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[WASP Songbook]

Description: Songbook containing lyrics and illustrations about the WASP, created for the organization's 50th anniversary reunion in San Antonio, Texas. Songs in this collection include: The WASP Song; Hymn to Avenger; You'll Go Forth; Yankee Doodle Pilots; Rugged But Right; I Wanna Be a Miss H.P.; Buckle Down, Fifinella; I'm a Flying Wreck; Roll Out the Airplanes!; The Mess Hall Song; Do You Have Your Wings?; Deep in the Heart of Texas; We Were Only Only Fooling; Zoot-Suits and Parachutes; I've Got Sixpence; The Gay Desperado; Gee, Mom, I Want to Go Home; We Got the Stuff, The Right Stuff; Would You Like to Swing on a Star; Show Me; and the Army Air Corps Song. The last page includes a dedication to the WASP who died and a poem.
Date: September 9, 1992
Creator: Parrish, Deanie Bishop
Partner: National WASP WWII Museum