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[Comptroller Taxes, December 18, 1880]
Comptroller taxes of 1880 by Levi Perryman of Montague County. Lists the debts and credits within the county.
[Inspection Report, January 20, 1865]
Inspection report for the "F" Company, 1st regiment, N. Y. Veterans Cavalry which is dated January 20, 1865. The report was written at Kelley's Creek, West Virginia. This report includes the names and rank of commissioned officers in the company; the number of enlisted men who were on duty, on daily and extra duty, men presumed sick, men on detached service, men with leave, total of enlisted men, and an aggregate number of enlisted men; and also included an arms report with serviceable and unserviceable forty caliber weapons, a count of smiths, sharps,sabres, and burnsides, as well as the number of horses which were "serviceable."
[Report, July 12, 1868]
Handwritten report describing the sabbath school, its officers, the number of Sabbaths, and other statistical information about the Sabbath school. H. K. Redway was elected secretary of the Sabbath school.
[Report of Horses by Company F for May 1864]
A report of horses by Company F for the month of May 1864. The report accounts for a total of seventy-two horses.
[Report of Horses for June 1864]
A report of horses at a camp near Leetown, Virginia for the month of June 1864. The report accounts for a total of 72 horses.
[Report of missionary work in China, undated]
A report discussing missionary work in China.
[Report of missionary work in Mexico]
A report discussing Protestant missionary work in Mexico.