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[Documents Relating to Occidental Life Insurance Company's Assumption of Perry Sayles' Life Insurance Policy]

Description: Documents discussing the Occidental Life Insurance Company's assuming of Perry Sayles' life insurance policy, which had originally been issued by the Union Mutual Life Company. The included documents are a letter, a booklet containing information on Occidental Life Insurance Company, the Certificate of Assumption of Sayles' policy by Occidental Life Insurance, a reinsurance agreement, the new premium rates, and a letter from the Insurance Commissioner of Iowa.
Date: August 22, 1936
Creator: Giannini, L. M.; Murphy, Ray & Giles, Robin J.
Partner: Hardin-Simmons University Library

[Form letter from T. N. Carswell to W. Earl Hall - November 24, 1941]

Description: A form letter addressed to Mr. W. Earl Hall, Editor, Globe-Gazette, Mason City, Iowa, from T. N. Carswell, for the Committee on Americanism, American Legion, dated November 24, 1941. Promotion of a "What is Americanism?" campaign. The campaign is defined as "seeking more light in the form of a contribution", the contribution being the answer to the question, "What is Americanism?". The answer will then be used "to help stimulate an Americanism Revival comparable in results to the periods of th… more
Date: November 24, 1941
Creator: Carswell, T. N. (Thomas Norwood)
Partner: Hardin-Simmons University Library
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Interview with Dr. Robert Handy, Dr. Albert Outler, and Dr. Sidney Mead, 1985

Description: Interview with Dr. Robert Handy, professor of American Christianity at Union Theological Seminary in New York City, Dr. Albert Outler, former professor of theology and church history at Yale and SMU, and Dr. Sidney Mead, former professor of church history at the University of Chicago, Claremont, and University of Iowa. The interview covers the topic of religion and Christianity in America, including political issues.
Date: 1985
Duration: 29 minutes 57 seconds
Creator: Handy, Robert; Outler, Albert; Mead, Sidney & McCaleb, Gary
Partner: Abilene Christian University Library

[Notice of Payment Due From the Lincoln National Life Insurance Company to Perry Sayles, 1934]

Description: Statement listing information about a life insurance policy covering Perry Sayles. The statement includes the company, due date, and premium due. There is a handwritten note in the center of the statement reading, "Paid by ck oct 10-34 P.S."
Date: 1935-09~
Creator: Lincoln National Life Insurance Company
Partner: Hardin-Simmons University Library

[Petition for transfer for parolee from Pauline Kirk to R. W. Bobzin - January 5, 1951]

Description: A form issued by the Voluntary County Parole Board System, an office of the Texas Secretary of State (Austin, Texas), dated January 5, 1951 and addressed to Mr. R. W. Bobzin, Secretary and Supervisor of Paroles, Des Moines, Iowa, from Pauline Kirk, Chief, Parole Division, Austin, Texas. A petition is granted for the transfer of Parolee No. 108,345 from Iowa to Texas with instructions for the transfer of files to Mr. T. N. Carswell, Abilene, Texas.
Date: January 5, 1951
Creator: Kirk, Pauline
Partner: Hardin-Simmons University Library

[Postcard From Union Mutual Life Company of Iowa to Perry Sayles, November 13, 1935]

Description: Postcard from the Union Mutual Life Company of Iowa to Perry Sayles notifying him that the premium for his policy is due. The postcard includes information about his policy, payment, and the consequences of missing payments. There is a handwritten note reading "Paid Jan 13 - 36 P.S."
Date: November 13, 1935
Creator: Union Mutual Life Company
Partner: Hardin-Simmons University Library

[Receipts for Cleaning a Fur Coat and Payment to the Lincoln National Life Insurance Company]

Description: Receipts for Perry Sayles' premium payment to the Lincoln National Life Insurance Company and the cleaning and storage of a fur coat by the Russell Dye Works. The Russell Dye Works receipt is made out of Juanita Thomas, care of Perry Sayles. There is also a paper with "Perry Sayles" printed on it and an envelope with the return address of "Russell Dye Works Abilene, Texas."
Date: {1936-01-08,1936-05-20}
Creator: Russell Dye Works
Partner: Hardin-Simmons University Library

Sectional map indicating main automobile roads between Canada and United States (middle west sheet).

Description: Map of roadways in the Midwestern United States and southern portions of the Saskatchewan, Manitoba, and Ontario provinces of Canada. The map includes major towns, bodies of water, and boundaries. The map also includes an inset map of the four Canadian road map sheets in this series near the upper-right corner. Scale [ca. 1:2,217,600] (35 miles to the inch).
Date: 1931
Creator: Canada. National Development Bureau.
Location: None
Partner: Hardin-Simmons University Library
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