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[Heroes' Park "We Remember Wall" and "Remembrance Courtyard", view 2]

Description: Photograph of the "We Remember Wall" and the "Remembrance Courtyard" in Heroes' Park located at 2100 W. Green Oaks Blvd., Arlington, Texas. At the top of the rememberance wall are the words "in the company of heroes" with a brass Arlington Fire Department emblem below and to the left and a brass Arlington Police Badge emblem below and to the right. Mounted in the center and underneath the writing are engraved brass plaques with the names of the fallen Arlington police officers and their End of Watch dates and fire fighters and their Last Alarm dates. The center of the courtyard shows the "Stream of Life", a water feature with a stone pillar fountain. Heroes' Park is a tribute to the City of Arlington's Police and Fire Departments, and will also commemorate those fallen in the line of duty. The following people are honored on the wall: Don Hogg (fire) L.A. 11-19-1909; Craig Gordon Story (police) E.O.W. 1-13-2010; Craig Michael Hanking (police) E.O.W. 8-3-1994; Jerry J. Crocker (police) E.O.W. 10-9-1992; Rick G. Hosford, Jr. (fire) L.A. 9-1-2005; Ronny B. Snow (fire) L.A. 3-5-1985; Terry Lynn Lewis (police) E.O.W. 10-9-1992; Jillian Michelle Smith (police) E.O.W. 12-28-2010; Champ C. Barnes, Sr. (fire) L.A. 3-31-1951; Ronnie M. McAndrew (fire) L.A. 11-14-1990; James E. Johnson (police) E.O.W. 11-23-1930; Joseph Thomas Cushman (police) E.O.W.6-7-2001; Gary D. Harl (police) E.O.W. 7-16-1975.
Date: 2011
Partner: Arlington Public Library