great-
Koenig Mineral Home was
in charge locally.
Cistern R. H. S. District was
the only one to report returns
in Saturday’s election, up to 11
a. m. Monday. For county
trustee, Emil Grieve received
24 votes. Local trustees Ed-
mund Thiede and Emil Psen-
cik, both unopposed, received
23 and 24 votes, respectively
election and votes received
were: Alwin G. Baumbach 100,
Harry Vogt 97 and Henry Witt
Write-in votes were: Amos
Pavlik 33, Herbert Janssen 36,
Jake Fritsch 2, John Zimmer-
mann 3 and John Logan 1.
In the local vote for county
trustee for Precinct 1, Edward
L. Marek, encumbent, who
was unopposed, got 131 votes.
Ed. Hruska received one
write-in vote.
Carmine Wildcat
To Be Deepened
The James Snowden No. 1
Eichler near Carmine, which
was closed down sqme time
iq;o, will be deepened by 500
feet, according to Sunday press
The test, on a 100 acr£ lease
in the Charles Flaesner
League, had previously gone to
7500 feet.
Farmers in this area will
have the opportunity to hear
and talk with one of the re-
cognized authorities of the
dairying world. He is Dr. W.
E. Petersen, professor of dairy
husbandry at the University
of Minnesota, who will speak
on “Dairying Tomorrow Will
Be Different” at 8 p. m. April
23, at the Barbank School in
Sarr Antonio.'
A former Minnesota farm
boy, Dr. Petersen is known for
his dairy research achieve-
ments, and as an author, radio
commentator and speaker in
45 states and eight foreign
Easter Sunday visitors with
Mr. and Mrs. Fritz Von Min-
den were Mr. and Mrs. Fred
Pierodolla and daughter, Betty
Jo, and Mr. and Mrs. Leon
Von Minden of La Vernia, Mr.
and Mrs. Marion Theriot and
Barbara Anh and Mr and Mrs.
Rex Mason of Austin.
Mrs. Emmie Allison
Taken By Death
Last rites for Mrs. Emmie
Knigge Allison, 66, of Schu-
lenburg, who expired there
Friday, were conducted at the
Koenig Funeral Home here
Saturday afternoon with burial
following in the Schulenburg
city cemetery.
The Rev. H. T. Flachmeier
of La Grange officiated.
She was a native of the
Bluff community, being a
daughter of Ernst and Marie
Appelt Knigge, both deceased.
Only immediate survivor is
a sister, Mrs. Macy Hay good
Sr. of Menard, her husband,
Joe Alliswn, having preceded
her in dearth. There are several
nieces anti nephews.
Seven La Grange city offi-
cials will be chosen at an elec-
tion to be held at the fire sta-
tion here Tuesday, but none is
Up for re-election for two-
year terms are Mayor Milton
Von Minden, City Engineer
W. C. Hruska, and Aldermen
John G. Riehs of Ward 2, H.
A. Engbrock of Ward 3 and
Rud. F. Giese of Ward 4.
Ward 1 will elect two new
aldermen. Geo. H. Giesber is
candidate for a two-year term
and G. W. Albrecht for a one-
year unexpired term.
Amos Pavlik has been named
presiding judge, with Stuart
Penick and the Rev. H. T.
Flachmeier as clerks.
The polls will be open from
8 a. m. to 7 p. m.
Round Top-Carmine
Raseballers Unbeaten
Carmine, April 4—Unde-
feated Round Top-Carmine
moved to Smithville to engage
the Tigers today, and will
battle Somerville in a District
41B contest next Tuesday be-
fore meeting Brenham’s Cubs
in Brenham Wednesday night.
The baseballers of Coach
W. F. Graeber clipped A&M
Consolidated, 5-1, to take the
lead in the loop. Previous
wins were over Burton, 13-0
and 12-0, and Giddings, 32-0.
The run by A&M was the
first scored against the Cubs,
as Travis Etzel •pitched a one-
hitter is gaining the victory.
David Eiler poked out three
hits, including a double, while
Mueller, Etzel and Noak each
had two safeties.
The Round Top-Carmine
Aoril 7—Somerville at Som-
April 8—Brenham at Bren-
April 10—• Fayetteville at
April 13—* Burton at Bur-
April 14—Brenham at Bren-
April 17—* A&M Consoli-
dated at College Station.
April 20—Smithville at Car-
April 22—Giddings at Car-
April 24—* Somerville at
April 28—* Fayetteville at
May 1—* Burton at Car-
m District 41-B game.
Grand Jur£ Begins
Work; Petit Jurors
Called For April 14
The spring term of Fayette
county district court was con-
vened here Monday morning
by Judge J. R. Fuchs and im-
mediately delved into its work
of investigation.
Named as foreman was E. S.
Kovar of La Grange. Members
of the jury are Chris F. Berry,
La Grange; Edmund A. Baca,
Fayetteville; August Runge,
C. A. Pennington, Schulen-
burg; Herman Olle Jr., Fla-
tonia; Emmett Johnson, La
Grange; L. G. Kubena, Ellin-
ger; Anton E. Stryk, Rt. 2,
Sahulenburg; A. H. Ullrich,
Carmine; W. C. Mensik, Rt. 1,
Schulenburg: Emil Psencik,
Rt. 3, Flatonia
In his formal charge to the
jurors, Judge Fuchs outlined
the Texas Bill of Rights as an
aid to them in their investiga-
Non-contested civil cases
were expected to occupy the
attention of the court for the
early part of the week.
Thirty six Fayette county
residents have been named as
veniremen for the case of Roy
E. Bucek vs. B. J. Dulak et al
on April 14. The case is sched-
uled to get underway at 10 a.
m. before District Judge J. R.
Veniremen called are: Cla-
rence Peters, Roland Bohot,
T. E. Simpson, John P. Vacula,
Rud. F. Giese, La Grange;
Glenn Pflughaupt, Rud. Myn-
ar, Joe E. Vitek, Fayetteville;
Hugo Austin, W. B Rietz, A.
C. Cowan, A. C. Hatch, Rt. 3,
Flatonia; Jos. F. Svatek, Rt. 2,
Flatonia; Lit Perry, Elo J.
Schertz, Rt. 2, Fayetteville;
Leo C. Georgi, Herman Oscar
Ammann, Oscar Gresser, A. C.
Appelt, Leon Foitik, James
Harold (col.), Schulenburg;
Warren Albrecht, Joe Havel,
Rt. 3, Fayetteville: John L.
Barta, Rt. 3, Schulenburg;
Emil Kana, Arthur H. Brandt,
Rt. 3, La Grange: D B. For-
querson, Lee R. Walla. Emil
Becka, Ellinperr Jero Chudej,
Ed B. Krenek, Engle; Tgnatz
Svrcek, Rt. 2, La Grange;
George Sanders, Egon Tietjen,
Rt. 1. Schulenburg; Daniel
Zouzalik, Frank J. Novak,
It is possible, too, that this
same jury will serve for other
cases on docket. District Clerk
fke J. Petras said.
County Balance Drops
Fayette couinty’s cash ba-
lances at the emd of the year
were over $35,000 less than
the previous yewr, according
to the annual re)port compiled
by County Auditor Homer D.
Eck. ' -
The 42-page mimeographed
report, which the auditor said
fairly presents the* financial
condition of the cofjnty, was
submitted to District Judge J.
R. Fuchs as require d by law.
So far as is known, no provi-
sion has beeen made 1 V>r news-
paper publication of the re-
port, which the law illso re-
quires. 1 1 *
In the letter prefacin |t the
report, the auditor st VYs 'n
“The county cash ba lance
on hand at the end of the year
for all funds was $149,55> 175
This is $35,430 72 less On h *nd
than at the beginning o(,ithe
“The county operating ac-
counts which are all those
authorized under the consti-
tution and statutes, exception
of the Permanent School and
Available School accounts, the
Sinking Funds of the various
Road Districts and Construc-
tion Funds, ended the year
with $36,538.90 less to operate
the ensuing year.
“During the- year 1952, the
county expended $100,426 65
for road equipment and $1,-
846.73 for office furniture and
fixtures, which were capital
“The Permanent School ac-
counts, which is under the
supervision of the commission-
ers’ court, but may not be used
for county operation purpose,
showed an increase in invest-
ments of $12,500.00. There Is
invested at the end of the year
$193,000 00. All earnings from
the Investments are annually
(See REPORT, Page 2)
Texaco Personnel
Meeting Scheduled
A meeting of Texaco deal-
ers and selling personnel of La
Grange and vicinity will be
held Aoril 17 at the Commun-
ity hall at Schulenburg. C. H.
Wooten, state manager, said
that 200 are expected to at-
tend. *
Mr. Wooten will outline
sales promotion programs and
advertising plans for 1953, and
will review with the dealers
the part they play in serving
the motorist.
Monday, April 6, 1953
The following prices were
paid in La Grange on the above
date and are subject to mar-
ket changes. Eggs and poultry
prices are those paid by pro-
duce dealers.
Cotton, middling ............ 32:00
Hens ........................ 21c to 24c
Fryers ------------- 24c to 25c
Grade A, Large . 43c to 45c
Grade B ............... 38c to 40c
Grade A, Small ......... 30c
Grade C ....................... 20c
Roosters ............................... pQg
Sweet Cream:
Direct Shippers ............. 55c
Sour Cream:
Direct Shippers _________ 50c
Station ..................J 47c

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