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Business Directory and Handy Guide of Denton
Photocopy of an early business directory for Denton County, including business advertisements and information regarding updates in the county circa 1894.
[Denton business directory and advertisements]
This card contains advertisements for early Denton commerce. The advertisements include banks, saloons, grocers, drug stores, hardware stores, galleries, hotels, restaurants, and feed stores. We believe the card was created sometime in the year of 1895 based on the advertisement for The Denton Hotel which said it was the successor to Pierce House. We found no other newspaper advertisements for Pierce House after February of 1895.
Denton Business Review and Directory
This Denton business review was published as a guide for the farmers and residents of Denton county outside of the city. The directory includes descriptions of Denton's agricultural resources, commercial advantages, and business institutions.
Denton Telephone Directory: Sept. 1924
Denton Telephone Directory includes numbers and advertisements for businesses in Denton and the surrounding area. The North Texas Telephone Company published the directory in September 1924.
Retail Merchants' Association's Denton City Directory
The Retail Merchants' Association's Denton City Directory contains addresses of all businesses and residents within Denton and the surrounding area. The directory also contains several advertisements for local businesses.