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[Photograph of Laura Jane, John, George, and Wood Goin]
Portrait of the Goin family in 1893. Laura Jane and Wood Goin sit in ornate chairs. The man holds a baby, George Goin, in his lap. A young man, John Goin, stands behind the group.
[Grapevine on House]
Photograph of a grapevine growing across the front of a home. Ornamental woodwork is visible on the gables and eaves of the house. Lightning rods with weather vanes are visible on the roof. A picket fence stands in the foreground.
[Jim Goin with an Unidentified Woman]
Portrait of Jim Goin and an unidentified woman smiling at each other.
[Bobby Jack Goin and Lola June Goin with Unidentified Child]
Photograph of Bobby Jack Goin and Lola June Goin playing on a blanket with an unidentified child. Bent willow chairs, a potted plant, and a door are visible behind them.
[Horses and Buggy]
Dark photograph of Wood Goin and another man on a horse-drawn cart.
[Photograph of George Campbell and Ada Campbell Blackwell]
Photograph of a dark-haired woman, Ada Campbell Goin, looking out of the driver's side window of an automobile while a man wearing a boater straw hat and striped tie, George Campbell, leans on the car's door.
[Photo of Wood Goin and John Smith]
Photograph of two men, Wood Goin and John Smith, standing in front of a building.
[Reina Goin in Model T]
Photograph of Reina Goin looking out the passenger window of a parked automobile, while a man stands leaning on the door, with one hand on the car's roof.
[Blackjack School]
Photograph of a frame building with a steeply pitched shingle roof, a chimney, and three windows. Chickens appear in the foreground.
[Photograph of Giles Goin, 1943]
Portrait of Giles Goin as a young man, wearing a uniform.
[Portrait of Giles V. Goin]
Portrait of Giles V. Goin with an open book. This photo was taken during his 6th grade year.
[Photograph of an Embracing Couple]
Photograph of Lillian and Reina Goin embracing on an outdoor bench.
[Goin Family Portrait]
Photograph of four women, a man, and a boy posing in front of a tractor and trees. They are, from left to right, Reina Goin, Blanche, Bill Jones, Erma and Aunt Buelah Stewart Jones.
[Photograph of Ina Doza Tucker and Reina Goin]
Photograph of Ina Doza Tucker and Reina Goin standing outdoors in sunshine. A house is visible behind them.
[Abner C. Stewart and Family]
Photograph of the Stewart family posing in front of a frame building with two porches and a brick chimney. The family group consists of a boy sitting astride a horse next to a standing boy and man, a woman seated with a toddler in her lap, and two girls standing.
[Granny Harmon's House]
Photograph of a house, with two women standing on the porch. Chickens are visible in the foreground.
[Morris Hotel]
Photograph of the Morris Hotel with four men, two women, a child and a dog posing on the first floor porch.
[Noah Jones At Family Picnic]
Photograph of three men and three women with picnic foods and beverage bottles.
[School Photograph, 1912]
School photograph featuring a woman with children posed in front of a brick building. More children can be seen in the window behind the group to the left. Jim Goin sits third from left, and Lillian Goin is second from the right in the front.
[Meat Market at Old Grocery Store]
Photograph of seven men in front of the meat market and old grocery store in Aubrey, Texas. Four men are seated on the walkway, while three other men stand behind them. The men are identified as Will Harmon, Wood Goin, and Ashley, standing. The seated men are, from left to right, Robinson, Uncle Newt Reynolds, Dr. R. L. Burke, and J. L. Steele.
[Wesley Housden in Meat Market]
Photograph of Wesley Housden in a meat market with tools, scales, wrapping paper, a lamp, and a telephone. He is sharpening a knife.
[Photograph of a Young Boy]
Photograph of an outdoor portrait of a young man wearing a high starched collar, vest, and sleeve garters. Wood-sided buildings are visible in the background.
[Photograph of Jim, Joe, and Lillian Goin]
Photograph of Jim, Joe, and Lillian Goin sitting in a horse-drawn, two-wheeled buggy.
[Man and Woman in Front of House]
Photograph of Jim and Lillian Goin standing in front of a house. The man is wearing a high starched collar, vest, sleeve garters, and hat. The woman wears a dress and high laced boots.
[Jim Goin and Joe Goin in 1910]
Photograph of Jim and Joe Goin standing in front of trees and a fence. The boy holds a goat, while the young man holds a rope tied to the bridle of a horse.
[Jim Goin and Joe Goin in Farm Field]
Photograph of a barefoot boy wearing overalls and a straw hat, standing in a field in front of two mules harnessed to farm equipment. Another boy sits on the equipment behind the mules.
[Morning After Tornado]
Photograph of storm-damaged buildings. In the foreground are pedestrians, riders, wagons, carriages, horses, and mules. A tornado had touched Aubrey and many other North Texas communities on the evening of April 14, 1918.
[Giles V. Goin In Uniform]
Photograph of Giles V. Goin in uniform, standing on a dirt road. A fence is visible behind him.
[Jim Goin and Fred Cummings Delivering Ice]
Photograph of Jim Goin and Fred Cummings delivering ice. One of them holds a large block of ice in tongs and stands in front of an enclosed wagon. To his left, the other man, outfitted with a toolbelt and pole-climbing gear, leans against the bumper of a motor vehicle.
[Photograph of Grandma Kingsbury]
Portrait of an elderly woman, Grandma Kingsbury, standing in front of a tree. A fence and bucket are visible to the left.
[Photo of Wood Goin & Lillian Goin]
Portrait of a middle-aged Wood Goin and a young Lillian Goin. Lillian has her arms around Wood's neck. Trees are visible in the background.
[School at Aubrey]
Photograph of a group of school boys and girls, and an adult, standing in front of a brick building. Lillian Goin is in the front row, while Jim Goin and Martha Mullins are in the second, and Garland Wilson is in the third.
[Old Trixie]
Photograph of a dog, named Old Trixie, standing in an open doorway. Two women and a baby appear in the background. On the right are cases of bottled 7-Up and other soft drinks.
[Bouncer Goin in 1944]
Portrait of a smiling Bouncer Goin as a boy in 1944.
[Photo of Floy Jones]
Portrait of Floy Jones wearing a standing collar uniform coat, standing in profile.
[Photograph of George Harmon]
Portrait of George Harmon as a baby. He wears a white gown, and is seated in a chair.
[Unidentified Boy With Crate and Washtub]
Outdoor photograph of a boy wearing overalls and leaning on a wooden crate. Behind him, a washtub and wooden building are visible.
[Aubrey Christian Church on Main Street North]
Photograph of a group of adults and children posing in front of a frame church building.
[Aubrey School During 1908]
Photograph of a two-story brick school building with tall windows, a chimney, and a tower.
[Guards For a Whiskey Still]
Photograph of two young men holding shotguns, with pistols in their belts. A dog stands in front of them, and bushes and trees are in the background.
[Photograph of Beulah McNatt and Sissy Mitchell]
Portrait of two women, Beulah McNatt and Sissy Mitchell, leaning their heads together.
[Woman Beside an Automobile]
Photograph of a woman, wearing an overcoat and a hat, standing beside an automobile parked on an unpaved road.
[Sam, Otis, and Barney Mundy on Fence]
Photograph of three young men, Sam Mundy, Otis Mundy, and Barney Mundy. Two are sitting on a picket fence, while one stands behind with his arms over the others' shoulders.
[Jim Goin in Uniform]
Photograph of Jim Goin in uniform, standing in front of a shrub, beside a wooden structure.
[Bob Goin and Unidentified Man]
Photograph of Bob Goin and an unidentified man, both wearing hats and overalls. The men are standing outdoors in front of an automobile. The man on the left smokes a pipe.
[Photograph of Giles & Eileen]
Photograph of a man and woman, identified as Giles and Eileen, standing on grass outdoors. Visible in the background are a building, trees, and a mobile home or trailer.
[Pete Tobin and John Mountain on Main Street]
Photograph of two men, Pete Tobin and John Mountain, in suits and hats, walking past each other on an unpaved street. A wooden building that houses a meat market appears in the background.
[Aubrey High and Elementary Schools]
Photograph of school building with two school buses parked to the right. There are a few small trees and a puddle in front of the building.
[Remodeled Building]
Photograph of a remodeled red building with white door and windows.
[The Mullins Hotel]
Photograph of men and women standing on first and second level porches of the Mullins Hotel. Children stand in the front yard. Decorative woodwork is featured on the gable and lightning rods with weather vanes are on the roof of the building.