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[Arlington Police Officer Martha Willbanks, APD's first female officer]
Photograph of Officer Martha Willbanks standing with her arm on the driver's door of an Arlington Police cruiser. This is a close-in photo of Officer Willbanks taken in about 1999 with the background of the building and foliage distorted. Officer Willbanks was Arlington's first female officer (she was called the city's only armed secretary) and her dress uniform hangs in the police museum.
[Image of a replica of the Texas Peace Officers' Memorial in Austin, Texas, top view]
Photograph of a replica of the Texas Peace Officers' Memorial. The Texas Peace Officers' Memorial is a monument erected on the grounds of the Capitol Complex in Austin, Texas to recognize and honor the ultimate sacrifice made by Texas law enforcement and corrections officers who were killed in the line of duty. On May 10, 1999, law enforcement officers and the families of officers traveled to Austin for the Memorial dedication. This replica is on a wooden base with the words "Texas Peace Officers Memorial" printed on a bronze plate attached to the center of the base.