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[Brown On Board USS Lexington]

Description: Photograph of Eleanor Brown on board the USS Lexington with a red and white plane seen on the lower deck in the background. Text can be seen pasted below the photo on cloud print paper that describes the naval cruise and lists several attendees, including Brown.
Date: June 4, 1986
Partner: National WASP WWII Museum

[Clipping: Long-Due Recognition]

Description: Newspaper clipping of part of an article about WASP member Maxine Flournoy. The article includes two photographs of Flournoy. On the back of the clipping are other articles, about popular culture and politics.
Date: [2007..]
Creator: Baird, Mike
Partner: National WASP WWII Museum

[Clipping: Three Rescued Fliers Thank Vietnamese]

Description: Newspaper clipping of an article about U.S. Navy pilots who were rescued by a Vietnamese ship after crashing in the South China Sea. The article includes a photograph of Elizabeth Steinnecker and another navy pilot. On the back of the clipping are articles about local news and a one-panel cartoon about cartoons.
Date: July 20, 1988
Partner: National WASP WWII Museum

[Clipping: WASP history]

Description: Newspaper clippings of an article about the disparities between the treatment and requirements of WASP members and men serving in the US Air Force. On the back of the clippings are brief articles and letters, as well as an advertisement for Kmart.
Date: [1991..]
Creator: Weser, Marcia Goren
Partner: National WASP WWII Museum

[Finance Chair Report and Related Documents]

Description: Documents related to the Finance Chair Report presented at the WASP board meeting in Corpus Christi in April 2001. They include a balance sheet, a profit and loss statement, a budget listing revenue and expenses, the Finance Chair Report, the Treasurer's Report, and a proposal about finding candidates to serve as treasurer.
Date: April 10, 2001
Partner: National WASP WWII Museum
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