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[134th Ordnance Battalion at Mammoth Cave]

Description: Photograph of the 134th Ordnance Battalion at Mammoth Cave in Kentucky. Those in the front row are, from left to right, Ralph Scheiderer, Harvey Sutton, Joseph Blasevic, Edwin Long, unidentified, Carl Moellering, Kenneth Boner, unidentified, Melvin Boyd, Donald Truesdell, and Robert Hartwig. Those in the second row are unidentified, Charles Walls, Raymond Brown, Herschel Richardson, Bob Richards, Eldon Green, Aimo Kivipelto, Gerald Bright, William Bonner, and J. Tomlianovich. Those in the third row are two unidentified soldiers, Dr. Vincent Amato, David Duckword, Bennie Zabarowski, Frost, two unidentified soldiers, Charlie Daniel, and another unidentified soldier standing outside. Those in the last row are Edward Pelotte, Dionicio Aguilar, unidentified, Theodore Markawisz, unidentified, Henry Van Osch, Joseph Zagorac, William Winkler, unidentified, Henry Barnard, two unidentified soldiers, Maynar Cerny, and several more unidentified soldiers.
Date: 1945
Partner: The 12th Armored Division Memorial Museum
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