Abilene Library Consortium - Titles Matching

119th Armored Engineer Battalion Collection 51
12th Armored Division Collection 83
12th Armored Division Historical Collection 86
12th Armored Division Historical Collection II 72
134th Ordnance Battalion Collection 42
152nd Armored Signal Company Collection 3
17th AIB Collection 3
17th Armored Infantry Battalion Collection 202
23rd Tank Battalion Collection 39
23rd Tank Battlion Collection 9
43rd Tank Battalion Collection 11
44th Tank Battalion Collection 23
493rd Armored Field Artillery Battalion Collection 6
495th Armored Field Artillery Battalion Collection 8
495th Armored Field Artillery Collection 5
56th Armored Infantry Battalion Collection 177
714th Tank Batalion Collection 1
714th Tank Battalion 3
714th Tank Battalion Collection 251
78th Congress 1
82nd Medical Battalion Collection 86
82nd Medical Collection 23
92nd Recon Collection 19
A. B. Barrow Store, Snyder, Texas 6
A. G. Bramble Collection 30
Abell Department Store, Midland, Texas 11
Abercrombie Residence, Archer City, Texas 11
Abilene Air Base, Abilene, Texas 1
Abilene Air Force Base, Abilene 1
Abilene Air Force Base, Abilene, Texas 39
Abilene Air Force Base, Abilene, Texas, Texas 1
Abilene Christian College Dining Hall, Abilene, Texas 13
Abilene Christian College Dormitory, Abilene, Texas 9
Abilene Christian College Zellner Hall, Abilene, Texas 4
Abilene Christian College, Abilene, Texas 11
Abilene Christian University: Since You Have Been Raised With Christ. 87th Annual Bible Lectureship. February 20-23, 2005 187
Abilene Country Club, Abilene, Texas 52
Abilene Daily Reporter 5,575
The Abilene Daily Reporter 2
Abilene Improvement Company Store and Garage, Abilene, Texas 20
Abilene Industries Machine Shop, Abilene, Texas 2
Abilene Medical & Surgical Clinic Office, Abilene, Texas 15
Abilene Morning Reporter 5
The Abilene Morning Times 44
Abilene Oral History Series 2
Abilene Oral History Transcripts 1
Abilene Preservation League Calendars 5
Abilene Printing Company Building, Abilene, Texas 26
Abilene Public Library Historical Documents 55
The Abilene Reporter 739
Abilene Semi-Weekly Farm Reporter 100
Abilene Semi-Weekly Reporter 289
The Abilene Semi-Weekly Reporter 387
Abilene State Hospital, Abilene, Texas 67
Abilene State School, Abilene, Texas 14
The Abilene Times 28
Abilene Weekly Reporter 2
The Abilene Weekly Reporter 113
Abilene Womans Club Building, Abilene, Texas 31
Abiliene Oral History Transcripts 3
Abiliene Public Library Centennial Series 19
ACC Calendar 1927 8
Activity Building, Haskell, Texas 5
Adeline Alsabrook Collection 32
Administration Building, Abilene, Texas 20
Adolf Hitler Cigarette Cards 27
Air Base, Texas 1
Air Force Reserve Element Training 74
The Albany Echo 40
The Albany Guide 26
The Albany News 6,376
The Albany Star 51
Albert H. Gaynes Collection 46
Albert Lipschultz Collection 20
Albert Lipshultz Collection 9
ALC 35
Alex Bratman Collection 5
Alexander Bank Building, Abilene, Texas 12
Alexander Residence, Abilene, Texas 5
Alfred Roy Tyler Collection 8
Allen Lacy Office Building, Abilene, Texas 3
Alta Vista Elementary School, Abilene, Texas 7
American Aviation Historical Society Journal 1
The American Flag 209
An Office Building for Abilene National Farm Loan Assocation, Abilene, Texas 3
An Office Building for Abilene National Farm Loan Association, Abilene, Texas 1
An Office Building For Mr. Allen Lacy, Abilene, Texas 1
An Office Building for Mr. Allen Lacy, Abilene, Texas 1
An Office Building For Premium Finance Co. Inc., 906 Travis Street, Wichita Falls, Texas 1
An Office Building for Raybeck Company, Abilene, Texas 1
An Office Building, Abilene, Texas 1
Apartment for A. W. Wible, Dallas, Texas 11
Apartment House for Anne D'Spain, Abilene, Texas 14
Apartment House, Abilene, Texas 2
Archer Service Station, Abilene, Texas 5
Archie Palmer Collection 2
Arlene Brekke Collection 3
Arthur Shirvin Collection 89
Aten White Album 390
Auto Sales & Service Building, Santa Fe, New Mexico 2
Auto Sales Building, Abilene, Texas 6
Avenger Field Nomination 55
Avenger Field Nomination Collection 1
Avenger Field Yearbook 11
Aycock Residence, Sweetwater, Texas 11
B. Davis Residence, Abilene, Texas 2
B.P.O.E. Club Building, Dallas, Texas 32
Bacon Residence, Abilene, Texas 16
Baker-Campbell Company Store, Munday, Texas 5
Bank And Office Building, Brownwood, Texas 27
Bank Building, Big Spring, Texas 1
Bank Building, Midland, Texas 5
Banner Creamery, San Angelo, Texas 8
Baptist Church, Ranger, Texas 13
Baptist Church, Sterling City, Texas 15
Barnett Abromovich Collection 1
Barnett Residence, Abilene, Texas 9
Baylor University Texas Collection 1
Be My Witnesses. 83rd Annual Bible Lectureship 129
Behold, He Comes! 81st Annual Lectureship 138
Behrens Residence, Abilene, Texas 5
Ben E. Keith Co. Garage, Abilene, Texas 3
Bentley Residence, Abilene, Texas 3
Bert McCall Collection 1
Big County Cemeteries 4
Big County Obituaries 53
Big Picture Jesus - Spitting Camels & Swatting Gnats 3
Big-Hearted Conversations Across the Denominational Divide 2
Bill Leftwich Collection 5
Binswanger Glass Company Building, Abilene, Texas 10
Binswanger Glass Company, Abilene, Texas 8
Bob Hunter ACU Homecoming Musical Programs 51
Bob Kampling Collection 3
Boone & Blocker Garage, Breckenridge, Texas 7
Borden County Courthouse, Gail, Texas 17
Boy Scout Swimming Pool, Abilene, Texas 3
Boykin Salesroom, Abilene, Texas 6
Boykin Shopping Center, Abilene, Texas 3
The Brand 100
The Brand of Hardin-Simmons University 385
Breckenridge Courthouse, Breckenridge, Texas 13
Breckenridge Hotel, Breckenridge, Texas 40
Breckenridge Municipal Building, Breckenridge, Texas 18
Breihan Residence, Abilene, Texas 4
Brenham Banner 125
Brenham Daily Banner 6,075
Brenham Daily Banner-Press 2,144
Brenham Evening Press 828
Brenham Weekly Banner 83
Brenham Weekly Banner-Press 10
The Bronco 100
Brook Hollow Shopping Center 1
Brook Hollow Shopping Center, Abilene, Texas 12
Brook Hollow Shopping Center, Texas 1
Brook Hollow, Texas 1
Brooks Residence, Breckenridge, Texas 9
[Brown Library Pictures] 12
Brownwood Bulletin 1,873
Bryan Air Force Base Housing, Texas 109
Bryant Residence, Midland, Texas 7
Buffalo Gap Messenger 2
Building for Dan P. English, Kermit, Texas 2
Bulletin: Hardin-Simmons Ex-Student Roundup 41
Bulletin: Hardin-Simmons University, Ex-Student Edition 43
Bunkley Residence, Stamford, Texas 7
Burch Hotel, Breckenridge, Texas 3
Business Building, Abilene, Texas 18
Business Building, Big Spring, Texas 12
Business Building, Ranger, Texas 15
Business Building, Texas 1
Bynum Residence, Abilene, Texas 6
Callan Residence, Rotan, Texas 4
Camp Barkeley Historical Collection 23
Camp Barkeley News 90
Camp Barkeley, Abilene, Texas 3
Campbell Mercantile Co. Store, Munday, Texas 2
Campbell Residence, Abilene, Texas 12
Cap Rock Electrical Co-op Inc. Headquarters, Stanton, Texas 1
Captain A. B. Flanagan Collection 2
Carl Zutz Collection 11
Carold Bland Collection 39
Carswell Residence, Abilene, Texas 3
Carter G. Woodson High School Collection 5
Castle Residence, Abilene, Texas 17
Catalyst 9
Caton Residence, Eastland, Texas 11
Central Christian Church, Stamford, Texas 13
A Changeless Christ for Changing Times: Studies in Matthew. 75th Annual Bible Lectures 160
Chappell Duplex, Abilene, Texas 8
Chapple Office, Midland, Texas 9
Charles A. Thomas Collection 6
Charles Allan Dear Collection 32
Charles Fitts Collection 3
Charles Goodnight Collection 5
Charles Lorenz 493rd AFA Collection 20
Charles W. Lorenz Collection 14
Chemical Express, Maryneal, Texas 4
Chieftain 212
Christian Ethics In a World Gone Crazy 3
Church Buildings 432
Church of the Heavenly Rest, Abilene, Texas 3
Cisco Banking Company, Cisco, Texas 44
Citizen Bank & Trust Co. Bank Building, Midland, Texas 1
Citizens Bank & Trust Co. Bank Building, Midland, Texas 2
Citizens State Bank, Midland, Texas 3
City Auditorium, Stamford, Texas 10
City Hall and Fire Station, Big Lake, Texas 6
City Hall and Fire Station, Olney, Texas 10
City Hall and Fire Station, Stamford, Texas 13
City Hall, Abilene, Texas 27
City Hall, Hamlin, Texas 11
City Hall, Strawn, Texas 11
City National Bank, Colorado, Texas 6
Civic Center, Abilene, Texas 1
Civil Aeronautics Bulletin 2
Clarence E. Whitefield Collection 13
Clarence Whitefield Collection 164
Clayton B. Sime Collection 47
Clifford H. Woycke Collection 149
Clifford S. Koah Collection 26
Clinic Building, Abilene, Texas 4
Cockrell Residence, Abilene, Texas 1
Coke County Courthouse, Texas 13
Coleman County Chronicle 1,353
Coleman Daily Democrat-Voice 384
The Coleman Daily Voice 80
Coleman Democrat-Voice 2,495
The Coleman Democrat-Voice 386
The Coleman Voice 218
College Heights Baptist Church, Abilene, Texas 10
College Heights Elementary School, Abilene, Texas 12
College Heights Grade School Building, Abilene, Texas 18
The Collegian 377
Colonel John H. Evans Collection 2
Colorado Bank, Colorado, Texas 2
Colorado National Bank, Colorado, Texas 18
Commercial Building, Odessa, Texas 5
Commercial Buildings 1,233
Community Building, Olney, Texas 1
The Community Bulletin 43
Community Church, Kermit, Texas 8
Community Clinic, Abilene, Texas 2
Consolidated Community School Building, Monahans, Texas 18
Cooley Office Building, Big Spring, Texas 32
Corinth Revisited: Studies in 1 Corinthians. 74th Annual Bible Lectures 149
Corral 170
Council Fire 50
Crippled Children's Center, Abilene, Texas 11
Cruciformity 3
The Crutch 25
The Daily Banner 1,034
The Daily Brownwood Bulletin 5
The Daily Bulletin 2,083
The Daily Express 1,783
The Daily Hesperian 1,470
The Daily Runner 1
Daily Times-Herald 1
Dale Bryhan Historical Collection 7
Dan J. Melli Collection 115
Dan J. Melli Scrapbook 18
Daniel Baker College Collection 14
Daniel Wolf Collection 7
David C. Williams Collection 1
Daxton Building, Abilene, Texas 4
Dean Residence, Ranger, Texas 5
The Democrat-Voice 812
Denton County News 445
The Denton County Record 4
Denton County Record and Chronicle 22
Denton Evening News 31
The Denton Monitor 7
Department of Agriculture, Abilene, Texas 6
Dillingham Ice Cream Building, Abilene, Texas 7
Diversions 3
Division Headquarters Collection 42
Donald A. Mercier Collection 4
Donald Coombes Historical Collection 102
Donovan Williams Collection 5
Dorothy Christenson Collection 27
Downtown Abilene, Texas 4
Dr. Guy's Clinic, Big Lake, Texas 2
Dr. W. R. Sibley Jr. Office Building, Abilene, Texas 1
Drug Store, Odessa, Texas 10
Drug Store, Odessa, Texas: Sheet B 1
Drug Store, Odessty, Texas 1
Dugan Residence, Abilene, Texas 1
Dwayne Hargesheimer Collection 45
E. J. Simons Collection 1
The Eagle 2
Earl Brunner Collection 4
Earl Nichols Collection 1
Earl Norris Collection 14
East Texas Baptist College Collection 1
Edgar Davis Residence, Abilene, Texas 10
Edgar Duffy Residence, Abilene, Texas 1
Edward J. Goeppinger Collection 3
Edward S. Johnson Collection 340
Edward Scott Collection 17
Edward Wells Collection 94
Edwards Wells Collection 1
El Paso Daily Times 2,070
The El Paso Daily Times 657
El Paso International Daily Times 3,381
El Paso Morning Times 1,541
El Paso Sunday Times 350
El Paso Times 3
The El Paso Times 1,011
Eleanor Brown Collection 1,184
Electric House Beautiful, Abilene, Texas 8
Electrical Notes 1
Elementary School & Gymnasium, Winters, Texas 30
Elementary School Alterations, Ozona, Texas 5
Elementary School Building Addition, Munday, Texas 3
Elementary School Building Remodel, Merkel, Texas 3
Elementary School Building, Abilene, Texas 50
Elementary School Building, Albany, Texas 2
Elementary School Building, Anson, Texas 11
Elementary School Building, Monahans, Texas 17
Elementary School Building, Seminole, Texas 1
Elementary School, Abilene, Texas 44
Elementary School, Big Lake, Texas 12
Elementary School, Fort Stockton, Texas 24
Elementary School, Iraan, Texas 2
Elizabeth Custer/C. C. Rister Correspondence Collection 2
Elliott Funeral Home, Abilene, Texas 14
Elliott Hotel, Odessa, Texas 16
Elmwood West Medical Center Office, Abilene, Texas 19
Elton Samuels Collection 9
Ely Residence, Abilene, Texas 12
Emil E. Cardamone Collection 53
Empire State of Mind 2
Episcopal Church, Abilene, Texas 6
Ernest Stanczyk Collection 11
Eugene Ward Collection 18
Everyday Evil: Good People and Evil Deeds 2
Experiencing a Spiritual Revolution Through the Arts 1
Extreme Makeover (Whole Creation Renovation) 3
F & M Bank, Ranger, Texas 5
F & M State Bank, Ranger, Texas 11
F. & M. Bank, Hamlin, Texas 4
Fairmont Methodist Episcopal Church, Abilene, Texas 7
Faith Under Fire: Biblical principles and faithful practice are always at odds with humanism. A retreat is unthinkable! 79th Annual Lectureship 116
Farmers and Merchants Bank, Abilene, Texas 25
Farmers State Bank, Merkel, Texas 4
Federal Land Bank Association of Roby, Roby, Texas 1
Ferdinand Hebner Collection 12
Field House, Kermit, Texas 12
Field House, Winters, Texas 5
The Fighter 5
Fire Station, Merkel, Texas 3
First Baptist Church, Albany, Texas 10
First Baptist Church, Big Lake, Texas 15
First Baptist Church, Breckenridge, Texas 36
First Baptist Church, Olney, Texas 20
First Baptist Church, Rule, Texas 19
First Christian Church, Abilene, Texas 25
First Christian Church, Lufkin, Texas 13
First Methodist Church, Anson, Texas 8
First Methodist Church, Ballinger, Texas 14
First Methodist Church, McCaulley, Texas 5
First Methodist Church, Monahans, Texas 24
First Methodist Episcopal Church, De Leon, Texas 11
First National Bank Building, Hamlin, Texas 4
First National Bank, Abilene, Texas 48
First National Bank, Baird Texas 1
First National Bank, Baird, Texas 6
First National Bank, Hamlin, Texas 1
First National Bank, Munday, Texas 9
First National Bank, Olney, Texas 8
First National Bank, Pecos, Texas 9
First National Bank, Throckmorton, Texas 2
First National Ely Bank, Abilene, Texas 7
First Presbyterian Church, Abilene, Texas 25
First State Bank Building, Big Springs, Texas 9
First State Bank Building, Loraine, Texas 2
First State Bank, Big Spring, Texas 2
First State Bank, Loraine, Texas 2
Five Story Store And Office Building For Messrs. B. C. Howell And Associates, Coleman, Texas 1
Five Story Store And Office Building, Coleman, Texas 21
Five Story Store And Office Building, Texas 1
Five Story Store, Coleman, Texas 1
Flashlight 5
Floyd Vanderhoef Historical Collection 2
Foster Residence, Kent, Texas 9
Four Story Office Building, Abilene, Texas 3
Four Story Office Building, Abilene,Texas 1
Francis Jani Collection 2
Frank & Bitsy Meyers Collection 4
Frank J. Rumph Collection 18
Frank Rumph Collection 9
Frank Sheridan Collection 8
Fraser Residence, Abilene, Texas 3
Frost Residence, Eastland, Texas 13
Fuller Residence, Snyder, Texas 12
Fulwiler Electric Company, Abilene, Texas 3
Funeral Home, Merrel, Texas 6
G. Dallas Smith Collection 35
The Gainesville Daily Hesperian 816
The Galleon 137
The Galveston Daily News 8,009
Garage & Sales Building, Abilene, Texas 6
Garage And Paint Shop, Coleman, Texas 4
Garage And Store Building, Ranger, Texas 6
Garage Building, Abilene, Texas 20
Garage Building, Albany, Texas 5
Garage Building, Ranger, Texas 1
Garden City High School, Garden City, Texas 13
Garrett Residence, Ranger, Texas 5
Generation Now 2
George A. Moss Collection 2
George E. Rich, Jr. Collection 1
George Hatt Collection 34
George Hatt, Jr. Collection 23
George L. Paxton Garage, Abilene, Texas 5
George L. Paxton Store, Abilene, Texas 8
George Moss Collection 55
George W. Hammer Collection 17
Gerard McCarthy Collection 32
Getting It Right With Your Money 3
Gilbert Building, Sweetwater, Texas 24
Gilbert W. Fisher Collection 1
Gooch Packing Company, Abilene, Texas 10
Gooch Residence, Abilene, Texas 5
Goodfellow Air Force Base, San Angelo, Texas 1
Goodloe Residence, Abilene, Texas 10
Grace Hotel, Abilene, Texas 49
Grace Museum Historical Collection 45
Grade School, Haskell, Texas 18
Grade School, Knox City, Texas 6
Grammar School Building, Munday, Texas 8
Grandstand and Baseball Park, Ranger, Texas 3
Green Oaks Nursing Home, Abilene, Texas 28
Grocery Building, Eastland, Texas 3
Growing Up Christian 3
Guaranty State Bank, Stamford, Texas 2
Guaranty State Bank, Texas 1
Guitar Residence, Colorado, Texas 4
Guy Gillespie Office Building, Abilene, Texas 2
The H-SU Brand 1,465
H. D. Connor Collection 9
H. H. Maples Collection 1
Hamilton Hospital, Olney, Texas 34
Hardin-Simmons All School Sing 180
Harold K. Wells Collection 34
Harry E. Schultz Collection 1
Hartman Hotel, Cisco, Texas 16
Haskell County Hospital, Haskell, Texas 8
Haskell National Bank, Haskell, Texas 11
Hass Residence, Baird, Texas 8
Headquarters Building, Merkel, Texas 13
Health Clinic, Abilene, Texas 1
Heaven on Earth 3
Helen Melisko Historical Collection 11
Helen Snapp Collection 620
Hellcat News 814
Henderson (Paul Hill) Collection 195
Hendrick Home for Children, Abilene, Texas 107
Henry R. Rohrbeck Collection 7
Henry R. Rohrbeck Papers 208
Henry Taylor Collection 82
Herbert J. Schaff Collection 263
Hermleigh High School, Hermleigh, Texas 9
Higginbotham & Co. Garage, Stephenville, Texas 4
Higginbotham & Co. Garage, Texas, Texas 1
Higginbotham Residence, Abilene, Texas 13
High School Alterations, Anson, Texas 8
High School Building Addition, Merkel, Texas 20
High School Building Addition, Rule, Texas 9
High School Building Alterations, Munday, Texas 17
High School Building Proposal, Monahans, Texas 5
High School Building Proposal, Novice, Texas 2
High School Building, Abilene, Texas 128
High School Building, Kermit, Texas 19
High School Building, Midland, Texas 20
High School Building, Monahans, Texas 75
High School Building, Paint Rock, Texas 13
High School Building, Pecos, Texas 24
High School Building, Rotan, Texas 16
High School Building, Rule, Texas 11
High School Building, Wylie, Texas 1
High School Gymnasium Proposal, Ozona, Texas 20
High School Gymnasium Repairs, Paint Rock, Texas 2
High School Gymnasium, Anson, Texas 3
High School Gymnasium, Big Lake, Texas 17
High School Gymnasium, Eldorado, Texas 23
High School Gymnasium, Hawley, Texas 12
High School Gymnasium, Loraine, Texas 8
High School Gymnasium, Noodle, Texas 2
High School Gymnasium, Ozona, Texas 41
High School, Albany, Texas 7
High School, Anson, Texas 7
High School, Archer City, Texas 18
High School, Ballinger, Texas 26
High School, Big Lake, Texas 89
High School, Blackwell, Texas 10
High School, De Leon, Texas 7
High School, Eastland, Texas 24
High School, Fort Stockton, Texas 26
High School, Haskell, Texas 45
High School, Knox City, Texas 19
High School, McCamey, Texas 27
High School, Mullin, Texas 6
High Tech, High Touch, and Faith 2
Highland Methodist Church, Odessa, Texas 28
The Hill Billie 3
Hispanic Heritage Collection 5
History in Plain Sight 1
Holy Trinity Parish School Building, Dallas, Texas 25
Homer F. Petross Collection 86
Homer Petross Collection 10
The Hooverlasso 1
Hospital Building, Midland, Texas 38
Hospital Building, Spur, Texas 22
Hotel Building, Breckenridge, Texas 20
Hotel Building, Gorman, Texas 20
Hotel Buildings 520
Hotel for Ada McLemore, Albany, Texas 15
Hotel for Bob Evans, Dublin, Texas 10
Hotel for Frank Roberts, San Angelo, Texas 18
Hotel for I. G. Yates, Rankin, Texas 10
Hotel for Sam Primm and Tom Byrne, Dublin, Texas 5
Hotel for the Settles, Big Spring, Texas 51
Hotel in Abilene, Texas 49
Hotel in Weatherford, Texas 24
The Houston Post 203
Houston Post-Dispatch 7
Howard Gmelch Collection 494th AFA 38
Howard Payne Monthly 60
Howard Payne University Collection 49
Howard Payne University Glass Lantern Slide Plates 75
Hudson Residence, Pecos, Texas 24
The Huntsville Item 16
Ice Plant, Abilene, Texas 5
Iraan High School Addition, Iraan, Texas 14
Irion County Courthouse, Mertzon, Texas 39
The IWASM Quarterly 1
J. D. Moore Warehouse, Abilene, Texas 8
J. M. Radford Factory, Abilene, Texas 2
J. M. Radford Store, Abilene, Texas 3
J. P. Astin Store, Stamford, Texas 5
Jack Sturman Collection 5
Jack Yates Collection 75
Jacqueline Cochran Collection 73
James B. Czarnecki Collection 4
James B. Kite, Sr. Collection 70
James Coover Collection 3
James E. Stone Collection 55
James K. Turner Collection 1
James P. Bond Collection 1
James Pilgrim Collection 2
James Read Collection 1
James Sedgwick Collection 45
James Sedwick Collection 8
James Winford Hunt Biography Papers 70
Jane L. Jensen Collection 1
Jay Lee Shore Collection 12
Jess Ponce Collection 1
Jesus and Muhammad 2
Jewel Brekke Collection 100