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[Unidentified Child near Wood Goin's barn]
Photograph of a little girl standing beside a small tree. She wears a large bow in her hair and holds a piece of paper in her hands. Behind her, farmland and a barn belonging to Wood Goin are visible.
[Unidentified Young Boy]
Photograph of a young boy. A hand is on his shoulder, and other people are visible behind him.
[Weigh Station in Aubrey]
Photograph of a small building on an unpaved street. The weigh station was on Main Street looking east to Powledge house and railroad. The depot is in the background.
[Wesley Housden in Meat Market]
Photograph of Wesley Housden in a meat market with tools, scales, wrapping paper, a lamp, and a telephone. He is sharpening a knife.
[Will Rice with Wife and Children]
Studio photograph of Will Rice with his wife and three children.
[Woman and Child]
Photo of an unidentified woman in a fur coat holding a baby.
[Woman Beside an Automobile]
Photograph of a woman, wearing an overcoat and a hat, standing beside an automobile parked on an unpaved road.
[Woman in Checkered Dress]
Photograph of a woman wearing a dark-colored checkered dress. Her cheeks and collar have been colorized.
[Woman with Hat]
Photograph of an unnamed woman. She is standing next to an ornate hat that sits on a chair next to her.