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[Aboard the Louoma]
Postcard photograph of a man and woman standing on the deck of a ship. The woman stands in front of the man, holding onto the guard rail with her left arm. She wears a long dress with a large white collar and a tasseled belt. The man leans the guard rail, wearing a suit with a bow tie and hat. A large body of water is visible behind the couple. "Abordo del Louoma" is hand-written on the image. A letter addressed to J. B. Aguilera is written in Spanish on the back.
[Abreu Family Christmas ]
Photograph of the Abreu family celebrating Christmas in Long Beach, California. Two women sit on the floor, each holding a child. A third woman kneels next to the children. A Christmas tree and presents are visible in the background.
[Atardecer Lake]
Postcard photograph of Patzcuaro Lake, also known as Atardecer Lake in Guadalajara, Mexico. The photograph is cast in relief from the setting sun disappearing behind a line of mountains that stretch across the photograph. Several clouds filter sunlight onto to the lake in an irregular pattern. A dock is just visible to the right of the photograph, slightly below where the mountain line meets the lake waters. A hand-written inscription on the front of the postcard reads "Atardecer Lago de Patzcuaro No. 19. A letter to Federica Abreu is addressed on the back.
Barnum and Bailey French Postcard
Postcard containing one large photograph of the Barnum and Bailey circus tents and five small photographs underneath it. Several captions are written in French on the front of the postcard. The postcard is addressed to Alfredo Gomez in Monterrey, Mexico.
Basilica Maya
Postcard depicting Basilica Maya, a church in Peru. The church is large and many storied, featuring classic Castillon architecture. Many buildings surround the church, featuring similar architecture. On the back of the postcard, a letter is written to Federica Abreu from Anita and Lalo.
The Bell Sisters
Photograph of the Hermanas Bell (Bell Sisters), a sing-and-dance act that was a part of the Barnum and Bailey circus. The women are dressed in matching costumes consisting of shirts with tiered layers underneath floral vests. The shirts are tucked into floor length floral skirts and high-heeled shoes. Flowers are woven into their curled hair.
Boy Scout in Uniform
Photograph of a Boy Scout in full uniform. He rests on a stool against a floral patterned wall, wearing a single breasted jacket with several medals pinned to it, cap, pants, and lace-up boots. One foot rests on a piled rug while the other hangs in mid-air. A letter is inscribed in Spanish on the opposite side.
Bridge at Puente de Mercedes
Photograph of Mercedes Bridge. The bridge runs across a large body of water surrounded by foliage. The unadorned bridge is supported by square beams that extend into the river.
Building a Fence
Photograph of a woman building a fence of chicken wire around several posts in a back yard. The woman wears a jacket over a long dress and bonnet, in front of a two-story home surrounded by thin vegetation and sand. A hand-written note in Spanish on the back of the photograph reads "Mama is fixing a place for Chino, Bilito's Dog."
Carpe Cubana Ringmaster and Family
Photograph of Edwardo Sanchez, the ringmaster of Carpe Cubana circus, standing between two vehicles with Don Vejelio, Mr. and Mrs. Abreu, and Sr. Agilera. Edwardo stands to the left of Federica Abreu. The group of people are wearing long overcoats and hats.
Christmas Greetings Postcard
Postcard depicting a bough of a fir tree covered with snow and draped in Christmas bells. A second image imposed on the fir bough depicts a small home surrounded by snowy mountains and fir trees. "Christmas Greetings" is written on the front of the card. A letter addressed to Sabino Gomez is written in Spanish on the back of the card, dated December 24, 1914.
Church Scene from Maria Osuna
Postcard of a village nestled in a mountainous region. The tall steeple of a church is visible above the cluster of small buildings. Two cows graze in the pasture in front of the village. A letter addressed to Sabino Abreu at the Ringling Brothers Circus in Grand Rapids, Michigan is written in Spanish on the back of the postcard.
Circus Crew
Photograph of Barnum and Bailey outdoor circus. Crowds of civilians mill around outside of the tents. An inscription on the photograph reads "#4 copyright 1910 by Wischuster, Barnum & Bailey's Circus, May 21, 1910. New York." A letter addressed to Sabino Abreu is written in Spanish on the back of the photograph.
[Coderra Family Portrait]
Postcard photograph of siblings Rosa, Eduardo, and Hortensia Coderra. The children are standing in a row, facing forward with their arms to their sides. The two girls, on the left and right of Eduardo, wear matching white dresses with polka-dot trim and large hair bows. Eduardo wears a long sleeve shirt with a large sailor's collar and two rows of button running down it. The shirt is secured with a belt. He also wears a cap on his head, and lace-up boots. A letter is inscribed on the back from Hortencia B. Coderra, addressed to Federica Abreu, in New York City.
Cuban Show, Panaderia La India
Photograph of Carpe Cubana's storage building in La Feria, Texas. Several men stand outside of a warehouse structure with a sign reading "Panaderia La India." Machinery is strewn messily outside of the building. A hand-written inscription on the photograph in white reads "Cuban Show."
Family at the Beach
Photograph of a family enjoying the beach. Thee women are wearing swimsuits while most of the men are wearing suits and ties. A older woman sits in front of the women, wearing a light-colored dress. Several groups of people lounge on the beach around behind the family.
[Family Portrait with Dog]
Postcard of a family portrait sent to J.B. Aguilera from Victoria. The photograph features four women and a boy seated around a dog. A baby is positioned against the belly of dog. The group is sitting in grass in front of a short fence, surrounded by foliage.
Ferrante Family Portrait
Photograph of Hortensia and her two children, Margaret and Orlando. The two children lean in to one another behind their mother. Hortensia wears a dark collared shirt with intricate lace bib around her neck. Her hair is worn in a coiled braid around her head. Margaret wears a one piece striped jumpsuit with a leather belt around her waist. Orlando a short-sleeved sweater and blue jeans.
First Communion in Laredo
Postcard depicting the first Communion of Gsabel Gonsalez of Laredo. The girl is pictured wearing a sheer veil and white dress. She is holding a candle, prayer book, and a rosary. A statue of Jesus is placed on a pedestal to the right of Gsabel. Two faces of flowers are placed in front of the pedestal.
[Flood in La Feria, Texas]
Photograph of the flood in La Feria, Texas. The photograph depicts a street of single story houses to the right, and a two-story storefront to the left. The street in between the structures is filled with flood water. An inscription written in white reads "LA FERIA TEX. 5/29/1929."
Hortensia and Her Mother
Photograph of Hortensia and her mother. Hortensia stands to the right of her mom, wearing a sleeveless dress with floral decoration at the shoulder. Several pleats decorate the bottom of the dress. She wears a long strand of pearls and a matching bracelet. Her mother wears a dark, long sleeve dress with a sash around her waist. They are standing in a garden between rows of flowers. A two story home is visible behind the foliage in the garden.
Kangaroo Postcard
Postcard with a felt kangaroo pasted onto a paper card. A gradient was applied to the card, transitioning from purple to blue. The card reads "Hearty Greeting. From the land of the Wattle and Kangaroo, Come heartfelt wishes, warm and true; May happiness each year increase, And future days roll on in peace." An inscription underneath the felt kangaroo reads "The Australian Kangaroo." A letter written in Spanish is addressed to Sabino Gomez in Chicago Illinois, from A. Guzmani in Sydney Australia.
[Letter to Mother]
Postcard photograph of Sanderson, Texas. On the back of the postcard, a letter is written in both English and Spanish from Joe Abreu to his mother.
New House at Long Beach
Photograph of a two-story home in Long Beach, California. Wide steps lead up to a large front porch with square columns supporting the second story porch. Many rectangular windows decorate both floors of the wooden home. A sidewalk runs across the small undecorated yard.
New House in Long Beach
Photograph of a house in Long Beach, California. The house has two stories and is made of a wooden frame. Massive rose bushes wind up the front columns that support the second story balcony. A short picket fence surrounds the home. Trellis work surrounds the large window on the left side of the home. A hand-written letter in Spanish says the house belongs to Nena's grandparents in Long Beach, California.
New York Skyline
Postcard depicting the New York skyline from Jersey City. The buildings along the skyline are labeled with their appropriate names. A letter is written on Spanish on the back of the photograph.
[Observation Point at the Pecos Rover Canyon]
Postcard photograph of an observation point at the Pecos River Canyon. The photograph depicts a concrete road dividing the mountain in the foreground from the rest stop. The rest stop features a brick awning topped with large leaves and a gravel floor. A car is parking outside of the awning. Below, the canyon is visible, as well as a large train trestle stretching across two mountains. An inscription on the front of the postcard reads "Observation Point - Pecos River Canyon U.S. 90 Between Del Rio and Langtry, Texas. A letter is written in Spanish on the back, from Alfredo to Federica Abreu.
Olaguibel Trio
Photograph of the Olaguibel Trio. The portrait of the group consists of an older man and two boys. The performers are wearing suit jackets with bow ties. An inscription on the front of the photograph reads "Recuerdo del Trio Olaguibel." A second inscription underneath the main title reads "J. Zazuel, F. Culiacan Sin Libertad 84."
[Palm Spring's Desert Lilly]
Postcard of the desert lily from Palm Springs, California. A letter written in Spanish from Victoria to Federica Abreu is written on the opposite side.
Panorama Point - San Bernardino Mountains
Postcard of San Bernardino Mountains featuring several roads roping through the valley. Small houses spot the mountain side along with dense foliage and pine trees. A letter to Victoria Abreu from Nina and Charlie is inscribed in Spanish on the back, dated August 15, 1939.
[Photograph of Cerra de Guadalupe]
Postcard of the landscape of Cerro de Guadalupe. The postcard depicts two houses in front of a small hillside. The houses are small, one-story made of wooden slats. The closest house features a front porch and fence. A road runs to the right of both houses and toward the base of the hill. Several people are standing outside of the second house. A hand-written inscription reads "Cerro de Guadalupe H. Zuacuaro Mich. No 2." On the back, a letter is inscribed from Federica Abreu to Victoria, dated February 12.
Portait of Sabino Gomez in Performance Costume
Photograph of Sabino Gomez in his circus costume, consisting of a matching vest and pants embroidered with flowers and vines. Sabino is resting his shoulder on a square pedestal with a bouquet of flowers resting on its top.
Portrait of a Young Woman
Photograph of a young woman wearing a large hat wrapped in tulle. She is wearing a dress with floral embroidery around the neck. The photograph is tinted blue on the hat and the neckline of the dress. A letter is written in Spanish on the back of the photograph.
Portrait of Alredo and Vida
Photograph of Alfredo and Vida on the day of Alfredo's college commencement. Alfredo stands on a front porch wearing a graduation gown and cap. Vida holds Alfredo by the waist, wearing a shirt-sleeve dress with a patterned bodice and solid skirt.
Portrait of Baby Alfredito
Photograph of baby Alfredito, dressed in a white gown and socks and laying on a white blanket on top of a floral cushion. A hand-written inscription in Spanish on the back of the photograph says the baby is two and a half months old.
[Portrait of Baby Celia]
Postcard of baby Celia, sent to Federica Abreu. Celia is seated on an embroidered quilt. She is wearing a bonnet with lace trim and large flowers attached to each side. The bonnet is tied in a bow underneath her chin. The dress she is wearing is white and short-sleeved, with matching lace trim. She also wears socks and white shoes.
Portrait of Bilito and his Girlfriend
Photograph of Bilito posing with his girlfriend. He stands behind her with his arm around her waist, wearing a tweed suit and striped undershirt. His girlfriend wears a solid-colored dress and a dark sash. They stand together in a courtyard beside a stucco building. The courtyard is decorated with exotic plants and shrubs.
[Portrait of Carmen Calvo]
Postcard of Carmen Calvo, addressed to Federica and Virgilio Abreu. Carmen is standing and facing left, with her right arm tucked behind her. The photograph is embroidered with blue, cream, and pink stitches in the form of a dress.
Portrait of Eduardo Codona
Photograph of Eduardo Codona in front of a two-story home. Eduardo and the man to his right stand in a field featuring vegetation rising past their knees. Both men where suits and hats. Eduardo carries a roll of folded papers in his hands.
[Portrait of Grandmother and Grandson]
Postcard written in Spanish, from Victoria Abreu to her grandmother. The front of the postcard depicts an older woman holding a small child. The woman is seated in a bed of grass looking down at the child, whom she holds by the waist.
Portrait of Lily Elsie
Photograph of Lily Elsie wrapping a scarf around her neck. She wears a dress with an embroidered bodice and a hat decorated with a bow and flowers. Lily wears a heart locket, a beaded bracelet, and several rings. She is standing in front of a wall decorated with floral tiles. An inscription is written in Spanish on the front of the photograph, while a letter is written on the back of the photograph.
Portrait of Lita and Senor Powell
Photograph of Senor Powell and Lita. Lita stands in front of Senor Powell, wearing a long sleeve dress, a strand of knotted pearls and high-heeled shoes. Senora Powell has his right arm on Lita's shoulders, wearing a tie with a collared shirt and pleated pants. A hand-written note in Spanish on the back of the photograph reads "Lita and Senor Powell."
Portrait of Maria de Jesus Martinez
Photograph of Maria de Jesus Martinez, sitting on a floral fabric covered table. The toddler wears a scarf around her head, a short-sleeved dress with lace around the neck and two rows of ribbon trim around the hem.
Portrait of Mother and Child
Photograph of a mother and child sitting on a front porch. The mother sits in a rocking chair holding a baby. The front porch is surrounded by large floral bushes. The flowers climb up brick columns that support the roof.
Portrait of Navy Men
Photograph of Maxwell, William, and Al in their Navy dress uniforms. Al sits on the car left, William is in the center, and Maxwell sits on the right.
[Portrait of Ramona Ortiz]
Photograph of Romana Ortiz, sent to Frederica Abreu in Chicago, Illinois. Romana is sitting and holding a bouquet of roses in her right hand. She is wearing a collared, long-sleeve shirt and long dark skirt. She wears a dark hat with a brim of flowers and a bow tie around her neck. A letter to Romana from Federica is inscribed on the back of the postcard.
Portrait of Sabino Gomez
Photograph of Sabino Gomez wearing a traditional Spanish matador costume. A letter addressed to Antonio from Sabino is written on the back in Spanish.
Portrait of Toddler in Rocker
Photograph of a toddler sitting in a rocker that is shaped like a swan. The child grasps the handlebars and wears a diaper.
Portrait of Victoria and Alfred Codona
Photograph of Victoria and Alfredo Codona. Alfred sits in a chair with his legs crossed and his hands clasped in his lap, while Victoria stands behind him and leans over the chair. Alfredo wears a pinstriped suit and striped tie, while Victoria wears a long-sleeve gingham dress with two rows of buttons running down to the hem of the dress. She wears a heart locket around her neck and a large feathered hat. A letter written in Spanish is addressed to Sabino Gomez from Alfred and Victoria.
Portrait of Woman with Flowers
Photograph of a woman holding a large bouquet of roses and sunflowers. She wears a long dress with a ruffled collar and a pearl necklace and earrings. A satin ribbon with floral detail is tied around her waist. She stands in front of a scenic outdoor background. The flowers and the woman's dress are tinted purple, yellow and blue. A letter written in Spanish is addressed to Sabino Gomez