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Building Exteriors
Copy photograph of two images. The first image, a postcard for Brownwood, Texas, is split into three smaller images. The left image is of Daniel Baker College, a three storey stone building. The center image shows a river scene and a child playing in the water. The right image shows Center Avenue, including traffic on the street and several storefronts. The second image shows the Brownwood courthouse, a two-storey stone building surrounded by a wooden fence.
Music Group
Copy photograph of a Howard Payne College band posing with their instruments in three rows. Three women and four men stand in the back row, two women and one man sit in chairs in the second row, and four men and one child sit in the first. To their right is a drum with "Howard Payne College 1906" written on it.
Football Team
Copy photograph of the Howard Payne College 1909 football team. The team is seated on the steps of a building and are posed in three rows. In the first row, two men pose lying down with a football. Six men, including a man in a suit, tie and hat, sit in the second row, and five men sit in the third.
Portraits of Men
Copy negative of a page of portraits with a handwritten label at the bottom that reads: "Theophilian Literary Society. Howard Payne College. Brownwood, Texas. 1909." There are sixty oval-shaped portraits of young men in suits. The portraits are arranged in six rows on the page and the name of each student is written below (some names are partially or completely illegible).
Portraits of Women
Copy photograph of a page from a Howard Payne College yearbook displaying the portraits of the forty-six women that make up the JSH Literary Society. The letters "JSH" appear in the middle of the page, and the "S" is backward.
Portrait of Man and Woman
Copy negative of a portrait with Mr. and Mrs. W. H. Flesher. He is sitting in a chair and she is standing on the right at Sanders studio in Brownwood Texas.
Portrait of Children
Copy negative of a portrait of an unidentified baby and girl in light colored dresses, taken at the Sanders studio in Brownwood, Texas. The baby is sitting in a chair and the girl is standing.
Portrait of Woman
Copy negative of a portrait of Emma Harvey Miller wearing a light colored blouse, taken by M. L. Sanders.
Portrait of Man
Copy negative of a portrait of Walter Miller sitting in a chair, wearing a suit, taken by M. L. Sanders.
Portrait of Children
Copy negative of a portrait of young George F. and Grace Miller dressed up, done by Sanders photography in Brownwood, Texas.
Exterior Building
Copy negative of two buildings. The barracks are located in Camp Bowie. Camp Bowie, located at Brownwood in Central Texas, was a military training center during World War II. It was established in September 1940 as an infantry and artillery training center. The sign on the front of the first building has the text "Engineer" printed on it and hangs next to the door. The barracks are lifted off of the ground and appear to be made of wood.
Cars by Tents
Copy negative of cars parked in a dirt lot. Wires from electricity poles hang above the cars. In the background there are barracks and tents. The car lot is located in Camp Bowie.
Planes on Airfield
Copy negative of airplanes in a field. They are located at Camp Bowie and are surrounded by landscape and brush. There is an airplane hanger in the background.