Center for Public Service Records

About the Physical Collection

This collection covers reviews by Sustainable Communities, newsletters, brochures, bulletins, manuals for specific health care related programs, photographs and negatives documenting the Center for Public Service projects, records of the Denton Housing Authority, and a wide range of magnetic media that corresponds to projects in the 1990s and early 2000s.

Though this collection was created for records retention for a University of North Texas department, its true significance is illuminated by its extensive documentation of altruistic programs created and supported by the Center for Public Service. The entire subject matter of this collection focuses on how to support and improve communities through increased health knowledge and charitable activities.

About the Digital Collection

The digital collection includes materials selected from the larger physical collection.

About the Center for Public Service

The Center for Public Service was part of the College of Public Affairs & Community Service [now College of Health and Public Service (HPS)] and maintained a web presence at from 2001-2008. The center was "committed to improving the quality of life in the local/global community through teaching, research and service." Programs at the Center included aging and health services, urban social development and affordable housing, environmental education, volunteer management, and international exchange.

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