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[Letter from Austin A, Yates, April 12, 1865]
Letter from Austin A. Yates to the Colonel commanding the 1st N. Y. Vet. Cavl. which certifies the following men as Privates in the 1st Company N. Y. Vet. Cavalry: James A. Wilkie, Theron King, Myron H. Densmore, Benjamin F. Carpenter, and John D. Humphrey. These men were certified as privates by Capt. Capt. S. M. Harmon and received bounties for their promotions. The bounties were: advanced pay in the sum of $13.00, a premium on the sum of $2.00, and a bounty in the sum of $60.00. Hamilton K. Redway is listed with the promoted soldier's signatures.
[Letter from S. P. Sundam to the Commanding Officer, December 2, 1864]
Letter from S. P. Sundam that transportation was funished for J. D. Luce from Elmira NY to Harrisburg PA at the cost of $3.55.
[Letter from S. P. Sundam to the Commanding Officer, November 21, 1864]
Letter from S. P. Sundam to the Commanding Officer that transportation was furnished from Elmira NY to Baltimore MD at the cost of $5.28.
[List of men in the First Regiment of the New York Veteran Cavalry, January 23, 1864]
List of the men in the First regiment of the N. Y. Veteran Cavalry who have been paid one month's advance from the date of their enlistment during the week of January 23, 1864.