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[Image of Arlington Police Officer James E. Johnson's cartridge holder, whistle, and pen]

Description: Photograph of the cartridge holder, whistle, and pen used by Officer James E. Johnson. Officer Johnson was killed by gunfire on November 23, 1930 while attempting to arrest a man for disturbing the peace. He was the first Arlington Police Officer to die in the line of duty. A brief description of the items is placed below them. (date in photograph is incorrect)
Date: [1930]
Partner: Arlington Public Library

[Image of the APD night watchman's clock]

Description: Photograph of the Night Watchman's clock used by Chief Cribbs for the Arlington Police Department in the mid 1930s. It contained a roll of paper that recorded the time and location of the watchman when he inserted a special key from the location he was checking. A special key was housed at each location. It continued in use until the early 1950s at which time officers were required to hand check and note the locked doors to businesses.
Date: 1930
Partner: Arlington Public Library