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[Atardecer Lake]
Postcard photograph of Patzcuaro Lake, also known as Atardecer Lake in Guadalajara, Mexico. The photograph is cast in relief from the setting sun disappearing behind a line of mountains that stretch across the photograph. Several clouds filter sunlight onto to the lake in an irregular pattern. A dock is just visible to the right of the photograph, slightly below where the mountain line meets the lake waters. A hand-written inscription on the front of the postcard reads "Atardecer Lago de Patzcuaro No. 19. A letter to Federica Abreu is addressed on the back.
Dollhouse Set
Photograph of a village of dollhouses in the backyard of a home. The toy set features a circus tent and three houses of various sizes.
[Letter to Mother]
Postcard photograph of Sanderson, Texas. On the back of the postcard, a letter is written in both English and Spanish from Joe Abreu to his mother.
[Palm Spring's Desert Lilly]
Postcard of the desert lily from Palm Springs, California. A letter written in Spanish from Victoria to Federica Abreu is written on the opposite side.
Panorama Point - San Bernardino Mountains
Postcard of San Bernardino Mountains featuring several roads roping through the valley. Small houses spot the mountain side along with dense foliage and pine trees. A letter to Victoria Abreu from Nina and Charlie is inscribed in Spanish on the back, dated August 15, 1939.
[Photograph of Cerra de Guadalupe]
Postcard of the landscape of Cerro de Guadalupe. The postcard depicts two houses in front of a small hillside. The houses are small, one-story made of wooden slats. The closest house features a front porch and fence. A road runs to the right of both houses and toward the base of the hill. Several people are standing outside of the second house. A hand-written inscription reads "Cerro de Guadalupe H. Zuacuaro Mich. No 2." On the back, a letter is inscribed from Federica Abreu to Victoria, dated February 12.
Portrait of A Toddler
Photograph of a toddler standing next to an urn. The young boy is wearing a one-piece short sleeved suit with a belt around his waist. His left hand holds his balance on the urn. A stamp on the opposite side reads "M.H. Gonzalez Studio 913 SO Laredo St. June 15 1949 San Antonio, Texas.
Portrait of Baby Alfredito
Photograph of baby Alfredito, dressed in a white gown and socks and laying on a white blanket on top of a floral cushion. A hand-written inscription in Spanish on the back of the photograph says the baby is two and a half months old.
[Portrait of Baby Celia]
Postcard of baby Celia, sent to Federica Abreu. Celia is seated on an embroidered quilt. She is wearing a bonnet with lace trim and large flowers attached to each side. The bonnet is tied in a bow underneath her chin. The dress she is wearing is white and short-sleeved, with matching lace trim. She also wears socks and white shoes.
Soldier on Tank
Photograph of a soldier standing on top of a tank. The soldier is dressed in full uniform, standing rigidly on top of the front of the tank.
Toddler in Graveyard
Photograph of a toddler playing in a cemetery. The child stands in a floral arrangement to the left of a gravestone. She is smiling and looking off toward the left, wearing a sleeveless dress.
Tombstone with Flowers
Photograph of a tombstone covered with flowers. A small cross was placed in front of the grave.
Tombstone with Flowers
Photograph of a tombstone covered with flowers. A small cross was placed in front of the grave.