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Young Man; Man and Woman in Field
1 copy negative of 2 images. Image A is of a Scott Lavette Seastrunk as a young man. He is wearing a suit and tie and a hat. He is holding something in his hands. Image B is of Scott Lavette Seastrunk, Lelia Knight and an unknown woman. They are sitting in a field. The women are wearing dresses and Scott is wearing slacks and a long sleeved shirt with a wide tie. A hat sits in his lap.
Young Man Posing in Navy Uniform
Copy negative of an unknown young man posing in a Navy uniform. He is wearing a brimmed hat, large collared shirt, handkerchief, and a belt.
Young Man Wearing Suit
Copy negative of a man wearing a dark pinstripe suit, holding a hat, standing on some stairs in front of a building. A dog, wooden porch furniture, and two more men are behind him.
Young People with Car
Copy negative of young Audrey Johnson, Bessie Lou Wagstaff, George L. Paxton, Jr., Mildred Paxton, Mary Louise Sandefer, and others around a car in a field. Three people are sitting in the car, two are in front of it on the left, three are beside it on the right, and one is under it. There are houses in the background.
Young Woman in Field
Copy negative of Mary Pender in 1908 in a field near Lytle Lake. There are trees in the background and prairie grasslands.