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Austin High School graduates of 1908

Description: Photograph of the Austin High School graduating class of 1908. Bottom row (left to right): John D. Miller, Ralph Goeth. Middle row (seated left to right): Walter Arlitt, Julius Runge, Robert F. Campbell, M.E. Rogers Jr., Raymond Phelps, Robert Bright, Rufus Waterson. Middle row (standing left to right): Lucy Blocker, Pauline von Rosenberg, Pauline Rex, Katie Clark, Laura Tucker, Janie Tannehill, Inez Slaughter, Salome Anthony, Lomie Layton, Louise Lambie, Cammie Briggs, May Belle Robbins, Lillian Clarke, Nannie von Rosenberg. Back row (standing left to right): Annie F. Campbell, Frankie Cochran, Florence Sears, Lena Rogan, Anna Magee, Agnes Robertson, Edna von Rosenberg, Mabel Maud. Absent: Nettie B. Sullivan (inset bottom right), Rosa Maas, and Preston Reynolds (not pictured).
Date: 1908
Partner: Austin History Center, Austin Public Library

[Old Anderson High School]

Description: Photograph of the old Anderson High School for Negro students, a two story wood frame building located in the 900 block of Olive Street at the northeast corner of Olive and Curve Streets. Anderson was a segregated school created for colored students. The building appears to be an "L" configuration, with a small porch at the inside corner of the "L", 6/6 wood windows, a wood shingle roof and a brick chimney. Used from 1908 to 1912, the building appears to have been originally constructed as a residential structure. The school was named in honor of Professor E. H. Anderson, the second principal of Prairie View State College, and one of the pioneer educators of the state.
Date: 1908/1912
Partner: Austin History Center, Austin Public Library