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[King State Bank News Release]

Description: News release for the King State Bank in Houston, Texas announcing that they are opening business July 31, 1975. The rest of the release explains the role of the bank in the community and that "King State Bank will serve to provide excellent service to its customers."
Date: July 31, 1975
Creator: King State Bank
Partner: Texas Southern University

[Barbara Jordan Speaks to Press]

Description: Photograph of Barbara Jordan speaking to a member of the press at a Texas Council for Social Studies Conference at the Shamrock Hotel in Houston, Texas. Jordan is wearing a light-colored dress, and the woman she is talking to is wearing a light-colored dress.
Date: October 11, 1975
Creator: Morris, Gloria
Partner: Texas Southern University

[Signing the Voting Rights Bill]

Description: Photograph of Barbara Jordan and other members of Congress signing the Voting Rights Bill. Jordan is wearing a dark-colored dress, and the other people in the room are wearing suits and dresses.
Date: August 6, 1975
Creator: Sleet, Moneta, Jr.
Partner: Texas Southern University