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[Account statement, March 20, 1911]

Description: Account statement for Claude D. White from the Charles B. Moore Collection. The statement details issues with stocks in Claude D. White's account at the Melissa State Bank.
Date: March 20, 1911
Creator: Melissa State Bank
Partner: UNT Libraries Special Collections

[Check, September 20, 1909]

Description: Check from the Charles B. Moore Collection. It was created by Claude D. White. The financial document details that White paid $11.55 to the Melissa State Bank on September 20, 1909. He made the payment on behalf of H. S. Moore. A stamp from the bank verified the payment was made on the date written on the check.
Date: September 20, 1909
Creator: White, Claude D.
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[Envelope addressed to Charles B. Moore, April 20, 1895]

Description: Envelope addressed to Mr. Charles B. Moore in Melissa, Collin County, Texas. It was sent by Will McGee and received on April 24, 1895, according to the hand-written note in the bottom left corner. It is postmarked Gallatin, Tenn. APR 20, 1895. The top right corner, where the stamp would have been, has been cut away.
Date: April 20, 1895
Creator: McGee, Will
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[Epitaph, November 20, 1890]

Description: This document is an epitaph from the Charles B. Moore Collection. It was written in November of 1890 when Moore was 68 years old. The epitaph reads: "As a wave of the tide leaves its mark on the sand for next waves to flow over and wash from the strand,so will I leave a mound with name, dates - death and birth - for next ages to sweep from that face of the earth. I believe all our consciousness ends with our breath, that we know before birth, all we know after death. With no fears to annoy and no hopes that might tease, un-prayed for, I wish to die off at my ease." Pieces of the paper, along with the words on those papers, are missing towards the end of the epitaph.
Date: November 20, 1890
Creator: Moore, Charles B.
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[Inspection Report, January 20, 1865]

Description: Inspection report for the "F" Company, 1st regiment, N. Y. Veterans Cavalry which is dated January 20, 1865. The report was written at Kelley's Creek, West Virginia. This report includes the names and rank of commissioned officers in the company; the number of enlisted men who were on duty, on daily and extra duty, men presumed sick, men on detached service, men with leave, total of enlisted men, and an aggregate number of enlisted men; and also included an arms report with serviceable and unserviceable forty caliber weapons, a count of smiths, sharps,sabres, and burnsides, as well as the number of horses which were "serviceable."
Date: January 20, 1865
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[Inventory and inspection report of Quartermaster's stores, June 20, 1865]

Description: Inventory and inspection report of Quartermaster's stores issued to Capt. Hamilton K. Redway's company. The stores that were listed and inspected were: twelve canteens, twelve haversacks, and twelve ponchos. With the listed items, this report also includes the amount of time these items were in use, by whom they where received, as well as the item's condition and disposition. The report is signed by both Capt. Hamilton K. Redway and Capt. E. H. Brady while they were stationed at Camp Piatt in West Virginia. It is dated June 20, 1865.
Date: June 20, 1865
Creator: Brady, E. H.
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[Letter from Alice Griffin to Mary and Charles B. Moore, August 20, 1891]

Description: Letter from Alice McGee Griffin to Mary and Charles Moore in which she discusses the dry weather and some welcome rain. She recounts visits with family and friends. She heard the Reverend Dr. Hendrix from Dallas, Texas speak. She also made grape preserves and had plans to make preserves from peaches. Other topics covered include her garden, the start of Birdie's school, and the work her husband does around the house and on the farm.
Date: August 20, 1891
Creator: Griffin, Alice
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[Letter from Birdie McGee to Linnet Moore, January 20, 1898]

Description: Letter from Birdie McGee to her cousin Linnet Moore in which she updated Linnet on the activities of her cousins. She also described what she and their extended family did for Christmas. She also writes about visiting neighbors, sewing a dress, and making a trip to town. A clipping showing the styles of blouses and a piece of fabric from her dress were included with the letter.
Date: January 20, 1898
Creator: McGee, Birdie
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[Letter from Charles B. Moore to Claude D. White, October 20, 1901]

Description: This is a letter from the Charles B. Moore Collection. It is written by Charles B. Moore and is addressed to Claude D. White. In this letter, Moore asks White to perform some accounting for him and write him back with the total. he closes the letter by noting to write him soon and mentions that a note has been received that he and Linnet will visit.
Date: October 20, 1901
Creator: Moore, Charles B.
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[Letter from Charles B. Moore to Linnet Moore, November 20-22, 1898]

Description: Letter expressing concern that Linnet has not written, gives details of drought, discusses the building of a "tank," the sale of a horse, surgery that Mr.Rutledge had and news of his recovery, the killing of a squirrel, a discussion about drawing water for his animals and leading them to the trough, news about painting the buggy, details about his afternoon routine which included eating lunch and tending to the animals, community news about friends and neighbors, news about finishing the tank, weather updates, and details on daily routine for November 21st and 22nd in 1898. The letter includes a list of the highs and lows in temperature of the winter season thus far. In a note written on the list, Moore details that he wished Linnet would write more often.
Date: 1898-11-20/1989-11-22
Creator: Moore, Charles B.
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[Letter from Charles B. Moore to Mary Moore, November 20, 1897]

Description: Letter from Charles B. Moore to Mary Moore that covers his activities, the weather, the crops, and the farm's animals. He wrote that Linnet was invited to a party. He also shares his views on several members of their community. He recounts the work to churn butter. He also writes about building a chimney. He recounts Linnet's work around the house and on the farm.
Date: November 20, 1897
Creator: Moore, Charles B.
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[Letter from Dinkie McGee to Mary and Charles Moore, November 20, 1887]

Description: Letter relating family news and news of the farm. Many people having to kill hogs because of the drought and little corn available. She has been milking 2 cows and making 4 pounds butter a week and they get 15 dozen eggs. The spring has been dry since June and the water in the well is low. Pap has been sick with the bowel complaint. Discusses all the children's progress in school, and dresses she is making for the girls. Florence and Tobe are in Indian Territory and is "bossing the cooking" for 99 Indian children.
Date: November 20, 1887
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[Letter from Dinkie McGee to Sis and All, March 20, 1890]

Description: She received Alice's card and Abe received a card from Tobe. She asks that they send more information on the condition of Florence. She mentions the weather and Willie going to town. She talks about Birdie and Bessie hunting for eggs and the state of the wheat. She says to send Alice home after school is out so she can help Florence, but leaves the final decision with Sis.
Date: March 20, 1890
Creator: McGee, Dinkie
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[Letter from Elvira Moore to Jo Wallace, August 20, 1879]

Description: They are on a trip and Jo is in the wagon in a makeshift bed. Along the trip Jo improved. They stopped at a red house and fed the team and ate dinner. They ate squirrel and chicken with crackers. They arrived at aunt Nancy's by sundown. Uncle Even had just left and got a free ride to Nashville, he is going to pick up his railroad dividends. Jo wrote to John to come, they will be going with her to Texas. When they arrived Charles and Bettie had already arrived from Sherman. Jo is still not doing well, but they are waiting on him and will be able to provide for him. Minlele E. has had several offers to buy his land, but he didn't want to do anything without hearing from Wallace. She will get her last letters today, but maybe more from the office.
Date: August 20, 1879
Creator: Moore, Elvira
Partner: UNT Libraries Special Collections