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[Arlington Police Museum. Newspaper picture of Russian police officer Oleg Orjekhouski touring the Harold K. Elliott Police Museum in Arlington]

Description: Photograph of a newspaper clipping with a photograph taken by Carolyn Bauman from the Fort Worth Star Telegram April 23, 1992 of Moscow police officer Oleg Orjekhouski. The caption beneath the picture says "Moscow police officer Oleg Orjekhouski looks at one of the displays at the Arlington Police Museum." The display is of a mannequin wearing a motorcycle police uniform. A United States Flag is in the background. Officer Orjekhouski is wearing his uniform.
Date: April 23, 1992
Creator: Bauman, Carolyn
Partner: Arlington Public Library

[AMBER Alert : President George W. Bush signs the AMBER Alert into law]

Description: Photograph of President George W. Bush signing into law the AMBER Alert package, which would create a system to help find kidnapped children and impose tougher penalties on child abusers, kidnappers and pornographers. In January 1996, Amber Haggerman was abducted and killed in Arlington, Texas. Amber's mother, Donna Whitson, with her hand on Amber's brother, Ricky, observe the signing. This photo was taken at the Rose Garden of the White House in Washington, D.C. Also in the photo is Elizabeth Smart standing behind Amber's brother, Ricky, with her parents. Fourteen year old Elizabeth Smart was kidnapped from her Salt Lake City, Utah, bedroom June 5, 2002. Smart was found alive nine months later in Sandy, Utah, about 18 miles from her home. The AMBER Plan is known as America's Missing: Broadcast Emergency Response.
Date: April 30, 2003
Partner: Arlington Public Library

[APD ORBIS photo of a moving vehicle]

Description: Photograph of an automobile in motion on the road, using ORBIS, Arlington's first speed detection device. A vehicle travelling faster than a preset speed triggers ORBIS to take a picture of the vehicle, including the front license area and the driver. The date, time, and vehicle speed is included on the picture.
Date: April 1972
Partner: Arlington Public Library