Abilene Photograph Collection - Browse

Groundbreaking for Evangelical Methodist #2
Photograph of six men in front of a stone building at a groundbreaking event for Evangelical Methodist. Two of the men are holding shovels. All six men are wearing suits and ties.
Abilene Compress
Photograph of of workers loading a large cotton baler at a compressor in Abilene, Texas.
First State Bank Under Construction
Photograph of the exterior of a building under construction identified as First State Bank on Oak Street. There are several men on a platform building a brick wall next to a metal frame. Below the platform, there are bricks and rubble.
First State Bank Under Construction #2
Photograph of the First State Bank on Oak Street in Abilene under construction. The building is viewed from across a street corner with cars parked around it. There are power lines on the right and a Plymouth sign on the left.
Cancer Kick - Off at Windsor Hotel
Photograph of a man identified as Charles Cockrell standing behind a podium at the Cancer Kick-Off in the Windsor Hotel. The man is holding a sign that says "Give A Texan's Share Texas Goal 1,000,000...Cancer's 10-Year Toll Rises But Cures Also Increase." The podium is sitting on a table with dinnerware on it; two men are also sitting at the table in the background.