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Sensible, to the
not only some-
nged dtl’ook we
(Olds reg-
Local Representative
Subcsribe ito the Progress.
To The Citizens Of The
Aransas Pass Independent
School District
The time for paying* school taxes, both current and
delinquent, without penalty or costs, has been extended
to March 1. March 1st is the dead line for payment,
without penalties.
The school district must collect all possible taxes in
order to meet its obligations. It is your duty as a
citizen to meet your tax payment. We cannot afford
to have it said that we fell down on school tax payments.
So let’s all pay our school taxes before March 1.
H. T. FAULK, Secretary ScKoo! Board •
’Thwsdar, February 9th._1933
The Aransas Pass Progress
C P. Kendall .... Editor and Publisher
Mrs. C. P. Kendall .... Associate Editor
^publShedIeverythij^ ~~~
Entered into the postoffice at Aransas Pass, Texas, for transmission
through the United States mails at the second class rate of postage under
let of Congress, March 3, 1879.
■junjTJVwr-rxru-rn— ......
_____ _ A • ««
Dale Miller on “Buy American”.
Worker’s Meeting of
Blanco Baptist Ass’n.
Held Here Tuesday
The “Buy American” campaign waged by the Saturday Evening Post
of popularity because people in small cities and towns are confuting it vat 1
their patriotic slogans, “Buy Home Town”. The susceptibility of the Pub-
lic, to this allegation of terms can perhaps be clarified through illustration.
In Joe T. Cook’s interesting column, in the Mission Times tins paragraph
appeared only a few days ago: “William Randolph Hearst has started
the slogan, ‘Buy American’, England is plastering her country with Buy
British,’ and this town coulcl hardly have a better slogan than Lay
Mission’.” It is of course true 'that Mr. Cook commended only Buy
Mission” and did not commit himself on "Buy Amercran , but it is s »•■
oifioaut that the latter suggested the former tajud (that, at ™ *
minds of the eraders, the association of these terms encourages the Jj-l t
-that. “Buy American” is simply “Buy Mission ’ on a larger scale. Nothing
(eoiild Ibe further from the truth.
Before proceeding to point out the contrast between these two move-
ments, it might be well to reassert The Weekly’s position on Buy Ameuai .
■Opposition ito this campaign has, in brief, -been predicated on_ the f*
that the United States is the greatest exporting nation in the would aud
iliat a boycott of foreign soods would close foreign market’s to American
SSL irab-zf i* world to,do nemytry for both
world prospiesrity. Moreover, the statement made by the Saturday Ev eurm
Pivst that the United tSates is being “flooded with foreign goods was
nrofed by The Weekly’s preesntation of actual import statistics to he palpab >
false. Thus “RuY ■American” is—as the St. Louis Post-Dispatch expresses
-it—‘economic Illiteracy in a most malignant form. <>T> , Hondp
But there are real differences between “Buy-Amerman and Bu^ H^e
Town.” In the first, place, it can lie seen at a glance that because Bu>
American” affects world commerce it 'involves inextricably the economic
attendants of high tariff walls, favorable balances of trade, international
debts, multitudinous monetary standards, fluctuating ratios of exchange, and
,so on-nail of which potently pervade the world commerce that Lv Amer-
ican” Would seek synthetically to regulate, but wtoch. are entirely■ u e -
ivant to movements of such Local character as Buy Homee Toma
In the second place, “Buy American” and -“Buy Home Town should
not be confused for the icsason that they are founded fimdamentallj on the
|r example, a purchaser can, and often does, buy at home
without buying American. The rubber balls, overshoes, and bthei foi. ign
merchandise which .“Buy American” propagandists teU us are flomling the
country are purchased across the 'bargain Icountevs ot home town stoics
with as much, if not. more, profit accruing to the home town merchant as
if oil thus merchandise were produced in America. The success ot the
4uy^-k«Se/^Snt is thus entirely disassociated from the ‘‘Buy Amer-
camnaiffn and when people balk -about ^ Buy American and y
Home Town" the are discussing two entirely different things. Tim forme
is pernicious propaganda portending danger to America it it is Pract ced,
whPe the tatter is a normal civic function, Encouraging—economically the
dlvelo^ment ofhbme Industry and-socially-the stimulation of a progres-
sive community spirit and local prule. _ . ,K1, T
'While this “Buy American” campaign is still m the public mind, 1
should like to propound to its adherents a question which I have, long tclt
tie urge \to adk Briefly, it is this: 'If we have been buying so very
vmicli from foreign (dountries (which these adherents say wit. have), and i
buying American' we will restore prosperity to Anierica (which they^y ^ye
will) why in the name of reason have w|e not brougnf prosperity to tho. e
foreign countries from which we have been buying? It looks to melike t e
expenditure of one sound American dollar would 'exert the same‘J^^ct
one country as it would on another, and. if we have been squandering our
money buying goods from England, 'Prance, and Japan, i confess that I am
rndJntll skerlical that we could restore prwperlty to America when our
our chases abroad have not prevented England from toppling ofi the t-pli
standard? France from facing a $400,000,000 deficit, and Japan from sinking
sinking into the deepest financial mlire since the World War.
It occurs to me that movements such as “Buy American reveal a
psychologfiaal tendency to respond in this turbulent period to» tire_f
father tlian the reasonable, to the patriotic rather than the
theoretical rather than the facual. This tendency tells
thing of human nature but likewise something of the c
musit develop if we are to conquer the depression.
The Blanco Baptist Association al
Worker’s Meeting was held in Aran-
sas Pa'ss Tuesday with the local Bap-
tists as hosts.
The session was held at .the Baptist
church and the general subject was
“Fellowship.” I
The program was filled with
splendid numbers and was as follows:
Devotional—Mis. Bill Hunt.
Our Fellowship with God — T. A.
Binforcl. Corpus -Ohiristi.
Our Fellowship with Each Other in
the Local Church—B. F. Bickley, Cor-
pus Cihristi.
Deepening the Fellowship in Our
Association!—’Mrs. J. I. Knox. Sin-ton.
Fellowship between Church and
Pastor—Rev. W. N. Roberts, Taft, .
Berm'on—Kiev. T. M. Blacklock.
Noon—Dinear at 'Church,
Board Meetings. Woman's : Meet-
ing—Mrs. Hunt. ;
Devotional—Rev. "Wl G. Wood.
Fellowship with Baptists Through-
ouit the World—Rev. B. Thornton.
Fra tier nal Felolwship with Other
Evangelitical Denominations — J. O.
Manifesting Our Fellowship by
Mrs. Cecil Couch Is
Hostess To Council
At Social Meeting*
Sunday School Class
Elects Officers Mon.
-Rev. V. O'. Gar-
, Co-Operative Service
A nnoun'ceiiients.
The meeting opened at 9:45 a. m.
and closed cat 3 :30 p.. m.
There we're between thirty-five and
forty visitors in attendance'despite the
inclement weather. The visitors wea-e
•from Refugio, Taft. Gregory. Sint'on,
Corpus Cbristi, and Beeville.
Christian Science
Strikes and Spares
•(Oontiiiued from Page One)
; J, V ’ ' “
won writh sfcore of , 313. Mr. and
Mrs. Grist were next in line with a
204. Boyd’s I/onghonis dropped two
games to Crist’s Buffaloes and Brash-
ear’s Elks won two gamjes from Cur-
tin’s. Bears. Mrs. C. W. Hill had high
games for the ladies with 119. R. D.
BraShear high for the men with 219.
A very interesting time was had by
the members of the Ingleside Social
& Athletic Olub at a Stagg party
Thursday night. Mr. O. W. Robinson
was chairman of the entertainment
and produced a fine program. Mrs.
La Salle gave several piano- selections,
and played the accompaniment to sev-
eral isOng'S, sang by Mr. Robinson.
Mir A M Jarvis and Bob Garland gave
Several n urn here M r Murphey of the
Humble Sales gave a nice talk and
' •explained liow each member of the
Humible organization was being check-
ed upon. Mr. Curtin, Dr. Noble, Mr.
Grist, Mr. Ives, and seevral others
gave readings that were greatly ap-
in-eciated by the members. K O See
and Battling Poteet fought. 3 rounds
to a draw. Johnnie Sheldon did a
nice job of being the 3rd man in the
ring. Cigars, and the nasty weed
were palsied freqeuntly. Those de-
licious sandwiches by “Chicago” Massi
and coffee- by “Crick” Peraiinter were
served. Everyone enjoyed the evening
and are waiting news announcing the
next stagg party.
Friday night the (semi-monthly
bridge party was held. 22 couples
played for high stakes, which were
won by Mrs. G. B. Eubanks and Mr.
E. L. Yerby.
The League Standings
Team Games "Won Lost Pet.
Office “A” 15 19 5 667
Crude S Wills 9 5 4
Laboratory 12 4 S
Treaters 6 2 4
“iSoul” will be the subject of the
Lesson-Sermon in all Churches of
Christ, Scientist, Sunday, February
The Golden Text is from Psalms
66: “O bless our God,, ye people, and
make the voice of his (praise to be
heard: which holdeth our soul in life,
and suffereth not our feet to be
Among the passages th be read from
the Bible will be the following from
Romans 8: “There is therefore now
no condemnation to them which are in
Christ Jesus, who walk not after the
flesh, but after the Spirit. For the
law of the Spirit of life in Christ
Jesus hath made me free from the
law of sin and death. . . For they
that are after the flesh do mind the
things of the flesh; but they that are
after the Spirit thje things of the
Spirit. . . So then they that are in
pelase God. But ye
, but in the Spirit,
' of God dwell
The Lesson-Sermon will also include
from the Christian Science
Mary Baker Eddy,
Health with Key to the
1 as
and j..
visible ,—
man governed
ial sense.”
Christian Science I
ular Sunday Services at 1
Club Bldg., at 11 a. m. Sunday L
at 9:45 a. m. The public Is cordially
Mrs. Cecil Couch entertained the
Women’s Council of the1 Christian
church with a social meeting Monday
Mrs. N. D. Sanford presided in the
absence of the president, Mrs. C. S.
King and . the following program was
givKm:" •
Song.' “Sweeter As The Years Go
By” ;
Prayer. Mrs. Itpvt. Speer..
Wiilr Mrs. A. A. Allen program
leader, character sketches of Women
Bible character-s were given as fol-
lows :
' “Ruth”, Mrs. N. D. Sanford.
“Esther”, Mrs. J. R. Barry..
“Ada”, Mrs. Ada Garside.
During the business session, Mrs.
Velina Crawford was elected pness
reporter. . The president and treas-
urer were authorized to send cards of
sympathy to members who are ill or
in sorrow as the occasion arises.
During the social hour the hostess
entertained with various valentine
games and some special numbers were
given for the eutertaiiimkmt of the
group including:
Reading', Marguerite Hicks.
Vocal Duet, “Whispering JHope".
Mrs. N. D. Sanford and Mrs./ Cecil
The hostess served dainty refresh-
ments with appointments prettily em-
phasizing the approaching Valentine
season. Delicious chicken salad, pink
heart shaped sandwiches, wafers,
cake, mints and coffee were served.
Favors were Valentine fancies,.
Those enjoying this genial hosiptal-
ity were Mjcsdames J uLia Hendrix, J.
R. Barry, Tom Dill, Jordan, A. A.
Alien, Grille, W. H. Davis, Velma
Crawford, Marson, N. D.. Sanford,
Anna Wilke), Holt, L. Watson, Virgil
Johnson, Ada Garside, C. C. Roll's,
John Garner, Boles, R. G. Speer;
Misses Arthurine Allen. Marguerite
Hicks and Lucy Johnson.
The young ladies Sunday School
class of the Presbyterian church met
Monday night at the home of Mrs.
J. R. Bariy, their teacher, and or-
ganized itihe class.
The charter members are Mary
Gra'cie Clerrdentng. Steppie Rice,, Pan-
sy Grenshaw, Christine Crenshaw;
Jane Marsh, Rothia Stephens land
Alary Beth Mills. The following of-
ficers were elected: President, Step-
yne Rice: Vice President, Mary Grace
Clendening: Recording Secretary,
jane Marsh; Cormspodi’ng Secretary
and Reporter. Mary Beth Mills.
Manhattan Cafe
“A Place of Quality”
Plate Lunches.... 25c
A satisfactory nourish-
ing MEAL
First Methodist Church
Aransas Pkss—Ingleside
M. H. Keen, Pastor
Sunday,, Feb.. IS—
Sunday School at 9:45 at Aransas-
(Sunday School at 10 o’clock at In-
Pastor preaches at Ingleside 11 A.
M. aud 7:30 P.. Ml.
No preaching at Aransas Pass.
Week day—
Aransas Pass—Official board meet
Monday. 7:30 P. M.
Ingleside Study Class—7 :30 Monday
Aransas Pass- study class —- 7 :30)
Read The Progress.
Catholic Altar Sac.
Elects Officers Mon.
Ing. teMlrchaaifs 12 9
Humblle Sales 12 6 6
Humible Pipe Line 12 6 6
Humble Boosters 12 3 9
Cracking Coils 9 7 2
Mechanics 9 6 3
Office “B” 9 2 7
Electricians 3 0 3
Boyd’s Longhorns 12 9
Grist’s Buffaloes 12
Bmshear’s Elks 12
Curtin’s Bears
The regular monthly meeting of the
Catholic Altai) Society was held at the
Ghurich Monday afternoon at 2 o’clock.
(The meeting was opened with a
short address by Rev. DeBourgl, of
Laredo, who was pastor of this
Parish several years ago.
An election of officers for the en-
suing year was held with the follow-
ing result:
Mrs. O. B. Newbury, president; Mrs.
B. L. Ward, vice president;; Mrs. D.
J. Russell. Jr., secretary; Miss Edith
Mercer, treasurer.
Those attending were: Rev. C. A.
Hageman, pastor, and Rev. John De
Bourghl, former pastor. Mesdames
Williams, Angelloz," Slaughter, Kie-
berger, Hill, Ward, Koerig, Obergast,
Scott, Newbury, Gardere, Svreeney,
Willis, Misses ' Edith Mercer, Kate
Mercer and O’Brien.
Full Gospel Tabernacle
C. C. Hurst, Pastor
Sunday School 10 A. M.
Morning Worship 11 A. M,
Evangelist Service 7:45 P. M.
Saturday Service 7:45 P. M.
Yonug Peoples’ Service Wednesday,
30 P. M.
her new silk frock
Tate’s Skillful *
saved it!
It might happen to you. A new,
silk frock . . A slip . . something
ispilled On it. But fret not about
it’s being ruined. We clean the
sheerest of fabrics, restoring their
original beauty without a sign of a
Tate the Tailor
For Quick Action in 1
Business Matters—
USE YOUR telephone;
Competition is keen these
days. Quick action is neces-
sary in business matters. To
take advantage of a “sale,”
reach for your telephone and
you will often beat others to:
the bargain. Or if you hear
of a prospective buyer of
your products, a telephone
call may dose the deal for
you before your competitors
are even on his trail. *
No matter what you buy
or sell—whether it is wheat,
insurance^, vegetables, maga-
zine subscriptions or auto-
mobiles—a telephone can
help you do more business in
a shorter length of time. If
you haven’t a telephone, ,
order one installed—at once. -
You’ll find it is a profitable
Texas Telephone
JTheValue of the Telephone^
Is Greater Than the Cost"
Dr. D. A. Peoples
Phone 88
Goodnight Ave. between Commer-
Church of Christ
s. C. Bailey, Minister
Preaching on the second and fourth
Lord's Dav 11 a. m. and 7:30 P. M.
Bible School at 10 A. M. each Lord’s
Young People’s Bible class at 6:30
Communion each Lord’s Day morn-
ing and evening service.
Preaching at Ingleside oh third
Lord’s Day 11 A. M.
Bible class each Lord’s Day at 10
. M. .....
Ladies' Bible class each week.
Come with us and we will do thee
Dr. H. A. Thomas
McKone Building
Phone 79
eial and Houston Streets
In Aransas Pass Since 1909
Houses for Rent
Office Todd Building
Furniture Repairins
Can do all kinds of repair work and
all work guaranteed. Prices right.
Res.—Rife St near Wheeler Are.
Ingleside W .M. S.
Meets At Annex
The Ingleside 'Methodist Missionary
Society met Monday afternoon at the
•annex for Bible 'study.
The lesson was taken from the 1, 2,
and 3rd chapters of Matthew and the
stu,dy was led by Mrs. Drier.
Those present were: Mesdames
Caton, Morris, Hultgren, Talk, Alford,
Hovey, Essex, DreSter,' Bladk, McKen-
me>4 Wimbislh!, Hathaway and (Miss
Doris Houser.
Lost 35 LBS.
Aransas Pass Insurance Agency
First State Bank Building Aransas Pass, Texas
General Machine Work
Welding aud Blacksmithing
Miss M. Katner of Brooklyn, N. Y.
writes: ‘Have used Kruschen for the
past 4 months and have not only lost
IT pounds but feel so much better in
every way. Even for people’who don’t
care to reduce, Kruschen is wonderful
to keep the system healthy. I being
a nursto should know for’ I’ve tried so
many things but only Kruschen ans-
wered all purposes.” (May-12, 1932.)
TO lose fait SAFELY and HARM-
LESSLY, take a half teaspoonful of
Kruse,hen in a glass of hot water in
the morning before breakfast—don't
a morning—a. bottle that lasts 4
weeks costs but a trifle — but don’t
take chances—be sure it’s Kruschen—
your health comes first—get it at any
drugstore in America. If not joyfully
satisfied after the first bottle—money
Raw Jersey Milk
Whipping Cream Butter Milk
You have tried the rest, now try the best
Phone 30 — W
Office Next to City Hall
Aransas Pass, Tex.
nru-uinfu-ininrir-im-i-. r—

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