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[Portrait of Two Young Men]
Studio photograph of two unidentified young men. The man on the left sits in a chair, and the man to the right stands with his hand on the first man's shoulder.
[Man in Suit]
Photograph of an unidentified man in a formal suit sitting in a chair. The photo has been partially colorized.
[Boy Standing Next to Chair]
Photograph of an adolescent boy standing next to a chair, with his left hand resting on the chair's back.
[Boy With Book]
Photograph of a boy sitting with a book on his lap.
[Portrait of Unidentified Gentleman]
Framed photograph of an unidentified man. The coat looks like it may be part of a uniform.
[Man in Uniform]
Photograph of a man posing in a Confederate Army uniform.
[Portrait of Unidentified Man]
Tintype of an unidentified man, who wears a vest and a suit jacket.
[Woman in Checkered Dress]
Photograph of a woman wearing a dark-colored checkered dress. Her cheeks and collar have been colorized.
[Unidentified Young Boy]
Photograph of a young boy. A hand is on his shoulder, and other people are visible behind him.
[Photograph of Jon Book]
Damaged photograph of Jon Book in a suit and bowtie.
[Portrait of Arthur and Jim Harmon]
Photograph of Arthur and Jim Harmon, as children. Jim, the baby, wears a white gown, and Arthur wears a plaid gown with a bow at the neck.
[Studio Portrait of a Man]
Studio photograph of a seated unidentified man wearing a three-piece suit. The photo has been colorized slightly.
[Damaged Photograph of Man]
Damaged photograph of a young man in a dark jacket.
[Studio Photo of Baby]
Studio photograph of an unidentified baby wearing a white gown and shoes.
[Man with Sculpture]
Studio photograph of an unidentified man standing next to some kind of sculpture.
[Woman with Hat]
Photograph of an unnamed woman. She is standing next to an ornate hat that sits on a chair next to her.
[Cora Sardin's Mother With Baby]
Photograph of a woman identified as "Cora Sardin's mother," with a child. It's not clear if the child is Cora Sardin herself.
[Photo of an Unidentified Man]
Faded photograph of an unidentified gentleman. He has a mustache, a light colored suit, and a large bow tie.
[Will Rice with Wife and Children]
Studio photograph of Will Rice with his wife and three children.
[Photo of William Harmon]
Photograph of a man identified as William Harmon. He wears a three piece suit and has a full white beard.
[Photograph of John Oldredge]
Photograph of John Oldredge from the chest up.
[Photograph of Garland, Dora, and Peck McNatt]
Postcard photograph of three children. From left to right, they are Garland, Dora and Peck McNatt.
[Photograph of Glenn and Jamie Slaton]
Photograph of Glenn and Jamie Slaton as young boys. One sits on a bench to the left, and the other has his hand on the back of the bench.
[Photograph of Joe Richardson and Alex Wilson]
Photograph of Joe Richardson and Alex Wilson sitting side by side.
[Photograph of John Oldredge]
Photograph of John Oldredge as a baby wearing a white gown, with his hair parted on the side.
[Cage McNatt with Pig]
Photograph of Cage McNatt standing in a field near a pig. Trees appear in the background.
[Photograph of Jim and Arthur Harmon]
Photograph of two young boys, Jim and Arthur Harmon, posing for a photograph. The boy on the left sits in a wooden chair, while the boy on the right stands.
[Man With Book]
Photograph of a man sitting in a chair, holding a book in one hand.
[Woman and Child]
Photo of an unidentified woman in a fur coat holding a baby.
[Photograph of Albert Goin]
Photograph of Albert Goin, wearing a hat. He stands in front of a painted backdrop, and holds a stick.
[Photograph of a Man and Woman]
Photograph of a man and woman identified as Jim and Julie. She stands behind Jim, who sits in a chair.
[Goin Family]
Photograph of the Goin family. The man stands behind the chair in which the woman is seated, and a young child stands next to her holding a doll. They pose in front of a wooden house. The text reads: "Albert Emer Willie May Goin." It is unknown whether that is the man's full name, or if this is describing all the family members shown.
[Portrait of John Goin and Chris Gillihan]
Studio photograph of two men identified as Uncle John Goin and Chris Gillihan sitting side by side.
[Photograph of Betty and Unknown Boy]
Photograph of an adolescent girl, Betty, and a young boy. The boy is sitting in a chair and the girl stands behind him.
[Portrait of Virgie Adams]
Studio photograph of Virgie Adams, who wears a white dress with a high collar.
[1918 Aubrey High School Yearbook]
High school yearbook for the Aubrey, Texas class of 1918. It includes photographs, names, athletics notes and memorabilia.
[Eliza Wood Williams as a Teenager]
Portrait of a young woman, Eliza Wood Williams, wearing a dark suit with a high, ruffled lace collar. Eliza Wood Williams was Bouncer Goin's paternal grandmother.
[Funeral Notice of Jim Goin]
Funeral memento for James William Goin (1897-1978). Services were held October 4, 1978 in Denton, Texas at the Schmitz-Floyd-Hamlet Chapel. Interment was at Belew Cemetery in Aubrey, Texas.
[Downtown Aubrey, 1972]
Photograph of a wide angle view of downtown Aubrey, Texas, showing cars and pickup trucks parked in front of Gordon's; Jackie's Hardware; and Pettit's Dry Goods, Notions, Groceries, and Meats.
[Weigh Station in Aubrey]
Photograph of a small building on an unpaved street. The weigh station was on Main Street looking east to Powledge house and railroad. The depot is in the background.
[Jim Goin in Powledge Store, January 17, 1918]
Photograph of three men and a boy posing in a store containing a variety of products displayed on shelves, in glass-topped display cases, and hanging from railings. Jim Goin stands behind the counter wearing a tie.
[Aubrey School Classes]
Photograph of a group of boys, girls, and adults posed in front of a brick school building.
[Photograph of Joe G. Powledge]
Photograph of Joe G. Powledge holding some paper in his hands. Buildings and bushes are visible in the background.
[Photograph of the Wood Family]
Photograph of a couple and two girls and one boy in front of an automobile near the Goin Tourist Cabins at 2804 N. Elm Street in Denton, Texas. A building in the background is labeled "Goin". The family are identified as Linda, June, James, Lola Mae and Giles Wood.
[Men at Trailer Camp]
Photograph of six smiling men, identified as Ted Emmons, Lewis Ashby, Jim Goin, Joe Ashcraft, a cousin to the Ashcrafts, and Earl Ashcraft. The building behind them is labeled "Jim Goin Trailer camp." Cabins and trees are visible in the background. The trailer camp was located at 2804 N. Elm Street in Denton, Texas.
[Portrait of Beulah Goin, Sally Goin Campbell, and Laura J. Goin]
Photograph of Beulah Goin, Sally Goin Campbell, Laura J. Goin, and an unidentified woman posing outdoors. Trees are visible in the background.
[Sarah Housden and Lillie Nations on Bridge]
Photograph of Sarah Housden and Lillie Nations in uniform, standing on a stone or cement bridge over a stream. Many trees appear in the background.
[Photograph of Arthur Harmon & Granny Rachel]
Photograph of Arthur Harmon and an elderly woman identified as Granny Rachel posing outdoors. Bushes and trees are visible in the background.
[Unidentified Child near Wood Goin's barn]
Photograph of a little girl standing beside a small tree. She wears a large bow in her hair and holds a piece of paper in her hands. Behind her, farmland and a barn belonging to Wood Goin are visible.
[Children By Pond]
Photograph of five children sitting at the edge of a pond. Trees, buildings, and a fence are visible behind them.