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Abilene Christian University Catalogs

The catalogs and bulletins of Abilene Christian University describe the governance, history, course offerings, and campus life of the university throughout the 20th century.

Added: May 2009.

Abilene Christian University Homecoming Musicals Collection

More than 800 items related to Abilene Christian University’s annual Homecoming Musical events from 1951 through 2008. Over 700 of the items are photographs, but the collection also contains pamphlets, letters and other written text. The collection provides a unique look into the history of Abilene Christian University and its musical efforts during this period.

Added: September 2018.

Abilene Christian University Literary Journals

Student-led literary magazines from ACU that preserve original short stories, essays, poems, artwork, and other creative work.

Added: May 2014.

Abilene Christian University Sermon Charts

Sermon charts, or bed sheets painted with text and/or artwork, were used as visual aids to preachers' sermons. The sermon charts in this collection date from the 1900s to the 1970s.

Added: May 2014.

Abilene Christian University Yearbooks

The Prickly Pear, published from 1916 to 2008, includes text and photographs of students, professors, sports, and organizations.

Added: March 2009.

Abilene City Hall Records

The City of Abilene Ordinance Books contain the city’s ordinances over the entire history of Abilene, Texas and represent a unique wealth of local history and key city events. The Abilene City Council Minutes Books contain the minutes of council meetings dating back to 1886.

Added: August 2015.

Abilene Library Consortium

Featuring thousands of newspapers, photographs, sound recordings, technical drawings, and much more, this diverse collection tells the story of Texas through the preservation and exhibition of valuable resources.

Added: March 2012.

Abilene Photograph Collection

These more than 10,000 images range from the early 20th century to the present and capture Abilene's rich history, including public events, community members, homes, businesses, churches, and ranches.

Added: November 2009.

The Abilene Reporter

The Abilene Reporter has chronicled the events in and around Abilene since its first publication in 1881, three months after the city's founding. The more than 7,200 issues span the end of the 19th century into the 1920s.

Added: May 2014.

ACU Ancient Coins Collection

This collection, donated to Abilene Christian University by Warren L. Hutchinson in 1980, consists of forty-four ancient coins from the Mediterranean and the Near East. The coins range in date from the 3rd century B.C. to the 6th century A.D.

Added: January 2018.

ACU Summit Lecture Series

Begun in 1918, this Abilene Christian University annual conference gathers thousands of attendees for lectures and workshops on religious topics connected with a biblical theme. The collection contains audio of lectures delivered after 1989.

Added: January 2018.

African American Funeral Programs of San Antonio

The over 1,000 programs in this collection highlight the lives of those who have passed away since 1935 in the African American community of Bexar County.

Added: July 2012.

African American Newspapers

This broad survey of historic newspapers was written for and published by African Americans. The materials provide a record of the culture, daily life, and history of African American communities across the United States.

Added: November 2014.

Age Index

This monthly publication documents the proceedings of various genealogical and historical societies in and around the Chambers County area.

Added: May 2014.

Agricultural Design: Creating Fashion from Fruit, Vegetables, and Flowers

The photographs in this collection depict Weslaco's annual "Birthday Party" fashion show, an event first organized in 1929 by the Chamber of Commerce to highlight the fruit and vegetables grown in the Rio Grande Valley.

Added: August 2009.

The Albany News

Featuring issues from the longstanding The Albany News, this collection depicts the rich West Texas culture that grew in and around the town of Albany and nearby Fort Griffin.

Added: April 2014.

The Allen American

The Allen American is a semi-weekly local newspaper published in Allen, Texas, and founded in 1970. In 1972, it swept the East Texas Press Association Awards, judged the best publication in local news writing, general excellence, pictures, and community service

Added: July 2020.

Alpine Avalanche

The Alpine Avalanche has served Alpine and the entire Big Bend region since 1891. It is one of the oldest newspapers in Texas.

Added: February 2018.

Alto Herald

These issues of The Alto Herald span the 1900s to the 1960s and chronicle the rich history of one of the oldest towns in East Texas. Digitization was funded by a grant from the Tocker Foundation.

Added: February 2012.

Alumni J-TAC

Alumni magazine of Tarleton State University providing information on events at the school and news about university students, staff, and alumni. Published from 1971 to 2009.

Added: June 2021.

Amarillo Daily News

First purchased by prohibitionists and used to lobby against saloons, Amarillo Daily News recorded the lives and times of the city in the early 20th century. Funded by the National Endowment for the Humanities.

Added: August 2013.

American Lumberman Photographs of Southern Pine Lumber Company

These scanned gelatin silver prints, made by American Lumberman photographers during visits to Diboll in 1903 and 1907, cover the activities of the Southern Pine Lumber Company's work.

Added: March 2012.

NaDeane Walker Anderson Papers

Photographs and an audio recording of an oral history related to the life and work of NaDeane Walker Anderson (NTSTC 1942), Women's Army Corps (WAC) servicewoman, Stars and Stripes newspaper contributor, fashion editor, foreign correspondent, freelance writer and award-winning investigative reporter.

Added: July 2021.

Mike Anglin Papers (The Dallas Way)

Material drawn from a larger tangible collection of Mike Anglin's papers.

Added: August 2019.


Annotations is a student newspaper that addresses local, state, and federal politics and issues related to the legal profession. The paper also features local advertising and a student directory.

Added: March 2011.


Originally created by Tarleton State University professors in 1995, Anthology gives students a creative outlet. It features student-created short stories, poems, musical scores, art, photographs, and more.

Added: October 2016.

Doris Appel Papers

Doris Appel’s sculptures appear in libraries, universities, and medical institutions across the country. This collection contains photographs, correspondence, pamphlets, documents, and speeches related to Appel's work.

Added: July 2019.

Aransas Pass Progress

The Aransas Pass Progress has served as the leading hometown news source for the "The Harbor City" and the surrounding area for 100 years. Funding was provided through a Tocker Foundation grant.

Added: May 2017.

Archer City High School Wildcat

The Archer City Wildcat yearbook began to be published in 1928. It includes text and photographs of students, teachers, sports, and organizations.

Added: March 2018.

Archer County Newspaper Collection

Made available by a Tocker Foundation Grant, this collection records nearly 100 years of Archer County history.

Added: August 2015.

Are We There Yet? Transportation in Central Texas

A collaborative project consisting of historic photographs and two-dimensional items representing the history and development of transportation and the travel industry.

Added: March 2012.

The Arlington Journal

The first newspaper published in Arlington, The Arlington Journal documents the city of Arlington, its people, and its institutions, including editorial comment and news reports that illustrate the city and its residents.

Added: December 2020.

Arlington Police Department Collection

Legal documents, clippings, and photographs of the Arlington Police Department from the early 1900's to present day, depicting various people, places, and activities concerning the department.

Added: May 2012.

Steve Arnn Collection (The Dallas Way)

Event/group-specific T-shirts from Steve Arnn, an original board member of Razzle Dazzle Dallas.

Added: May 2021.

Art Forum Scrapbooks

These scrapbooks detail art events in Abilene focusing on the activities of the Art Unit of the Abilene Women's Forum, from its inception in 1922 through the following decades.

Added: March 2015.

Art Lies

Art Lies is a journal that examines contemporary art production, practice, and theory in Texas. Published biannually, it contains essays, commentaries, and exhibition information.

Added: July 2012.

Aspermont Star

These issues of The Aspermont Star span the decades between its founding in the early 1900s through the 1970s, covering local, national, and world news from the viewpoint of this West Texas town.

Added: November 2010.

The Atlanta Citizens Journal

The Atlanta Citizens Journal is a weekly newspaper first published in 1879 by John Fletcher in Linden. It moved from Linden to Atlanta, TX in 1883, and features local, state, and national news as well as advertising.

Added: May 2014.

Aubrey Area Photographs

Photographs documenting the history and growth of the North Texas town of Aubrey through the eyes of area native Bouncer Goin and his family.

Added: May 2009.

Austin College Chromascope

This collection of yearbooks contains photos and text depicting the student body, professors, administration, and student organizations at Austin College in Sherman, Texas.

Added: November 2010.

Austin History Center General Collection Photographs

These materials depict the city of Austin from the 1830s to the 1970s. They include a wide range of subjects, from the Texas State Capitol and Barton Springs to aerial views, cityscapes, and more.

Added: May 2012.

Moses and Stephen F. Austin Papers

Personal and official records of Moses Austin and his son Stephen F. Austin, also known as "The Father of Texas." They cover significant events in Texas history, from colonization and the revolution to the early Republic of Texas.

Added: May 2012.

The Austin Weekly Statesman

Originally a Democratic newspaper, the Statesman covered local, national, and international news in the Texas capital. These issues are from the late 19th century and provide a glimpse into a bygone era of Texas history.

Added: November 2012.

Donald F. Baker Collection (The Dallas Way)

The papers, photographs, publications, and artifacts of Donald F. Baker, a gay rights activist in Dallas, Texas. Most materials date from 1975-2000.

Added: July 2017.

Ballinger Area Newspaper Collection

The Ballinger Daily Ledger, The Banner-Ledger, and The Ballinger Ledger represent Runnels County and the county seat of Ballinger. These newspapers document a county originally settled in 1886 by railroad development, that eventually became a farming and ranching hub by the early 20th-century.

Added: June 2019.

Bandera Bulletin

The paper began publication in 1945, documenting Bandera area history, including major flooding events from the Medina River as well 20th-century population booms. Funding provided by a Tocker Foundation grant.

Added: May 2016.

The Ray and Joyce Bankston Dalco Photography Collection

Photos of show, quarter and cutting horses from the 1960s through 2004. Ray Bankston and his company, Dalco, documented these events and told the stories of many people involved, including celebrities and wealthy Texans.

Added: May 2014.

United States Army Major General Olinto Mark Barsanti Papers

Photographs and documents drawn from a larger tangible collection of the personal and military papers of U.S. Army Major General Olinto Mark Barsanti.

Added: January 2020.

The Bartlett Tribune

Since 1886, the paper played a vital role in the community by reporting on national, state, and local news, obituaries and a record of legal notices. Funding from a grant to the Texas State Library and Archives Commission.

Added: September 2009.

The Bastrop Advertiser

First published as The Bastrop Advertiser and County News on March 1, 1853, The Bastrop Advertiser is the oldest continuously published weekly in Texas. Funding for its digitization was provided by a Tocker Foundation grant.

Added: February 2012.

President Gretchen Bataille Records

Photographs and videos that document Dr. Gretchen Bataille's service as President of the University of North Texas from 2006 to 2010.

Added: October 2021.

O. D. and Estelle Bates Collection

O. D. and Estelle Bates came to Irving during the late 1960s. Motivated by their interest in local history, they collected photos and conducted interviews documenting the history of the Irving area.

Added: May 2009.

Battleship Texas Blueprint Collection

The Battleship Texas State Historic Site blueprint collection documents the construction and design of Battleship Texas from 1910-1949.

Added: October 2017.

Battleship Texas Newspaper Collection

The Battleship TEXAS Newspaper Collection consists of Texas Steer newsletters, written by crewmembers of USS TEXAS (BB-35) from 1924 through 1934.

Added: January 2020.

Battleship Texas State Historic Site Photograph Collection

These photographs depict the evolution of the famous Battleship Texas, including its technology and appearance over time, how she contributed to war efforts, and the lives of the men who served on the ship.

Added: January 2015.

Baylor County Banner

First printed in 1895, the Baylor County Banner still serves the people of Seymour and Baylor County today. Funding was provided by a Tocker Foundation grant.

Added: June 2014.

Baytown Area Newspaper Collection

Newspapers have served the Baytown area since 1919, when the Goose Creek Gasser was founded. In 1924, the Gasser became the Goose Creek Tribune, publishing twice-weekly, and in 1928 – the Daily Tribune. With the Great Depression, several area newspapers merged, and in 1931, the first Tri-Cities Sun was published.

Added: August 2018.

Bell County Democrat

The Bell County Democrat represents late-19th and early-20th-century life in central Texas. The semi-weekly paper features local, state, and national news as well as advertising. Funding provided by a TexTreasures grant.

Added: August 2012.

Bell Helicopter Records

A selection of photographs documenting Bell aircraft, components, manufacturing, and personnel.

Added: February 2017.

Jim Bell Texas Architecture Collection

Photographs of historic Texas county courthouses and their surrounding buildings, as well as historic bridges, churches, and landmarks. The photographs are all in color and were taken from 1990 to the present.

Added: April 2011.

Bellaire Area Newspapers

These weekly newspapers from Houston include news and information related to West University Place, Bellaire, Southside Place, Braeswood, Southampton, Southgate and adjacent areas along with advertising.

Added: May 2014.

The Bellville Countryman

Founded on July 28th, 1860, The Bellville Countryman was a semi-weekly newspaper that served the populations of Bellville and Austin. Funding provided through a TexTreasures Early Texas Newspapers grant.

Added: October 2011.

The Belton Independent

This weekly newspaper, published in Belton, discussed local, state, and national news and advertising. A Whig newspaper, it was the first paper in Bell County — it opposed secession and supported Sam Houston.

Added: May 2012.

Belton Journal

Since 1866, the Journal has served the Central Texas town of Belton. Funding was provided by a TexTreasures grant.

Added: August 2012.

Benson Latin American Collection

Includes correspondences of Lorenzo de Zavala and other notable people in early Texas history. Funded in part by Humanities Texas, the state partner of the National Endowment for the Humanities.

Added: May 2009.

Bergstrom-Austin Community Council Records

Photos documenting the history of Bergstrom Air Force Base from its early days as De Valle Army Air Base in the 1940s to its transformation into a municipal airport in the '90s.

Added: March 2014.

Claudia Webb Betti Papers

Papers, photographs, and slides of art by Claudia Webb Betti Benson, an artist and art professor at North Texas State University. Paintings date from 1956 to 1986.

Added: March 2018.

Beville Family Collection

A selection of items from the family of Alexander Archer Beville, a dentist from Amelia County, Virginia. In 1870 Beville and family moved to Waco, Texas, and according to several sources, he was the first dentist to reside and have a dental practice there.

Added: July 2020.

Ralph Bickler Papers

The Ralph Bickler Papers include photographs documenting the Bickler family and life in Central Texas in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. From a family with German roots, Ralph attended the Texas German and English Academy founded by his father. As an adult, he was active in many social organizations in Austin.

Added: October 2017.

The Big Lake Wildcat

The Big Lake Wildcat was established in 1925 to serve the residents of Big Lake. By 1931, it absorbed most of the other area newspapers and in 1931 became the only newspaper in Reagan County.

Added: June 2015.

Black Academy of Arts and Letters Records

Event photographs from the Black Academy of Arts and Letters, Incorporated (TBAAL), a Dallas-based nonprofit. Some items in this collection are restricted to use by the UNT community.

Added: September 2014.

Black Tie Dinner Collection (The Dallas Way)

Invitations, memorabilia, and publications related to the annual Black Tie Dinner which increases awareness for GLBT issues, entertains participants, and raises funds in support of gay and lesbian organizations.

Added: February 2020.

J. William Blewitt Collection

This collection of photographs by J. William Blewitt includes photographs of weddings, reunions, and the 36th Texas Division.

Added: May 2014.

Boerne Star

Since 1906 The Boerne Star has been the source for local news in Boerne and Kendall County, Texas. The Star is published every Tuesday and Friday, continuing the 111-year mission of documenting the history of the Boerne, Comfort, Fair Oaks Ranch and Kendall County areas for current and future generations.

Added: May 2017.

Dr. Edith Marguerite Bonnet Papers

The Dr. Edith Marguerite Bonnet Papers include the personal diary and correspondence of Dr. Edith Bonnet (1897-1984). Dr. Bonnet, a 1926 graduate of the University of Texas Medical Branch, was one of the first two females to intern at the John Sealy Hospital in Galveston, Texas.

Added: October 2017.

Boone Collection Bank Notes

These vivid and intricately illustrated bank notes, vouchers, and coupons (1915 - 1925) came from the tumultuous era of World War I and its aftermath, originating in Germany, Hungary, Russia, Italy, and Denmark.

Added: May 2014.

Borger Daily Herald

After the discovery of oil in the West Texas town, this boomtown attracted oil men, prospectors, gamblers, and bootleggers. The paper documented the rapid growth and activity of Borger during the first half of the 20th century.

Added: October 2011.

Bosque County Glass Plate Negatives Collection

Glass plate negatives relating to Bosque County history. Over 50 glass plate negatives that make up this collection include images of parade floats, families, the Bosque River Flood, and agriculture.

Added: March 2012.

Boy and Girl Scout Annual Reports

Annual reports submitted to Congress highlighting the yearly activities of the Boy and Girl Scouts of America

Added: November 2022.

Robert C. Bradbury Miniature Book Research Papers

Selection of items drawn from files compiled by miniature book bibliographer and dealer Robert C. Bradbury for his book Twentieth Century United States Miniature Books.

Added: January 2018.

Bill and Marcella Bradly Collection

Photographer Bill Bradly documented the people and businesses of the Deaf Smith County area, represented here. Funding provided in part by Humanities Texas, the state partner of the National Endowment for the Humanities.

Added: May 2009.

Brady Area Newspaper Collection

The Brady Area Newspaper Collection includes The Brady Standard and The Brady Herald, documenting the history of Brady and surrounding McCulloch County.

Added: February 2018.

The Brand

In 1916, Mildred Paxton, Raymond Foy and Horace Blackwell started this weekly student paper at Hardin-Simmons University. The paper covered topics relating to student life and happenings at the university.

Added: June 2010.

Brazoria County Area Newspapers

Situated in the Gulf Coast region of Texas, Brazoria County has seen publication of some of the earliest newspapers published in Texas. One of the earliest titles in this collection, the Texas Gazette and Brazoria Commercial Advertiser, began publication in 1832 and documents Texas' history when it was still a part of the United Mexican States, in the state of Coahuila y Tejas.

Added: April 2020.

Breckenridge Daily American

The Breckenridge Daily American provided the citizens of Breckenridge and Stephens County with news, advertising, and gossip, documenting the towns' growth and development.

Added: January 2010.

Breckenridge Weekly Democrat

Published by the Breckenridge American Publishing Company, this newspaper served up sensational headlines on a weekly basis, documenting the town's development and commerce.

Added: September 2010.

Brenham Banner

Created as an anti-Reconstruction newspaper by Confederate Army veteran John G. Rankin, the Brenham Weekly Banner was published for 30. Funding provided by the National Endowment for the Humanities.

Added: September 2010.

John Briggs Scrapbook Collection (The Dallas Way)

Scrapbook photo albums documenting "The Experience" project as well as Briggs' travel and time spent with family and friends.

Added: November 2020.

Broadening Access to Books on Texas and Oklahoma

Out-of-print books related to Texas and Oklahoma history, made available as ebooks thanks to a Humanities Open Book Program grant from the National Endowment for the Humanities: Celebrating 50 Years of Excellence.

Added: April 2017.

Broadsides & Printed Ephemera Collection

Miscellaneous documents and memorabilia from Texas and beyond.

Added: January 2020.

Steve Brooks Collection

Artwork and promotional materials produced for musician Willie Nelson by graphic designer and artist Steve Brooks.

Added: October 2020.

Brownsville Affray

Documents related to the August 13-14, 1906, violence allegedly committed by soldiers stationed at Fort Brown.

Added: July 2019.

Brownwood Bulletin

Will Mayes began publishing the daily paper in 1900 after purchasing the two 19th century weeklies, the Brownwood Banner and the Brownwood Bulletin. The paper continues to serve Brownwood to this day.

Added: August 2014.

William J. Bryan Collection

Correspondence to and from William J. Bryan (1859-1948), a West Texas rancher and Texas legislator. Some letters and clippings relate to Bryan's activities in the legislature. Others are personal letters from friends.

Added: March 2020.

Building the African-American Community

This collection of photographs and texts are part of an effort to preserve Austin’s African-American cultural history. Includes images of church parishioners, families, students, weddings, church groups, and more.

Added: May 2014.

Bulletin of the Texas Archeological Society

One of the oldest continuously published archeological journals in the US, the Bulletin of the Texas Archeological Society (BTAS) publishes serious research on prehistory, archeological theory, and history.

Added: June 2018.

Burleson Area Newspaper Collection

These issues of multiple newspapers cover the rich and dynamic history of the Burleson area. Funding for digitization was provided by the Ladd and Katherine Hancher Library Foundation.

Added: July 2016.

Frank Caldwell

The Frank Caldwell Collection contains hundreds of photographs documenting various parts of Texas from about the 1880s through the 1930s.

Added: May 2016.

Caldwell County Area Newspapers

The Caldwell County Area Newspaper Collection hosts The Lockhart Daily Post, which has served as the newspaper of record for Caldwell County since 1901.

Added: July 2020.

Caldwell News and Burleson County Ledger

These assorted newspapers cover the years 1897 to 1955. The weekly newspaper documented the development of Burleson County's farming and oil industries as well as local events and people.

Added: August 2011.

Calhoun County Area Newspapers

The Calhoun County Area Newspaper Collection hosts rare, early Texas newspapers, starting in 1848, with scattered issues covering Texas settlement, post-revolution history, and pre-Civil War History. Moving into the twentieth-century, The Port Lavaca Wave documents more recent events.

Added: July 2020.

The Cameron Herald

This weekly paper served the people of Cameron, Milam County. The community formed in 1846 and named for Scottish Highlander Ewen Cameron, who participated in the Texas Revolution and the Mier Expedition.

Added: May 2014.

Camp Barkeley Newspapers

Once located near present-day Dyess Air Force Base, this was among the largest U.S. military installations in Texas. These newspapers published by personnel provided news and information to soldiers and their families.

Added: March 2015.

Camp Bowie Photograph Collection

This collection of photographs documents life at Camp Bowie, featuring photos of troops at the camp in Fort Worth during WWI, and of troops, tents, and aerial views of the camp in Brownwood during WWII.

Added: September 2015.

Canadian Advertiser

The Canadian Advertiser ran from1938 until 1939, published by Othello Ontje Miller. Miller and his wife Elna were the sole owners of the newspaper; he served as publisher and editor and she was in charge of the reporting and advertising.

Added: September 2009.

Canadian Record

"Devoted to the interests of Canadian and the Surrounding Country", as its masthead once declared early in the publication's history, The Canadian Record continues to serve the town of Canadian, Texas as it has since 1893.

Added: November 2010.

Canyon City News

Originally published in 1896, this weekly covered stock raising. In 1903, attorney George A. Brandon bought the paper, which included local, state, and national news as well as advertising and items promoting the community.

Added: May 2014.

The Carpa Cubana and Sabino Gomez Photograph Collections

Photos documenting Mexican-American tent shows, known as "carpas", that traveled Mexico and the Southwestern United States.

Added: February 2012.

John H. Carper WWI Collection

A selection of WWI-era postcards collected by John H. Carper during his service in the Army.

Added: February 2020.

Judge Joseph A. Carroll Collection

Joseph A. Carroll played a major role in the early development of North Texas as was a founding father of Denton. These more than 80 letters (approx. 129 pages) were written to and from Carroll during the 19th century.

Added: January 2014.

The Carrollton Chronicle

For much of the 20th century the Carrollton Chronicle was the newspaper of record for the small town. It provided a weekly history of a town which grew from 500 people in 1900 to nearly 90,000 in the early 1990’s.

Added: December 2014.

Cass County and Atlanta Newspapers

Cass County is situated in northeast Texas. This collection contains several newspapers that have provided news, entertainment, and advertising to the people of the county over the past century.

Added: September 2013.

José L. Castillo Photograph Collection

Photographs taken between 2004 and 2006 by José L. Castillo, a correspondent for the international EFE News Service.

Added: June 2009.

David S. Castle Architectural Drawings

More than 6,500 pages of architectural drawings and blueprints created primarily during the first half of the 20th century by the David S. Castle Company architecture firm.

Added: August 2016.

Cechoslovak and Westke Noviny

The Cechoslovak and Weske Noviny newspaper was a Czech language paper that served the growing Czech communities in Rosenberg and West, Texas from 1918 to 1945.

Added: May 2014.

Cedar Hill Newspaper Collection

The Cedar Hill Newspaper Collection is a selection of weekly newspapers from Cedar Hill and Duncanville in Dallas and Ellis Counties. The newspapers include local, state, and national news as well as advertisements.

Added: May 2014.

The Celeste Courier

The Celeste Courier served the city of Celeste and wider Fannin County until 1979, when it merged under The Leonard Graphic, the neighboring city's newspaper of record. The Celeste Courier was published from 1951-1979, after which the Courier archives were combined with those of The Leonard Graphic.

Added: July 2020.

Celina Record

Distributed across the city of Celina and wider Denton and Collin Counties, the Celina Record has served as the city's newspaper since 1902.

Added: February 2018.

Center for Media Production Collection

Videos and photos that document people, programs, and events on the University of North Texas campus. Additional materials in tangible format are available for use in the UNT Special Collections Reading Room.

Added: January 2018.

Center Light and Champion

The Center Light and Champion represents two merged newspapers, The Light and The Champion, published out of Center, Texas, in Shelby County.

Added: June 2021.

Central Texas Library System Slide Collection

The Central Texas Library System, Inc., is one of the ten original library systems serving public libraries in Texas from 1972 to 2012. It is still in operation as a non-profit, serving 192 libraries across the state.

Added: December 2017.

Chalberg Collection of Prints and Negatives

Russell Chalberg donated photo archives of the Ellison Photo Company on December 9th, 1969. In 1981, an additional 1,277 prints and glass-plate negatives from the Jordan-Ellison Company were donated.

Added: March 2011.

Cherokee County Banner

The Cherokee County Banner began publishing weekly in the late 1800's and served Jacksonville and other towns in Cherokee County.

Added: October 2014.

Cherokee County Historical Commission Photograph Collection

Photographs depicting people, families, and businesses in Rusk, Jacksonville, and surrounding towns in Cherokee County.

Added: May 2014.

Cherokeean Herald

A state historical marker designates the Rusk newspaper as the state's oldest, continuously published weekly. Its rich roots planted in 1850, when Texas was a young state. Funded by a Tocker Foundation grant.

Added: April 2011.

Chicano Times

The Chicano Times was a newspaper published in San Antonio from 1970 to 1977, focusing on Mexican American people, events, and issues.

Added: June 2021.

Donald Chipman Papers

Audio recordings of UNT history professor, Donald E. Chipman, interviewing members of the Dallas Cowboys franchise. Dr. Chipman coauthored The Dallas Cowboys and the NFL with Dr. Randolph Campbell and Dr. Robert Calvert.

Added: November 2020.

Church and Synagogue Library Association Records

Materials from the Association include photographs and schedules from the annual conference, along with newsletters that present news of service in libraries that support faith groups, reviews of books and media, public relations techniques used by successful congregational libraries, and aids in the cataloging and classification of religious materials.

Added: October 2017.

City Directories

City, business, legal, and phone directories from the 19th and 20th centuries. Each directory has an index and ads from local businesses and includes names, addresses, and phone numbers for residents and businesses.

Added: September 2009.

Civil Rights in Black and Brown

Based at TCU, the Civil Rights in Black and Brown (CRBB) Oral History Project collects, interprets, and disseminates oral history interviews of the brown and black freedom struggles in Texas.

Added: June 2017.

The Civil War and its Aftermath: Diverse Perspectives

Archival collections reflect experiences of women, professional men, military men, Texas cattlemen, businessmen, farmers, and government officials. Funded by the National Historical Publications and Records Commission.

Added: August 2011.

The Civilian and Gazette

These issues represent newspapers published between 1838 and 1886, with some issues missing due to the Civil War. Funded through the TexTreasures Early Texas Newspapers program.

Added: October 2011.

Clark Family Photography Collection

This seminal work of visual storytelling represents the extensive Clark family archives from the golden age of American photography. Their work has featured in Life Magazine, National Geographic, Look and Newsweek.

Added: May 2014.

Edward A. Clark Texana Collection

The Edward A. Clark Collection is strong in primary source materials relating to the history of Texas, and focuses on Republic-era Texas.

Added: May 2017.

The Claude News

Claude and Armstrong County history features on these issues from the turn of the 20th century to 1965. Funding for "The Oldest and Best Read County Seat Weekly in the Panhandle" provided by the Tocker Foundation.

Added: December 2013.

Henry R. Clay, Jr. Papers

This collection contains personal and professional materials related to Henry R. Clay, Jr., documenting his time in the military as a pilot during WWI while receiving his training in England and during his deployment in France.

Added: May 2016.

Cleveland Area Newspaper Collection

Serving Cleveland and the wider Houston Metropolitan region, the Cleveland Area Newspaper Collection represents east Texas and Liberty County.

Added: February 2018.

Clifton Record

Published in the rural town of Clifton in Bosque County, the Record depicts the influence of the Scandinavian and German immigrants that settled the area. A Tocker Foundation grant provided funding for digitization.

Added: September 2016.

Clyde Barrow Gang Collection

A sub-series of the Dallas Police Department Historical Records and Case Files collection, these materials relate to the Clyde Barrow gang and law enforcement officials' efforts to hunt them down.

Added: February 2010.

Jimmy Cochran Photographs

Pulitzer Prize nominee Jim Cochran was the chief photographer for the Wichita Falls Times. He left his 6,000-item collection of photos and negatives to his alma mater, Midwestern State University.

Added: December 2016.

Coleman County Newspaper Collection

Since 1908, various newspapers have provided Coleman County with news and advertising. Funding for their digitization was provided by the Tocker Foundation.

Added: April 2016.

College of Music Marketing Collection

Images and videos taken by the UNT College of Music Marketing Department of performances, special events, faculty, and alumni. This collection exists only in a digital format.

Added: August 2019.

Collin Chronicles, Records of Collin County, Texas

These issues of the Collin Chronicles run from 1981 and provide transcripts of historical materials, local cemetery information, and general research resources.

Added: March 2011.

Collin County Area Newspapers

The Collin County Area Newspaper Collection represents the history of Collin County from 1860-2012, across twenty-four newspaper titles, contributed by nine partners.

Added: July 2020.

Collingsworth County Area Newspapers

The Collingsworth County Area Newspaper Collection documents the far-northern panhandle town of Wellington, Texas, as well as the wider county.

Added: July 2020.

The Colony Newspaper Collection

Digitized via a Rescuing Texas History grant, these issues depict The Colony's history. The municipality began in 1969 with planned development of a new city modeled after Dallas and consisted primarily of single family homes.

Added: March 2014.

Comanche Area Newspapers

The Comanche Area Newspapers represent a collection of newspaper titles from Comanche County, Texas. The bulk of this collection comes from The Comanche Chief, which is owned and operated by the Wilkerson family and is now in its third generation of newspaper publishing.

Added: October 2017.

The Community Bulletin

Howard and Clara Caver started The Bulletin in 1967 as a service to the community of black churches in Abilene. It reported on church and community events, civil rights, political races, education, and the job market.

Added: May 2009.

Carl Benton Compton Collection

Personal and professional correspondence of artist Carl Benton Compton.

Added: June 2018.

Concordia University Texas Records

Materials documenting the history of Lutheran Concordia College, including faculty minutes and correspondence describing the campus development. Funded in part through the TexTreasures program.

Added: March 2015.

Conroe Courier

The Conroe Courier was a weekly newspaper "Published in the interest of Conroe and Montgomery County". The paper was founded by 1896 by H. P. Jones and featured local, state, and national news as well as advertising.

Added: May 2014.

Gloria Contreras Papers

Items pertaining to the career of Dr. Gloria Contreras along with materials she collected on teaching social studies through a multicultural and global perspective. Contreras was a professor of secondary education and served as the first Director of the Office of Minority Affairs at the University of North Texas.

Added: February 2020.

Convair/General Dynamics Newsletters

Newsletters highlight aviation history made in Fort Worth and the men and women behind that history.

Added: January 2018.

Copperas Cove Leader Press

The Copperas Cove Leader Press is the product of the consolidation of two titles that documented the growth of this crossroads community.

Added: May 2016.

The Corpus Christi Caller

This newspaper was founded in 1883 and moved locations three times, with publication continuing today.

Added: October 2011.

The Corpus Christi Post

The Parish Post, later known as The Corpus Christi Post, was a privately owned weekly newspaper covering news and events in the Corpus Christi area Catholic community. It operated from the early 1950s until the end of 1966 and was owned, edited, and published by Allen Baca.

Added: August 2018.


The Corral is the first student publication of Hardin-Simmons University beginning in 1902 and continuing to the present day.

Added: July 2010.

Cotulla Area Newspaper Collection

Documenting the histories of the city of Cotulla and wider La Salle County, the Cotulla Record has served as the county newspaper of record since 1897.

Added: July 2020.

Crazy Water Radio Collection

Radio shows that were sponsored by the Crazy Water Company of Mineral Wells, Texas, in the 1930s. Listener advisory: some programs in this series contain racial and ethnic stereotypes.

Added: November 2019.

Deborah Crombie Papers

Personal papers of writer Deborah Crombie, award-winning author of the Duncan Kincaid and Gemma James British crime novel series.

Added: February 2020.

Crosby County Newspapers

The first weekly newspaper began publication on January 7, 1909, and covered local, national, and world news. This collection consists of newspaper issues held on microfilm and digitized via a Tocker Foundation grant.

Added: August 2012.

Cross Plains 2005 Firestorm Photograph Collection

Excerpts from a scrapbook that covers the firestorm that hit Cross Plains in December 2005. Materials include newspaper clippings from both local and national news coverage.

Added: July 2012.

Cross Timbers Business Report

A quarterly report addressing economic conditions across the United States, Texas, and Erath County. This data is compiled from statistics and information from government agencies and includes summaries and commentary.

Added: May 2014.

Frank Cuellar Sr. Collection

Materials relating to Frank Cuellar Sr.'s career as a restaurateur and cofounder of the El Chico Corporation. Included are photographs of the Cuellar family and their business activities.

Added: October 2018.

Cuero Area Newspaper Collection

Newspapers serving Cuero and DeWitt County. Famed for turkey ranching, this is known as the "Turkey Capital of the World," reinforced by the Cuero High School mascot, the Gobbler. Funded by the Tocker Foundation.

Added: March 2016.

Cutting Horse Photograph Collection

Photographs depicting the National Cutting Horse Association Summer Cutting Spectacular held at the Will Rogers Coliseum and showcasing talents from people across Texas.

Added: May 2012.

The Christian Chronicle

The Christian Chronicle was founded by journalist and Bible scholar Olan Hicks as a newspaper with the primary goal of providing information about Churches of Christ, modeled after publications that served other denominations such as the Deseret News. Hicks launched the Chronicle in Austin, Texas, and soon moved the operation to Abilene.

Added: January 2021.

Brownsville Daily Herald

The Daily Herald began publication in 1892 in Brownsville, and served a vital role in the community. The paper is part of the "Chronicling America" project from the National Endowment for the Humanities.

Added: December 2009.

The Daily Cosmopolitan

This Brownsville paper started in 1879. Because editor W.P. Guirey was fluent in Spanish, he specialized in reporting on Matamoros, Mexico, and nearby border towns. Funded by the TexTreasures Early Texas Newspapers program.

Added: October 2011.

Daily Courier Light

The Daily Courier Light began publication in Corsicana in 1880, covering the dynamic history of Corsicana. Digital access to these issues funded by a TexTreasures grant.

Added: August 2012.

The Daily Democrat

The Daily Democrat illustrated "Hell's Half-Acre" and documented Fort Worth's gradual rise in status from cowtown to crossroads to booming financial city. Funded by a TexTreasures grant.

Added: August 2012.

The Daily Panhandle

Established in 1906, the Panhandle was unusual for the period because it lacked advertising on the front page. It was the official paper of Amarillo and Potter County.

Added: May 2014.

Dallas Citizen's Interracial Association Records

Newspaper clippings, correspondence, and documents highlighting housing development, infrastructure, and integration issues in Dallas in the 1950s and 1960s.

Added: October 2021.

Dallas County Probate Records

Texts of probate cases conducted in Dallas County between 1846 and the early 1900's. These records were microfilmed in 1977. The images in this collection were created from those microfilms in 2014.

Added: September 2014.

The Dallas Express

The Dallas Express served as an advocate for black people in Dallas and throughout the South for more than 70 years. Digitization funded by the National Endowment for the Humanities.

Added: November 2012.

Dallas Farmers Market

This collection includes over 140 photographs of the market, dating as far back as 1950. The photographs contain a variety of images portraying storefronts, farmers, alleyways, and award ceremonies.

Added: February 2012.

The Dallas Gay Alliance (The Dallas Way)

Early court cases, photographs, negatives, correspondence, and newspaper articles related to the activities of the Dallas Gay Alliance from 1980-1988.

Added: July 2017.

The Dallas Herald

Founded in 1849, the Herald circulated as a weekly until 1873. Funding was provided by the National Endowment for the Humanities as part of the "Chronicling America" project.

Added: April 2013.

The Dallas Journal

This annual publication contains genealogical information about families in Dallas and the surrounding areas. Includes family histories, lists of records, correspondence, and other documentation from the mid-1990s through 2010.

Added: September 2011.

The Dallas Metroplex Chapter of the Names Project Foundation Collection

Selected photographs of quilt panels for the AIDS Memorial Quilt.

Added: January 2018.

Dallas Museum of Art Exhibition Records

Dallas Museum of Art Exhibition Records Collection contains published catalogs for exhibitions held by the museum between 1903 and 1983. This project is made possible by a grant from the National Endowment for the Arts.

Added: February 2012.

Dallas Park and Recreation Department Photographs

Photos of historic parks, facilities, and activities from the early 1900s to 1970s from the Dallas Park and Recreation Department.

Added: February 2012.

Dallas Parks Aerial Photographs

Oblique, aerial images of City of Dallas parks taken between 1945 and 1997 also show surrounding neighborhood growth and development, and changes in park facilities. The photographs are an invaluable chronicle of urban growth, land management, and the history of Dallas and North Texas.

Added: September 2018.

Dallas Police Department Historical Records/Case Files

Dallas Police Department case files, photographs, newspaper clippings, letters, and other documents from the 1920s to the 1950s, including the activities of the infamous Clyde Barrow Gang.

Added: May 2014.

Dallas Times Herald John F. Kennedy Photos

The Dallas Times Herald played a crucial role in recording the historic visit of President John F. Kennedy to Dallas and Fort Worth, his subsequent assassination and its aftermath.

Added: September 2011.

Dallas Voice

This was the first newspaper to serve the LGBT community in Dallas. It has provided news; commentary; and television, theater, and film critiques for over 30 years. Digitization was funded by a TexTreasures grant.

Added: August 2012.

Dallas Water Utilities Records, 1882-1990 - Photographic Materials Series

Photographic materials of the Dallas Water Utilities Records, 1882-1990. Founded in 1881, the Dallas Water Utilities is a non-profit water and wastewater service for the City of Dallas, Texas.

Added: May 2012.

The Dallas Way Oral History Collection

Audio recordings of oral histories with figures related to the Dallas LGBTQ community. Eight interviews relate to the Cathedral of Hope's history.

Added: June 2020.

The Dallas Way Small Collections (The Dallas Way)

Materials from small collections associated with The Dallas Way archive include clippings, publications, papers, photographs, photo albums, buttons, and other artifacts from a variety of individuals and organizations.

Added: October 2019.

Daniel Baker College Catalogs

Catalogs and bulletins of Daniel Baker College from the early 1900s to the 1980s. They describe the governance, history, admission, course offerings, and campus life of Daniel Baker College in Brownwood.

Added: May 2009.

Daniel Baker College Collegian

Daniel Baker College began as a small Presbyterian school in 1889 in Brownwood. Issues of the paper provide a wealth of information on campus life and the values at the small college in the 20th century.

Added: July 2010.

Daniel Baker College Yearbooks

Yearbooks for Daniel Baker College from the early 1910s to the 1950s. These issues feature songs, yells, student writings and artwork, and photos, including early photographs of Brownwood buildings and homes.

Added: May 2009.

Danish Heritage Preservation Society

The more than 300 images in this collection date back to the 1800s and portray a variety of events, organizations, people, and places that relate to the Danish culture in Texas.

Added: July 2012.

D. Jack Davis Art Education Collection

Correspondence, newsletters, and grant reports related to art education and the North Texas Institute for Educators on the Visual Arts (NTIEVA), headquartered at the UNT. Materials were scanned by the donor, D. Jack Davis, and provided in a digital format to UNT Special Collections. Additional materials in an analog format can be viewed in the UNT Special Collections Reading Room.

Added: January 2018.

Lisa Davis Photographic Collection

Lisa Davis was a photojournalist who resided in Austin, Texas, for much of her life. The Lisa Davis Photograph Archive documents the politics, protests, sports, music, and events of Austin and surrounding cities from 1978 to 1995. Davis was active in Austin's LGBTQ+ community, which is also documented in this collection.

Added: July 2020.

Delta County Area Newspaper Collection

Founded in 1870, Delta County is in northeastern Texas. As of the 2010 census, its population was 5,231. Delta County is formed by two forks of the Sulphur River on its northern and southern boundaries, which meet at its easternmost point to create the Greek letter-delta shape.

Added: January 2018.

El Democrata Fronterizo

This newspaper was published by Justo Cardenas in Laredo, Webb County from 1896 to 1920. It features news as well as advertising and news from Mexico. Funding provided by the National Endowment for the Humanities.

Added: May 2014.

The Denison Daily Herald

The Denison Daily Herald is a daily newspaper from Denison, Texas that includes local, state, and national news along with extensive advertising. This collection contains over 100 issues from the years 1906 and 1907.

Added: May 2012.

Denison Newspaper Collection

These newspapser issues span over 70 years and represent all the newspaper titles ever published in the town of Denison, Texas.

Added: August 2013.

Denton Chamber of Commerce Collection

These materials document Chamber activities from 1938-1998, with emphasis on an advertising campaign developed in 1967 to attract new businesses to the city.

Added: October 2016.

Denton County Aerial Photograph Collection

Texas Highway Department aerial photographs of Denton County from 1958. Each photo represents a section of a larger map that covers all of Denton County.

Added: November 2019.

Denton County Newspaper Collection

Documenting the history of Denton County and its county seat from 1892-1911, the Denton County Newspaper Collection offers a detailed view into the growth and expansion of the county as an agricultural and educational hub.

Added: October 2014.

Denton Fracking Referendum Collection

News and viewpoints related to the Fracking Referendum passed in the city of Denton, Texas on November 4, 2014. Materials include a compilation of web pages crawled in late 2014 and a collection of oral histories conducted in Fall 2015 by UNT students.

Added: August 2017.

Denton Independent School District Historical Artifacts

The Denton Independent School District provides historical documents, pamphlets, programs, yearbooks and other pertinent documents chronicling the history of the school district.

Added: January 2013.

Denton Municipal Collection

Features documents, newsletters, clippings, and photographs from the early 1900s to present day, depicting people, places, and activities about the various Departments of the City of Denton.

Added: March 2017.

Denton Record-Chronicle

While Denton has had many newspapers, the Denton Record-Chronicle has had the longest history and is considered the city's paper of record. The Denton Chronicle was established in 1882 as a weekly newspaper. In 1899, the paper became the Denton Record and Chronicle, when the Denton Chronicle combined with another local newspaper, the Denton County Record.

Added: March 2019.

DFW Archives Bazaar Records

Documents related to the planning of the DFW Archives Bazaar, a recurring community outreach and education event focused on resources available at cultural heritage institutions in the Dallas-Fort Worth area. Photographs and videos of the event are also included.

Added: January 2019.

Norman Dietel Photograph Collection

These materials document the activities of former President Lyndon B. Johnson and his family, taken by notable Texas newsman and photographer. The photos also feature historical figures, the Texas Hill County, and Fredricksburg.

Added: August 2012.

Docs In The News

This collection aims to highlight Texas State Publications that are either featured in the news or receive high levels of engagement via the Twitter profiles of state agencies or elected officials.

Added: October 2021.

Documenting The History of the Civil Rights Movement in Dallas County, Texas Oral History Collection

Transcripts of oral histories with civil rights figures from Dallas, Texas. Each interview focuses on the interviewee's family and educational history, organizational involvement, and career or personal milestones.

Added: June 2020.

Neal Douglass Photography Collection

Photojournalist Neal Douglass worked for Austin American-Statesman and had his own studio. These photos represent specific events, cultural aspects of life, former buildings and customs in Austin during the 20th century.

Added: February 2009.

The Dublin Progress

This weekly newspaper from Dublin, Erath County was established in 1889, when editor/publisher James S. Daley incorporated the town. In 1916 it consolidated with the Dublin Telephone.

Added: November 2014.

The Dynamo

From 1930, the Breckenridge junior and senior high school journalism students published The Dynamo, covering PTA news, club news, listing the honor roll, reporting on sports events, and more.

Added: September 2010.

Early Texas Newspapers

This project provides access to thousands of pages of Texas newspapers dating as early as 1829. This project was funded by a TexTreasures grant from the Texas State Library and Archives Commission.

Added: September 2009.

East Texas Family Records

The East Texas Family Records was a quarterly publication that includes cemetery, Bible, Confederate, church, family, and military records for the East Texas counties of Anderson, Gregg, Henderson, Panola, Rusk, and Smith.

Added: March 2011.

The Eastern Texian

The Eastern Texian was weekly newspaper published by George W. King between 1857 and 1859 from San Augustine, Texas. The newspaper includes local, state, and national news along with advertising.

Added: May 2014.

Eastland County Newspaper Collection

This collection of newspapers from Eastland County Texas from the late 19th and early 20th centuries features news and information for the residents of Cisco and Carbon, Texas.

Added: November 2014.

Education in the Texas Panhandle

Photographs of educators, students, school buildings and activities show the growth of educational endeavors, from one-room schools to colleges, within the Texas Panhandle.

Added: May 2014.

El Paso Herald

First published in April of 1881, the paper served El Paso and surrounding areas including Ciudad Juarez, Mexico. Digitization funded by the National Endowment for the Humanities.

Added: September 2010.

El Paso Morning Times

First published in 1881 as the El Paso Times, this title internationally details in both Spanish- and English-language editions the progress of the Mexican Revolution.

Added: January 2012.

Roy Eldridge Collection

Photographs and documents providing insights into Eldridge's life on- and off-stage. Included are images of musical performances, travel, holidays, and daily life.

Added: June 2019.

Electra Area Newspaper Collection

From Wichita County comes the Electra Area Newspaper Collection, serving the city of Electra and its surrounding area with five titles available in The Portal to Texas History, including the Electra Daily News, Electra News, The Electra Star-News, and the Harrold Howler.

Added: February 2018.

Elgin Courier

The Elgin Courier serves Elgin, Texas, and wider Bastrop County. Founded by Miles Hill, the paper has been published weekly since 1890.

Added: February 2023.

Ellis County Area Newspaper Collection

The Ellis County Area Newspaper Collection includes multiple titles, including The Waxahachie Daily Light, The Ferris Wheel, and The Ennis Daily News.

Added: June 2019.

Mica England Collection (The Dallas Way)

Legal documents, correspondence, a press release, newspaper articles, a press kit, photographs, and a video related to Mica England's anti-discrimination lawsuit against the Dallas Police Department (DPD): England v. The City of Dallas, Mack Vines, and the State of Texas. On July 10, 1989, England was denied employment with the DPD because she was a lesbian.

Added: April 2020.

Ennis Daily News

In publication since 1891, The Ennis Daily News serves the community of Ennis and surrounding Ellis County.

Added: August 2016.

Harold Epstein Papers

Audio recordings of poetry written by Harold Epstein (1950-2005), a Dallas based writer. Only the born digital materials received with the collection are currently available in a digital format. Non-digital materials listed in the collection's finding aid may be viewed in the UNT Special Collections Reading Room.

Added: January 2018.

Anna Esparza Photography Collection

Photographs that document daily life and special events in the Dallas-Fort Worth area.

Added: July 2019.

Jack Evans and George E. Harris Collection (The Dallas Way)

Collection of The Dallas Way organizational papers, correspondence, clippings, photographs, and publications.

Added: January 2020.

Fannin County Area Newspaper Collection

Spanning the late 19th- to early 20th-centuries, the Fannin County Area Newspaper Collection represents eight titles, centered in the county seat of Bonham.

Added: January 2018.

Fayette County Area Newspaper Collection

Located in central Texas, Fayette County’s first Anglo settlers arrived in the early 1820s. The county was organized January 18, 1838, with La Grange as the county seat. Beginning in the mid-1840s, a series of short-lived newspapers were published at La Grange.

Added: February 2018.

Ferris Wheel

The Ferris Wheel documents the history of Ferris from 1896 to 1897. The weekly newspaper contains news, stories, illustrations, poetry, jokes, and advertisements. Funding provided by the Northeast Texas Library System.

Added: August 2009.

Finders Keepers Quarterly

Quarterlies containing genealogical and historical information pertaining to residents and locales of Johnson County.

Added: December 2013.

Fire Museum of Texas Patch Collection

Donated by fire departments from across Texas, these items include uniform patches from city and volunteer groups.

Added: December 2013.

Larry Jene Fisher Collection

Larry Jene Fisher's images reflect his work as a photographer, filmmaker, environmental activist, musician, pilot, and traveler. These photos illustrate the richness and diversity of life in Texas, including the Big Thicket of East Texas.

Added: March 2015.

Flake's Bulletin

Started by German newspaper editor Ferdinand Flake, Flake's Bulletin in its many title incarnations served the Galveston area during the late 19th century.

Added: October 2011.

The Margaret Formby Memorial Collection

Historical newspapers published in Hereford from 1901 to 1908. Provided by donations to the Deaf Smith County Friends of the Library in memory of Mrs. Formby, who was dedicated to the preservation of Texas history.

Added: July 2011.

Fort Bend Museum Collection

Photographs of artifacts from the Fort Bend Museum and local area. Materials include images of U.S. Congressman John M. Moore, prohibitionist Carrie A. Nation, and Jane Long, the "Mother of Texas."

Added: May 2009.

Fort Griffin Echo

Serving the town of Fort Griffin during the late 19th century, the Fort Griffin Echo documented the events of a town with a reputation for being a lawless frontier outpost.

Added: May 2014.

Fort Hood Sentinel

These newspapers document news and advertisements depicting the happenings of Fort Hood, the largest active-duty armored post in the U.S.

Added: November 2012.

Fort Worth Daily Gazette

These materials date from 1883 to 1890 and this paper reigned as the only North Texas daily west of the Trinity River. Digitization was funded by the National Endowment for the Humanities.

Added: May 2010.

Fort Worth Press

The Fort Worth Press was a tabloid newspaper published in Fort Worth, Texas from 1921-1975. At the time of its demise in 1975, publisher Scripps-Howard stated that the Press had 45,000 subscribers.

Added: February 2023.

Fort Worth Record and Register

Representing early twentieth-century Tarrant County and Fort Worth, the Fort Worth Record and Register was published until 1925.

Added: August 2022.

Fort Worth Standard

The Fort Worth Standard was a Democratic newspaper published from 1873 to 1878, offering news about the city and from across Texas and serving as "The Official Journal of City of Fort Worth."

Added: July 2020.

Charles C. Francis Papers

Documentation on the politics of gay rights during George W. Bush's presidential election and the first four years of the Bush administration. Includes correspondence, articles, clippings, photographs, and video.

Added: July 2020.


Fraternity was a monthly publication of the United Benevolent Society of Fort Worth that included news, editorials, and poetry.

Added: May 2014.

Freestone County Area Newspaper Collection

The Freestone County Area Newspaper Collection spans eleven decades and represents five newspaper titles, include The Fairfield Recorder, The Teague Chronicle, The Wortham Journal, The Bi-Stone Weekly Review, and The Streetman News.

Added: March 2019.

Freie Presse für Texas

August Siemering and Company published the first issue of Freie Presse für Texas in San Antonio, Texas on July 15, 1865. After a run of eighty years, the final issue of the Freie Presse was published on October 28, 1945.

Added: March 2019.

Frisco Journal

This was the first newspaper to serve Frisco after the St. Louis-San Francisco Railway built a line through the area, published from 1902 to the 1950s. Funding provided by a grant to the Collin County Genealogical Society from the Collin County Historical Commission.

Added: October 2014.

From Plowshares to Diplomas: Digitizing Early Denton History

These materials include historic photographs, books, maps, city directories, and records from numerous Denton women's clubs. Funding for this project was provided by the Forrest C. Lattner Foundation.

Added: May 2009.

From Republic to State: Debates and Documents Relating to the Annexation of Texas, 1836-1856

As one of only two sovereign nations to join the U.S., the Republic of Texas occupies a unique place in American history. These materials relate to this volatile era. Funding provided by a TexTreasures grant.

Added: May 2009.

Steven Fromholz Papers

Material related to the life and work of Steven Fromholz, original Outlaw country music member, Texas Music Legends Hall of Fame inducted singer-songwriter, lauded outdoor guide, published author, and 2007 Texas Poet Laureate.

Added: July 2021.

The Frontier Echo

This weekly newspaper served the people of Jacksboro in Jack County. The Frontier Echo was published by G. W. Robson between 1875 and 1878. It features local, state, and national news along with some advertising.

Added: May 2014.

Rudi Fuchs Holiday Card Collection

Woven greeting cards created by tapestry artist Rudi Fuchs between the years of 1961 and 1985.

Added: April 2018.

William Fuller Collection

William Fuller played a pivotal role in the development of the aviation and airport industry in the DFW area. These photos document his illustrious career as well as the growth of aviation and non-aviation topics in North Texas.

Added: November 2014.

Gainesville Hesperian

This weekly newspaper began printing in 1869, publishing daily in 1879 and provided the community with state, local, and national news as well as advertising.

Added: October 2014.

Gainesville Register

The Gainesville Daily Register is three-day daily newspaper published in Gainesville, Texas, on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday. It has been published continuously since 1890.

Added: November 2020.


This literary magazine showcases the work of McMurry University community members, including editorials, plays, poetry, artwork and book reviews. These issues range from 1923 to the present.

Added: March 2012.

Galveston Area Newspaper Collection

Galveston’s rich history is filled with stories of achievement, tragedy and recovery that are still studied today. Its port of entry has given the city a unique position in Texas history. News from Galveston was noteworthy to people across the United States. Cities such as Richmond, Virginia regularly included sections on Galveston in their newspapers.

Added: June 2019.

Galveston Bay Logs

Collection of logs kept by ship pilots in the Galveston area, documenting trips and fees, as well as sketches and other related information.

Added: April 2022.

Galveston News

The Galveston Weekly News began publication in 1843 by George French. The newspaper contains international, national and local news as well as advertising, and is among the first 20 newspapers published in Texas.

Added: September 2010.

Galveston Tribune

The Tribune, which began publication in 1880 under the name, The Print, was one of the few Galveston newspapers to survive to long-term publication.

Added: February 2019.

Gammel's Laws of Texas

H. P. N. Gammel's The Laws of Texas charts Texas law from colonization to statehood, revealing Texas history during crucial times in its development. Of 33 volume set, the first 10 were funded by the TexTreasures program.

Added: May 2009.

General and Special Laws of Texas

Often known as "session laws", this complete set of bills is passed into law during each session of the Texas Legislature. They are assigned a chapter number by the Secretary of State and published as a bound set.

Added: May 2014.

General Collection

Drawn from collections at the UNT Libraries and various contributing partners, these materials cover a broad range of subject matter.

Added: December 2009.

George Ranch Museum Collection

This 23,000-acre working ranch and living history museum was originally settled in 1824 as part of the Austin Colony by Nancy and Henry Jones. Materials focus on the Jones and George families and the traditional Texas pursuits of cattle, cotton, and oil.

Added: March 2009.

Georgetown Watchman

Since 1867, this paper has featured news, entertainment, and advertising from the early days of Georgetown and Williamson County. Digital access was provided by a TexTreasures grant.

Added: August 2012.

German Immigration to Texas

This collection depicts the lives and impact of German immigrants on Texas culture, including maps, photographs, manuscripts, and books.

Added: September 2009.

Gillespie County Newspaper Collection

The Gillespie County Area Newspaper Collection hosts the The Harper Herald and The Radio Post, both weekly newspapers serving the county.

Added: February 2018.

The Gilmer Mirror

Established in 1877, The Gilmer Mirror is Upshur County's oldest business institution and was originally founded as a weekly newspaper, The Upshur County Democrat.

Added: July 2020.

GLO Historic County Maps

Maps from the 19th and 20th centuries showing original surveys, usually made via a land grant within a particular county in Texas. Formats include manuscripts, lithographs, some early photographs, and blueprints/bluelines.

Added: May 2010.

Government Documents General Collections

Drawn from the prolific publishing programs of the federal and state governments, these documents may include reports, hearings, books, and pamphlets on historical and current topics.

Added: December 2009.

The Graham Leader

Major Jonathan Webb Graves, a printer, founded The Graham Leader in 1876, serving as its first editor. The paper’s first issue was published Aug. 16, 1876, and it has been printed continuously and without interruption ever since.

Added: October 2017.

Grandview Tribune

The Grandview Tribune has been a weekly newspaper serving Grandview, Texas, and wider Johnson County since 1895.

Added: August 2022.

Grant Advertising, Inc. Dr Pepper Campaign Collection

Original and preliminary drawings, sketches, storyboards, and trademark specifications for Dr Pepper's Frosty Dog and "Frosty man, frosty!" advertisement campaign, which was in effect from 1956 to the early 1960s.

Added: June 2021.

Grapevine Sun

Established in 1895, the Grapevine Sun published local news and events relating to the City of Grapevine and wider Tarrant County.

Added: November 2022.

The Grassburr

The Grassburr is the Tarleton State University yearbook, featuring photos and information about the school, student body, professors, and organizations.

Added: February 2014.

Green Jackets Collection

Materials documenting the activities of the Green Jackets, a service organization on the University of North Texas campus.

Added: October 2021.

The Greensheet

The Greensheet is a free weekly newspaper for business and classified advertising. It was first published in Houston in 1970 and today it is published in Dallas, Harris, Tarrant, and Travis Counties.

Added: May 2014.

The Greenville Morning Herald

This paper documented Greenville history. Topics include agricultural and international news as well as racial tension in the town during the 20th century. Funded by the National Endowment for the Humanities.

Added: September 2010.

Gregg County Area Newspapers

Newspapers from the communities of Gilmer, Gladewater, and Longview.

Added: June 2018.

Guinness World Record Attempt

Video documenting Dr. Andrew Torget's 26 hour, 34 minute lecture that set the new Guinness World Record for the world's longest history lesson.

Added: March 2019.

Texas Gulf Historical and Biographical Record

The Texas Gulf Historical and Biographical Record is published by a partnership between the Texas Gulf Historical Society and the Lamar University History Department. Issued since 1965, The Record publishes multidisciplinary articles and edited primary sources focused on the history and culture of the Texas Gulf Coast..

Added: May 2022.

Edwin "Lanny" Hall Collection

Material drawn from a larger tangible collection documenting Lanny Hall's service in the Texas House of Representatives for District 91 (Tarrant County) from 1979-1984.

Added: October 2018.

Hallettsville Area Newspaper Collection

Since 1924, these papers served the Lavaca County seat and South Texas. Printed in both English and Czech, they show the area's deep connections to Czech immigration. Funding provided by a Rescuing Texas History grant.

Added: May 2016.

Hallettsville Rebel

One of 13 newspapers that circulated in the area and state paper of the Socialist Party, this paper ran from 1911 to 1917. The paper featured political news and articles as well as advertising.

Added: May 2014.

Ladd & Katherine Hancher Library Foundation Collection

The Ladd and Katherine Hancher Library Foundation supports public libraries in Texas that serve populations of 50,000 and under.

Added: April 2014.

Hardin-Simmons Glass Lantern Slide Collection

Scans of glass slides dating from the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries. Included are scenes from around the world, with emphasis on Palestine, the Mediterranean region, and Europe.

Added: September 2020.

Hardin-Simmons Photography Collection

The Hardin-Simmons Photography Collection features images of the university's buildings, students, faculty, and campus life captured over the last century and up until the present.

Added: May 2014.

Hardin-Simmons University Catalogs

Catalogs describing the governance, history, course offerings, and campus life of Hardin-Simmons University, which was founded in 1891 as Abilene Baptist College.

Added: May 2009.

Hardin-Simmons University Yearbooks

These yearbooks depict photos and information about Hardin-Simmons University, its student body, professors, and organizations.

Added: March 2009.

Harpool Farm Collection

These images from Denton's Courthouse-on-the-Square Museum were taken in the 1920s by H. F. Browder, former county agent for Denton County. The materials include photos of farms, livestock and homes.

Added: May 2009.

Lynn Harris Collection

Photographs capturing the 1976 United States Bicentennial celebration in Denton, Texas.

Added: October 2021.

Margaret Parx Hays Papers

Materials related to Hays' life and multifaceted career. She served 22 years in the Department of State's Foreign Service Office with postings in Latin America, the Philippines, and Hong Kong. Later she returned to Texas, establishing the Cooke County Historical Society, heading the Cooke County Mental Health Hospital, and serving as mayor of Gainesville.

Added: November 2021.

Hellcat News

Hellcat News was a publication dedicated to the activities of the 12th Armored Division and its previous servicemen, namely during WWII and the liberation of the Kaufering concentration camp.

Added: May 2014.

Hemphill County News

From 1939 to 1968, editor Othello Ontje Miller and his wife Elna published this paper. They were the sole owners of the newspaper; he was the publisher and editor and she was in charge of the reporting and advertising.

Added: September 2009.

Henderson County District Court cases

Henderson County was established in 1846 with its county seat in Athens. Its first courthouse was built in 1850. This collection houses historic legal documents and court cases from the 1850s to the early 1900s.

Added: May 2010.

Henderson Times

From 1881 to 1906, this weekly paper was owned and edited by Robert T. Milner, a president of Texas A&M University and notable Texas legislator. Funding was provided by a TexTreasures grant.

Added: August 2012.

The Hereford Brand

First published by Frank Vanderburgh in 1901 in "The Beef Capital of the World," this paper has documented Hereford's prosperity from its 1898 founding and railroad and cattle booms to a healthy, ethanol-based economy.

Added: October 2012.

Heritage Magazine

Heritage Magazine documents the history and culture of Texas. It contains articles related to preservation and restoration of historical sites in Texas as well as museums and collections in the state.

Added: May 2009.

John J. Herrera Papers

Correspondence and personal items of John J. Herrera, a notable lawyer and civil rights advocate for Mexican Americans. Known for his role in desegregating schools, he fought the exclusion of Spanish-speaking citizens on juries.

Added: May 2014.

Hidden Selections of Houston’s African American and Jewish Heritage

Hidden Selections of Houston’s African American and Jewish Heritage

Added: January 2021.

Historical Collection

Collection of documents, photographs, and personal papers donated to the former museum, known as the Historical Collection, on the University of North Texas campus.

Added: January 2020.

Historical Collection WWI Materials, 1917-1919

World War I-era postcards, letters, and memorabilia drawn from UNT's former museum, the Historical Collection.

Added: April 2020.

Historical Photography Collection

Historical photography in various formats.

Added: January 2020.

O. K. Hobbs Plat Book

This book provides researchers with an objective, historical reference to the layout of the city of the Abilene. Its bulk was assembled in 1927 by O. K. Hobbs and J. P. McKean, and was revised by Hobbs in May 1930.

Added: August 2010.

Hockley County Area Newspaper Collection

The Levelland & Hockley County News-Press traces its roots back to 1925 and C.B. McCormick, who founded the Hockley County Herald.

Added: January 2019.

The Home Advocate

This weekly journal served Jefferson, home of the Big Cypress Bayou and a Carnegie library. Digitization was funded by a TexTreasures grant.

Added: August 2012.

Hondo Area Newspaper Collection

These newspapers served the Hondo area and greater Medina County. Digitization was made possible through a Tocker Foundation grant.

Added: December 2014.

The Honey Grove Newspapers

This collection of newspapers was gathered by the citizenry of Honey Grove as well as local institutions. Funding was provided by the Hall-Voyer Foundation.

Added: October 2013.

Hopkins County Area Newspapers

These newspapers populate the digital repository for The Cumby Rustler, The Daily News-Telegram, Hopkins County Echo, and The Sulphur Springs Gazette.

Added: February 2017.

Horse Country USA Archive

Photos from the Cutting Horse Photography Collection, the Don Shugart Photography Collection, and the Ray and Joyce Bankston Dalco Photography Collection, depicting horses, their riders, and competitions.

Added: May 2014.

The Houston Daily Post

Officially formed in 1886, the Daily Post established itself as the premier paper in Houston and one of the leading daily publications in Texas. Digitization funded by the National Endowment for the Humanities.

Added: September 2010.

The Houston Post

These issues of the significant Houston title succeeded the The Houston Daily Post. This collection adds new issues, after 1903, to the Houston Daily Post run in the Texas Digital Newspaper Program, and continues to 1923.

Added: May 2015.

Howard Payne Monthly

This collection contains sixty issues of Howard Payne Monthly, the literary magazine of Howard Payne College (now Howard Payne University), from 1902 through 1915. The magazine includes essays, original short stories, editorials, local news items, current events pieces, church news, literary society notes, and advertisements.

Added: October 2018.

Howard Payne University Catalogs

This annual publication covered Howard Payne University happenings, faculty, staff, and organizations. It also depicted the city of Brownwood, including homes and businesses.

Added: June 2009.

Howard Payne University Yearbooks

The Lasso, and the The Swarm represent yearbooks from Howard Payne University in Brownwood. They include photos of students, professors, campus buildings, campus organizations, and sporting events.

Added: May 2009.

Howe Area Newspapers

Since 1910, these newspapers documented the development of the North Texas town of Howe and Grayson County. Funding was provided by a Rescuing Texas History grant.

Added: May 2016.