Battleship Texas State Historic Site Photograph Collection

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The Battleship Texas State Historic Site photograph collection documents the history of Battleship Texas when she was active in the U.S. Navy, and when she became the first permanent battleship memorial museum in the U.S. The body of photographs deals primarily with the ship’s interior and exterior appearance, guns, aviation on board the ship, and her commissioning and launching.

The images help tell visitors about the evolution of the ship’s technology and appearance over time, how she contributed to the war effort in both World Wars, and what life was like for the men who served on the ship. These images are also useful to the site’s restoration staff and researchers, who benefit from seeing how the ship looked and what activities took place on board. Sometimes, research and restoration projects must rely solely on the photographs in the ship’s collection because there are no documents or drawings that can speak to the appearance of the ship or uses of spaces.

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