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...'s brooding moors brought to stage it I RJL IMntty MM IWH NT By BLYTHE THOMPSON SnncvTRuimnR Jane Eyre... will perform the musical Jane Eyre for Its winter dinndr theatre production which opens the same weekend... Garden Fla. read the novel Jane Eyre by Charlotte Bronte listened to the music from the play... into the scene. Jane Eyre is a story about an orphaned girl who flees from an evil aunt and becomes a teacher... life's possibilities you needn't look further than your own backyard. 'Jane Eyre' On the last week

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... The play Jane Eyre opens on campus Thursday page 5 Doubling up The softball team swept its double-header... 'Something' believable Something New dispels unrealistic notions of romantic comedies page 5 See 'Jane' play

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